North Korean Film Madness (Documentary | Part 1/3)

North Korean Film Madness (Documentary | Part 1/3)

“WARM LEATHERETTE”] We just got back from North
Korea, and all I can say is holy fuck. [PUNK MUSIC] Before I went North Korea, I
didn’t know that much about it, except for that was the
last real deal cult of personality socialist utopian
state left on earth. I mean, I knew Kim Jong Il was
the permed dude with the big glasses who drank more
Hennessy than anybody else on earth. But when we did more research,
we found out that, oh, Kim Jong Il is a huge film buff. He has over 20,000 titles. He built seven personal, private
theaters, and he loves slasher films, Godzilla movies,
and Elizabeth Taylor. In fact, he loves film so much
that he built a huge studio right in the middle of the
nation’s capital, Pyongyang. So Kim Jong Il, freakiest
guy in the world. North Korea, freakiest
country in the world. Kidnapping people to make the
freakiest films in the world. This all equals freakiest
film story ever. [MILITARY MARCH] Kim Jong Il came to power
in 1993 after the death of his father. His father, Kim Il Song was
the first ruler, slash Generalissimo of North Korea. Kim Jong Il made a film about
his dad, which helped sort of smooth and solidify his move
into power to become the next God, slash father, slash
ultimate ruler, slash Playboy of North Korea. Kim Jong Il is known to his
people as the great general. But he’s also great
at everything. He’s a perfect architect, a
perfect clothing designer. He’s the best that
animal husbandry. He’s also the best
at making cheese. He’s perfect at all arts,
especially film. In fact, he wrote
a book about it. So Kim Jong Il builds this huge
film studio in the middle of Pyongyang, but
he doesn’t have anyone to make the movies. So he goes out and
kidnaps them. [SPEAKING KOREAN] So as most people are trying to
get out of North Korea, we were trying to get in, which
is no easy task. And it took us about a year
and a half of continual nagging and calling before we
got a tentative OK to come to Northern China in Shenyang and
apply in person at the North Korean consulate for a visa
to get into North Korea. They pick you up. They put you in a car. They take your passport. They take your money. And they drop you off in
a North Korean bar. You’re in this North Korean bar,
and they’re singing these propaganda songs right away. And if wasn’t for my buddy Mark
from the LA Times– thank you Mark– who twigged me to the
fact that everybody in the bar is secret police, and if
you don’t show the proper enthusiasm for the propaganda
songs, you’re not going to get in. So I drank blueberry wine, got
pissed, got up, started singing the songs as
best as I could. And because of that I got my
visa the next day, and I got into North Korea. So you arrive in Pyongyang. And your guards come and
get you right away. And they put you in a car, and
they take you into the city. The first thing you notice on
the drive in is that there’s no traffic. There’s no cars. People walk everywhere. Then you drive up to your
hotel, which is this 45-story hotel. But there’s only one
line of lights through the whole hotel. And you realize, oh, there’s
only one floor being used. You go into the lobby, and
it’s totally empty. All there is is a sort of tragic
sea turtle floating by himself in this tank. We’ve come to a 1950s communist
time capsule. Industrial wasteland. Flooding, dirt, dirt. I can’t go anywhere. The hotel’s on an island, and
you can’t leave without your guard, your guide, and
secret police. The only way I knew he was
secret police is that he was never on camera. But when they do take you,
they take you where they want you to go. It’s a government-approved
itinerary. And the first place they
take you is to the DMZ. The DMZ, or the demilitarized
zone– which is actually kind of a
funny name because it’s the most militarized zone
in the world– is the last vestige
of the Cold War. This is the last place on earth
where East meets West. This is the historical spot
where the Korean People’s Army made the Americans kneel down
like dogs, and they should remember that. Alright. I’ll tell them. So this kind of tour goes
on for about three days. They take you to
this monument. They take you to
that monument. You don’t know where it is. You don’t know what it is. But you have to do it. You have to go to the House of
the People, the Library of the People, the Soccer Player of the
People, the Juche Ideals of the People. The People of this, the
People of that. Stultifyingly boring monument
after boring monument. And the whole time we’re saying,
hey, can we go to the film studios? Please can we go see
the film studios? And they’re just
like, nothing. They won’t show anything. They won’t say anything. But they did take us to one
place that really blew our minds, and that was Arirang,
the mass gymnastics. You sit here in the biggest
stadium in the world with 150,000 kids out there, just
getting ready to do a show. We’re sitting on a dais
generally reserved for the great General Kim Jong Il,
and we’re sitting here– [CHEERING CROWD] –all these people are waiting
to perform for us. It’s the most insane feeling
you’ve ever had in your life. [NORTH KOREAN PROPAGANDIST
MUSIC] The Arirang games are like a
live version of a Hollywood action film. There’s 120,000 kids that have
trained for two years to do all these card changing
and back flips. But nobody’s there. The whole show is put on for
a handful of people. Because they’re so paranoid that
they won’t let anybody in to actually watch it. And on one side, you’re
kind of blown away. But on the other side
you’re saying, why? You have no gas. You have no electricity. Your people are starving. Yet all your money is going to
the best and brightest you have in the country to put on
a spectacle for 10 people. I realized, this is what North
Korea is all about. It’s about putting on a show. At this point, we’re five days
in, we’ve asked them 50 times to see the film studios. We’re running out of time. And I start bad tripping. We’re not going to go see
the film studios. And if we don’t, this whole
trip has been a bust.

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  1. That kidnapped south korean director should write the script like this: "One upon a time there's a monster who thinks he is a god. He can shoot nuclear missiles out of his butt that is why people is afraid of him. And then one day a nuclear-proof bold eagle came and snatch him away then drop him to the sun. And then the humans lived happily ever after. The end."

  2. I tire of so called documentaries like this one where it's nothing more than a vehicle for the person narrating it to talk more and show more about him/herself.
    Throw in gutter language for something that should be a serious topic and the video is ruined.

  3. 2012… was this when Vice was still good &part-founder Gavin was there? This docu is interesting -not the stupid, SJW outrage, or cosmo inspired crap, that it is now.

  4. I like North Korea because they are very talented in Singing, Dancing, Acting and it looks like 1950. But i hate their law haha

  5. The best way to win is to bomb them when they're flexing their "military might." You'll do a good amount of damage before China decides to join in the fight.

  6. At one point you said theres 150000kids and then you said there's 120000. Are you crappy at maths or do you have shit memory 😂

  7. He, he, he… They show you what they like and you got the bait. They know that you will later talk shit about them. They are not stupid. So you need to ask yourself: Is this their goal? To present them as I did?!?

  8. And I believe that those 20.000 films and provate cinemas exist because that eeuu guy told it, okey… the difamation is punished in the eeuu?

  9. It’s such a shame all those kids spent 2 years for basically nothing. That show deserves to be in some sort of international show or something.

  10. Wow, thank you Vice, thank you Mr. Smith! North Korea is a hell of a risk but you made it to get some footage.

  11. China & Ussr: we help you improve your economy and become a powerful country
    North korea: nah we got this…..
    Ater the korean war: ussr and china left the conversation😂😂

  12. When l observe some of these commentators can help but recall the personal prejudice that have destroyed racist, continent's and individuals, has anyone ever observe and disected the probabilities why they do this, No is not about the 1st amendment, lm a believer of the faith and in any mind of corruption from the masses there's an agenda and history proves it's purpose, God only knows when this will ever stop the continuing propaganda, if we haven't realize from what the Bible is telling us, where do we really stand with God, who allow His Son to come into the world to be mistreated & tortured to explain our faults of what son means.

  13. This is a very shallow and biased representation of North Korea. Looking forward to seeing some material from VICE that is more in-depth and non-biased.

  14. I take offense to what they said that they said they made us neal like dogs we where about to drop a Nuke on North Korea almost though

  15. 150000 kids dancing perfectly for 10 people.. if thats not power. I don't know what is. Its a waste of resources but nice way to show off

  16. Every dictatorship in history around some time came to an end, hope North Korean dictatorship ends as well. Whenever i watch videos about North Korea i feel so sorry for the people there.

  17. 1:44 it like Nazi soldiers song.. fuck you kim jong un..her not God or god her is just human fatty kid if you shot him with gun her will dead..more better title in that movies "the devil fatty kid kim jong un fuck", her kill innocent people want to fuck you dad self kim jong un..I hope all rules like kim jong un will fast dead..

  18. Dude, this country is better than yours. You can make blind judgement about the living standard of NK. Its their internal matter. Don't act like you own the world.

  19. Ok so.
    We all know Korean regime is weird n controlling.
    We know a lot of bad things do happenin that country
    But western media need to stop exaggerating all this. They need to stop calling North Korea as a whole bad names. Realise n accept the fact that North Korean regime is bad not its people. They are forces to live jn poverty n forced to worship these leaders.

  20. It's as If the leaders built this crazy country to play with. The people they see as slaves and toys. Everything they say goes, not caring or valuing life. The country is suffering yet they force their deluded ideals so people brainwash themselves into trusting him out of fear. They ar secretly cowards. Forceful, manipulative cowards.

    If you need to force people to serve you and gain their trust by actually being great.

    It's pathetic how the leaders don't see that they contradict themselves, why do they hate the US if they do the same thing. They like to clearly inflict pain and misery and despair onto people
    And theres nothing anyone can do to stop this.

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