Official Trailer Milea : Suara Dari Dilan | 13 Februari 2020 Di Bioskop

Official Trailer Milea : Suara Dari Dilan | 13 Februari 2020 Di Bioskop

Mom, mom, mom Read Alfatihah My prayer is not for joke Tomorrow I want to get to know a girl Please pray Using mom’s prayer Like the words on the truck That day was the beginning of my action To get to know a new girl named Milea Adnan Husein She with her charm Already given me strength To dare to approach her So what are the conditions for motorcycle gang members? You have to own a motorcycle Oh if I want to be a train gang member I have to own a train We have to thank the heroes But try to imagine if we were still colonized I wouldn’t meet you Because I’m busy exploring the forest I can come later With? With you Here? No, using your mind I’m your girlfriend I’m the one who you should listen to Tell your friends I don’t like them I’m here because of my son But if he’s guilty Punish him based on applicable law If you join the attack, you know what will happen? What? I’ll disappear from the earth Dilan, I like you What happened to you? You’re changed I remember I’ve said that if anyone hurts her Then that person must disappear If that person is me Then I have to disappear too Separation is The ceremony to welcome days full of longing I’m so happy today to see the faces of my old friends Dilan Miles Do we have to introduce ourselves? In case you forget

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  4. Kayaknya harus nonton lagi deh, yg ke 2 kemaren sakit hati banget, krna keilangan dilan kan.. Kali ini d ulang cerita versi dilan. Harus nnton dong.

  5. Di koboy kampus adik kang pidi baiq cewek, dan dilan adiknya cewek , fix ini maha, dilan itu bukan kang pidi baiq , pecayalahπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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