Official Trailer: The Sacred Place Where Life Begins | Gwich’in Women Speak [HD]

Official Trailer: The Sacred Place Where Life Begins | Gwich’in Women Speak [HD]

The coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is one of America’s last and greatest wilderness. It is also a birthing ground for wolves, caribou, and polar bears. For over 20 years, the Gwich’in Nation has been protecting the coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge from oil and gas development. In our beliefs, we are not supposed to go to that area because it’s sacred, sacred, sacred place to our people. I’m a Gwich’in girl. I’m a Gwich’in woman and I’m proud of it. Gwich’in women who never had a voice before I’m a mother, I have two children. Great grandmother I was one of the first women Gwich’in chiefs. The most important things I speak up for is the rights of indigenous people to live the way they’ve always lived and have a relationship with the land. You want some? If we didn’t have caribou, we won’t be Gwich’in. They can’t voice for themselves that they need to be protected that their birthing grounds need to be protected. As an indigenous person, we are always looking to protect our lands. It’s our land and that’s where we come from. Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, that was a wake up call. We’re not protecting the Arctic Refuge for ourselves, we’re protecting it for everyone. Let’s work together.

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  1. Alaska natives spend their lives having other people making videos of them, I think it's time, we as Alaska Native, especially Gwich'ins start making videos for our people by our people so that everyone is included and not left out. I am a proud Gwich'in, my next project is to make a video to show the true threats, right down to the bone of our caribou and people.

  2. hi miho i met you at marin headlands and ca showed this to us today at garbology,i was in carolyns group not carol ann and i just wanted to say this is beautiful.

  3. Hey Miho. I am teaching a camp this week called Wild Work in Victoria Minnesota and I am teaching these teens about YOU today. You continue to amaze and inspire me. I'm showing this clip and sharing If She Can Do It, You Can Too website as well. You're the best. Thank you for your leadership. Dre

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