Nubes Rojas (Western Movie, AWARD-WINNING, Spanish, English Subtitles) free full movie on youtube

I will be on my way this afternoon. Don’t you eat? Do you know where my rifle is? Is there anyone after you? No. We don’t want trouble, boy I won’t cause trouble. What do you want your rifle for? I could hunt something. You need to eat some meat. What’s your name? Travis, Travis Lebeck. I’m Odus. She’s Claudia, my granddaughter. Your rifle’s back there… next to your horse. Why don’t you get in? It’s going to get cold. They may come tonight. They are not going to come back. They already have what they were looking for. Claudia, He ripped a paper from you, didn’t he? It’s not a paper, it’s a map. A map? To get to “las hermanas”. I had no choice. They were going to kill my grandfather. He’s all the family I have. Why didn’t you kill him? Who’s out there? An old friend. Lester? Lester McCoy? Let me in, Henry. You took that dwarf and told him, “that whore is mine!” Come on, son. Bring me those bandages and those pants. The kid looks like his mother. Let’s make it clear, This is the last time you come here looking for help. Come on, do you still have a grudge about that? This is no place for that boy… It’s written in his eyes. Everyone has a destiny, And that boy’s is written so far away from here. What would you know! Some years ago I worked along with sheriff Bell as a tracker. Footprints… Stagecoaches… Outlaws… I can track anything. How much money do you have in “Las Hermanas”? Moses, take care of my horse. That rifle i’ts worth nothing, boy. You can keep it. My grandaughter knows nothing but… that revolver has seen me kill… rob banks, stagecoaches… I was in a gang when I was your age. Like those who came by. We made a lot of money… a lot. One day I met a woman, left the band… I took all that money and ran. Started a family… When Claudia was a little girl, a gang member came by claiming his part of the money. I was not at home. Then I decided to hide the money in “Las Hermanas” And I made a map so my grandaughter could find the money in case something happened to me. I killed my daughter’s murderers with that revolver. Take care, boy…. Don’t become like them. Why don’t you stay with us? Thank you. Look, boss. Enough. Take him to the camp. What? Moses! Look who’s here… Years pass… and the hero, after leaving the regiment, turns into a bounty hunter. Why didn’t I shoot you in the canyon? Because you know I’m worth more than two of your men… Lester. War never ends for some, Lebeck. I’ll keep an eye on you. Take him! He just nailed me with a fork… You are gonna pay for it. What the hell are you doing here? I came here to join you. Go back with your father, son. No… I don’t want to get back. I want to stay here, with you. That’s something you have to earn. Take it, you earned it. You’ve got guts, son. Let’s see how long you last. That revolver is a Schofield, and that Schofield is mine. Hey! I came with the best of intentions. Can I ask you a question, with the best of intentions? Is that a Winchester? Yes! Loaded! They won’t like that you took it. I don’t care about what they like. You know what they say… When a man with a revolver meets a man with a rifle, the man with the pistol is a dead man. Wait! It’s a gift from my father… That revolver belongs to him, kid. And that Winchester is Moses’s. What the hell are you doing with it? It’s not your business, and don’t call me kid again. You can reach the camp by yourself… or I could take you there… dragging you… after shooting you… kid. Thank you. Watch you step, they don’t like you. Have you always been working with Lester? Be careful with me, I don’t like you either. Now get back to the camp. Boss says we’ve got work. My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me, and I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, and no one shall snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who hath given them unto me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand. John 10:27-29 No man can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one, and love the other; Ye cannot serve God and mammon. Matthew 6:24 We’re not looking for trouble. Nobody is. So step aside and let us go. Of course… But first you’ll have to pay to continue… alive. You don’t know who are you messing with. Yes I do… of course I do. We are not going to be robbed like this. That’s exactly what I was expecting to hear. Does it hurt? I remember that, just touching the soil, you knew if the enemy was close, how many there were, what kind of artillery they had… I specially remember how talented you were… cleaning traces. Then the boy got sick watching how the ideals he was fighting for were being constantly violated. There’s no room for humanity at war, Travis. What were you doing in that house? I was passing through. I was hungry and they fed me. Where have you been all these years? I went back to the mountains, with the Apaches. Far from any side. Then I got married to the chief’s daughter. What happened? Did she get tired of you? Five days after the wedding, I was hunting, far from the camp. When I got back… everything was destroyed… Elderly, women, even children scattered on the ground. Quartered. Ewwa among them. We all have heard about those slaughters… And you, Lester, what have you been doing all this time? Money. A lot. What the hell are you doing? Spying on the boss? I don’t like it. What don’t you like? Everything feels strange. Look at them! Talking alone and then that kid suddenly showing up. Where is he? Stealing all our weapons and all our money. No jokes, Slim! I don’t think he went with Nesby just for that girl. ?What do you think he went for? To suck their dicks? The Boss is hiding something. Elmer thinks the same way. Elmer thinks the same way… Don’t make me laugh. Come on. Let’s get back to the camp. I said… let’s get back to the camp. Some men approaching! McCoy! Lester McCoy! We’ve surrounded you! This time you and your gang… have gone too far! Why don’t you come here and get the money, Sheriff? We’ve got some coffee! Do you want a cup? Stop that bullshit, McCoy! I’m running out of patience! Shoot ’em, Travis! Father! Easy, son. Take care of the boy. You just killed a deputy sheriff. As fate will, it turns out to be the boy’s father. You know the price on your head… The same as mine… 500$ Damned son of a- In a couple of weeks, every bounty hunty hunter will be after you. 500$ I could kill you… Tell Slim or Elmer to get the bounty…. But I will not. You’re right. You’re worth much more than two of my men. I’m going to Mexico… and you’ll come with me. We’ll take the fastest way. I need you to clean my traces. Don’t make that face! You know you’ve got no choice. They already knew each other. I don’t think so. They’re plotting something. What do you think they’re plotting, clever boy? I don’t know… But you don’t need to be a clever boy to realize something. What? How many times has Lester been alone talking just to one of you? We were worried about you, boss. I had to go somewhere. With the new one? What do you mean? He’s no’t here. And where the hell did he go? Fishing. You get the best ones upstream. I’ll be back in a couple of hours. Can we know where you are going? To spend some time with a nice woman. Don’t get jealous. Hey, Travis… What the hell are you and Lester planning? Why don’t you go… and ask him yourself? Don’t get smart with me. You won’t bother that family again… You burned me years ago… and you won’t do it again. Where did you put it? You want it the hard way, eh? Kill me! And you’ll never find the money! You’ve got affection for that old man and his daughter, right? You must know something about that old man, Travis. Years ago he was the devil itself. We are just beginners at his side. All that money is dirty, like me, like you although you try to play the hero. Tell me where the money is. Tell me and I’ll give you a part. I also want that… a part. So you are old friends… That money is ours, Slim. I’ve known you for so long, Lester. I don’t like what you are thinking. What do you think I’m thinking? Ok, I’ll give you a part. You wanted everything for yourself. I’ll give you a third part. A half part. I want the half part, Lester. Right. Seems fair. Slim! Travis! What have you done? He killed Slim! Get him! I want him alive! Shit! Lester! If you kill me, how will you get to Mexico with the money? Didn’t you know that, right? How many other secrets do keep from your gang? You’re going to die, son of a bitch! I didn’t know he was your father, Rick… I thought he was going to kill you. I just- Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! I got him! You’re not going to do it, Travis… You didn’t when you got your chance and your’e not goin to do it now. Even when you come telling me you’ve changed, you are still pathetic. Your’e dead, Lester. That’s funny… That’s exactly what your apache wife said to me… just before proving that you are not worth more than two of my men.

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