Notebook | Official Trailer | Pranutan Bahl | Zaheer Iqbal | Nitin Kakar | 29th Mar 2019

Notebook | Official Trailer | Pranutan Bahl | Zaheer Iqbal | Nitin Kakar | 29th Mar 2019

She is very beautiful .. But I haven’t seen her.. She talks a lot.. But I haven’t heard her speak. I have fallen in love
with a girl I have never met. There is no one here for miles around. Its like being exiled. This place is so far away… that one can only wait for hope to reach. Hello.. Hello.. You have to guess my name Quickly! Circle! Again! (Hindi for Again…) Fir… Firdaus! Correct. One finger! Three fingers! (Hindi for Date.. Tariq) Tariq.. Got it! I am Kabir. Let the class begin! Junaid, I can’t leave this school. School? you call this a school, Firdaus? Give me one reason to stay. Not one… I have seven reasons.. Good morning Good morning Loser! I have found a photograph
of Firdaus Teacher. Who taught here previously… Do you know where she is? She’s getting married. That’s why you are were hired. Sir, What’s up? Nothing! Coochie coo, Coochie coo… I love you Firdaus. I know you can’t be mine but that doesn’t stop me
from loving you.. we may never meet but we will always be together
in this notebook. Firdaus teacher, What’s up? Nothing! Coochie coo, Coochie coo… Tariq…

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  1. is this movie is the similar movie from ' TEACHERS DIARY' .. 2014 Thailand before? Salam from Sarawak malaysia

  2. Yeh movie shahed yehi kahigi ki peyar sirf hasil karneka na agr usse na ve paye ferve thik hein per peyar bass hona jaruri hein

  3. Watched this movie today. A very beautifully made movie. No vulgar dialogues, no adult scenes, no faltugiri.
    A very good love story, amazing cinematography, melodious songs, great acting by newcomers and the heart of the movie is zaheer Iqbal and those eight kids.
    Zaheer and pranutan deserve an award for best debutante but hopelessly they would be given to Tara, Sara, ananya etc etc

  4. Bollywood: Indian army soldier teaching Kashmiri children
    Reality: Indian army soldiers blinding Kashmiri children with pellet bullets

  5. I'm sorry to say but this movie is same with Teacher's Diary movie. exactly the same with that movie.

  6. To me,it is one of the best film of India…I think it is better than The Teacher’s Diary.. Love from Bangladesh 😍

  7. hanji… anybody can help me? I am living in germany and I really want to watch this movie online but didnt find anthing in the internet… someone saw it already online??? bohot shukria for help g!!

  8. I have also enjoyed the trailer and also loved the movie. Nutanji’s daughter looks very beautiful. Sadly the movie has not become popular. Badluck

  9. omg yar kia movie hain….. best hain na koi vulgar dialog kuch b ni….simple and best story…u will love this movie

  10. Watched this movie this weekend!! And I literally fell in love with it. SIMPLY AMAZING, PURE LOVE STORY in such a long long time from bollywood. Simplicity is the key here. Great cinematography and such a incredible acting from both pranutan and zaheer!! And Also don't forget the nostalgic song bumbroo..!! Simply wow..

  11. I watched this movie today and loved it that's why i am here for recommending .. Anyone here after watching movie ??

  12. Meine aaj tak Kai love story movies dehkhi hai pr aisi movie aaj tak nhi dehkhi such mein ye movie bhot jaada Achi hai

  13. If this movie was done in Malayalam it could be hit. Because this bollywood is behind item songs and adult seans and also rubbish fightings. They completely destroyed good movies now a days.

    Thai movie was excellent because of the innocence given to the movie. The movie just soaked my eyes.. in my view teacher's diary is really cute movie as compared notebook..

  14. Just watched this movie. Oh my god it was so gooood. I dont know how many times i will repeat watch this movie. Lots of love 😊

  15. After dangal i stop watching hindi movies bt this one really somerhing different so watched it! So in love with this movie beautifully made watched a soulful movie after a long time from bollywood

  16. Why most of the movies are adopted from other countries movie…bharat is from a Korean movie this one too…and theirs many more..

  17. Loveeeeedddd 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  18. I love the original thai version soooo much, will watch this version too, I already falling in love just by watching this trailer 🥰

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