Official Trailer | Country Music | A Film by Ken Burns | PBS

Official Trailer | Country Music | A Film by Ken Burns | PBS

♪♪ HARRIS: It’s about the melody
and the sound in the voice and the sincerity of it. VO: From Director Ken Burns. CROWELL: Country Music is
truth-telling. MAN: It’s everything,
hillybilly, it’s blues, it’s jazz. PARTON: You can dance to it.
You can cry to it. GIDDENS: The people who built
this country, that’s where country and
blues come from. PARTON: It has something
in it for everybody. BROOKS: Country music comes
from right in here. This heart and soul
that we all have. VO: Country Music. Sunday, September 15th
at 8, 7 central. Only on PBS.

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  1. I'm a rock/blues man but, I love OLD Country, Hank Williams, hank snow George Jones, anyone of similar views??

  2. It looks interesting, but Ken Burns always manages to find a way to ruin it by inserting his bubble-headed liberal politics into everything he produces, so I'm guessing that this will be no exception.

  3. Ken and Ric are the best film makers to ever walk the planet. Its been my privilege to work for Ric on several veteran movies. Love what they do by telling the truth. A lot of credit goes to their wives. Love you guys.

  4. I can appreciate the talent and historical aspects of county music, but it all sounds the same to me. Every male country singer sounds the same and every female country singer sounds the same, sure they are talented, but they all sound exactly the same, every country song sounds like every other country song, every country band sounds like every other country band. With rock music, you could listen to dozens and dozens of rock and roll bands, and they all sound totally different.

  5. This is the first miss step of Ken Burns career. This subject matter is not engaging or interesting enough to warrant 16 hours. Do Comic Books next if you want to explore another American artform.

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