Nightmare Cinema Movie Review

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Movies thanks for stopping by my name is Joe today’s video we’re gonna talk about
a horror anthology called nightmare cinema so let’s get right to it this is five separate films and run
about 20 minutes each I’m gonna list all the directors up here or maybe over here
there’s five of them if you’re – you’re gonna recognize some of them I would
assume five different directors five different stories so what’s this thing
all about but we had this projectionists played by Mickey Rourke and he runs
these films in this movie theater and these individual people are called to
the theater their names on the marquee they entered a theater and what this
projection this does is actually save or store their nightmares on film and they
make the people watch their nightmare unfold on the big screen so it’s a
pretty cool concept and I was digging it so I got five individual
films I say the first three lean towards more fandom horror fandom over-the-top
tropes which work and I enjoyed I’ll give it each individual one here in a
second the other two a little more on the serious side I guess you can say
alright so the first film is basically the last 20 minutes of an 80’s horror
flick it’s over the top acting over the top gore all the cliches all the tropes
damned into 20 minutes I enjoyed it you know I bought into it it was fun so and
I’m not gonna try and give too much away overarching story kind of unfolds
teenagers partying and things go wrong you know every 80s horror film basically
a second one deals more with vanity woman’s has a scar she’s self-conscious
about it her soon-to-be husband it’s like hey you know we can take care of
the scar I got the money so she kind of reluctantly agrees to have the surgery
and then things go wrong and it’s really about how we project how we look at
ourselves and how others want us to look and that’s again kind of over the top
and it doesn’t take yourself too seriously and it works pretty well our
third story is everything you’ve ever wanted in a possession move probably the
goriest out of the five child possess and that spins into something more evil
in this school and this priest who has sinned and this
nun has sinned as well they confront demons and they confront them with
swords and knives and children demon run around with knives yeah this is a fun
one maybe my favorite one fourth story is all in black and white which I
thought was nice it’s not about black and white that brings out detail I think
it’s more detailed in color in certain circumstances and this is more of a
psychological thriller this woman she sees in black and white and she sees
things getting ugly and uglier or like a person’s face is getting more and more
disturbing where she is is this office this kind of therapy office building is
dirty and nasty but her two kids look normal she looks normal to herself it
touches on grief that touches on how we view things she sees one thing one way
and everything else is ugly to her I’m gonna give anything away so I want to be
a little vague with this one this is definitely the probably most serious one
and it’s good it’s good transition because summer can’t be funny this one
different mood different tone and it looks really good in black and white
this is shot really well okay now the last one this one’s about a young boy
who was actually dead for 17 minutes and he’s brought back to life in the
hospital and he can see people that are dead or dying I don’t want to let go a
little bit of the sixth sense type vibe here there’s also a young woman in a
hospital that sees these people as well and his killer the person who tried to
kill him is still after the boy young boy and
this is really good yeah this is another solid this is another good one again 20
minutes none of them really drag and then you’re all to something new it
works really well if you are familiar with some of these directors work you
can’t see a style no they definitely had their own flavor for horror and it comes
out even though they are condensed 20 minute change of pace in each of them
but the pace the entire film works out well I just my quick rundown of
nightmare cinema I liked it you know it’s a great horror
anthology I have fun with it good change of pace between the stories and if you
not really dig it one story about 15 minutes later there’s something new
that’s gonna come Mickey Rourke’s good and he’s not in it much but he’s the
constant he’s the projectionist that kind of
towards the end when when it gets to the little boy or not a little boy he’s a
teenager story you kind of get more understanding of what this theaters
about yeah each story is good they definitely see the director style in
each of their 20 minutes at 20 my films are cool cuz you got to get to a quick
man to get right to the story no fluff get into it and that’s a good change of
pace at time so yeah how I recommend a nightmare cinema like the video hit the
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