Ocean’s 8, Deadpool 2, TAG & More | New Movies Every Saturday | HBO

Ocean’s 8, Deadpool 2, TAG & More | New Movies Every Saturday | HBO

WOLFGANG BLACK ET. AL PLAYS) ♪ -Back for more, huh?
-Here we go. You should just cue the music.-♪ I got a feeling ♪
-(SHOUTING)♪ It’s just the beginning ♪♪ Well faster, faster ♪♪ Don’t look back
And don’t give in ♪
-(CHUCKLES) Game on!
-You say that every year. Yeah, but this year’s different. (SHRIEKING)♪ Oh, light it up
Oh, light it ♪
♪ I’m ready for the animal
Inside me ♪
♪ Oh, light it up
Oh, light it ♪
-That guy’s on fire.
-♪ Hold steady ♪
-You broke into the wrong house.
-(GRUNTING) (POLICE SIRENS WAILING) Got it! No, I don’t. ♪ (MUSIC CONTINUES) ♪ (CHEERING)♪ Ready, set, aim, fire ♪

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  1. Just turn HBO into an INTERNATIONAL STREAMING SERVICE like Netflix… just with less than 70 shows each year than Netflix makes which are mostly shit; but more than 7 that HBO does now, which are mostly amazing.
    Make like 20 kickass shows like GOT, WestWorld, TrueDetective & some superhero/fantasy/action shows.


    Come on it’s 2019… get on it WarnerMedia.
    You’ve got DC, HarryPotter, Matrix & soooo many other properties & original content… just make few more & release globally.

    So many people around the world are waiting to see all this at one place. Can’t keep buying some shit from iTunes, some on other cable network.
    Make it happen!

  2. All those movies shown are trash. Skyscraper? Oceans 8? Jurassic World? Seriously… these films were made for morons. Get some real movies to show.

  3. HBO! What the hell is going on? I decided to watch Deadpool 2 again on that On Demand thing, HBO has it to view, I happened to catch the movie a few weeks ago playing on HBO, so tonight I wanted to watch that scene again when Cable arrives, you see him in the background coming from right to left leaving dust behind him, while two guys sitting next to their truck are talking about toilet paper. Well, NOW it's a black screen, you here the two guys talking, and then the scene shows just the two guys, no background, and to the left Cable arrives totally different! Why?! Why, who, whoever, why did you decide to do this?! It ruined it.

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