Night Drive || LGBT Short Film by Keara Graves

Night Drive || LGBT Short Film by Keara Graves

(doorbell rings) (doorbell rings aggressively) (sobbing) (sobbing) (text tone) (Heidi)
It’s him. (Maia)
Really? He says he’s sorry. Heidi don’t– Heidi. You can’t do this to yourself. It’s seriously gonna make you feel so much worse. Shit. My phone’s dead, um, I– I need your charger. I’m not giving you my charger. He’s gonna get pissed! Okay. Well, let him get pissed. You need time …to heal you know? Look, I’ll turn my phone off too. It’s okay, it’s gonna be okay. How about we go on a drive? To where? Literally anywhere, I don’t know. I don’t know. I’ll buy you a vanilla cone. In the winter? For old time’s sake? (sighs) – Okay.
– Okay! But you have to leave your phone here. No, no, seriously. I– I can’t– Trust me. I do. Have some! I can’t finish it all. Ughh I can’t. I wish though. Why? Are you like lactose intolerant? Yes. Like, bad. For real? Yeah. Oh my gosh, I didn’t even… Do you feel bad now? Eating that in front of me. Yeah, I do! I guess it like, has been a while then since I’ve seen you. Yeah. Like two years… Thanks for taking me out tonight. Honestly, all you have to do is call me. Yeah I know. I know. So like why… haven’t you? I’ve just been busy. Busy? What? I have– I’ve been busy. Come on. We used to see each other everyday, you came to my cottage in the summers, we built a fort. We also did that, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, no, I guess I’ve just been preoccupied. Right… yeah. He was really jealous of you. Who? Travis? Why would he be jealous of me? I dunno. And he was the one to tell me that I couldn’t see you anymore… I’m sorry. I’m– Honestly, I was just so scared. I’m still scared, so… What are you scared of? Just my feelings for you. All this time? Yeah. And I had to keep my mind off of it because I had a boyfriend… you can’t feel those things when you have a boyfriend, so… Heidi… (sigh) You never have to be scared with me. Yeah but Travis would’ve– But Travis is gone. I don’t know, Maia. You’re fine. You’re safe. (muffled voices) But baby, why did you leave me? Come on– We broke up. What? We’re done. Travis, we’re not together. Why are you here? Why are– why are you with her? Why? You don’t… you don’t treat me right. You need to go. – You need to go.
– You know how good I am to you. Travis– You know how good I am to you, just come with me. No. I’m gonna change, come with me – You say this every time
– You don’t wanna be with her – You’re not gonna fucking change
– You don’t even know her! I’ve known her since I was a kid! Is this where you went– (shouting over each other) I’m not falling for this shit, okay? You need to go. I’m not your girlfriend. We’re not together. – What are you talking about?
– You need to leave. (door opens) Look who showed up. Get the fuck out. Why don’t you get the fuck away from my girlfriend? She’s not your girlfriend anymore! Baby you really don’t love me anymore? You treat me like shit. No one treats you better than I do. Hey get your hand off her! Or what? What are you gonna do? I’ll call the police. You’d never do that. Yeah, I would. Travis, go. You made the wrong decision. You’ll come back to me… I know you will. Get out! You’re safe now, okay? I won’t let him hurt you. Trust me. Yeah, I do.

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  1. This is by far one of the best and most natural shortfilms I´ve ever seen. It is probably the 20th time I am watching it. I don´t know how you do it but it is wonderful. Keep on Keara, you are amazing!

  2. ugh god i want to come out as bi to my friends so bad but everytime im about to i freak out because i don't know how and im just scared they'll think of me differently and im just so scared
    update: if anyone even saw this comment, i came out to 4 (FOUR!!!!) of my friends. they were all super supportive and everything like that. bad news is i told my boyfriend and we broke up 🙂

  3. BTW gays just out of context "IF" you are looking for another vlogger to watch. You can also try watching Kristen McKenzie and Stephanie Leclair. They are a wonderful human beings. You gonna Love them too. 💯👌❤❤❤

  4. Love Keara's look when she opens the door….she can act plus she is cute. Not to many actresses come out as bi and try to help others on youtube that are similar. Much admoration for her….I truely wish she gets to act is some great films.

  5. You're really pretty… just saying. 😀
    This is a really great short film, I've lost count on how many times I've watched this. :')

    Hope we'll get to see you more often. :') <3

  6. I think i'm obsessed with this. I have watched it 8 times a week ever since it came out. I literally know all the words that they both say off by heart now and timed everything perfectly. Other people say I have a problem……I say I have a beautiful Obsession!

  7. here are STUPID Fools sexual minority, and after all, an energy imbalance occurs when the main erogenous zones of the same sex touch (with hands, lips, etc.), followed by emotional emptiness with limited vision, and of course, daily violence (and self-hypnosis about taking a changing orientation) over your psyche and the psyche of his victim (where there is a place for constant, emotional experiences).

    “Human is an animal that has gone mad. There are two ways out of this madness: he needs to become an animal again; or become bigger than a human … “- Karl Gustav Jung

    All sexual minorities (mentally ill) have long slipped to a level below animals.

  8. You can tell they like each other bcuz they keep looking at each other in the eye and looking at each others lips
    Edit: I love your videos I saw you when you first started and thought you looked fab and you still do

  9. Beautiful film! The acting feels so real, not scripted at all. I've watched a lot of short films and this really hit me in the core. I bet one day your movie will be shown in theaters. ❤

  10. Keara, your performance here shines. You have great presence on the screen. You've breathed both life & credibility into your character. I sense a very positive prognosis for your future as an actress (Yes, I'm old enough to still want to distinguish an actor's gender), if you can stay on course, in spite of life's myriad distractions & derailments. I hope to see a lot more of this to come. Well done, mademoiselle.

  11. Men I met in my life are all worthless… Always cheating, lying and even… Using abuse against women. They hurt me so mamy times so painfully I can never ever develope love for a male person.

  12. My 👏🏽Parents👏🏽Will👏🏽Never👏🏽Accept👏🏽me👏🏽as👏🏽bisexual👏🏽they👏🏽will👏🏽always👏🏽blame👏🏽tech👏🏽nology👏🏽

  13. keara just with the kiss scene in the shortfilm i can see you are a very good kisser 😉 great acting! love the story 🙂

  14. Im really confused about my sexuality.
    One time my friend who is kinda weird, told me that its fine me to be gay, but that time I was really surprised her to say that cuz i hadn't even think about that, so ofc i deny that then. As i said she's weird, she told that to my other friend who said it forward. Ofc she said it to her bestfriend who I hate, because she annoys me all the time. I was talking with my really good friend at school alone when that annoying "friend" came and said "are you lesbians? Its fine if you are"
    We were confused but just laughed and we told her sarcastically that "yee suree"
    In the end she and they all realized that Im not gay.

    I just can't understand why would my own friends say that forward if that would be true?
    But to the real thing, lately i have been thinking that I might be Bi. I think I like my good girl friend, but boys are cute too.
    But im not sure do I really like her, or do i just admire her that much.

    +Thanks for reading 😀

  15. God and I wonder why the world is so fucked today with this lgbt nonsense stay the fuck outta the film industry than you’re shitting all over

  16. Keara is so cute and talented and oh my gosh I cannot love another human being as much as this one!! I'm so proud of you!!

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