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  1. I first touched on the guys through an NPR tiny desk set on youtube, so glad that I did and this song'll just cut through the thickest of skins – so lovely, I hope they come to my town someday, Belfast, thanks lads….😉

  2. The most beautiful song written. I can only hope to make as beautiful music as this band has made. I feel very honored to have had them influence my life.

  3. Work in hospice, I have heard this many times. What a gift to know you have eased the journey, for many! Thanks

  4. This song enters the realm of perfection to me. The emotion and passion from Seth is a privilege to both listen to and watch. The backup vocals and harmonizing are just as brilliant. The guitar, the string section…the all-around sound and feelings. Thank you for your art

  5. I have a pre-need contract for cremation and now arrangements for scattering my ashes at sea off San Diego and the Captain has agreed to play this song while doing the scattering. He played it for his wife and mother-in-law and told me they both cried.

  6. This is the moment I realized Rick Ruben wasn't just a music man. He is, in fact, a piece of the music. A note. A melody. A harmony. He is part of the song. And that is how he makes magic

  7. Well guys……if you never wrote or performed another song……you could relax in the knowledge that you have produced a gem right there

  8. I am a better man, a better human for being able to walk earth the same time as the Avetts. This song is a gift to all mankind. Listen, learn, and grow.

  9. I want to Thank the most incredible Avett Brothers, just awesome singing and most importantly awesome awesome lyrics!!

    I watched the documentary, this song bought so much out of you both, heartfelt

    Thank you for music again 💫

  10. IT'S A NEW DAY! I love you. I love me. 'Die Then Grow'…"My Anita, My Anita, born to…" 'Sweet!' … Peace to All. ; )'

  11. Great song and good motion picture. But You Cut off the part where they were little bitches because someone congratulated them on a great song. That part really pissed me off

  12. My good family has passed and the bad family is still bad, but this song makes me feel forgiveness, because in the end it doesn't matter. No hard feelings !

  13. Closer Walk has never left my head since I first heard you guys singing and sweating it over that rowdy crowd. I hope you still play it on a little empty porch now and then.

  14. This is such a gut wrench, but you feel so uplifted when it over. Seth.. "Just Awesome Man!!!" I dont care What emotion your feeling. The Avett Brothers can fix it.🎶

  15. We just saw you guys at the Sonoma Harvest Musical Festival on 9/21/18 and as always you put on a magical emotional show which ended with this gem. As my girlfriend and I were soaking it in I noticed a man near the front rails,  clearly moved to tears by this song and your performance and being embraced by his friends gently, lovingly and compassionately. He was clearly in pain and the catharsis the music was having on him was tangible from 50 yards away. And then  I lost it myself. I cried too. In gratitude. In empathy  And in total surrender to the power of what real meaningful music can do. Thank you to each of you in this amazing band. Your music means a lot to many of us.

  16. These are the true meaning of a MAN that the world needs to know. Thank GOD ALMIGHTY. GOD BLESS THE AVENT BROTHERS CAUSE THEY HAVE GIVIN IN YOUR GRACE TO THE MASSES.

  17. Wonderful wonderful song. The greatest gift my dad gave to me when I was young was music. And even into his 60's he was still doing it. He text me saying he'd started listening to Avett Brothers and I should check them out. Fantastic band. My dad passed away recently and the lyrics to this are particularly poignant for me.

  18. I hear my family in every word these fellas say… I tune up my guitar the best I can ,cuz my ears not so great and my 15 year old keeps losing my tuner, and I play The Salvation Song while my girls sing it..and people its nothing short of holy..murder in the city is the song i send to my oldest girls who are out doing there thing to remind them how important a name is in the grand scheme of things..i just appreciate what these fellas do..they wrote there songs and those feeling belong to them but me and my gilrs are gonna be borrowing them forever..i think i might of just wrote a book on here

  19. Truly Talented Artist… there are not many Left. they sound just a pure live…If ever I am facing a difficult day I hit up my Avett Brothers collection.. they have a way of calming the soul.

  20. They’ve been closing all their shows with this song, and every time I’m there and hear it, it hits me in the chest just like the first time. ❤️❤️

  21. Will this song ever not make me cry? I'm kind of experimenting tonight. That was my 6th listen tonight and it's still eliciting tears. I want to cover it but I'm not going to be able to if I keep choking up in the midst of singing it.

  22. J'ai traduit pour une amie
    Quand mon corps devenu incapable de me soutenir
    Me libérera enfin,
    Serais-je prêt ?
    Quand mes pieds ne pourront plus faire un autre pas
    Et que mes lèvres donneront le dernier baiser d'adieu,
    Mes mains trembleront-elles?
    Quand je déposerai mes peurs
    Mes espoirs et mes doutes
    Les bagues de mes doigts
    Et les clés de la maison
    Sans rancoeurs
    Lorsque le soleil s'inclinera vers l'ouest
    Et que la lumière dans ma poitrine ne sera plus contenue
    Lorsque la jalousie s'effacera
    Et les richesses et les désirs ne seront que cendres et poussière
    Ce sera seulement un hallelujah
    Et l'amour dans les pensées, l'amour dans les mots, l'amour dans les airs qu'ils chanteront à l'église
    Et pas de ressentiments.
    Dieu sait qu'ils n'ont pas fait grand chose de bien pour personne
    M'ont laissé effrayé et glacé
    Avec tant à avoir et à tenir
    Quand mon corps devenu incapable de me soutenir
    Me libèrera enfin,
    Où irai-je?
    Les alizés m'emmeneront-ils au sud
    Au travers des cultures de la Géorgie ou la pluie tropicale, ou la neige venue des Cieux
    Rejoindrai-je le bleu de l'océan
    Ou tomberai-je sur le sauveur vrai
    Et nous nous serrerons les mains en riant
    Et irons à travers la nuit
    Droit vers la lumière
    Tenant l'amour que j'ai connu vivant
    Sans ressentiments
    Dieu sait qu'ils n'ont pas fait grand chose de bien pour personne
    M'ont laissé effrayé et glacé
    Avec tant à avoir et à tenir

    Sous la voûte céleste
    Je comprends enfin pourqoui
    C'est si important pour moi et toi
    De le dire et de le croire aussi
    Que la vie et ses merveilles
    Et toute sa laideur
    M'ont été belles

    Je n'ai pas d'ennemis

  23. As I sit here in the worst college at rice university, I can reflect on my decision to become a doctor. thank u avett bros for inspiring my decision, I wrote about you in my personal essay. I have no enemies.

  24. Thank you for this beautiful, touching, deeply emotional song. The melody, lyrics and the soulful arrangement take me to a place that is not of this world. Thank you, thank you.

  25. This is an absolute gem of a song…lyrics are truly inspired and a great performance right there….if these guys never write another song, they can still rest assured that this is one of best

  26. …. "or run into, my savior true, and shake hands laughing."
    Gives me chills everytime I hear it! So powerful. ❤

  27. I honestly listen to this song everyday, and it was my most played song of the year on Spotify last year, I absolutely love it ❤️

  28. Jesus y’all this is a shell of a song. It’s like Rick Rubin took the soul straight outta these guys. Every album since emotionalism has just been songs that sound like Avett brothers songs and not actually avett brothers songs. This song doesn’t even touch songs like The Lowering and Murder in the City. The only reason that there aren’t more negative comments on here is because the fans of their good stuff just straight up stopped listening. I randomly stopped in hoping to be proved wrong, which I do from time to time. I used to compare Seth & Scott to John & Paul. They lost their soul. This is one of the most forgettable songs I’ve ever heard. Everyone can write poetry that sounds deep. This shit sucks. Georgia doesn’t even grow grain. It’s painful to hear them try to write Avett brothers songs. It’s like if a really good Avett brothers cover band started writing their own stuff. So so sad.

  29. The lyrics are gobbledygook. The vocal melody has zero catchiness. It’s like he’s singing these lyrics over these chords for the first time. It’s the feigned depth of the real avett brothers songs. I think this whole band has been replaced with Billy Shears.

  30. This song rips my heart out. I held my Grammy as she died and listened to this on repeat. Just one of the best

  31. I have asked for this to be played at my funeral…I LOVE it and it makes so much sense. Staying tuned to the Avett Brothers

  32. Love this song. Really gives you food for thought. Thank you NEEDTOBREATHE for putting them on your "MixTape Monday" playlist or i would never have heard of them

  33. This song took on a special meaning to us after I nearly died from surgery complications and was in a coma. What an amazing ballad for the most sacred of journeys. ❤️

  34. I thought Rick Rubin was going to pick up a guitar or sing on his one. The bands he gets credit for "helping" have already been killing it for years before he hears of them. Signed, Metallica's "Black" album, and everything the Avetts made when he was in the room.

  35. This was played at my son's service in an Atlanta park, Sept. 2018. He was 44 yrs old. This was the only request he had. Now I listen and weep. I hope one day, I can listen and smile.

  36. That man with the beard is Rick Rubin, one of the most important people in music for the last 30 + years, yet few people know him.

  37. absolutely incredible song. the fact that this was performed live is a testament to everyone in the band being on the same page and believing in this song. One of my favorites of all time

  38. This song makes a weep hot tears. I think of the burdens I carry and what it would feel like to shed them. I think of my 85 year old mother, the burdens she has carried that I don't even know of, and the thought of waking up one morning to the realization of not having her anymore. So I weep. But then I hit repeat again and again. And weep again. Its brilliant.

  39. It makes me sad that I only discovered this incredible band yesterday, after all their years of wonderful music making, when in that time, I've had no choice but to hear the corporate effluence of hundreds of Bieber and Taylor Swift clones. You have to search so hard for heartfelt, artistic meaning these days. All they want you to want are Big Mac and fries.

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