Old Gays React To In A Heartbeat (Animated Short Film)

Old Gays React To In A Heartbeat (Animated Short Film)

– [Producer] What are your
thoughts on animation? – Well, it depends on
what animation you like. (gasp) – Oh. – I’ve never seen an animated porn. – Oh. – Honey, you don’t know
what you’re missing. – [Producer] I’m gonna
show you an animated short called “In a Heartbeat”
and get your reaction. – Yay. – [Producer] Great, let’s get started. – Can you see okay? – Yes. – Aw. – Aw, that’s cute. – Is he scared to get beat up? – I don’t think he has
beaten up on his mind. – No, he has love. – Yeah. – Aw. Oh, child I know what you mean. (laughing) That was me at seven. Ooh. Oh, no. (laughing) – You all right? – I love it. It’s a freaking hoot. Baby’s up in love or lust. – We hope both. – [Producer] What do you
think of the boy in the tree? – Oh, he’s wonderful. He’s a redhead. – [Producer] Do you think
he’s out or closeted? – Closet. – I don’t know yet. – He knows what he wants. – Well, he’s in a tree. (laughing) but his heart isn’t so I think you would say he’s conflicted. – [Producer] What did you
think of the other boy? – I really don’t even remember him. – He looks kinda asexual. – He’s just a kid reading
a book and having an apple and all of a sudden he
sees that it’s a heart but also he gets fed by the heart, didn’t he? Yeah and so something else is going on. – Yeah. – [Producer] What do
you think of the heart? – It’s an emoli, isn’t it? What? Emol… – Emoji? – Emoji, it that it? Yeah, it’s a symbol. – It’s saying a lot of
things without any words. He should’ve just worn it on his sleeve. – [Producer] What do you
think’s gonna happen next? – It’s a new millennium. Who knows? – Class is gonna start. – We’ll see. – Oh, dear. Here we go again. – Oh, all right baby. – That heart has a mind of its own. – Oh. – Oh. – It’s not that the heart’s not trying. – What? – I could never date him. – Why? – He runs too much. Aw. (laughing) – All right. Aw. – Aw. – Oh, uh, oh. – Oh, his classmates. – Aw. Ah. – No. No. Oh, no. (gasp) Ah. He broke his heart. Each of them have a half of his heart. – [Producer] Why do think they cut away to the bystanders and their reactions? – Because we are outsiders. We’re not in the mainstream. We think that they have
a right to judge us, when in fact they do not. This is the world they have created. Not us. – Good point. – [Producer] Any guesses
of what’s gonna happen? – There’s an outcome that I want to see. The outcome that I don’t want to see is that the heart stays broken. – No, I think the heart is gonna heal. – Ah. – Jump the hedges, baby. See, he’s getting on my nerves. – Aw. (laughing) – That’s sweet. – Yeah. – That’s wonderful. – [Producer] What did
you think of the ending? – I love happy endings. – So touching. – Child, you loves love love child. – [Producer] Have you ever
been in this kind of situation? – Yeah. – I wish. – Yeah, I can remember
back on school crushes. – [Producer] How old do
you think the kids are? – Ten. – Oh, no, I think they’re probably like seniors in high school. (laughing) – No. – Are you serious? – Yeah, that’s what it struck me as. – If they were seniors in high school they would have jumped each other. – I think they were around eight or nine. – Yeah. – Pre-puberty. – [Producer] Have you ever
seen anything like this before? – No. – No. – Using the animation technique
makes it less threatening. – Yes, absolutely. – Definitely. – Yeah. – [Producer] Do you
think this sort of thing is happening in real life? – I hope so. – Today’s child, they have balls now. – They have an understanding
of what’s going on. – Also, kids these days have
more role models then we did. – Absolutely. – Like even if there’s just
one, they have more than we had. – Right. – Yeah, well, that’s really the accomplishment of our generation. – Yeah. – It is. – You know, during the revolution when so many people started coming out. Then it changed. – But our role models initially
were more about people who were engaged in combat, rather than people who fit in and were just part of life and living. – And it’s very very positive
to see this kind of display for gay people coming
out with a happy ending. – [Producer] So it’s a good thing. – Oh, yeah. – It’s a real good thing. – It’s good for parents. This is saying I love you. I’m on your side. – It’s something to be used
in teaching young people to accept and love each other. – [Producer] What do you think
the take away message is? – Follow your heart. – Do not pass judgment on other people. – Love is for everyone. – Yes. – [Producer] Are you gonna share this? – [Jessay] Share what? – [Mick] Yeah. – [Producer] Will you share the video? – [Robert] Sure. – [Mick] Yeah, if you send it to me. – [Jessay] Yes. That would be awesome. And I can look at it in whole.

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  1. This is so cUTE OHMYGOD-
    Bruh stuff like this makes me so happy. Makes me think that the world is actually getting better, maybe that eventually lgbtq youth won’t have to suffer the way I and many others have. Wholesome 😀

  2. because we are outsiders
    We are not in the mainstreams
    We think they have the right to judge us, when in fact they do not.

    This is the world they have created.
    Not us.

  3. I read this as old guys react not old gays so when I realized my own stupidity I couldn't stop laughing and the way they act is super funny

  4. "Because we are outsiders, we're not in the mainstream. We think that they have the right to judge us when in fact, they do not. This is the world they have created, not us." Very moving words full of wisdom and kindness that certainly touched my heart… Thank you, whoever you are!!!💖

  5. El mundo 🌏 no se equivoco FUERON los gobiernos. La religión. Los muros.la misma humanidad sometida y controlada para ver mal algo que es normal

  6. I love older gays, they're right. Without them we wouldn't be able to be who were are. They're trailblazers and didn't just open minds and hearts, but helped change laws for us to be confident of ourselves. And that's the a debt we'll never be able to pay. Thank you.

  7. "This is good for the parents, it's like saying; I love you and I'm on your side" This honestly made me tear up.

  8. mick is so smart, i've seen a few of your videos by now and you can tell he's a clever person by he's statements

  9. they've officially given the old gays have twice as many videos as the old lesbians
    you can tell which one is their clear favorite

  10. Tf is wrong with you people?! You people are destroying kids minds.! You people are disgusting, i didn't believe in the bible but after watching this BS it is true that we are in the end of times.!

  11. Mick: Well he's in a tree…
    me : laughing
    Mick:…but his heart isn't, so I guess you would say he's conflicted
    me :stops laughing- that was actually pretty insightful

  12. You guys should react to Ben Platt's "Older" music vid. Both for the irony, and also cuz I think you'd enjoy the message/story of the video. 😁

  13. Now please let them react to the recent MV "Love me like there's no tomorrow" by Freddie Mercury. It's just beautiful and sad

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