Number Ten: The Legend and Beyond | Award-Winning Short Film | Mohammad Rafi | Shaiju Damodaran

Number Ten: The Legend and Beyond | Award-Winning Short Film | Mohammad Rafi | Shaiju Damodaran

Number Ten : The Legend and Beyond Hurry up! Hurry up! Yes Yes! islamic recitationsHold this Is everything ok? Thangal Everything will be fine by god’s grace Allah! Where is Shafi, the little one? He is in my brother’s house Its a boy, Thangal Thangal, boy is as charming as an angel… Moosakka, The boy looks adorable! He will bring good fortunes to the family How’s she? She is fine Watch the match and leave,son We are going to win today! His arrival is bringing good fortune… …not just for us but also for the motherland… You see! He will make us and our homeland proud! Mother? Where is my brother? He might be there in his room I was years old back then, With no android or i gadgets like today, It was a different and a beautiful time, altogether My hometown! My people! My Trikaripur! It was the place where it all began, Back then everything was different, Time Now, its fun to look back into my past, the momories. Those days…Islamic greetingsIslamic greetingsHave your seat Boy! How are you? There is a present for you… TV: Please rise up for the National Anthem Of India ♪ Indian national anthem begins ♪ One of those incidents, that moulded my character… Cricket, and its place in our people’s mind India, The idea of patriotism. The idea behind respect, those human values That feeling of respect to our motherland, Those values, it was different, the values that you will explore it on your own The day i explored many set of values,that were new to me, Realisation of emotions.India, cricket, National anthem And i grew up with those thoughts, deep in my mind I was 14.. 15 years old, my brother, Shafikka He meant everything to me… Though we fight with each other for silly.. reasons,we were together for everything Like cricket,
there is something that is deeprooted in… our culture, here in Kerala Where are you taking him to this latenight? Please ,Let him see all this.. sit here… A black tea this late at night, That too my father was preparing… it was rare back then, Gents in the kitchen, all for the love of.. the game, My father was my everything… He was the one who intoduced me to the.. Magical world of football… oh no,worst time for a powercut Pa, when is India playing? India is not playing, son Why pa? When you grow up you wil understand… Those good old days, we used to go to… Calicut and Kochi with mybrother and father to watch football. I M Vijayan, VP Sathyan, Jo paul ancheri, They were our emotions. i was wonder struck,for the fact that a game with such emotional connect with… people and still we are not playing the WC It was or rather even now i cant digest it. Everything will be alright… We are having a hard time, if this fails… there is no other way.. but to suicide… may it be your Lord Muthappan( Hindu diety)
or my Allahu… He will bless! you have done your part, Lord almighty will Shower his blessings.Pray… He will show you a way out of misery. sir! sir! Where exactly in Bandra? Heera Nandani apartments. Thangal! Things are going good now, right? Almighty’s grace! He will shower his blessigs, if you pray from the bottom of your heart. Isnt it! My father is a source of positivity, He always tells people to be optimistic, then the good things follows… During every big hardships, he tells me… to face it with a smile… Uncle Krishnan’s story is still fresh in my mind, because of the fact that PA says… If you have a wish in your mind, if the soul of that wish is true, then if you pray hard, then that will come true. which i believe in till date. During this time, I was awestruck by Twist in the plot. 20 years ago, i was 7 Moosa,Wow what a player he is! Who is he? Idiot,If there is a god of cricket, he is the god of cricket! He is a kind of phenomenon that i’vent seen before! You loved cricket more than your life, You made me fall in
love with cricket amidst the fooball craze of mine Later when you stunned the Nation, when the sandstorm struck cricket I was madly in love with cricket, More than cricket it was you,SACHIN When you were 16, the maturity
to continue after you were struck with a nasty
bouncer from Waqar Younis The legacy which began there, Iis now the legend. Dear! NO! To my God, My father used to say, If you have a wish, and if it is true from heart, You do your part and pray to god. It will happen Everyone here says, If India has God in Sports that is you! So there is one better to adress my wish, I have a wish, I want India to play the World cup, No, To play the football world cup. But my brother says, the emotion
that we have for football doesnt exist in major part of india.
They only follow cricket. So it isnt that easy. i dont want to know all that. I believe that you can be the change! Football and cricket is a religion here, and you are GOD! Please make my wish come true! The time when the
incarnation,Sachin conquered Indian hearts Humans called this human being a God! An incarnation! I was very young and this
thoughts and talks,made the name carve deep
into my mind as God. The only GOD that i know, for
whom people stand as one. The God who cant be placed
in any religion as such! SACHIN! SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR My idol was my father, but later a man who was close to GOD according to my father came across! I was very fascinated as i grew older listening to all this Now whom to idolise!? Father? The letter! Did it reach Sachin? Do you think he read the letter? come son! Everything will be alright! Its not about practicality like today in this fast world, We had the freedom to do what we felt was right in those days.
The things that i learnt from my
context and my people My letters and diary notes back then. That innocent mind, and
the pure intention that i had, My father always boosted
it and encouraged me. Thangal, As you said I have
translated it to english, attatched it with th
original and i will send it Please, I will ask him to keep writing. Thangal, the kid’s aspiration and all is appreciable but… Do you really think
this will work? Do they even have the time to.. You just send it brother! What about the letter? Hows it going? Even moosakka said
that, He wont have the time for all this rubbish. There is no reply and nothing is changing either. You have just send one letter son, This is just a beginning You should get disappointed with this. Keep up the spirit ♪News about sachin retiring♪ And finally, the god stepped down. His eyes were filled with tears as he bid farewll to the game. He was emotional and
brimming with tears as he went back
to the pavillion, People were emotional
and brimming with tears as he walked
back to the pavillion, No matter how great a legend walks this earth, No matter how inspiring anyone canbe, There will be only one SACHIN TENDULKAR After 28 long years,
To the joy of Indians. Dhoni and lads lifted
the World cup! The smile that sachin had after the long wait, it was divine! That commentry by
Ravi Shasthri will reverberate in my years
till the last breath A golden period for
the Indian cricket, and i was elated to the extreme But, We were knocked out of the FIFA world cup Brasil qualifers This was a very hard time for us as the
Indian leagues unlike past lost its pride. Apart from a few stadiums , we
had to play infront of empty galleries. It was disheartening, but we had to go own I was at my prime, 2009’s Top scorrer, Best player etc I was in the limelight of Indian Football, But Indian football was in the shadows. I represent India.. I am an Indian National team Footballer The respect that
even a t20 league player gets, we the national players couldnt dream of. It was very disheatening, and painful I used to travel in the
busy crowded mumbai metros and local
trains unrcognized. I used to go to the
marine drive, and was unrecognized.Still i used to smile. Even the government.They
could hardly provide us a job security.
Extremely pathetic! This stage was exhausting to the core! Why do you have to
struggle so hard away from your native land. There
is no shortage of resources here. Why are
you again going to hardships again, getting
injured, for what!? Why do yo do this son, Your father
is encouraging all this, atleat you realise that this is the
time to get married and settle Wife, Please stop this and pray for him. Lord almighty has a way
out from all these When you do the things you like the most, Never Never will yo feel old. My father always encouraged me to do what i liked the most When i do the
things i like most, I feel young Football makes me feel young! I ve decided to retire! eh, yes bro? I am putting this to an end, life is uninspiring now! i feel weak, Also my mother is worried.So.. You had an outstanding last
season, and you are still fit. I dont understand your
quick decision to retire Watch this news bro,He
our former national player. His life now
is very miserable. If our higher authorities have half the
amount of determination and intent that we guys show on and off the field,Indian
football might have reached newer heights. Bro, I understand. But What is your point? I was the best player, got
a ‘instable’ Govt Job and what more can i achieve
in indian football! Bro,true.But What can we do! I have lost hope and i am done.
This is how they treat a
national player! Even if i compell, you wont change ur mind! Indian Football If it needs to rise,
the ones with power the higher officials
need to think…If that’s not the case!!! The one much higher… The God almighty must wave his magic! You gotta give some time, And
with time you will start noticing the difference.There will be
positive changes without any doubt! TV news! The indian super league
in football is now a reality. Cricket legend Sachin tendulkar
bagged the Kochi franchise. There is a long way to achieve
the International spotlight for Indian football, but as of now
the path is hopeful and correct! Everyone should wait patiently
and succes will follow. After 1 year of The super
league, The way is better now. Wife! News in tv: Mohd rafi to kerala is such a On my 32nd birthday, I was over the moon. A new club was born. Kerala Blasters FC I was elated like never before. I strongly believed that this could
be a way back to the good old days for football in Kerala and
something new for the country Secured the silverware in the first season for Dada’s team! Now Sachin’s team! Our Kerala’s team! There has been talks opposing
I leagues and ISL, but i believe that this was the
change that we waited for That Moment! I have been listening
to the famous folklore in Kerala which goes…When Lord Maveli ruled the
, people were same with no religion no caste
and no discrimination. “People are equal
and stood as one” That was a myth until that day! When i wore the yellow
jersey, and step inside the stadium and look aroud,
The energy you get…. Such an amazing feel! If someone asks me What is Manjappada? The hope of a beautiful
future of Indian football, Manjappada would be its
energy and the celebration! Whopping 90,000 people! I didnt introduce myself till now. Did I? I think my story is my introduction! For a change, I couldnt resist… I changed my usual celebration style, dedicating
the goal to Sachin After a narrow miss in the first season’s finals… 18th December 2016 The day we waited for with our fans! The underdogs as the
called us, Our coach Steve Coppel inspired
us to beat the odds And for the fans who
painted the home and away galleries time and
again, we fight together When i was not in my form, you guys
supported me. When i scored you guys celebrated with me. For all of you and my
family, I dedicate the goal in the finals Let time answer if i
would continue in Kerala Blasters or not!But for
these ever amazing manjappada, If football and time rolls
again.. the Silverware will reach Kerala. But more than this,
we have earned. Tomorrow is ours something else. A hope
for a bright future All malayalis across
the world, welcome to the live telecast
of the event! Me Shaiju Damodaran, Joining alongside
me, The headmaster of Indian football…
Mohammad Rafi! Sure Mr Shaiju. The mic is all yours! I welcome you to this moment,A
very vey Emotional moment for every malayali, every Indian rather.
I welcome you all! The Colombian Capital, Bogota’s prideThe
National stadium Estadio Nemasio Camacho is ready to host an even
which promises to be a blockbuster! The colts,The Blue Tigers, Team India Captain Sandhesh Jinghan! Lalruathara! Jerry Lalrizuala! Lalizuala Changtea And along with Kean Lewis the pride The pride of Kerala..The
pride of Malayalam. Our very own Ashique
Kuruniyan and Rahul! Team India is ready! The rivals, The mighty hosts! The Mighty legacy of
Radamael Falcao, Valderama, Higuitta,Escobar the
succesors of this legacy! COLOMBIA James Rodrigues!Under The most talented player, the captain… The football poster boy across the world, The Masterful James captains the Yellow
Colombian side! Colombia… Locking
horns with Sandesh Jinghan’s Blue tigers..
Team India. National Stadium Estadio Nemasio
Camacho is the centre of the world for Indian football fans.
Bogota is the focal point here! Historic moment! Bogota’s Stadio Nemasio Camacho is hosting Indi vs Colombia! The first ever World
Cup debut for Indian National football team! Unbelievable scenes here! Dream come true for Indian Football! Team India is ready! The blue Tigers are ready! Indeed Mr Shaiju The long wait is coming to an end, Finally Realisation of a National dream! Historic day after years of longing! The wait is over! The World cup finals debut of indian national football team! INDIA vs COLOMBIA WORLD CUP 2026, match number 16 35-40 years back, The idea of patriotism
that i understood from my context and my people! The idea of patriotism here,
now after all these years is different. So the way my son
understood patriotism is different In a packed stadium, Holding your heads high and.. singing along the national anthem.. The feel when you hear or experience it, Can be described as
the best ever feel for a Sports fan
anywhere!Any day! Eventhough we failed in 2018 and 2022 qualifiers, The prophecy by Football’s greats is coming true, Here we are,India
is taking part in the stage of 2026
FIFA world cup. WORLDCUP 2026 POOL C MATCH NUMBER 16 INDIA VS COLOMBIA ,over to you RAFI! To know the results of this game You need to wait till 2026. Leave it aside I dont know the future of
Indian Football, But things are looking good. We are
hopeful for a bright future! If something great,
A Marvel happens… People say that you can find an invisible hand of God there! Might be True! Everything is taken care of by the one above! The Belief! The Hope! Maybe this idea of belief and hope is what people call GOD! India is filled with the so called human
gods and numerous caste and religions. There, people stood along as one for
this man! The belief, The Hope! I call him god! I dedicate this to each and
everyone who stood with tears , as the god
stepped down from the game!

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