Hi, Kenny Sebastian.
What’s up? Awesome. Okay, some people… few of you know who I am and you are
wondering where is my hair? Yes. Yes. I cut it. And my mom is so happy. She is so happy.
My dad is still disappointed because he is a typical middle class
defense dad. Very easy to disappoint him. Try this. Want to disappoint your father?
Very simple. Just be on your bed
at 6 am in the morning. Just stay there and he will look at you
and be like… That’s how easy it is. To disappoint your father. It’s awesome. Sometimes I’ll just sit in the evening. Just on the sofa doing nothing.
He’ll look at me. It is sweet.
It is awesome. So, I’m Malayali.
Any Malayali’s in the house? Really? See, no one gives a shit. So, I’m Malayali and I recently had the privilege
of going to Amritsar. It’s like… for a Malayali to go to Amritsar
is like stepping into a Bollywood film, okay. I thought I was on the sets on Veer Zaara. It is awesome. So, on the flight
from Delhi to Amritsar, it was insane. Because the entire flight
was full of Sardars. And I look… And I’m like, okay. Everybody knows each other. That’s what I assume. Obviously, it’s a big family
travelling together. Then I realize,
nobody knows each other. And that’s when I realize that North Indians don’t have the problem
that South Indians do… Which is hesitation
to start conversation. Okay? So, on the flight… there’s this huge…
Everyone’s huge. I’m the tiniest guy on the flight. Like, people had booked middle seats
to put their biceps in it. It was huge. I’m just so small. And my seat’s on the aisle there was
a guy who was Punjabi. I knew he was Punjabi because he was
taking way more space than he needs. Because he was sitting like this. Like his leg was outside the window. I don’t know how that’s
even possible. So, I wanted to ask him, ‘Hey, can I put my bag down’. Now, if it was a South Indian guy
he would have just made a face… And waited for the air-hostess to come
and tell me you can’t put your bag down. But because this guy was Punjabi and I asked him,
‘Hey, can I put my bag down?’ There is no problem. We will deal with it later. I’m like, ‘Oh.
You are my best friend now.’ Like we just had
a heart to heart conversation. Even waiters are like that. Like, in South India you order. Can I have tea? Yes. In Bombay,
I’m like, ‘Can I get tea?’ Of course. Why not? Get him tea. He hasn’t got any.
Give him 2 kgs of tea. I love how they just start talking. Like, I’ll be in a taxi. I ask him what the time is. I came to Bombay 20 years back. I’m like, okay.

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  1. Lol i can relate i come from a big North indian family. For us when i say the word family it means my reletives my grandparents and distant relitives. Half my family is hindu and half my family is muslim. I can relate vecause everybody in my family is load.
    When i go to school i have to adjist my voice because i am the only Indian in my class!

  2. C'mon mothafuckers…fight each other till your fingers bleed…you've turned an amazing standup comment section into a warzone and that's how you prove that *WE INDIANS CAN'T TAKE JOKES AS A JOKE*.

  3. Bakwaas. There wasn't even one line to laugh at. I dont know why people were laughing. Boring and no comedy. This guy looks like an idiot

  4. I don't know why northies always tries to criticize us…
    Learn from this guy or any other southies guy, how to do comedy without vulgarity

  5. I like how you include Mumbai people as North Indians, which is true for someone from Kerala. But I hear the Maharashtra and Gujarat people refer to all states north of them as North of India and all states that are south to them as South India. Including adjacent states like Telangana.

  6. We people in India are so divided-wish we all thought of each other as one -so much difference state to state

    Proud of being Punjabi 🙏

  7. I love the way he subtly bought out the difference between north and south inspite on being a mallu he has huge appreciation for North Indians
    I’m from south but I feel more at home in North (Delhi)

  8. Most South indian( except Haydrabadi, and people from Banglore ) are like an idiot in Dubai , people laugh at them bcz they cant communicate in Hindi , people from other countries of Asia they speak in hindi but they dnt . So Me also personally dnt like to speak with south Indian kiuki wo maza nahi ata yaaar.

  9. Kenny Sebastian u rocked. But it's not necessary that every south Indian hesitates to talk I am also malayali love from kerala

  10. My Dear brothers and sisters of India, please change the terminology of North India and South India to Northern India and Southern. By saying North India and South India we are mentally bifercating India. Let us bring a small shift to make one India

  11. North India ( being someone from madhya pradesh i dont belong to either part of country) is the part which makes the perception of country being male dominated , dowry , women abuse , thuggy , frauds, caste problems , religious conflicts , racism, apartheid, gap between rich and poor are all that mostly happens in north but entire country has to suffer. All so called empowered have to pay their price just because government make laws according to this perception which north Indians make of entire country.

  12. What about people from Bihar… Everywhere you can find us ..the piolet to rickshaw puller and office boy to IAS officer …and offcourse YouTuber's also #satyamkirti

  13. Good observation. I am a northie who is living in kerala and has spent some time in Tamil Nadu. I have observed the same thing. South Indians are more introvert than the northies in general but that doesn't apply to everyone. I am a northie and such an introvert, sometimes i hate myself for it😅

  14. Why do you all South Indians have problem with North Indians.. Like seriously .. Kaam karna hai North mein aake or gun gaatey ho South Ke.. Bhai wahi reh jao..

  15. North Indians do only jugaad and baniyagiri which is nothing short of nepotism and malpractice in the nation.

    Completely ruined the nation.

  16. Okay! Main 20 saal pehle Mumbai aaya tha. This idea was in Kenny's mind for more than 3 years. And he performed it in Comicstaan 2.

  17. We are big heart people and we think that everyone is a member of our family… That's the big feature of Punjabi people……..

  18. I can't understand why we indians always try to divide.
    Sometime North indian&south india
    Sometime bihari,punjabi,madrasi,gujrati
    And sometime on the basis of religion.
    This is the weakness of indian and we need to cure it.

  19. Mr Kenny Sebastian , I’ve watched your , I would like to tell you something that you shouldn’t have made jokes over a religion even I’m a punjabi and I never did things as you were telling to the people . So to earn your bread please don’t don anything for it at least maintain some level to your work and yourself . Well , to every work there are some extensions but are making jokes on a religion is not right doing such things doesn’t makes you more than a damm bastard . So please do justify your work and don’t insult such a sacred religion by presenting it in a stupid act of yours .

  20. I am also from a middle class defence family. So can completely relate to everything u said. Like waking up at 6. My dad is like u r so lazy. And all….😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  21. It’s kinda annoying for a North Indian to hear the cutest standup comedian (full time) saying Bombay rather than Mumbai…. but anyway, LoveLove

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