Official “Tell the World” Feature Film

Official “Tell the World” Feature Film

(UPLIFTING MUSIC) BOY: (SHOUTS) Read all about it! Read all about Christ’s return! Read all about it! I’d like to see the view
from up in those clouds. WOMAN: You will soon enough.
We all will. BOY: (SHOUTS) Read all about
Christ’s return! Don’t forget your paper! Read all about it! MAN: I’ll take a copy, lad. So, people find intrigue
in the news of the Lord’s
return? Well, people want to hear about
the end of the world, sir. (TOWNSPEOPLE CHATTER NEARBY) (COINS JINGLE) BOY: Read all about it! Read all about Christ’s return! (ARTILLERY FIRE AND EXPLOSIONS
ECHO) MAN: (SHOUTS) Captain Miller,
CONTINUE) MAN: Captain, we’ve got
no more rounds! Captain?! Captain?! Captain Miller?! (GASPS) (BREATHES RAPIDLY) (GASPS) (READS) “But how conceive
a God supremely good, “Who heaps his favours
on the sons he loves, “Yet scatters evil
with as large a hand? “A God came down
to lift our stricken race – “He visited the earth
and changed it not.” (PIG GRUNTS) The children have asked for you. Will you take them some bread
with butter and cheese? Yes, my dear. (SIGHS) And what are you
thinking about today, Mr Miller? Voltaire. Voltaire believes there is
a supreme power. But he does not accept that God
anything to do with us
personally. I…survived that battle
in Plattsburgh, Lucy and… ..I have to know why. And Voltaire’s words
provide no answers, then? (INDISTINCT CHATTERING) God reached down to the
to…meddle in the lives of men? It goes against reason, William.
It’s not logical. If you had seen the shells
and the blood that day, you’d know the only explanation
for our victory was some sort of divine
intervention. And what of the men and boys
who died around you? Was it the hand of God
that put them in the grave? I don’t have the answer
for that, Abner. All I know is I should be dead
and I am not. Perhaps the Bible has an answer. Come now, Mr Miller. The Bible is an ancient
You have no proof of its
validity. WILLIAM: You don’t have proof
to the contrary. Both views require a leap of
faith. Surely one demands
as much attention as the other. So, now an ancient text
is your authority on all things? It just may have the answers I
seek. Well, I’ll tell you what I seek. Another pint. William… Hello. We need a minister
for today’s service… (INDISTINCT CONVERSATION
CONTINUES) (CHURCH ORGAN PLAYS) Abner has fallen ill. – Oh.
– So, they… They’ve asked me to read the
sermon. And your response was…? This is what I get
for speaking in front of Mother. I told her that I would next
the sermon when Elihu was away. She…must have told
one of the elders. “Indeed, all parental
unless enforced by becoming
examples, “will expose not only
the truths taught, “but the parents themselves…” “Many remained hardened, “thoughtless of God who created
and of Jesus who bled to redeem
them.” (MAN COUGHS) “Be not deceived, beloved
parents. “If you would train up your
in the way they should go, “you must not merely instruct, “but your actions must corres… “..corres… “..your actions must correspond
to God’s calling on your heart.” (WHISPERED MURMURING) (READS) “For God so loved the
world, “that he gave his only begotten
Son, “that whosoever believeth in Him
should not perish, “but have everlasting life.” “I have loved thee
with an everlasting love, “therefore with loving…” “I am the Lord, your God,
your Saviour…” “So Christ was once offered
to bear the sins of many, “and unto them that look for Him
shall He appear the second
time…” “And if I go, I will come
again.” Little one… What is it? The baby bird is dead. Oh… My sweet child. There, there. It’s going to be alright. No. It’s not. Come. Let us lay this gentle creature
to rest. Papa… ..I don’t want to die. Oh, my precious one. Mmm. You will yet live
for many, many years. But… ..each of us must one day
pass from this earth. Aren’t you afraid of that? No. Not anymore. For I have found a friend in
Jesus. “August 16th, 1818. “Now, after two years of study, “I am satisfied that many of
the prophetic promises in the
Bible “have been fulfilled. “I must wonder, then, “why not the promise
of his Second Coming?” LUCY: Back to Daniel’s vision,
are we? Well, speak up,
so the whole family can hear. “Then I heard one saint
speaking… ..“’How long shall the vision “’concerning the sanctuary and
the host be trodden under foot?’ “And he said unto me, “’Unto two thousand
and three hundred days – “’then shall the sanctuary
be cleansed’.” Hmm, that’s a long time to wait
in Daniel’s day. More than that, I think. The sanctuary here
refers to the earth… ..and… The sanctuary refers to the
earth and the cleansing must be the…cleansing of the
earth after the Second Coming of
Christ. If each day represents one
year… William, what is it? Christ is coming. The glorious appearing, yes. Some day. Our blessed hope. Lucy, you do not understand. If… ..each of Daniel’s days is one
year, and…then the 2,300 days will be 2,300 years
until the Second Coming of
Christ, and the time period begins at
457 BC, as indicated in Daniel 9,
and confirmed by historians, then that brings us to… ..1843. Christ is coming. My Saviour from Plattsburgh is
coming. 1843. (CLOCK CHIMES) (CLOCK TICKS) William? William, my love? – (GROANS)
– Come to bed. (SIGHS) The Bible holds the answer
to the timing of our Saviour’s
return. God’s Word has lasted
these many centuries. It will still be there in the
morning. Can you believe what the Lord
has shown us? Indeed. I shall never again doubt
the faithfulness of Scripture. “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet “and a light unto my path.” (HORSE NEIGHS AND SNORTS) MAN: Just… LUCY: What have they hit? I’m unsure. Whatever it is, it will not
move. LUCY: Mm. The ground is as stubborn
as the man who holds the title. Lucy… I have explained my position. The Baptists, the Methodists,
the Presbyterians, they all believe
that Christ will return at the end of the millennium
foretold in Revelation. As if…we could usher in
a thousand years of peace on our
own! (SIGHS) If these many years of studying
the Bible have shown me
anything, it’s that Christ will return
to cleanse the earth at the beginning of the thousand
years, not at their end. This must go beyond just our
family. You must tell others, William. I am no theologian. Nor has anyone asked me
to be the watchman. Is that so? (SIGHS) Lucy… ..I’m a gentleman farmer. I shall soon be 50. I’m too old
to take on such a challenge. And “How, then, shall they call
on Him
in whom they have not believed? “And how shall they believe in
of whom they have not heard? “And how shall they hear
without a preacher?” I shall make a covenant with
God. I shall speak if I am asked. Well, it’s your choice. Are you the rock
or are you the plough? And how long will it be
before someone steps forward and asks to hear your wisdom? (KNOCK AT DOOR) LUCY: Come in. – Irving.
– Aunt Lucy. To what do we owe
this unexpected visit? Uh, the pastor of our Baptist
has been called away. So, Mother and Father were
you could speak in his place
tomorrow. They thought you could minister
on the prophesies you’ve been studying in the
Bible. WILLIAM: I’m not a theologian, nor has anyone asked me
to be the watchman. LUCY: Are you the rock
or are you the plough? And how long must it take
before someone…? WILLIAM: I shall make
a covenant with God. I will speak if I am asked. No! God! No! I cannot preach! I’m not qualified,
nor am I a watchman. I beg You, do not put this
upon my shoulders! Send someone else! (SOBS) But I made You a promise. How can I do less now? Can I deny the only One who has
truly forgiven me my failings – who has saved me from myself? (SIGHS) I cannot. As we know, there is much
in Daniel’s vision that the cleansing of the
sanctuary is symbolic of Christ’s return
to cleanse our suffering earth, which we have ravaged with war
and sullied with sin. But the proof is strong
that Daniel’s vision began 457 years before Christ. Now… ..take 457 from 2,300 and you are left with
1,843 years after Christ, when the vision will be
fulfilled. The conclusion must be
that some time about 1843, our Saviour, Jesus Christ,
will come to take us home. (GASPING AND MURMURING) I think your brother-in-law
has gone mad. My dear friends and family, are you prepared for this great
and important event? Are you ready for Jesus to
return? Here… is strong evidence
that the time is not far off. Remember the old world? They thought Noah was a maniac,
but the flood came. Be warned – fly to the ark, take refuge in the beautiful
of Jesus Christ, who said, “I will come again.” ..and what I say today, I hope that we can
call each other friends. Because I have found a friend
in Jesus. (MUSIC PLAYS OVER DIALOGUE) LUCY: Must you really
be off again tomorrow? Yes. To Exeter. Hmm. When will you be back? (SIGHS) I will pack provisions, but I want you to rest
and take proper care. It will be so. Are…you disappointed in me? How could I be? You are answering your calling. I sometimes…wish things
were different. Soon, our Saviour will return. How different Heaven will feel. If we have the correct
of the 70 weeks – that a day represents a year – and the vast majority of
expositors agree on this point, including the great physicist
Sir Isaac Newton, then the conclusion is
unavoidable. The vision of Daniel’s 2,300
will be fulfilled about 1843. No. We…we cannot serve two
masters. (MURMURING) We c… ..we cannot love
this present, evil world and, at the same time, serve
God. While we may flatter ourselves
for being righteous – and I’m as guilty of this
as any man… (FOOTSTEPS RECEDE) ..we may soon learn,
to our everlasting shame… .. that we are wretched,
poor and blind. (LOUD MUTTERING) (BELL TOLLS) MAN: Oh, Brother Miller?
Brother Miller! Joshua Himes. I sent a letter last month,
inviting you to my church in
Boston. Ah… Hello, Brother… Himes. Joshua Himes. Well, I…I’ve preached
from liquor and abolition of
slavery, but never has my flock
heard a message such as yours. How soon can you make it to
Two weeks? Boston? Very well. We’ll make it three. (CHUCKLES) Uh, the good Pastor
knows my background. You…want me to come to Boston? Chardon Street. The eighth. Deliver the message
that you preached here today. But I am just a farmer. Well, a farmer with a message
that must be heard. We will await your arrival
on the eighth. Who is that gentleman? That’s Joshua V. Himes. He’s a force to be reckoned
with. He found his voice
lobbying for temperance and almost single-handedly
the Abolitionists of Boston. You know his church? Aye. Aye. The Chardon Street
Chapel. Oh! It’s a sight to see. Calvinists and Dunkers, Muggletonians and Agrarians, Quakers mixed with Unitarians
and philosophers – they all come to seize their
moment. It’s a place where people come
to preach, pray and… ..protest. It looks like you’re going to
the big city, Brother Miller. WILLIAM: Therefore, if all of
these events have come to pass, should we not also expect the
fulfilment of His greatest
promise? And, so, in conclusion, I believe the Bible is clear – Jesus will return
in but four short years. (GASPING AND EXCITED CHATTER) You were even better than
the morning service, Brother
Miller! (LAUGHS) Yes, good. You rest. Tomorrow, they’ll be back
to hear some more. The power of your message
cannot be denied. ‘Tis not my power, Joshua,
nor my message. ‘Tis God’s truth, delivered
a humble mouthpiece. Yet how thrilling the message
that comes out of that mouth! Papa says you fought
in the war of 1812. A shell exploded no further
from me than your mother. I thought, certainly, it was my
end. (IMITATES EXPLOSION) Aye. But when the smoke had cleared, I was spared by the power
of the loving God. Did that really happen? Oh, the apple doesn’t fall far
from the tree, I’m afraid. Forgive my daughter her
impertinence. It’s as true as I sit here
before you. And the next truth you shall
is that bedtime has come. Say goodnight to Father Miller
and your papa. – Goodnight.
– GIRL: Goodnight. So, you really believe this
which you preach? I was lost and now I’m found. If He can save me, Joshua,
He can save anyone. Then why hide your light under
the bushel of tiny hamlets? Must Baltimore, Rochester,
Philadelphia, even New York – indeed the 17 million souls
of these United States – not be inspired with the same
hope? And what of the rest of the
world? I’ve laboured hard these past
years and have seen a great many
converted to God’s truth. But… ..I’m looking for help. I want help. On the strength of your
conviction, I am willing to lay all I have
on the altar of God to help you. Only answer me this… Will you stand right at my side
if I take this on? Indeed, I will. Then prepare for the campaign. If Christ is to come
in a few short years, there is no time to lose
in spreading the word. We shall speak in thunder tones, doors will open in every city and the good news will spread
to the ends of the earth, for it is here, Brother Miller,
that I begin to help. (BELL TOLLS) (CLEARS THROAT) I am just an old farmer. But the Scriptures have become
my delight. The insights from the Book of
and Revelation that we discuss today are the fruits of many years
of my own study. And, yet, I think it is
for you to know that I am not alone in my
convictions. Many others across this country now believe in these very
truths. Our message is the same, for it is plain in the pages
of God’s Word, for all to read. And it is delivered with urgency
because, my dear friends, the time till Christ’s return
is very short. Yet focus not on a simple day or
hour. For while these are near,
so is Christ. Know him first. Seek him first. Let us love one another, for love is from God. And those who love were born of
and know God. God shall wipe away all tears. There shall be no more death. Neither sorrow nor crying. Nor shall there be any more
pain. For those things are passed
away. Ellen, you must go to bed. Father, just a few moments more. You need your rest, my dear. Come, Ellen. Let’s pray
tomorrow you will be stronger. Every morning, before I open my
eyes, I pray that this will be the day
that I will forget about the
accident. I see the morning light
and it all returns. (SIGHS) I promise you, my dear, our
Father has not forgotten you. I long for the day of what
Father Miller spoke of in
church. No more pain. I’ve never heard Jesus described
as a healer before. I’ve heard of His wrath… ..and His judgement,
but I have never… His healing. It’s so beautiful. (CHUCKLES) (LAUGHTER AND QUIET CHATTER) I miss the old Miller. His eyes are filled with Heaven
now. Yeah, and his mouth won’t stop
speaking about it. He doesn’t drink anymore. Which I suppose leaves more
for all of us. Ah! Who’d have thought a country
would become a justice of the
peace and then start a religious
revolution? Miller’s hardly a maverick. Barnaby Larson’s
just returned from Britain and he says that this doomsday
is on every tongue in England, and it’s spreading throughout
Europe. You don’t say? ‘Tis true. This notion of a Second Coming
heard as far away as Africa and
India. Yes, and the alchemists thought
they could turn iron into gold. Just because there are believers
does not make it so. These discoveries are… (MUSIC PLAYS OVER PREACHING) ..1,843 years after Christ, and the vision shall be
fulfilled. HIMES: As persuasive
as you were today, our reach is not far enough. Joshua, you have the enthusiasm
of a young man. It is both invigorating
and irritating all at once. The inquiries pour in from every
up and down the eastern
seaboard. I mean, you could preach
in every church from here to the Florida
Territories. Please, bury me in Low Hampton,
next to my maple grove. Twice a day –
still it would not fill the
need. And see to it
that my wife is provided for until the Day of Judgement. Well, the next step is expansion
through the printed word. Publication will reach
not just one set of ears, but countless eyes per page. We shall amplify your voice. And do not say, “But I am
a simple farmer. But I AM a simple farmer. Who asked for help! Well, I had no idea
it would be like this. The papers have heaped abuse
of every sort upon your labours. Now we shall answer back. But on our own terms. I am a tired old man. And I’m the owner of a printing
press. Look! It talks about Father’s message. – Let me see!
– “Pride goeth before the fall.” We must not let our heads swell
with our own self-importance. Are those words from the Bible? Those are words from your
mother. “And unto 2,300 days, “then shall the sanctuary
be cleansed.” Mr Miller and those who listen
to him suffer from a grand delusion. They claim that Jesus will
by a certain date. Yes, it’s not the first time the end of the world
has been prophesied by a fool. Nor will it be the last. I fear if the date passes, that a shout of infidelity will
from the unbelievers… ..and lead many of you astray. See, the world is not going to
in a few short years. No. But it will end. And when it does… ..are you prepared, sinner?! Will you stand before the wrath
of a holy God as He looks upon the deeds
behind which you cower, and shouts, “Depart from me,
ye that works iniquity!” Then shall the hellfire
lap at the heels of those who turned away because of Miller’s ideas. Oh, so much hotter the flames
for him. Please forgive my iniquities
against Your name and rescue me from the evil one. What must I do to truly be
saved? Mother! Have mercy. Have mercy upon my wretched
soul. Please forgive my iniquities
Your name. Please forgive me. What must I do to truly be
saved? Ellen, my darling, what is it?
What’s the matter? What if I have been
led astray, Mother? Why would you say that? I am so afraid. Mother, the preacher said
such bad things about Father
Miller. Don’t you listen to any of that. But I heard. We all did! We were in a house of worship. There is no comfort there. Come to bed. Come. (COUGHS) Your mother says that you were
quite distraught last night. I was taken with such fear. Brother Stockman, I know that
believe in Father Miller’s
teachings. Indeed I do. As do many other Methodist
ministers. Father Miller shares the Advent
hope. His urgency is tempered with
love. Yet, now, all I can hear
are the ministers who speak of burning in hell
forever. What hope is there for me… ..for any of us, if our Heavenly Father is a
who delights in eternal torment. The very agony of your mind is indication of God’s Holy
at work in your heart. Our God does not rejoice
in your destruction. Nor is it His nature to condemn,
but to seek that which is lost. How can I be so sure? Go free, Ellen. Go free. Trust in Jesus. For He will not turn His back
on any true seeker. Thank you, Brother Stockman. Do not thank me, Ellen. Thank the Lord, Jesus. And share the Advent message
with others. (COUGHS) Elder Himes and Brother Miller
announced a conference in
Boston. Does Elder Himes know
that Papa’s sick? We sent him a letter. Greetings, friends! (HIMES LAUGHS) He well should know. He cannot travel, Joshua. He cannot travel! No. No, no, no. Of course not. Typhoid is serious. It’s very
serious. I know you have both put…
great effort into this occasion. It’s the first time we will all
be together in the same place, with common purpose – Baptists, Methodists,
Presbyterians – all understanding the Advent is
near. So, YOU shall meet them. And then you will return and
William all about the
conference. I would like to see him, just to
give him a word of
encouragement. Yes? (SIGHS) (WILLIAM GROANS SOFTLY) Well, hello, dear friend.
How are you feeling today? (GROANS) Not much better, I’m
afraid. Well… ..then I shall leave you
for a little while. But, Joshua, only a few moments. He’s not up to visitors. Of course. Absolutely! (DOOR CLOSES) Are you certain that you cannot
in the carriage? I can make a marvellous bed for
in the back, thick with
blankets… – No…
– ..and the fresh air would… No, Joshua. At the conference,
people could come to you. I was thinking we could
arrange an area… No, Joshua…
This is bigger than one man. (COUGHS) This is God’s power.
Hundreds of pastors have
awakened. You do not need me there. Yes. Of course. I… You’re right. You will be in my prayers. Thank you. Are you absolutely certain…?i Go! Go now! (COUGHS) (GROANS) Oh! Joseph Bates, as I live and
breathe! – How long has it been?
– Too long, Brother Himes. Too
long. (LAUGHS) I have heard much of
your work on temperance with the Christian Connection. But you have made
quite the name for yourself speaking on the evils
of slavery as well. I am but a humble servant,
God speaks and I obey. Nonetheless, your reputation
is well deserved. Is it true? Brother Miller could not make
it? Yes. Uh, typhoid fever. It is more than a shame. Oh! Oh, Brother Bates,
may I introduce you to Hiram
Edson? Uh, you may know Brother Edson
through Pastor Finney. Oh, yes. Brother Finney’s work on the
of temperance and abolition are well known. Pleasure to meet you, sir.
This is Owen Crosier. Pleased to make your
acquaintance. BATES: I’ve followed Miller’s
ideas since I heard him last year
in New Bedford. As a sea captain,
I’ve travelled the world. But today, I was transported
farther than across an ocean. I’m committing myself
to the Advent message. EDSON: I feel the same call. As do I. What is your name, brother?
Where are you from? Samuel Snow, sir. I work for The Investigator.
I live here, in Boston. You’re not here,
doing an exposé, are you? Uh, no, sir. Now, I will admit,
I was a sceptic at first. But I have studied Miller’s
ideas and I believe they hold
a wonderful truth. JOSHUA: Ah! (LAUGHS) The conference is finished and,
I see the discussion continues! I was just telling these good
that I am fully committed. Well, I’m so pleased to hear it. I’ll share that with Father
when I see him. You may also share that
I will put my money into spreading the Advent
message. Oh, this is momentous news!
(LAUGHS) I mean to stand behind Father
and his work – not to start a new church, mind
you, but to proclaim that
the Second Advent is near. (INDISTINCT CONVERSATION
CONTINUES) WILLIAM: So, the conference
was a success? They came from Maine, New York
Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island! So many ideas were put forth! It was a real exchange
of thought and enthusiasm! And we have many pledges
of financial assistance and almost immediately,
we will do it again. Next time, you will be a part of
as will Joseph Bates. Bates. I recall meeting him last
year. A tall fellow.
Did not use any tobacco. Struck me as…peculiar. Well, that he is, but he’s going
to be
very important to us! We will have the resources now! More cities! More printing! Your words will touch
many, many souls. Please, Joshua, remember, it is not our work – it is
God’s. Of course. (UPLIFTING MUSIC RISES) Now…might be the time. Mm. (WHISPERS) We can’t compromise. The words of Mr Miller
and his followers are false. Those who are seduced
by his candied tongue have no place
in this house of worship. So… must, in the name of the
Lord, renounce these radical ideas. If you do not… will not be welcome here,
in this house of worship. You may believe
you are casting us out. But Father Miller’s
of Christ’s soon return cannot be ignored. We must follow the Word of God
over the rule of men. We will not keep this good news
quiet. And if that means we must
leave… ..then leave we shall. My family feels an unspeakable
at the hope of Christ’s return. We feel love, the love of Jesus. It…it lifts us up,
it carries us forward. And it will guide us home. How can they speak to us that
way? We must not let one bad apple
spoil the bushel. We’ll announce their removal
from fellowship next Sunday. They’ll be an example. Our traditions must be honoured. On this holy day of Communion, I would leave you with a charge to love the Lord, your God,
with all your heart, to keep all of
the Commandments of God, and honour Him by keeping
His Sabbath holy. CONGREGATION: Amen. I want to speak to him. Mother… Mother, no. I mean, if you must.
But we’re new here. I… Keep in mind that we are
outsiders. Elder Wheeler will be interested
what I have to say. No… Excuse me. I’m sorry. I’m wanting to talk
to you specifically about a Commandment
that’s in the Bible… Yeah. I’ve been giving it a lot of
particularly about the Sabbath. – Yes, Mrs Preston.
He heard what I had to say. He really listened. And will he change his day of
from Sunday to Saturday, as the Commandment suggests? He was impressed by
what we shared from the Bible. Meaning…? He promised that he’d give the
much thought and investigate… – MAN: Morning, Mrs Preston.
– ..the idea more fully. Hello. And from that statement,
you declare victory? Saturday… the seventh day of the
week. It IS the Lord’s Sabbath. That is just so. Mother! There are those who believe that waiting for the Advent
and Judgement Day is of greater importance
than which day we worship. MAN: Good morning, ladies. Perhaps the day won’t matter
shortly. I’ve planted a seed. As a teacher, my dear,
you, of all people, should understand how knowledge
grows. BOY: (SHOUTS) Read all about it! Read all about Christ’s return! Read the latest news
about Christ’s return! MAN: Vegetables! WILLIAM: I’ll take a copy, lad. Well, you have to give them
I do look very handsome. Why do they insist on
making me so fat? So, how many people do you
expect? It’s the largest tent
ever erected on American soil! It’s been expanded to seat
6,000! And they are assembling, plus
more! Giant tents. What next? I’m the last person on earth
who saw this coming. I think you were one of the
first. We must be on our way. There is a smaller meeting
place. I…wish to stop there
first. But the giant tent!
We are expected there. Joshua, the world is filled
with expectations now. Not everything follows an exact
plan. I told Brother Bates I would
join him. But… ..he should be at the big tent
too! Whoa, whoa! I’m looking for Joseph Bates. Do you know where
I might find the meeting? MAN: Over here. BATES: It is true –
1843 has now passed. Many of you grow anxious. You ask why our Saviour
has not returned and want to know
when will be our blessed hope? I can only tell you
that it is in these times that our faith is tested. When I was the captain
of a ship at sea, we didn’t throw ourselves into
the ocean in anguish during a
storm. No. We held fast to the moorings. We called, “All hands on deck.” Even now, brothers and sisters,
let us not despair, but redouble our effort. The Bridegroom cometh. We do not labour in vain. Yes, we had hoped that, by now,
our blessed day… – (HORSE APPROACHES)
– ..would have come. And…yet these final moments
are our most precious. (ONLOOKERS MUTTER) I have news. Let my brother speak.
He comes to us with news. (MURMURING) Brother Snow has truth for us
from the Lord. Let him come and deliver his
message. Please… Our Blessed Lord has promised
us… ..He will come again… take His people unto
himself. Now, when Jesus came the first
time, the Gospels tell us “the time was fulfilled.” What time was fulfilled? Prophetic time! Indeed. Indeed. Historians confirm that Christ
in the spring of AD 31, precisely in the middle
of Daniel’s 70th week. Now, the Bible shows us that spring is the Passover
event. The Day of Atonement comes in
autumn. And what did the high priests do
on the Day of Atonement? Cleansed the sanctuary. Exactly. Thank you, Brother White. He cleansed the sanctuary! Does it not then follow that He will return
to cleanse the sanctuary on that precise Day of
Atonement? – Yes!
– (MURMURING) Leviticus says
the Biblical Day of Atonement falls on the 10th day
of the 7th month. Brethren, we were wrong to
Christ’s return by the spring. According to the Jewish
calendar, the 10th day of the 7th month
falls this year… ..on October 22nd. (CONGREGATION MEMBERS
GASP AND EXCLAIM) SNOW: We know the date. October 22nd, 1844. (CONGREGATION MEMBERS
CHATTER EXCITEDLY) WOMAN: Wonderful! Oh! He is so certain. And you are not? Setting an exact date is
foolish. No. Not now, brother.
We…we are not in favour here. Let us hope that God
will reveal more in time. The master of the house
cleaning out his own barn. This setting of a date
must have you upset. Our hope is not
a specific day or hour, but that Christ’s return is
near. What does Joshua think? We both resist. Yet people are demanding
clarity. I was wrong about 1843. I should not have counted the
when counting from BC to AD. And what doubt did I cause
amongst the brethren? So, you will not endorse
a specific day? No. I will not. But Brother Snow’s study of
the sanctuary does cause me to
think. Well, then, you must seek
the present truth and clarity from God on this,
William. The Bible is clear. However, Samuel Snow
is a trusted brother in the
Lord. I’ll give his date over
for study and prayer. (HORSE NEIGHS) My wife and I are pleased
to have purchased your property. If you don’t mind my asking, where will you and your wife
go from here? To Heaven. But if the end of the world
does not come to pass, you have a plan… The Lord has a great design
in store for all of us. Yes, sir. Absolutely. So…even the house is sold
to finance the message. The children believe we are
foolish. Hmm! Yet you are so firm
in your conviction. Yes, my dear. The clock is ticking. God’s appointed time is almost
here. You seem to have regained
your appetite, Ellen. We’re just happy
just to see you this way. We’re almost home. Just the thought gives me
strength. Until then… ..we must do everything to let
as many
people as we know the good news. (FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) MAN: Ah, Mr White. I have
your pamphlets ready for you. You people are turning into
my best customers. Ah. Good morning. So, you too are working
to spread the good news? Yes, sir. James White
with the Christian Connection. Pleasure to make your
Brother White. I’m Robert
Harmon. That’ll be $1.20, please. – Thank you, sir.
– Time is short. Shall we go together, young man,
and see if we can make a
difference? Of course. MAN: Good luck, gentlemen. Young man, our Lord and Saviour
is returning in two weeks. (SIGHS) The coming of the Lord. Please…gentlemen… Christ returns in two short
Prepare your hearts. Oh. Well, tell Him He’s buying
the next round when He gets
here. I’m sad for those men. You, sir… – Sir, please.
– Thank you, my friend. Sir… WILLIAM: “October 6th, 1844. “Dear Brother Himes, “After much study and prayer, “I see a glory now
in the seventh month, “which I never saw before. “We are almost home. “Glory, glory, glory.” WILLIAM: Come to Jesus Christ, the Lamb that was slain, and now lives, that you may
live. Obey His word…and believe. There is no time for delay. Put it not off, I beg of you. No. Not for a moment. Do you not want a house made
with hands eternal, in the
heavens? Then “Seek first the Kingdom
of Heaven,” says Christ, “and then all these things “shall be added unto you.” (STIRRING MUSIC) BOY: Then damned I will be! My ship sails tomorrow
and my decision is final! I will not stay here and beg
while you stare up at the skies! BATES: Jesus is coming
tomorrow, my son! Well, when He arrives, tell Him
He can find me on the high seas! Joseph, please…go after him. Our son will be lost forever! Do something! Holy Father, in these final
before Your return, heal our broken family. Have mercy on our boy. Return our son to us,
that we may meet You together. It is so fitting that we
should all be here together, in these last hours. We did our best, sir. Did we? Oh… Thank you… ..for telling the world
before it was too late. And what if we are too early? (LIVELY PIANO MUSIC PLAYS
INSIDE) Gentlemen, free ale
till the end of the world! (ALL CHEER) (BELL TOLLS) (BELL CONTINUES) (FINAL CHIME ECHOES) Well…it’s too bad
the good Lord Jesus couldn’t join us tonight… ..’cause we’ve always got room
♪ Funniest thing I ever saw ♪ A little tune called
never meant to be about a single
date. All is not lost. Look at the
you have begun. You have won thousands. And to what, Brother Himes,
have I won them? Disappointment? Despair? To the truth of God’s word. Setting a date has now made that
appear untrustworthy. Why was I so weak to endorse
one? We will keep waiting. For how long? For as long as it takes. (COUGHS) I see you’re still with us
this morning, Hiram. The chickens, too. Maybe Jesus will come
if you fix Him some breakfast! (ALL LAUGH) Is this but a cunningly
devised fable, Esther? Hiram, no. Don’t say that. There is no reality to
our fondest hope…. Oh, Hiram… What are we to do? We need to pray. Brothers, will you join us
to pray for guidance? Guidance? Open your eyes, Hiram. But this is the time
that we need to be together. We have been deceived. Do you suggest that
we continue in this delusion? If you would just give God a
chance… I did that already. HIRAM: Our Father,
how You have blessed us as we have waited upon Your
return. Our hands have healed the sick. Our hearts have been lifted by
the sight of so many others believing in You, in the hope
of Your great return. Lord, we have not lost our
faith, but we seek wisdom to understand
why You have not returned. We need You to show us
the way forward. Accept our prayer, Father,
and send us your light that our great disappointment
may be explained. All these things we ask in the
of Your loving Son, Jesus
Christ. Come, brothers. Surely God has not forsaken us. Owen, come with me to the
neighbours. Surely they must feel
the sting of this sadness. We should all find comfort
if we share in this experience. Of course. Hiram. Hiram! The Lord is answering
our morning prayer. He gives light to
our great disappointment. The early Christians thought
that Jesus came to set up an earthly kingdom,
not a heavenly kingdom. After His death on the cross,
they were bitterly disappointed just as we are now. Clearly, we got the date wrong,
Hiram. No, Dr Hahn, I think the day
was correct. Then why has the Saviour
not returned? Maybe we were wrong about what
supposed to happen on October
22nd. The early Christians got the
right for the Messiah, but their expectation was wrong. Perhaps the same is true for us. Daniel’s prophecy states that
at the end of the 2,300 days, the sanctuary will be cleansed. And what if we mistook the
of that word ‘sanctuary’? – But the sanctuary is the
– Is it? Daniel says, in chapter seven, “And behold, one like the Son of
man came to the Ancient of
Days.” Not to the earth, as we
believed. So, where is the Ancient of
Days? In heaven. After His death on the cross,
Jesus became our High Priest, and the work of redemption moved from the earthly sanctuary
to the Heavenly Sanctuary. That would make sense… the light of what it says
in Hebrews chapter eight – “We have such a high priest, “a minister of the sanctuary,
and of the true tabernacle, “which the Lord pitched, and not
man.” So, Jesus is still
coming back soon then. We just don’t know how quickly. Exactly, and it’s there,
in the most holy of places that His work of cleansing
takes place. (SIGHS) (SIGHS) Lucy, what have I done? You have spoken from your heart
and from the Bible, words that have softened
thousands of others’ lives. And will they harden
their hearts again? Perhaps. And it’s also possible
that Brother Snow will again arrive on horseback
with a… ..another selection of dates. What is really important
about the message God gave you? That is what you should
be thinking about. Yes. “Hold fast. “Let no man take your crown. “I have fixed my mind upon
another time, “and here I mean to stand
until God gives me more light. “And that is today, today,
until He comes, “and I see Him,
for whom my soul yearns.” MRS HAINES: Keep our faith
in Your promises, Father. Though we do not know
why You did not come, still we pray that
You will do so quickly. For our loved ones who have
given up
the Advent hope, we ask a special measure
in Your mercy. Give us insight, oh, Lord… Oh, no! Ellen! Ellen! What’s
wrong?! WOMAN: Is she breathing? ELIZABETH: I can’t tell. Ellen! Ellen! Ellen! ETHEREAL VOICE: I am the
of God. Look again. A little higher. Not the end, but the beginning. Are you alright? Ellen, I was so
worried. I thought we’d lost
you. I saw things. I was taken to another place, high above this world, and
I…I… ..I heard a voice. The voice spoke to me. Who spoke to you?
Ellen, I was praying for you. – Was it my voice you heard?
– No. I think it was an angel
speaking. (WOMEN GASP) I’ve never heard anything like
it. She must have bumped her head,
the poor dear. I saw the Advent believers
on a path toward the heavenly
city. And as long as they kept their
on Jesus, who was leading them
to the city… ..they were safe. You are safe here now, Ellen. This world is so dark. I have seen a greater world
and it has spoiled this one for
me. I feel as if my strength
was renewed today, Elizabeth. I saw such wondrous things.
I heard things. So you claim. Elizabeth, I’ve never lied
about anything. I’m not saying you’re lying now. You collapsed from your illness.
You are not of sound mind. – You know not what you speak.
– No. Elizabeth, the Holy Spirit
showed me a view of the Midnight
Cry and He explained our
disappointment. He encouraged our Advent hope. There were people who didn’t
and they fell off the path. You had an accident when
you were young. It left you
weak. You won’t have a regular life,
We understand that. You won’t marry.
You won’t be able to contribute. But this is hardly a way
to get attention. Why are speaking to me like
this? I pledge to you
that I’m telling the truth. Well, here’s my truth – Christ
not return to earth any time
soon, and I am done with prayer
groups. – But Elizabeth…
– No, you heard what I said. Consider me someone
who’s fallen off the path. MRS PRESTON: With all this fuss
about Jesus not returning in
October, it seems to me that I am alone
in my commitment to worship on the Sabbath. Ah, but Mrs Preston, I fear there are no churches
that meet on Saturday. Hmm. If only Elder Wheeler
in Hillsboro were closer. Mother, please! The Farnsworths have been so
to let me stay here while I
teach. You’ll likely offend them. What is offensive to God is that
we worship on the wrong day. Good Elder Wheeler understood that Saturday – Saturday –
is the seventh day of the week. It is written in the
that we should rest and keep it
holy. What difference does it make to
God if we should worship Him
one day or another? Difference enough, William,
to chisel it onto stone and send it down the mountain
with Moses. Sabbath comes to us as a gift –
we cannot stop or change it. He even used the word
‘remember’. Even if Elder Wheeler’s church
were nearby, he’s a Methodist, and we belong to
the Christian brethren. His denomination matters not to
God, only that Elder Wheeler believes
they’re called Commandments. If these were
but the ‘Ten Suggestions’, we may feel free to honour God
whenever we please, or not at
all. Ah, the carriage is ready. We may be headed to worship on
the wrong day, but we shan’t be
late. Along with the others gathered
here, I, too, was greatly
even ashamed, that Jesus did not return last
year. I do not understand
why He did not come, but I still believe in
the many promises in the Bible that one day He will. That is why I hold fast
to the Advent hope. Thank you, Mrs Cooch. Does anyone else
desire to speak today? I choose to cast my lot with those who keep God’s holy
on the seventh day each week. From this day forth, I pledge to keep the Saturday
Sabbath… God has commanded us to do. And I, too, shall be
a Sabbath-keeper… ..from this day forward. (“IN THE SWEET BYE AND BYE”
PLAYS) “I gave them my Sabbaths to be a
between me and them “that they might know
that I am the Lord. “Therefore, the Son of Man is
also of the Sabbath, “and God blessed the seventh day
and sanctified it, “because that in it He had
from all His work, “which God created and made, “for in six days, the Lord
made heaven and earth “and rested on the seventh day.” You have my word.
I will return with fresh
enthusiasm. Spending time with Reverend
is what I need. What we need is a way
out of this predicament. We’re penniless, Joseph. Where’s all this Sabbath
going to lead you? I’m following my heart. I’m being convinced
by the Word of God. I know no other way
to test error from truth. Elder Wheeler shared the
with me, and I found much peace
that he is right. Christ kept the seventh day.
Following him is most important. I support the Sabbath. And what of this girl? The one having visions in Maine. Hmm. I venture to make no opinion
without seeing for myself
first-hand. However, I would say
she is doubtful to me. Quite doubtful. We’re here today,
people of many faiths, gathered together
because of our commitment to
Jesus and our acceptance of the Bible
as the Word of God to guide us. This morning, a member
of our community, Miss Ellen
Harmon, has been asked to speak to us. She will share some of what God
has blessed her with of late. (OTHERS WHISPER INDISTINCTLY) I don’t think that I can do
this. Have faith. Just being here is an act of
courage. Miss Harmon. I was in prayer at the house
of Mrs Haines in Portland. I lost consciousness and I felt
the presence of the Holy Spirit. (WHISPERING) I rose high above the dark world and I looked for the Advent
but I couldn’t find them. A voice, an angel, said to me, “Look again,
and look a little higher.” I then saw a straight and narrow
far above the dark world. The Advent people were
on a path toward a bright and holy city. There was a light
behind the believers, which the angel told me
was the Midnight Cry. The angel confirmed that
Father Miller’s message was
light, and that this date was the
of our journey, not the end. And all were safe who kept their
fixed upon Jesus, who was leading them
to the Holy City. Some grew weary –
the city was a great way off, and that they had expected
to enter it before now. But Jesus would encourage
by raising His right arm, from which came a wondrous
light, which poured over the Advent
band, and as it did, they shouted,
“Hallelujah!” OTIS: But Brother Sargent, if
Miss Harmon’s visions are from
God… Her visions do not come from
Mr Nichols. But, my friends,
how can you be so sure? Brother Otis, if Almighty God
had a message for his people, would he choose to send it
in such a frail mouthpiece? The girl can barely walk. She stands yea high.
Her father is a hat-maker. She doesn’t come from any kind
ministry background. Brothers, our Lord Jesus Himself
warned us, “Beware of false
prophets, “which come to you
in sheep’s clothing, “but inwardly, they are
ravening wolves.” I have heard the visions
overtake her,
like a trance. I’m acquainted with a neighbour.
She found her to be credible. Have either of you
seen the young woman? No! And we shall not. Ellen Harmon’s visions
are a lie of the deceiver. She would not dare to
have one in my presence. Aye, she COULD not, Mr Robbins! The power of our faith
would bind the Devil’s work. She speaks with great tenderness
of the Word of the Lord. Brother Nichols, do not be
fooled. Did you speak with them?
Are they persuaded? If only they would meet Ellen, I believe they’d be convinced
of God’s truth. Invite them here, then. – Sargent and Robbins?
– No, Ellen. She travels
with her older sister, Sarah. Invite Miss Harmon here. But what would Robbins
and Sargent say? We must let our friends
hear her words for themselves. She will minister hope
to their hearts. Yes. If Ellen’s message is of God… opposition from Sargent
or Robbins will drown her out. It’s such a joy to have you
with me today, Sarah. There’s no place I’d rather be,
little sister. So many are anxious to hear you. I would be just as happy to stay
and take no part in this. But you grow stronger every day. You’ve said so yourself. ‘Tis true. But I do not want to add to
our family’s burden. Ellen, do you not realise that
the message God has given you lifts up our hearts and spirits? (SUBDUED CONVERSATION) Have you yet had a chance to
the Harmons yet? Brother White, I said
have you met the Harmons yet? I’ve had tea, sir.
Thank you for asking. Why don’t you go meet the ladies before you get
any more tongue-tied, lad. What a pleasure to meet you
Miss Harmon. You might remember, I am James
White. I’m a pastor with
the Christian Connection. I’ve made the acquaintance
of your father. We distributed pamphlets
together before… Well, it’s a pleasure, Mr White. I’ve heard many good things
about your work for the Lord. I have heard such a thing
before, yet it comes as
a true surprise to me. Is it wrong for me to ask your
Miss Harmon? I will be 18 on my next
birthday. And you, Mr White –
how old would you be? I’m 23 years old. And you have put yourself
in the service of the Lord? Yes. I left teaching
to spread the Word. Hmm. Welcome. Welcome. We are so
to have you here with us. Thank you. The honour is ours. Surely this humble, gentle girl
is no child of Satan. Mr Sargent, Mr Robbins,
what a happy surprise. We thought we might impose
upon your generosity and lodge with your family
tonight. I prayed that you might
meet Ellen Harmon, and God has answered my prayers. – Come in, come in.
– The Harmon girl… here? She arrived a few days ago
to share with us. Uh, Mr Robbins, um… ..we’ve forgotten to…to visit
your sick friend. Oh, uh, yes! I have a friend. He is sick.
And we had made a previous
commitment. You cannot come in, just for
a few moments of introduction? – Not possible.
– No. With deepest regrets. If you cannot stay, I could
bring Miss Harmon worship with
you. This Sunday. We could take her
to meet you in Boston. – We would not allow…
– Uh, uh… Why, yes! That sounds like
a fine plan. (CHUCKLES) Yes, yes. Bring the young Harmon
to Boston. We will, uh, meet with her
on, uh, Sunday! Travelling mercies, my brothers. We shall…say a prayer of
for your friend. ETHEREAL VOICE:
I am the messenger of God… Go to Randolph…
Follow the light before you. Good morning, Ellen. Did you sleep well? I… Well… What is it, dear? Tell us. We are so grateful
for your hospitality. I know that you feel
that we should go to Boston. But I have been instructed to
go to the township of Randolph. Why…’tis nothing
in Randolph for you, unless you desire
a new pair of leather boots. Do you need new boots? I would love
new boots. All I know is that I have been
instructed in vision by the
Lord. We must go to the Thayer home
in Randolph. But to what end? Help us, Ellen.
We do not understand. Nor do I. I have only enough light
to see the step before me, and that is to go to Randolph. God has promised me that when
I arrive there, He shall reveal
why. Why, it’s the Nichols! What brings you to Randolph? – The Word of the Lord.
– Oh! We have Ellen Harmon and her
Sarah, with us from Maine. I… Well… We… What can I say? “Welcome” would be a start. Oh… SARGENT: Brothers and sisters,
our Lord Jesus Himself warned
us, “Beware of false prophets who
in sheep’s clothing, “for inwardly,
they are ravenous wolves.” Our brother, Otis Nichols, and
wife, Mary, have brought guests. Ellen Harmon and her sister,
Sarah. I thought you said they wanted
in Boston? It is clear they do not
want us at all. Well, uh, brothers and sisters,
as I was saying, the Lord impresses upon my heart
that we should adjourn. After luncheon, we shall
to…speak God’s Word. MR THAYER: Before you arrived, they carried on for some time
about Miss Harmon. They said that her visions
came from Satan. Ellen Harmon can speak for
herself. It’s all so confusing.
I do not know what to believe. Mr Sargent said that she would
dare have a vision in his
presence, because he walks uprightly. And Mr Sargent told me
just a few days ago for me to bring Ellen to meet
and Mr Robbins today in Boston. Then what has brought you
to Randolph? Ellen had instruction
from God last night. Oh… ♪ O, when shall I see Jesus ♪ And reign with Him above ♪ And shall hear the trumpet
sound in that morning? ♪ And from the flowing fountain
everlasting love ♪ And shall hear the trumpet
in that morning? ♪ O, shout, glory! ♪ For I shall mount
above the skies… ♪ Glory… (SINGING FADES) ELLEN: Glory. Is she…? Glory. Let’s sing! ♪ O, shout glory! For I shall…
♪ Stay clear of her! Let us read from God’s Word! “Thou shalt…have no other gods
before me. “Thou shalt not make
unto thee any graven image, “or any likeness of anything
that is in Heaven above, “or that is in the earth
beneath, “or that is in the water
under the earth. “Thou shalt not bow down thyself
to them for I, the Lord…” – Oh, be quiet, you fool!
– You are bowing to an idol! Don’t you see? You are
worshipping a golden calf! I have heard that visions from
Satan can be stopped by placing a
on the person… Here. You place it on her. No. No… Very well. I will do it, then. This is the inspired testimony
of God. “Thou hast turned my mourning
into dancing. “Thou hast put off my sackcloth,
and girded me with gladness.” Oh! “There is a way which seemeth
unto a man, “but to the end thereof
are the ways of death.” She quotes from the verse
beneath her finger! (ALL MURMUR EXCITEDLY) Hallelujah. I can make out none of the
letters. Shall I read it for you, my
dear? “Brother Miller, “although a stranger to you, I
desired to write you a few
words. “I have always believed
that God called you “to preach the definite time
of the Lord’s coming in 1844, “and that it was just as it
should be. “And if the time
had not been preached then, “the church and world would
have been effectually warned. “I have enclosed part of a
of Ellen Harmon of Portland. “I fully believe that her
are from Heaven. “Sister Harmon has been
a resident in my family home “much of the time for
about the past eight months. “The spirit of God is with her
and has
been seen in a remarkable
manner. “I would ask you to lay aside
prejudice and suspend judgement “until you have read and
compared them
with the Scripture, and present
truth. “Yours, waiting, for the return
of the Lord, Otis Nichols.” Hmm. Brother Nichols sounds sincere. Surely they are just grasping
at straws. The Bible says
that, in the last days, some will receive visions
from the Lord. Soon, we shall see our smiling
Saviour’s face – of that I am
certain. PRUDENCE: Yet another letter? Fanatics are out there spreading
all kinds of nonsense to the
people. In this, you mean Ellen Harmon? From all reports, she is sincere

a true believer. But I’m alarmed
about these so-called visions. They say her longest vision
lasted four hours. But visions? Condition of her poor health
is more likely the explanation. Will you seek her out? She’s invited to speak now
with regularity. I’m certain our paths will
cross. Joseph, I don’t have enough
to bake even one loaf of bread. How much do you need? At least two more cups. Out searching for Jesus
are we, Mr Bates? – (MEN LAUGH NEARBY)
– I think he went that way. No, wait, maybe over there… (MEN CONTINUE LAUGHING) What can I do for you today,
Joseph? Just some flour. However much this will buy. Is this our evening supper? It is that. Do we have any jam or apple
butter? Not unless you picked some up
while you were out. Prudy… I spent the last money I have
on earth to buy that flour. First the farm to
the Millerite cause. Then our friends and family
to scorn us. Our son to the sea. Now all of our money is gone? How much more of this
do you think we can take? We must pray. The Lord will
provide. Joseph, please… ..have you nothing more to
offer? Perhaps the earth
should swallow me whole. Is that what I should pray for? Do you have any mail for me, Mr
Drew? Oh, yes, Mr Bates.
As a matter of fact, I do. There’s, uh, five cents postage
due. Sir, I… ..I do not have the money. You can bring it in when you see
fit. That would be wrong, sir. I have not five cents to my
name. Joseph, I’ll take your word that
you’ll find a way to repay the
debt. Matthew, if you…
if you would open it… ..I would be more comfortable. (CHUCKLES) “I send you this
in the name of the Lord…” When you deliver these goods
to my home, my wife will say you’ve made
a mistake, but pay her no mind. Certainly, Captain Bates. Prudy! (LAUGHS) – Joseph, it’s a miracle.
– Indeed. MAN: I now pronounce you
husband and wife. Mr and Mrs James White. Congratulations. Thank you. Ellen White. It has a lovely
to it, don’t you think? Yes, it does. The name fits you well… ..Mrs White. (CHUCKLES) What’s wrong? I had always imagined this
in a church. But we have none to call home. What Brother Bates writes here
stirs my heart. Indeed. Everything he affirms
is supported by Scripture. Well, he traces the Sabbath back
to its creation and then reminds us it is at the
of God’s Ten Commandments. If the early Church kept
the seventh day as Sabbath, then we shall cast our lot with
them. JOSEPH: It is clear that in
the final days before Jesus
returns, the keeping of the Commandments
will become a significant issue. John, in Revelation, chapter 12,
verse 17, describes a people, “who keep the Commandments of
and have the testimony of
Jesus.” In the last days, these people
are to
become the objects of Satan’s
wrath. Then chapter 14, verses 6
through 11, John describes
God’s last warning message to be given to the world
before Jesus comes, symbolised by the messages
of the three angels. Verse 12 tells of the people
will take that message to the
world – “Here are they that keep
the Commandments of God “and have the faith of Jesus.” It is not one or the other. Jesus himself says in the
Gospel, “If you love me,
keep my Commandments.” Thank you, and bless you,
my brethren. Thank you, Mr Bates. That was truly inspiring,
Brother Curtis. We are so delighted to have you
your new husband here, Sister
White. The Lord has shown us the truth in Brother Bates’ message
on the Sabbath. Glory to God. Ellen… MR CURTIS:
Give Sister White some room. ELLEN: Twinkling lights. Stars. As many as the sands upon the
Look upon the glory of God’s
creation. – How is she?
– Fine. The visions never weaken her. Often, in fact, she’s healed. The things she spoke of tonight,
without ever leaving New
England. I…I spent 20 years at sea
to learn the half of it. You have been
one of her loudest critics. Until now, Brother White. There’s no way she could have
known about the stars and planets
she described tonight, except that God showed her. You can count me in the camp
of her strongest supporters. BATES: I studied the Sabbath with Brother Edson and Brother
in Port Gibson, then travelled on to the Curtis
in Topsham and met the Whites. Did Mrs White have
one of her fainting spells? I was wrong to doubt her, Prudy. She had a vision right in front
of me. I believe God is using her to confirm the truths He is
in our study of Scripture. I still have my doubts. Perhaps reading my written
will better explain. You’re going to write of her
visions? Yes, and on the seventh-day
Sabbath. This is all Miller’s fault. Has anyone seen old William? To think he started this
madness. Ah! There were lunatics
long before him. And many more after. I hear he’s been ill,
doesn’t leave his farm. I’d say a prayer,
but…then I’d be a hypocrite. Why don’t these
disappointed Millerites just go back to the churches
they came from? Some of them have. But the others wouldn’t go back
even if they could. Most of them still believe that
Jesus is coming at any moment. Still setting dates
and searching the skies, I hear. Poor William. What a shame all
hard work has come to this, eh? At least he and that Himes chap
had an organised movement. – I mean, this is just…
– A mess. There’s no leadership, no
churches. I hear there’s a young woman
having visions in Maine, and a sea captain holding
prayer meetings on Saturdays. Saturdays? Well, that’s
one mob I won’t be joining. (ALL LAUGH) (BABY GRIZZLES) Bates has printed
about the Sabbath again. But how did he have the money? JAMES: I… He didn’t. We still have to raise funds
to pay the expenses. How will we get $7.50? The hour of judgement has come.
The year’s harvest… (JOYFUL MUSIC PLAYS OVER
– Amen. Amen. ELLEN: We work so hard
to study God’s work, and yet I still cannot
the Scriptures that you and the others wrestle
over. I feel as if I am always
on the outside, looking in. Ellen, when we come into an
impasse, God gives you, in vision,
the clarification from His Word. But when I am not in vision, it is as if my mind is locked
to understanding the Scriptures. (BABY CRIES) JAMES: This may be a blessing. Perhaps God is protecting you so that people cannot falsely
claim our message is based on your visions
instead of on God’s Word. (BABY CRIES) We have already attended
three gatherings in search of our Bible truth. Must we go to Connecticut for
this conference at the Beldens’? I think it would be wise to
attend. But we have no money for it,
James. I am to be paid next week
for cutting wood. I expect $10 for my labours. I cannot mind my child and
James. I cannot. Our Father has called us to this
He will never leave us nor
forsake us. (BABY CONTINUES CRYING) We had some very passionate
discussions this morning. We must keep our heads. So many of the signs of His
return that Jesus gave to His disciples
in Matthew are being fulfilled around us,
today. Agreed. And we’ve made much
progress. Four years ago, who would have
imagined worshipping on
Saturday? ‘Tis true. Common ground can be
when we come together. We keep the Commandments not to
BE saved, but because we ARE
saved. Exactly. As Jesus said,
“If you love me, keep my…” And if you love me, you’ll
wait till everybody’s ready to
eat. (ALL CHUCKLE) Bates. (LAUGHS) OTIS: You and Ellen have spent
so much
time traveling to spread the
word, but you cannot be everywhere. And neither do we wish to be. Leaving our son behind each
makes the wagon light, but our hearts heavy. The Lord has shown me a way that
we can reach the Advent
believers without having to travel
so frequently. We must establish a newspaper. But Brother Bates believes
that we should put our efforts towards pamphlets and books, not to an ongoing paper. Brother Nichols,
two paths are but one. We have no quarrel with his
approach. But my husband is prepared to
immediately on a periodical, as books often suffer neglect
on the shelf. Where will the funds comes for
this? We’ll let the paper be small at
first. As our people read, they will
means by which to print. From a small beginning,
God has shown me that this little paper
will go round the world. ANNIE: How much did it cost? $652, Annie. 600… Oh, Lord have mercy. Hiram Edson paid for it? Yes. But word has gone out in the
“Review”, and already funds are coming
to pay the loan. It’s a miracle. JAMES: Yes. And news of miracles travels
fast. Roll up your sleeves… ..because our work has really
begun. ELLEN: They should call this
the Messenger of Deception. This article is filled with lies
about God’s work! They have poisoned many hearts,
James. Good men whom we once published
in the Review now misinterpret Scripture,
spreading error. Here’s more bad news. In Wisconsin,
the meeting tent has gone
missing. – We cannot allow this!
– We cannot stop it. We are not organised.
We have no authority. (COUGHS) We must find a way
to treat your lungs. Here’s another letter from John
Andrews and John Loughborough. – That can’t be bad.
– Read it. They’re both exhausted. Brother Andrews labours all week
to earn a living. His eyesight is going. His voice is nearly lost
from preaching on weekends. And I wish those were
our only troubles. What do you have to tell me? The landlord has sent
a notice regarding next year’s
rent. $14.50 a month. What are we to do? We could move. To Vermont? Some have suggested Michigan. You would pack up and go west? You have visited before. You, yourself, said the people
were so kind. The Battle Creek brethren
want the responsibility of
publishing. Battle Creek. Hardly sounds inviting. (CHUCKLES) Haven’t you been battling
most of your life? Could suit you well
to live in such a town. Is that so? The sisters are bringing
over mattresses, and a table with two chairs. The building down the street has
more room for the boys to run
about. Our first house of worship
will be ready in a few weeks. Thank you, Uriah. You are a blessing to our
family. Before I go, I borrowed some
money to get several cakes of maple
and two bushels of wheat. We will pay it all back. (COUGHS) Come. Do you want to show Dad the
window? ELLEN: “Little heed is given
to the Bible, “and the Lord has given a lesser
to lead men and women “to the greater light – the
Bible. “I do not ask you to take my
words. “Lay Sister White to one side. “Don’t quote my words
until you can obey the Bible. “I exalt the precious Word
before you. “Our position and faith
is in the Bible.” JAMES: I want you to know, I
put our house here in your name. I will not hear such talk. Hmm. What choice have you now
but to listen? (COUGHS) If you rest, your health will
improve. I have deeded the house to you. If God should bid me rest in my
grave, I will not leave a widow
with three children and no home. I will not. I have faith that the Lord
will not take you from us. There is much work left
for you to do, Mr White. We can now count
more than 2,000 believers. Ellen, I have tried
to make this work… No, you have succeeded. We shall continue to wait
upon the Lord. (COUGHS) Ownership must be taken out
of the hands of the individuals. I alone own the printing press,
Brother Bell, and that is not
right. And I own the land
the church is built on. Under whose name should it
stand? No one man’s, I think. Brother Andrews has made
the suggestion that we need not organise
as a church. But we could be incorporated
under the laws of Michigan as an association. An association? The earliest of all Christians
were set up as such. The discussion must be had. We shall call a conference
to meet here in Battle Creek. An agreement must be found, even if we have to sit until the
returns to do so. (MEN CHATTER) (CHATTERING QUIETENS) Do I have a motion to create
a publishing association? MEN: Aye. Aye. Aye. ANDREWS: Gentlemen,
under the laws of Michigan, we cannot incorporate our
work until we choose a name. – (OTHERS MUTTER)
– MAN: Brother Andrews is right! MAN: I agree with Brother
Andrews. Gentlemen, let us not back down
what we have spent two days
resolving. This child of ours has been
created, and is now so grown
that it is exceedingly awkward to have no name for it. We have been called the people
the shut door… ..because we believe that
the door to the Holy Place was
closed, and the door to the Most Holy
in the Heavenly Sanctuary was
opened. Should that be part of our name? (MUTTERING) Whatever name we choose… should not be objectionable
to the world at large. We’ve had two days of
discussions. And, yet, you are no closer? Progress has been made. But there are still objections. It’s important that everyone
be heard, James. (BABY COOS) Yes, John Herbert, especially
you. Our fourth son is perhaps the
loudest. Now, where would he get that
Brothers, come to order. I say we call our association
The Church of God. Others have that name already. And doesn’t that sound
a bit boastful? ‘Tis the case. (MUTTERING) (POUNDING ON DESK) Perhaps we should look
to our two pillars of faith – the Sabbath and
the Second Coming of Jesus. What do we say to being called
the Seventh-Day Adventists? (MURMURS OF APPROVAL) Do I have a motion? I make a motion that we call
Seventh-Day Adventists. ALL: Aye! (TRIUMPHANT MUSIC) Wondrous day. Wondrous day, sir. It has been a long, long time
coming. (BABY CRIES LOUDLY) The infection spreads,
and I can do nothing. Only pray. – (CONTINUES CRYING)
– But our poor son is hot as
fire. (BABY COUGHS AND SPLUTTERS) (CRIES) Shhh… ELLEN: James… (SOBS) Not our son! James… ELLEN: 29 days ago… ..we lost our baby boy, John. I understand now the grief of
King David, when he lost his
child. “My son… My son, would God
I had died for thee.” And yet I cling to
the Father’s promise that “all things work together
for good to them that love God.” But I come before you today,
January 12th 1861… tell you I have been shown
in vision that more States will join
South Carolina in the secession, and a terrible war will result. I saw large armies raised
by both North and South. I saw the battle raging,
I heard the booming cannon. The dead and wounded
falling on every side. And I was taken in vision to the
homes of those who lost brothers, sons
and husbands in the war. And there are… and women in this house
today, who will lose their loved ones
in the days to come. This war will be fought over
slavery and the stubbornness of those
who refuse to see the truth of
God. The law requiring us to return
a slave back to his master, we must never obey. “Now, therefore, I, Abraham
President of the United States, “by virtue of the power in me “vested by the Constitution
and the laws, “have thought fit to call forth, “and hereby do call forth… “..the militia of the several
of the Union, “to the aggregate number of
75,000… “ order to suppress
said combinations, “and to cause the laws
to be duly executed.” JAMES: This war is a terrible
for our nation. JOSEPH: That it is. How I wish
would heed the Word of God. How is your health, Brother
You need more rest. Today, six local conferences
to form a general conference with John Byington
as our first president. That fact alone steadies my
step. God’s work can truly move
forward without hindrance. The Lord leads and we follow. But he seemed fine when we left
And that was only days ago! – He WAS fine. Yes. He…
– The doctor says it’s
pneumonia? Are you certain? Mother!
Thank goodness you’re both here. Henry? Henry, can you hear me? Promise me…Mother… that if I die…I’m laid by the
of my little brother, John
Herbert… ..that we may come up
together… the morning of the
Resurrection. God will do all things well, my
son. I cannot bear it. To lose sweet baby John
three months after his birth… It was as if we had only
borrowed him
from God. But this! Mother… ..I will meet you in Heaven, for I know you will be there…. (SOBS) No, Henry! Henry! Henry! (SOBS) (SOBBING CONTINUES) Still, you are writing. It seems months
you’ve been at that desk. I understand it better
when I put the ideas on paper. It was a vision concerning our
health. Will you read me some of it? The heart of the message
received is the connection between caring
for our souls and our bodies. So many of us are nearly used up
in our service of the Lord. I saw that tobacco in any form
is a slow and malignant poison. But ‘tis often said tobacco
has healing value… I am only telling you
what I have seen. (CHUCKLES) Alcohol, tea and coffee
are to be avoided. Ah. Continue. We should dispense of meat, and return instead
to the diet of Eden – grains, vegetables, nuts, fruit. JAMES: Did the Lord
really show you that? (CHUCKLES) How are we to live without meat? – It gets worse.
– Ah. Rich cakes and sweet pies
are to be avoided. (BOTH LAUGH) You will have the butchers,
the smoke-shop owners, the saloons…all after us, now. – Oh, the bakers, too.
– There’s more. Our body requires pure water,
exercise and clean air. Caring for our health
is a spiritual matter. I have seen that it is a sacred
to care not only for our own
health, but to teach others
how to care for theirs. ELLEN: Edson! Hands. Our Heavenly Father, we thank You for blessing us
with this nourishment and this delicious meal. In Your name, we thank You.
Amen. BOTH: Amen. Edson, why don’t you eat? Because he’s full of all the
he shouldn’t be eating. Now, Willie, stop trying
to get your brother in trouble. Our focus should not be
on a list of bad foods. It is more important
that you understand your body is the temple of God,
and you must treat it
accordingly. Do you understand? – Yes.
– ELLEN: Good. Father, will you pass the
onions? (CRASHES) ELLEN: James. James! – James!
– Father! Boys, go get the doctor. James! James… Hey, hey. I’m right here.
I’m right here. James, look at me. Your husband has had another
stroke. – He’s already much improv…
– (JAMES MUMBLES) No, don’t try now.
You have facial paralysis. It’s common
after this kind of incident. Tell me now what we must do. Well, rest is the most important
thing. Lots of it. And then I’m in favour
of bloodletting. Bloodletting? I don’t think that
that is an option. The barber on Main Street
will receive my instructions. He has the proper instruments
for the incisions. Draining blood is known to be
effective treatment following
stroke. We shall consider that avenue once James is well enough
for such a procedure. You are not a physician, Mrs
Now, I’ll be back in the
morning. A stroke is a powerful thing.
You are lucky to be alive, Mr
White. ELLEN: Thank you. Boys, please
the good doctor to the door. I have put two sons in the
Mr White. You are going nowhere. The good Lord has borrowed the
of your right side to see to
that. He will find the best way
to bring you back to good
health. (MUSIC PLAYS OVER DIALOGUE) Today we inaugurate
the Western Health Reform
Institute. We have only to look
for inspiration in this project at the progress in health
made by our dear brother, James. Sister White, using principles
given her in vision by God, has demonstrated
that we have much work to do. Moving forward, health care will
a principal concern for our
church. I have seen that complete rest
does not bring healing. It needs to be linked
with exercise, diet and faith in
God. And many of you already know
the importance of water, and using fruit, grains,
nuts and vegetables. What we eat
is of paramount importance. These plans are not only
for healing but for prevention. May God bless our obedience, and give us the inner strength
to continue His work of spreading the good message
of the Second Coming to the
world. (APPLAUSE) (APPLAUSE) That is Bourdeau. B-O-U-R-D-E-A-U. Brother Loughborough and Brother
Bourdeau have gone to
California, but where are the others who
will say,
“Here I am, Lord. Send me”? We should not turn away those in
need. Education and healing go hand in
hand. How can we heal the body
and leave the mind to waste? Jesus spent much more time
than he did preaching. ‘Tis true. We need more able workers. (SIGHS) Yes. We must train
more young men for service. Our young people begin work
right after grammar school. There should be a way
to give them a better education. I could use a little help
stacking this wood. Thank you kindly.
I’m Bell. Goodloe Bell. How’d you get stuck
chopping this wood? – I’m not stuck, Master…
– States. He’s George States. I’m Edson White. Chopping wood’s good for my
health. My wife died last year. And I stopped caring for my
health. Sorry to hear that. But…well, how does
chopping wood help? Instead of being dosed with
I’ve learned to use my limbs
outdoors. And now you’re here, doing
chores? Sharp mind is as good a tool
as a sharp axe. What did you do
before you came here to chop
wood? I was a teacher for many years. And then a school inspector. I met a fine man
at the Health Institute this
week. – Mm.
– His name is Goodloe Bell. – I believe I’ve seen him.
– Yes. He arrived in poor health,
with frayed nerves. Chopped wood for better than an
hour. Mm, yes – exercise and being
is a wonder for good health. After we talked to him,
George and I got to thinking… ELLEN: Mm-hm? About chopping wood? No, Willie – about going to
school. ELLEN: “Teaching is the most
work ever assumed by men and
women “to deal with youthful minds. “The greatest care should be
in the education of youth – “to so vary the manner of
instruction “as to call forth the high and
noble powers of the mind.” John Harvey Kellogg. William K. Kellogg. George States. Edson White. William White. ETHEREAL VOICE:
Your house is the world. (UPLIFTING MUSIC) It has been two years since the death of our
brother, Joseph Bates… ..and 30 years since God
raised up this pioneering
people. In my most recent vision,
the heavenly messenger said, “You are entertaining ideas
that are too limited for this
time. “Your house is the world.” We have just placed many
into publishing “Signs of the
Times”. MAN: What of our plans
for the Pacific Press? Have we sent Brothers
and Bourdeau to California – at great cost – only to have it stretch
across the ocean? – (MURMURING)
– Where’s the money coming from? (MURMURING CONTINUES) Surely our resources
are better used here – at home. “Your house is the world.” We are to hold forth so that all
may have an opportunity to receive the truth. The message we bear
is a worldwide message. It will go in power to distant
Oregon, to Europe, to Australia,
to the islands of the seas, to all nations, tongues and
peoples. (MURMURING) Order! ANDREWS:
How can we question this duty? Souls are perishing
that may now be reached. Brother Andrews,
I move that we take up the issue at our general conference in
August. We shall put to a vote
expansion into the foreign
field. In order to expand,
everyone will feel the stretch. They’re sending Brother Andrews
to Switzerland! (EXCLAMATIONS AND APPLAUSE) (SIGHS) An adventure on the high seas –
Brother Bates would have loved
that. Indeed. We feel confident
that the Lord is leading us. JAMES: Well, travel safely,
Brother Andrews – you will be in our family’s
prayers. Mind your step. Farewell. He will spread the good news
of Christ’s soon return to
Europe. And beyond that,
we must tell the world. ELLEN: “We have nothing to fear
for the future “unless we forget the way
the Lord has led us, “and His teaching in our past

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    Ephesians 2:8-9 AKJV For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast.

    Galatians 1:8-9 AKJV But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.

  37. The SDA had the truth about prophecy, and changed it by trying to change the writings of Ellen G White because she prophesied about the SDA Church in the end times. But people will see her original writings in the near future. So God's people can see why they've added, why they've changed, and why they've taken away some of her writings. Not only did they do all this, but they have also changed her book titles, just as she dreamt of the vision that the Lord our God had given.

  38. I enjoyed the film but why didn't they get the actors to be true to the characters? In this film, James White doesn't even have a beard. The actors should resemble the characters they are playing.

  39. Ellen did not have it easy, she had to suffer greatly which is often the case with God's prophets. My faith is stronger, there won't be a 2nd great disappointment, Jesus really would be coming back this time, thats the blessed hope that brings sweetness to this time of earths history🙂.

  40. No man knows the day nor the hour of Jesus Christs return, not even the angels in heaven,
    but William miller did, and Ellen White endorsed it.
    how to test a prophet, if ONE thing is wrong then they are not a true prophet and God did not send them, something to think about !!!


  42. We just love the Bible and S.O.P. books by Ellen G. White also following the health message. Happy to be Seventh Day Adventists enjoying every Sabbath Friday sundown thru Saturday sundown.

  43. JJ SS
    1844: Wrong date – Wrong event.
    Nothing happened in 1844 that is predicted in the Bible.
    All prophesies concern events that happen on the earth, not in Heaven. There is little point in God giving us a prophesy about something that will happen in heaven . It's none of our business.

    Jesus Christ went into the Most Holy place after His resurrection and ascension. He did not have to wait for the Adventist to tell Him what to do in 1844.
    Paul in Hebrews clearly states that Jesus went into the Most Holy place. The only book in the New Testament that talks about the services at Yom Kipur.
    The Old Testament temple services were an illustration of what was happening in the heavenly temple. The Day of Atonement was when Christ was crucified. He tore the veil that shielded the glory of God from our views. He went into the Most Holy place on our behalf and we entered with Him in the presence of the Father. We are no longer enemies of God, but saved through the blood of Jesus Christ and living in the presence of God Almighty.
    I'm a SDA member, but this whole doctrine of 1844 and Investigative judgment, EGW, etc are futile stories.
    God bless you all!

  44. Anyone attempting to pin point the Second Coming of Jesus is bound to be disappointed. The so called "Great Disappointment " is no different and Rev 10 in no means talks about that. That verse, 10:19 is gravely abused by Adventists. The true meaning is different : John was overjoyed to receive and follow the revelation from God, sweet in his mouth, but when he realised that calamities would befall this world, the message became bitter in his stomach.

  45. The movie is a romantic portrayal of Adventism and very much propaganda theatre based on subjective history from the Adventist archives and from the likes of the White Estate who are the Adventist gate keepers as the General Conference of SDA's fully know. While the film has all the trappings of a semi production level that could pass at the film festival, it certainly a tool that Adventists will use to broadcast their beliefs based on the dubious writings of the primary founder Ellen G White.

  46. Just imagine to be so overwhelmed with happiness to know that the Lord Jesus is coming and then to be greatly disappointed. That was so sad it made me cry.

  47. What is the song played in the back ground at 18:55? I remember us singing the song when I grew up as a Pathfinder and it took me back? If anyone can help me…..Thank you

  48. Pope Nicholas the Third is in Hell for Simony for selling spiritual things. That gives more evidence of the holiness of music during his time, because Papal infallibility still applies (with regards to the natural vocation of the pope on Earth), but selling spiritual items which should not have left family hands in the first place was pure scumbaggery. He was better at music. Leave him be. Punks. He still doesn't want to talk to you.

  49. Thank You Pastor for showing us whats happening in the Churches. I have found a local remenant church, go to International Association of free SDA. Hope
    can find one near you.

  50. I thank Jesus for the truth I am being shown. This movie is wonderful and yes what a great blessing. I am amazed!!!! Thank you for this movie. I have wondered for many years why God was keeping me around. I have been miserable and without hope. But not now. "I love you Ellen!"

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