Noah Schnapp Dishes on Stranger Things Season 4 Table Read and Smelling Zendaya

Noah Schnapp Dishes on Stranger Things Season 4 Table Read and Smelling Zendaya

-Let’s talk about, quickly, “Stranger Things.” Season four, the first
table read was yesterday. -Yeah.
-The one thing I say that does always remain in the show is
your character Will’s haircut. -Oh, my God.
[ Laughter ] -It’s one of the best haircuts.
[ Cheers and applause ] It’s one of the best — one of
the best things on television. -One of the worst.
-Do you ever want to talk to the writers
and want to change your — -Yes! I mean,
I can’t begin to explain. I literally ask them
all the time, like, “Why doesn’t Will —
maybe he shaves his head.” [ Laughter ]
But really? Did everyone
have that haircut in the ’80s? -No, not at all.
[ Laughter ] But come on. Look.
Come on. -Who would choose
to have that haircut? -Well, your character would.
-Yeah. -It makes him, like,
kind of vulnerable or like Dorothy Hamill.
Something like that, maybe. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. Okay, let’s stop showing it.
-Oh, sorry. [ Laughter ]
-Okay. -Well, I was thinking,
if you want to, maybe — if you’re looking for a kid
in the mid-’80s haircut, you could always go with
this stud right there. [ Cheers ]
-Oh, wow. See?
You didn’t have a bowl cut. -No, I did not have a bowl cut. -I’m gonna bring this with me.
-You will? -I’m gonna tell them.
-Oh, perfect. That’s for you. -All right. Thank you.
Thank you. -I got to say,
we talked backstage. One of your favorite things
that’s happened to you, you have two giant movies out.
You have hit show. But you got to meet Zendaya.
-Yes, I did. -And that’s a big —
[ Audience “Oohs” ] That was such
a big deal for you. Why was that such a big deal?
-Well, I mean — [ Laughter ] I mean,
who’s not obsessed with Zendaya? -No, I love her.
-I know you are. -I really —
[ Cheers and applause ] -I know you guys are.
I mean, it’s — it was — I’m in — yeah.
I don’t wanna… -I mean, look —
-Just in case she sees this. -Lookit — come on.
Look at how cute. Yeah, yeah!
Look at that. -It was amazing.
-What was she — What was she like?
-I just — I remember seeing her out of the corner of my eye
and walking up to her. And I was really,
really nervous. And I was like, “Oh, my God.
It’s actually her. This is the first time
I’m meeting her.” And she smelled great.
[ Laughter ] And she was so —
she was so cute. And she towered over me.
And she bent down, and she’s like, “Hi, Noah,”
with her little squeaky voice. -Oh, my gosh.
-Yeah, I remember everything. -A love affair. Yeah.
[ Laughter ] Here’s what I loved best
about this photo. I saw you posted it. But can we zoom into the back,
like over here? [ Laughter ]
-Oh, my God! -Hey!
Look at that guy! [ Cheers and applause ]
Look at that guy! What’s he doing? -Why didn’t you
get in the picture? -Look at that guy!
[ Laughs ] I was totally there
when you guys met. It was awesome.
-Do you remember it? -I do. I want to be —
I think I was the guy that kind of introduced you
a little bit. Was that
the People’s Choice Awards? -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] Okay.
I mean, I remember Zendaya ’cause that’s, like, a big — -You came over to me but
you were looking at Zendaya. And I was like,
“Noah, what’s up, buddy? How are you, man?”
You’re like, “Good, good, good. Yeah, everything’s good.”
[ Laughter ] And I go, “Oh, yeah. Zendaya.” -You know I love you,
but I love Zendaya, too. -No, I understand.
But I kind of steered you — I kind of steered you
over there, like… -Thank you so much.
-…like tai chi. You were coming at me,
and I pushed you over. [ Laughter ] And then you met,
and the rest is history. Congrats on these movies now,
bud. -Thank you.
-“Abe” is in in theaters — Did we say — what is it?
April 17th? And then your other movie is —
Oh, my gosh — “Waiting For Anya.” Explain the story. This is a true story, yeah?
-Yeah. So, it’s based on a true story. It’s set in France
during World War II. And it’s about a boy who brings Jews across
to safety, basically. And it was really cool to film because it was
in the middle of France, in the middle of nowhere. Like, no Wi-Fi.
I mean, like, nothing there. -How long were you there?
-I was there for two months. -Two months with no Wi-Fi?
-It was pretty hard. -This is a —
[ Laughter ] America’s in shock right now.
They’re like, “What?” -No, I mean, think about for me.
I had no TikTok, no Instagram… [ Laughter ]
…no Snapchat. I was, like — I was — So I learned
other ways to have fun. So I would go out, and I’d
play with the sheep and… -Play with the sheep?
Oh, my gosh! -Yeah, it was —
-Sounds awful. Go on. -At first, I was like,
“Oh, my God. This is awful.” But eventually, I was like,
“Oh, I like these sheep. This is fun.”
[ Laughter ] And so when I got back —
-They became your friends? -They were — That was, like,
my only friend there! [ Laughter ]
But that was like — Once I came back home,
I was like, “Where’s my sheep?” [ Laughter ]
“I don’t want Instagram.” -You don’t want Instagram.
You miss your sheep. -Yeah, exactly. -Well, you’re great
in this film.

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  1. Generations are growing more and more stupid. You see celebrity kids being interviewed in the 80s and 90s and they were much more mature, eloquent and articulate. Look at Drew Barrymore, Aaliyah, River Phoenix… just to name a few. And now… it is all 'like' every 3 words. They cant speak, they cant express themselves, they cant hold a coherent and meaningful conversation. It really saddens me how social media and technology are making us dumb, especially when it to comes to one of the most basic things such as verbal communication and human interaction…

  2. damn i was like wth is zendaya? so i had to googled it up and she's really famous and i didnt know who she was

  3. Stranger things have been admitted than a love for sheep…but did he like them more than Zendaya?! 🐑

  4. award show host: the winner is….. NOAH SCHNAPP!!!
    noah: *walks to stage* *in shock* hi, zendaya

    if u know, you know

  5. Is no one else still trying to figure out where the Byers dog went….we haven’t seen it since season one…

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  7. Noah Schnapp was wasted on Stranger Things 3. I hope they give Will more screen-time and change his character a bit in Stranger Things 4.

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