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  1. Ok I know this is a crazy thing but if you had a movie that you didn't like would you reveal it to the world for free, no no you wouldn't, maybe Sony should think twice before they make movies about killing rogue nations crazy leaders.

  2. CNN=Filthy and Evil establishment Terror propaganda. There was a time about a year ago for a little while where they talked about legit issues, and at least with a little more objectivity after many years of nothing but Evil US and Zionist Terrorist Propaganda, but I guess it didn't last that long, because they're back at it. Fucking stooges.

  3. May be a spion from Sony works with north korea? There are no other explanation, or may be north korean are better in hacking than last year?

  4. Yes I'm Sure The GOP did it Those Republicans are Zionist supporters and I could understand why they would want People to think North Korea did it cause it change the public talking points away from Domestic Gov Crimes against Citizens

  5. CNN is usually wrong when it comes to any sort of factual basis. I'm thinking it was the hackers that claimed responsibility rather than an entire foreign country… government… targeted by the western financial system.

  6. The recent powerful hacking on Sony Pictures is not surprising because of the highly deficient maintenance services of the servers in PlayStation Home users around the USA have been observing almost on a daily basis with sometimes multiple disconnections in just 24 hours mostly from 2010 to 2012 and I believe the last two years as well. PlayStation Home is a PS3 gaming service that will cease worldwide operations on March 31, 2015. Also, the PS3 3D Display that came out in November, 2011 came with a "black screen defect" in many units building Sony more bad reputation in the TV industry. I am not a real gamer and I never been interested in video gaming design as a professional career because my interests and academic profile as an engineer are more in the direction of designing more educational and productive applications in engineering and science but I can say without any doubts that if Sony continues operating with so "many explicit maintenance service deficiencies", the company could easily be facing almost a total bankruptcy in the future and continue attracting the attention of hackers around the world that could be also denouncing and exposing their explicit deficiencies.

  7. The crimes that media has been committing within the past 90 years are far greater than all of the criminal leaders in history of mankind put together, plagues, viruses, wars, or disasters like earthquakes, floods and fires has done in the history. And on top of that media caused us to become the Godless nation. Then, The Almighty Creator gave us the knowledge of binary numbers, zero and one, so we could built computers ("By the even and the odd" Quran 89:3) in order to show us His awesome mathematical miracles in the Arabic Quran based on mathematics, the exact science, which was revealed to 2 American scientists around 40 years ago. But, media has been trying so hard to hide them. And now almost everything around us is based on number zero and one to the point that we are not able to live without them. Also binary numbers came down in order to expose the evils amongst us like NSA, CIA, recently police departments, and now media (Sony picture). These are the consequence of rejecting our Creator’s irrefutable signs and the worst is yet to come.

  8. Here are crimes of media which started in USA around 90 years ago: Media introduced us to cigarettes, and tobacco, which caused us lung cancer, and asthma killing billions so far. Media made us drink alcohols causing death from different diseases, having accidents killing millions, especially our young kids. Caused family problems and divorces, and killing millions of people with different diseases. Our media promoted and encouraged women to work, which never happened in the history of human beings, and changed the way of the life of billions of people. That is why people all around the world hate us, which brought homosexuality, and media is promoting to become gays and lesbians, which brought us aids killing 38 million so far. Media introduced to us process foods, spray foods with poisons chemicals, and GMO's which have been killing millions, and caused children with birth defects. Then media promoted poisoned chemical medicines causing millions die every year. That is why we have the sickest people in the world. And above all media made us a Godless nation to the point that we do not know who created us from ejected semen. That is why we are not under our Creator's protection anymore. And then the Almighty gave us the knowledge of binary numbers so we could built computers, which now a day our life depended on these 2 numbers, zero and one. And also the same 2 simple numbers are exposing the evils amongst us one by one. That is why Sony is paying it back. Let us see who is next. Media's crime are far greater than all the criminal leaders from the beginning of time up to 90 years ago, plus all of those people who were killed by plagues, viruses, wars, fires, floods, earthquakes, combined. May the Almighty save us from the evil people among us.

  9. This is why technology is unreliable as so many idiots fall faithful to its existence. Take facebook for example. How many daily morons are addicted to facebook? Not me. Granted, I set before u texting a post of my own opinion of the very thing im currently using; technology. However, unlike so many others, I wont go ape shit if and when technology fails one day with people running and screaming, "WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?!?! WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?!?!" Dare I imagine the youth of the modern america. America likes to piss off the world by making fun of others while policing the world like some sorta super cop whos above the law. Im just surprised that if IS North Korea why didnt they do anything after the remake of Red Dawn? Face it. The world is wayyy too connected these days and in everybodies fuckin business. Comments??? U best get them little digits to typing then.

  10. Hmmmmmm.  Fat little Kimy insulted by rich Liberal lefties.  Who cares?  What I like more is reading about the private e-mails and twitter or text messages of these so called rich Liberal Lefties.  Turns out, they are just a bunch of race haters and back biting spoiled brats.  They don't want us to read about what they really think.  They rather preach telling us to do as we are told and not as they do.  News flash.  They all shit and piss just like the rest of us.  If this were to start an international incident, who would Obama blame for pushing the video?

  11. The Japanese people are shamed ! Please America goes all over the world kicking ass for the British and protecting the Saudi kings, and their oil interest from fundamentalist extremest ,that's economically understandable.The rest of the middle east the Muslim people who  cant stand us infidels, in the end will only go back to being oppressed by the very same fundamentalist under a different name and flag. They will only ever be economically useless a waist of time and effort. Muslims boys should be fighting if they want freedom, not us . FREE N Korea from these psychopath, cruel leadership and the N Korean people would be a great attribute to the world and contribute positively to the worlds economy. Koreans would be very, very grateful as they are unable to do it themselves . SONY SHOULD BE BOYCOTTED and Japan is (shamed) by Sony's cowardly response to these terrorist ! Seriously its shameful that the Great nation of NIPPON would give into NORTH KOREA !

  12. They should know it's just a movie so what if it has to do with the leader of North Korea. It's not even the real guy playing Kim Jung and plus it's supposed to be a funny ass movie not an act of terrorism. PEACE!

  13. I find very hard to believe that North Korea will hack Sony when they don't have enough equipment support them self or the now how to conduct a cyber attack to such level and if they did , they must had help from someone else . This sound more like propaganda for more sanctions. Lifting it from Iran and placing it to Russia and North Korea. I don't belive anything that coming out of the main stream media.

  14. It's China who is behind this, they regularly smack the skinny queer homobama around just to see how fucked up the US has become,  they recently proved this when tinkerbell and his media fairies like CNN babbled childish nonsense about some CO2 emissions agreement that is a unilateral farce, the US has become just a buffoonish cluster fuck of liberals and their embarrassing stupidity..

  15. Follow the money. Who gains the most from an unstable world. Post WW1 the same families have been laughing at the rest of us. There is no good guy in leadership in ANY western 'democracy'. If there was-energy would be free, pollution would be almost zero, fractional reserve lending would NOT exist. But here we are again blaming our 'enemy'. How long until Iran get the blame for providing the 'tech'. So let's see, lies about Syria-check, lies about 911-check, lies about mh17-check. Now all of a sudden we are meant to believe the shit from the state dept.? Lol as if.

  16. nice commercial gimmick, now everyone wants to see this damn movie.

    and if NK had no A-Bomb, the US would have invaded NK a looong time ago, rite?
    'murica, Ur a coward!

  17. so much rage about a dumb mindless la movie …when on the art of war obama pass 500 millions…zzzZZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZ 

  18. yeah yeah trying to blame it on North Korea then after have a war with them same shit you blame it on Bin laden for hit World Trade Center USA Its a……….BS

  19. All LA movies do is mostly pester people with a lot of eye-covering weirdness, provoke propaganda and "getting even" because real world leaders and ANY signs of realism is SoCal's enemy. Their industry is full of bed needles other film companies who left couldn't lie in any more. Whorelywood is skull and crossbones with reused sewage matters. Graduates from P.U.

  20. The last group of mischief makers who hacked Sony weren't from Korea, they were Americans, they did it over a lawsuit regarding a fucking video game, and at least one of the convicted is suggesting the latest hack to be an inside job.  Only a fool has not figured out the cold war goes on,and opts not for not what their mind tells them.  And the only bias I have for Korea is negative, yet I call BULLSHIT on this hacking. I feel like I'm being trolled each time I read about this event in the news.  It doesn't matter anyway, as the ends justify the means to eradicate world communism, yet the security council just went to the UN to complain, which is hypocritical in my opinion.

    You know,  I am so sick of myself.  I'm just going to watch CNN, be emotional, and agree on key points, such as the Malaysian Air being sucked up through a black hole, or oil being low to prevent shale / tar sands. I want to be with the good guys, and Bill O'reilly told me how to do so: SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP.

  21. Everybody needs vote Jeb in 2016 so we can invade these assholes. (while being invaded from mexico)
      direct action is needed. the democrats will only try diplomacy at the commie UN

  22. North Korea had nothing to do with the hack.  Any time the U.S. government weighs in on an issue and makes as many statements as they have made about thise "hacks" then you can be sure that there is an agenda that the U.S. is pushing and this "hack" is helping them push the agenda. 

  23. Sure, 'Murica, laugh on. Insulting a living head-of-state and irrational child-dictator in possession of NUKES is unnecessary and inane. It could expose innocent Americans to retaliations. Yeah, we all think it is funny (not really as I just watched the movie on Youtube) but I can assure you that Kim Jung-Un would not be amused, especially if this movie proves to be a big hit on the screens and internet. It will only prove to him that Americans are collectively giving him a big middle-finger and are thus collectively guilty of insulting him and his family. It then becomes PERSONAL. Since he doesn't give a shit about his countrymen, he may just decide to be the biggest SUICIDE BOMBER of all times order the missiles launched. Will 'Murica still be laughing then?


  25. US Logic: "Let's make a mockery movie about assasinating  a living leader. If they can't take the joke that's ignorant. freedom of speech blah blah, as americans we dont give a fk".
    Little bit Later : "These Korean mf'ers just hacked and mocked exposing our company, cyber security, and country. Call the FBI. Get lawsuits. Get NASA. BAAAW"

  26. The movie not being leaked in my mind proves north korea was behind the hack… They didn't want that movie to be released so they hacked the company that made it. I mean the US government could be lying to us all but they've claimed they've traced back software used by north korea in the past so that and the movie not being leaked inclines me to believe the story…

  27. Fuck Sony! Why would you mock a living leader of a communist part of a country and expect for them to take it as a joke. Though it is unclear North Korea did it, I wouldn't blame them. Sony is not giving respect and thinking the Koreans have no power.

  28. Hay, Kim Jong -un you are a nut case, a homicidal maniac with a God complex. Here is a little bit of truth for you , THERE IS AN AFTERLIFE and guess were you have a booking for -well it is not paradise that is for sure. Your punishment awaits you and all the dead you have killed and tortured, are waiting for you. How do i know,been there saw it and got a shock and NEVER forgot, that there is an afterlife, got shown around and then against my will had to go back to life, and live it and wait my turn.So wake up and grow up and turn your life around or your terrible judgement and punishment awaits you.After all you wont live forever.

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