Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Trailer #2 (2019) | Movieclips Trailers

I’m Rick Dalton. It’s my pleasure Mr. Schwartz. Call me Marvin. Put ‘er there. That’s Your son? No, that’s my stunt double, Cliff Booth. Last night we watched a Rick Dalton double feature. All the shooting I love that stuff. You know, the killing. A lot of killing. Anybody order fried sauerkraut? You an actor? No, I’m a stuntman. So, you still with Rick, huh? Still here. You can do anything you want to him. I hired you to be an actor, Rick. Not a TV cowboy. You’re better than that. Line? Cut! Embarass yourself like that in front of all those goddamn people. Alright, what’s the matter partner? It’s official old buddy. I’m a has-been. Here I am flat on my ass and who do
I got living next door to me? I’m Sharon Tate. I’m in the movie. You’re in this? That’s me. I play Miss Carlston. The klutz. Charlie’s gonna dig you. In this town It can all change like that. Hey! You’re Rick f-ing Dalton.
Don’t you forget it.

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