Once You’re In, There’s No Way Out – “Time” – Full Free Maverick Movie

Once You’re In, There’s No Way Out – “Time” – Full Free Maverick Movie

(somber piano music) (vocalizing tune) ♪ Time so quickly ♪ ♪ Passes by ♪ ♪ Oh how time does ♪ ♪ Seem to fly ♪ – Yeah. No, just in the hood. Oh yeah? Count me in, I’ll be there. What time? Fo sho. Say no more, I’m on the way. Shit. (eerie music) (ominous music) – [Gunman] Boo! Where you going? – [Hat Thug] Sit your ass down. – What? What’s this about? I don’t owe nobody nothing. – Who said you owe us? But you did steal from me. – What? Steal? Steal what? What you walking about? – [Hat Thug] You
lost your memory now? – Fucker. You being stupid. – I can explain. – You can’t explain shit. I did five years
in the pen for you. – Gonna take a ride. We’re gonna have a little talk. Shit. (ominous music) You aight, man. (menacing music) – [Thug Voiceover] Man. I just got done
with another hit. There’s not enough money
in this lower shit. If I’m doing it, why not do it on a bigger level? I want real money. Big money. It’s that time. – All right. Man. Check this out. I’m tired of getting
this local money. Let’s take it to
the big leagues. – I’m down with that. What you got in mind? – Man, I can read
you like a book. Go ahead and speak, dog. – Well, I gotta connect that will plug us
with public officials and politicians. – Okay, so what you saying? – I’m saying, whenever
politicians are involved, it means more
bread at the table. – Whatever it is,
I’m in, hands down. – Trust me, within a few months you can buy your
mom a new house. – Yeah but it could
also be suicidal too. – You could keep working
your sorry nine to five. Your choice. – We deserve more money for
what we’re doing anyway. – I’m gonna meet with
the connect next week. Set some things up. All I need to know, all y’all ready? (chuckling) – Man, been ready. – Shit, I was born ready. – All right, let’s get to it. Are we ready for this? Get ’em up here, man! Give my money, man. Give me that! (traffic commotion) – So what we all doing? Wanna go to Applebee’s? What you gonna put on? I’ll probably put on a little
skirt and some sandals. Little top. If I don’t put that on,
I’d probably put on a dress or something like that. So what time do you want
me to meet you down there? Oh, okay, that’s good. I probably will. We can meet up and go down
there around about nine. That’s cool. All right, well I’ll see
you later on around nine. (horn honking) Either you going egg white
or we just gonna part ways. How about that? (suspenseful beat music) – Yo, Randolph! – Randolph! What up? What’s up, man? What’s going on? – What do we got here? – Randolph, it’s a long time. You gonna say something? You gonna say something? (suspenseful music) (gunshots booming) (women mumbling) – [Woman] Oh this one, this one. Thank you. – Carla. Let me talk before you say anything. – Ira, what’re you doing here? Please stay away from me. – I’m not here for you. I just wanna see my daughter. How is she? – She’s good without you. We don’t need a
killer in our lives. – [Ira] It was self defense. Your boyfriend about
punched me in the face in front of my daughter. So I defended myself. – That’s bullshit
and you know it. Even a courtroom
fell for that crap. – I could care less about
you or your dead boyfriend. I just wanna see my daughter. – Please just stay away from us. Before I call the police. – You always wanted
her to be to yourself. Tell my daughter I love her. – She’s afraid of you. Even I am. Just leave us alone. We’re better without you. (birds chirping) – About time. I was getting tired
of sitting around here watching my fingernails grow. What do you want? Make it quick. My wife thinks I’m
at the cigar shop. – It’s all about
the money, honey. – Money? You freaks trying to jack me up for some more bread
with this job? Is that it? Is that why I’m out here? – Nah, Mr. Mayor, we didn’t come here
for more money. We’re professionals. A deal is a deal. We just here to change
it up, that’s all. – Yeah. We’re just changing it up. – What does that mean? – It means we want
it all up front. – Thought you said
a deal was a deal? And that wasn’t the deal. – This is how we’re
playing it now, Mr. Mayor. Nothing means nothing until
the transaction is made. Dig? – [Thug] Yeah man, you dig? (ominous music) – Fuck you. Yeah, that’s right, fuck you! The last job you did
for me was sloppy and that’s being generous. You screwed the pooch so bad the media almost connected
the dots back to me. So, dig this. How about you get
nothing upfront? A big fat zero! Not a fucking dime! Capiche? – Capiche this. Just put our money
together so we can do it. Or else. (ominous music) – Is that a threat? – Nah, it’s not a
threat, Mr. Mayor. You must’ve forgot. We’re all in this together. Up to our asses. – You know, I could always
find another team. – You couldn’t find another team even if you paid double
from what you’re paying us. Nobody wants to work
for a crooked mayor. Not even broke dick
scale street trash. (laughing) Hell, I bet your own momma
don’t even trust you. – Morons. Fucking morons! You two would still
be in prison for life if it weren’t for me. – [Thug] Hey, man! (ominous music) – Let’s get this
crystal clear here! You would be six feet under if it wasn’t for me and Pax. Ha. You must’ve forgot about
last year, Mr. Mayor. – Okay. Okay, so it’s a wash. Where do we go from
here, what’s next? – We contact you the usual way. Tell you where is the location. Until then, it’s about the money, honey. – I’ll have it, don’t worry. And when you do the job, try not to fuck it up. (Mayor laughing) That would be a
refreshing change of pace from your usual M.O. – Oh yeah, Mr. Mayor. Tell your family we said hello. (laughing) (dramatic piano music) – Hi. – Hey. – How are you? – I’m good, what’s up? – Come in, it’s good to see you. – Good to see you. Hey, sister. – Good to see you, brother. – Good. – Come on in, let’s talk. – Aight, let’s talk. – Ira, what’s going on
with you down in Memphis? Once again, I’m hearing nothing but negative things about you. – You’re always
hearing something. You should know by
now that I don’t care. – You know your way of
living is always on the edge. I mean, trouble
all the damn time. It never stops with you. – I didn’t come here
to hear you preach! Just came by to see
what was going on. It’s been a minute. – Well don’t get comfortable because you’re not staying here. What, you on the run from
the law or something? (Ira laughing) – Kendra, you’re still the same. Always making
assumptions about shit. I don’t wanna stay in this dump. I came by because I was bored. – You’re bored? Really? You coulda went anywhere, so
tell me why you’re really here. – I’m here on work. Just came by to see
my little sister. That’s all. – You know since mom passed everyone has just
been so distant. I haven’t heard from anyone. – That’s life. You act like the old lady
raised you so something. She was too busy putting a needle in her arm. – Ira show some damn
respect, that was our mother! What kind of monster are you? Get outta here! I want you gone, now! – I’m the monster they made me! And I’d be glad to get
the fuck out of here. Enjoy the rest of
your lame-ass life. – Oh Ira, oh Ira,
what’s poppin’? Damn, nigga, like that? – Hey man, get the
fuck out of here with all this bullshit, man. I’m here to tell you, man, to
stay the fuck out of my way. – My nigger getting the cake. What you walking about? – Getting cake? Paco, when I met you
you were steal cars. You was broke as shit. – Same old Ira, always
talking about old shit. You must be jealous
or something. – Jealous? You must be scared or something. I see you brought your
team with you, huh? – Damn right. – Aight. I’m gonna show you something. Watch this. Money talk! – Okay, okay. You got killers
and I got killers. Now what? – Like I told you before, man. Stay the fuck out of my way because you already
know that I’ll put you and your boys to sleep, one, pow, by, pow, one, pow. – You know what, Ira? Me and you just a like
except for one thing. I love all my niggers,
you killed all yours. – Man, get the fuck out of
here with that bullshit. Don’t even worry
about this shit. All lay back, man. Fuck you niggers. (men grumbling) (ominous music) (laughing) – Pax, how was it? – It was good. – How’re you doing, man? – I’m good. – Let’s talk more
about this situation. – You know I’m all of this. I already know
what this is about. – Of course you do. This is a 350
thousand dollar hit. We split 50/50. – You know that sounds good and I understand that, but what I don’t understand
is why we’re working with him. – Listen, in our line of work, it’s business. This is what we do best. – Man, that’s true. But the Mayor’s real slick. Ain’t no telling
what he trying to do. – He is no slicker
than me and you. And if we have to,
we’ll pop his top. Pop! – Man, he got the
cops working for him. I know he’s up to something. – Let me ask you, of all the hits that
we’ve done together, why are you scared of the Mayor? – Man, I’m not
scared of that chump! I just know he’s
up to something. – He got so many enemies, he wouldn’t know what hit
him from what direction. – And we saved
his ass last year. – Yeah and just because you
were dating his daughter and she didn’t want to see
her old man in a funeral home. – Hey, look, stop
bringing that up, aight? – Look, man, you are more of a
killer than I am. I’m gonna do this hit
with you or without you. (clicking) – Thank you, folks,
for coming out. And I want you to vote
for me, all right? And if you’re not
registered voters, register to vote. Sign up. It’s the American way. Thank you for coming out today. (cheering) (applauding) – Great to see another
old nigger paying it off. – Thank you. Thank you folks for coming out. Again, register to
vote for me, okay? (applauding) You a brave soul, Mr. Mayor. Walking around this city
with no security to speak of. – Well I’ll tell you, son. This is my town and
these are my people. No one’s gonna hurt me here. My people love me. – Well be that as it may, I still think it’s a
foolish thing to do, a man in your position. – Well that’s very enable
of you to say so, Web. It truly is. I appreciate you looking
out for my wellbeing. But I’ll be just fine. (chuckling) – Aren’t you a little
underdressed, Mr. Mayor? (chuckling) – What? This is summer in the
south, my brother. Even the mayor gets a
chance to beat the heat. – If you say so. And I ain’t your brother. – Ah, I’m disappointed
in you, Web. Aren’t we all brothers
under the skin? My brother? (chuckling) – So, what can I do for
you, Mr. Mayor? What brings you out of this, that den of iniquity
you call your office? (Mayor laughing) – You know what? I like your directness. It speaks well of you, son. I like a man who knows how
to stand up for himself. It makes it that
much more fun for me when I kick your ass
in this next election. I digress. I actually came here
to do you a solid. (chuckling) – You came to do me a solid? – Well, yes, in a
manner of speaking. I came here to warn you that
your life may be in danger. (ominous music) – What? Where did you hear
such nonsense? – I told you, this is my town. I hear everything. – This is bullshit. You’d do anything to
keep me from campaigning. You’re a son of a bitch. – Au contraire, mon homme. I like the competition,
it keeps me sharp. Keeps me up on my game. Oh, and as for that death threat, you are indeed under
a death threat. Okay? – What because
this is your town? (ominous music) – Out of the mouths of babes. – I’ll tell you what, asshole! It ain’t gonna work! I’mma be out here every day! Every single day! And I’m gonna kick
your ass, Mr. Mayor! That’s right! I’m gonna beat you down! I’m gonna expose the
corrupt son of a bitch we all know you are! You hear me, Mr. Mayor?! (ominous music) (birds chirping) – Well, Paco, good
that you could make it. How’re you doing? – Good, I’m good. – I heard you got
some info for me. – Yeah, look. These two dudes running
around, out of control, fucking up my business,
threatening my customers. – Man, don’t bullshit me, Paco. Just give me some names, man. You know there’s
bodies everywhere. – Well, they go by Ira and Pax. I used to run with
them back in the day but then I called it quits. – Huh, okay. So you’re telling me
that these two guys are the ones knocking off
all the public officials? – Damn right. For the right price, these cats
will dress up like teachers and kidnap the principal. – Ah, I see. So now you’re telling me
they’re good at their job. Man, how the hell do I know
you’re not telling me the truth? All street hustlers lie. – Look at me, these cats are dangerous. They need to be off the streets. – Man, you look at me! I got enough shit on you to
put you away for ten calendars. – Be easy, detective,
I’m helping you. And plus, shit, my life
on the line right now. – Hey, it’s either this or
you’re going to jail, big shot. Whatever you wanna be, big shot. – Fine, fuck this shit. (somber music) – It’s such a wonderful day. I enjoy spending time with you. – And I agree. And me thinks you
looking all beautiful. I couldn’t imagine
being anywhere else. – Whatever, Mr. Wilks. You know, you mama taught
you how to treat a lady. I could spend all
day in your arms. – You know I’m always here. And now, about next week. I’ll be out of town
on some business. So don’t you go having
too much fun without me. – I understand business. Just make sure that you come home so we
can spend time together. But you know what, I think you go out of town
more than the President. – You know I’m coming back. This is just for a week. You know what? I got a surprise for you. Let’s leave here
so I can show you. – [Ira] I need to talk
to you for a minute. Just give me a second. Excuse me. Hello, ma’am. – Hello. Baby, is everything okay? – Yeah, look, go wait
in the car for me. I’ll be there in just a second. – You sure? – I’m sure. Go ahead, I’m listening. Since you’re popping up
like some magic trick. – No need for the
little attitude. I’ve been calling you all week and I get no answer. Now I see what’s up. – I know the
schedule, I’m on it. So don’t be showing up on me like I’m you’re little
kid or something. – Okay, okay, Mr. Loverboy. While you’re eating cupcakes
and baking muffins and shit, you’re gonna fuck around
and get caught up. – Maybe you need to
go find some love, Mr. 24 Bloodshed. You can’t put the gun
down for a second? – I see you haven’t learned yet. I would never put my gun down and the only thing I love is commas after commas. That sweet moola! This is my world. You just wanna be in it. I can see it in your eyes. – Don’t start that again. You are drunk and I
know how you can get. – You don’t know nothing. All you know how to do
is look good all day and spend my money. Give me, give me, give me. – You can’t be serious. Is that how you
really feel about me? – Yeah. I’m serious as all that shit. You think I’m crazy, don’t you? – Sometimes I do but I
say I love your crazy ass. (groaning) – You don’t love me. You love designer clothes. Fancy restaurants. All paid vacations. Look at you. Girl, you love your damn self. (smacking) – Don’t start that again. Don’t disrespect me. After all the shit
you put me through? – Let me tell you something. I shoulda left your
ass where I found you. At the Waffle House
making omelets. – That’s it! I take no more of this. Have a nice life, it’s over! – [Ira] Bye! – Over. – Bye, get the fuck out of here! Where you going? You ain’t got shit. Where you going? I got women lined up,
ready to replace your ass. Get the fuck out of here. Bye. Bye. Go back on your mama couch Step that ass out of here. Bye! What the fuck, this
my fucking world! You ain’t tell me about nothin’. You ain’t got shit and I put, got your stinking ass from the Waffle House. You gonna talk about me. I run this shit, man. I run this shit! I run this shit! Don’t give a fuck about nobody. This is my world. My world, my money. That’s what it is,
don’t give a fuck about nothin’! (ominous beat music) – Hello? Who? Really? I got you. Be there. – Fuck you talking about? Man, we already been
by the street, man. Why you gotta be talkin’
about this shit, man? I’m on the block,
what’s happening? I’m feeling ready to get fresh. (mumbling) What’s up? (customers chattering) (customers laughing) (customers chattering) How are we gonna handle it? – We gotta go get it. – Sure don’t know who got it. You know who got it? That new nigger you fucked with. That’s who got it. – I know, my nigger. (distant police sirens) – Yeah. Get the bitch. (traffic commotion) – Hello? Well, long time, no hear. Yeah, so where you wanna meet? All right, cool, cool. Got it, see you then. (dramatic music) So when do you
want me to do this? (man sighing) – [Ira] Give it a few weeks. And when you do it, I want you to do it slowly and painfully. – I never liked
her from the start. Just another gold-digging bitch. – [Ira] Hey, that gold-digger is the
mother of my daughter. – Like you care. You got a heart made of stone. – And you’re right. I don’t give a damn. Get rid of her but let my daughter live. – Cool. Okay. You know the routine. Five up front and five when I’m done. – [Ira] I want her to
feel the pain so bad I will give you the whole ten. – Okay. Well, say no more. I’ll call you in two weeks. – [Ira] Two weeks it is. (traffic commotion) – Yeah. Yeah, them niggers
bitch-ass niggers, man. Ira and Pax. You know how it go, man. Nigger hate seeing a
nigger doing his own thing but, you know, I’m
gonna hold my own. Man, you gotta do what
the fuck you gotta do. All right, you good. You know, everybody good. No, I’m out on the block, man. Yeah, you know where
I’m at, nigger. Yeah, your woman. All right. Use a rubber, man. Use a rubber. (laughing) All right, fool. Yeah. Taylor! Baby! – [Taylor] Huh? – [Paco] I wanna talk
to you for a minute. – Okay, baby. What is it? – [Paco] What’s up baby? – I just put Keesha down. – Baby, I wanted to
talk to you for a minute and I need your full
attention on this. – Okay, baby, is
everything okay? – Yeah, yeah, yeah,
everything good. I just wanted to ask you, like, have you thought about
leaving the city? You know, me, you and the
baby and just relocate. – Well, yeah, after
I finish school. You know I want
to relocate, Paco. I always wanted to
live by the water. – I know and that’s
why I been thinking, let’s pack up and leave and
go somewhere like Florida. – Are you serious? Where in Florida? Miami, Orlando, Daytona Beach? You know what, it
doesn’t matter, baby, as long as I’m with you. – Well, three weeks back
I went down to Orlando and it’s a nice place
to raise a family in. You know, white sandy
beaches, blue water. Hell, Mickey Mouse
even live there. – This is so, great,
baby, hold on! I gotta go call my mama. She’s gonna trip. – Wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait, before you do that,
let’s make it official first. Do you remember when I
was telling you about all the money saved up? – Yeah, I remember. Baby, our account looks good. We are in a good position. – Well the other day I
put an extra 45 thousand in the account just in case
something happened to me. – What do you mean, just in
case something happened to you? Baby, you never talked
like this before. – Baby, it’s just
emergency money. What’s the matter? We’re going to Orlando. – We going to Orlando! – [Both] We going to Orlando! We going to Orlando! (laughing) – Hello? Hello? Look, who is this? Who is this? How’d you get this number? (cash register clicking) – [Bartender] Hey, girl. – Hi, I know Ira here because
I just saw his car outside. – Yeah, girl, he over there. He ain’t even speak to me. – He didn’t speak to you? – No, girl. – Oh, okay. Thank you. – [Bartender] Thank you, baby. – You know, you
been gone for weeks. I miss you, I love you and I wish that you
would come back home. – Why should I come back home? Nothing is gonna change
between me and you. – Yes it will. It’ll change. We were made for each other. We love each other. – Like I told you last time, I’m in a different
world on another planet. Things don’t exist
in here anymore. – You know, Ira,
when I first met you you were always fighting and
going back and forth to jail, but it was always you that
I thought was special. – Oh yeah? Special, huh? You never thought that way. You know what? You’re using all
of the wrong words. – Give me your hand, Ira. Give me your hand. You feel that? – What? You hungry? You want something
to eat or something? Go get your sugar daddy
to hold your stomach. – I’m not hungry but maybe your baby is
because I’m pregnant. (laughing) – Oh. I knew there was
something wrong with you. You need a psychiatrist bad. – Ira, I know you may be
in your own world but I need you back at
home with my and your baby so we can raise
this child together. – [Pax] Hey baby,
what’s going on? – Don’t “hey, baby” me! So you been telling me
lies this whole time! – Lies about what? You know everything about me. – You’re telling
me a lie right now. What business do you
have with my stepfather? – Would you calm down? I have no business with him. – My stepfather is
a very dangerous man and he told me that you
are working for him. – Listen, I have no ties with him. I have my own
business, remember? – I thought you were a painter. Hell, I don’t know
who you are right now. – So you’re just gonna
believe this guy? Hell, everybody
knows he’s a liar. – I can’t do this anymore. You’re always gone and I only see you for
like twice a month. – Look, baby, don’t do this. I promise, things
will get better. I just need a little more time. – I’ve already given
you enough time. Now it’s time to say goodbye. – [Pax] Wait, wait, wait. Look. Let’s leave this city right now. I just wanna go away and
start a family together. – That sounded good in the past but I just can’t do it. (dramatic music) – No! No! (dramatic piano music) (whispering) I gotta get you back. I gotta get you back. (dramatic piano music) (birds chirping) (insects buzzing) Shavon? Baby, look baby, you
need to pick up the phone and talk to me. I promise. Look, I’ll get this all
straight with you, man, just pick up the
phone and talk to me. I don’t like the
way this is going. I don’t like when you ignore me. I can’t take that. You need to pick up the
phone, you need to talk to me. Shavon, do you hear? Look, I love you. Baby, I love you. Please. Please, just let me explain. I just wanna explain. All right, call be back
when you get this message. Later. (cicadas buzzing) Baby. I’m gonna get you back. (motorcycle rumbling) (sighing) Yo. I don’t know, man, look. Look, man, I’m on it. What is you talking about, man? Look, I got you, man, I got you. No, man, ain’t nobody
running behind. Look, man, I got this, aight? I always take care
of my business. Look, man, I’m just
telling you, man. Look, just stop even worrying
about what’s going on. I got this, I’m gonna
handle it, aight? I always come through. Aight, man, holler. Damn. Gotta get that money. (engine rumbling) Go holler at him, man. – [Ira] Yo. – What’s up? (faintly talking) Pax. What it is? What’s real in the field, man? – [Pax] Not much. – What you getting into? – Who is this cop that
you been talking to? – What? What the fuck is
you talking about? – Man asked you a question and I advise you to answer. – Man, come on. Paco don’t like police, so why the fuck would
I be talking to them? – That’s not what we heard. You’re starting to
be bad for business. – Let it out. That’s the problem
with you dope boys. You get money, like to party, get drunk and start talking. – Yeah, that’s what we do, baby. Get money, turn up,
then fuck bitches. But discussing our business
is something Paco don’t do. – You know what,
Paco, man, I like you. You stay the same all the time. – Shit, Pax, I don’t know
no other way to be, baby. – Well, Paco, I’m here to tell you today’s your last
day on the job. (ominous music) – What? (suspenseful music) (gagging) (Ira yelling) – [Pax] Keep going. So strong, man. (Ira groaning) (menacing music) (dramatic music) (traffic commotion) – Hey.
– Hey. – Hi.
– How you doin’? – So who did this to Paco? Because he was a good man. I miss him so much. – It’s gonna be okay, Taylor. Sorry we couldn’t
make the funeral. Out of town on business. – We gotta find out
who did this to him. – No, I don’t want
you two in trouble. The police said I
gotta leave, so. – Hey, hey, hey. Don’t worry about us. (sighing) Let me ask you. How you been holding up? – I mean, it’s rough. Got to raise a child
with school and work. – Anything we can
do to help you? – No. No. My mother’s helping out but thank you for coming
and checking up on me. – No problem at all, Taylor. We’ll see you around. – If you need anything, you know how to get
in contact with us. (dramatic music) – We have got to get
these two off the streets. – I know. – People are running scared. They’re done, they’re over it. – Ira Dunstin and Pax Wilks? These two street kids have
become hired contract killers. – Yeah. Those are your guys. Did you go to school with them? – Yeah, we did, but we chose a different path. See Ira was always a
hothead shoot guns off, fighting all the time. Pax, he was a people’s person
but still dangerous. – Well, I did get
some information from the street
hustler, Paco Norris. – Ah ha. – But guess what. His word is no good anymore because he was found
dead in an alleyway. – We have no leads, nobody
wants to talk about these guys. You know, if they catch
you talking to the police they’ll erase you. – I know, we just gotta
be smart about this but they’re not stupid because they don’t
leave any evidence. No signs. No trace of anything. It makes no sense.
– My main concern is Ira. I know he is the leader
of this killing spree. I know he is. We got to get
something, anything. Somebody will talk. – Yeah, well, they’re
not stupid, obviously. Then they move around a lot. So wherever they are, we
just have to trace them. We have to be careful and
we have to find them now. – You know they’re not
going down without a fight. It’s not going to be easy. – All I know is if we
come up with our own plan we have to be careful. We just gotta get
them out of here because people are afraid
to go out at night. They think that
they’re the boogieman. – Look, I’ll speak
to the others. We’ll find some warrants. Anything that we can do, whatever it takes, we’ll get them off the street. – We catch these two
lunatics, I am retiring. I am done. (laughing) – You said that last year. You said that last year. – And the year before. – So I doubt it. – But it’s always
good seeing you. – It’s always a pleasure. – I’m a step ahead of you. Let’s get these guys. – All right, we’ll
see you tomorrow. We’ll get these guys
off the street now. – It’s done. (somber piano music) (beat music) ♪ Go up ♪ ♪ Go up ♪ ♪ Hey, go up ♪ ♪ Hey, you’re a fool for this ♪ ♪ Go up ♪ ♪ Roll up and I pull up ♪ ♪ Roll up and I pull up ♪ ♪ Roll up and I pull up ♪ ♪ I’m about to throw up ♪ ♪ Roll up and I pull up ♪ ♪ Roll up and I pull up ♪ – What’s going on, man?
– What’s happening? – You all right? – Yeah, man. Shit fucked up out here, bro. – Damn, man, shit. Crazy what happened
to Paco, man. – I know, man, it’s
that nigger, Ira. – For real? – That dude putting real
pressure on the street, bro. Bro got real goons out here. They’re trying merch
anything moving, bro. – Damn, we need to make a
move on this nigger, man. – We need to make a move asap, but what I’m saying to you,
bro, we gotta stay focused. We gotta keep our
thing on our hip. – Fo sho. – Can’t take bullshit, bro.
– Fo sho. – Next Paco, nigger, don’t
wanna be the next Paco, nigger. – Right. – We gotta stay
focused, brother. – I’m with you. I’m with you, dude. – Fo sho, we gonna do fine, bro. Call me, bro,
whenever you’re ready. – Aight. – Get it tomorrow,
get it tomorrow. Call me tomorrow. – Aight. (traffic commotion) – Man, that’s foul to tell
Taylor it’s gonna be okay. We’re the ones that killed him. – So what you wanna do? You wanna go back and
tell her we did it? Man, you starting to be too
damn soft for this work. – Hold on, now. There’s nothing soft about me. I mean, how long are
we gonna do this shit? – Man, you’re a grown man. You make your own decisions. You could start right now. – I’m not trying to be
no 75 year old hit man. I mean, damn man,
sometimes I just wanna sit back on a beach
with my family. – Family? You ain’t got no goddamn family. I’m the one that’s
keeping us alive and you’re sleeping with
the Mayor’s stepdaughter. How smart is that, man? – Oh, okay. Now I see what this
shit is all about. You’re still mad because you wife left
you for a younger dude and you killed him. – And? Anyway, if the money right, I’ll take out man, woman, or child. I don’t give a shit. Ain’t got no heart. – There’s no hope for you. None at all. (dramatic music) (entry bell ringing) (faint music) – Hello. – Hey, how’re you doing? – I’m all right. I’m here to see Blue. – Yes, ma’am. He’s in the back. – Oh, okay. Hey, Blue. – Miss Atlanta. I wanna thank you
for meeting me here. How are you? – I’m fine. Just nervous, that’s all. – Now what do you have
to be nervous about? You’re in good hands. (chuckling) – Ira’s crazy. He told me if he found
out I talked to the cops, he’ll break my neck. – Help me help you. Is there anything that’s been
going on that you’ve noticed? Anything strange,
out of the ordinary? Phone calls, names,
anything like that. – Well, one night he thought I was
asleep but I wasn’t asleep. – Give me some details.
– I overheard him. – Give me some more details. What did you hear? – I heard him saying that
he had to go make a drop and that he had to go pick
someone up from the airport. (somber piano music) – Did he say who? – No. But he told me, “Don’t worry. “Atlanta, I’ll be back.” – Did he come back? – Yeah, he came back. – What did he say
when he got back? Did he tell you anything about
what he did at the airport? Male, female, what did he drop? – He said, “Man, I had
to pay off a title. “I had to pay off a title.” – I know that that means. Do you know your fiance has
a very long criminal record? – I was finding out. Yeah. I know. – Is there anything else? Any other details? Any other type of conversations, names, dates, places you could tell me about? Remember, you’re safe here. – I heard him saying that he had to go pick
us some extra cash and he told me don’t worry. Me and him was gonna be okay. So I told him okay. (dramatic music) – Now you know you can
talk to me anytime, right? – Right. – You know I’m here
for you, right? – I know. – When is the next
time we can meet? – Oh, no, no, I
can’t meet with you. Ira’s crazy. I can’t meet with you. I have to be extremely careful. He crazy. – If you want to remain safe, you will come and talk to me. – Okay. – Thank you. – Thank you. (ominous music) – Where you going, Dorothy? Down the yellow brick road? What you looking
for, some courage? Or maybe you trying
to find heart. I know one thing you do need is a fucking brain! – Man, are you out of your mind? – Shut the fuck up! You don’t wanna listen. You still messing
with that girl. All I know, roller skating and
playing jump rope! – So what you gonna do? Kill me? Go ahead, kill a dude. – No, I don’t have to. You’re gonna kill yourself. I told you, we got real
business to take out here. We got enemies. – You think I’m slow? Look, you putting an
bullet in everybody is not gonna solve everything. (ominous beat music) – You stupid motherfucker. You a cop? You wired? Because in a minute
you’re a dead man walking. I’m trying to tell you but
you don’t wanna listen. You wanna talk that
grown man shit. – Look. I can’t do this no more. Telling lies, living this secret ass life. I’m tired of doing dirt. – Listen to how sissy you sound. You gonna get all of us hit. And the crew feel
different about how you’re not showing
up for the meetings. – Man, fuck the crew! They too sloppy. Shooting anybody, anywhere? It’s too risky and too messy. – You alive because of me. I’m the reason you living. I’m the reason you breathing. – Thanks for letting
me have a life. God? Tell them if they want me to come and get me. – I’ll tell you, if you fuck this up I’m gonna kill that girl and I’m gonna kill you. (ominous music) (whispering) – I don’t wanna use
guns in the situation. I want to take them alive. Do you understand? – You’re the boss. – All the points are
covered, brother. Everything’s good. (traffic commotion) They’re here. I know they’re here. Ready? – Ready. – Ira, Pax? This is the police. We just wanna talk. (ominous music) – They’re here. They’re in the back. Okay. – Ira? Pax? Just come on out, boys. The whole place is surrounded. There’s no way out. I’m not armed. – Just come out, boys. Just come out. – This is the last
chance you’ll get! You don’t wanna do this. Come on, gentlemen. – [Assistant] We’re
not here to help you. – Let’s not make this
a nasty situation. (ominous music) Damn it! – Where the fuck they go?! How in the hell
did they get out? – Search the whole damn thing. The whole damn
thing, nobody leaves. You hear me? Nobody. – How did this happen? – Damn it. Damn it! (crickets chirping) (men mumbling) (laughing) – Okay, man. – Yeah. – Well, are you straight? – Yeah, yeah. Hey, I’m good, I’m good. – You sure? – Yeah, yeah, I’m good. I’m gonna head on out, man. I can handle it from here. – Okay. If you’re good, man, I’m
gonna get on out of here, man. – All right. – Take care. – I will, I will, I will. Drive home. Be safe. – Okay. I’ll see you, man.
– All right. (eerie music) (ominous music) – Excuse me, sir. – [Web] Yeah? – I think I’m lost. – [Web] Oh, okay. – Could you tell me how to get
to the expressway from here? – Oh, okay. That’s simple. Just take this road, right here, and go all the way
down and take a left. You’re gonna turn left. Just take this road here,
turn left, you can’t miss it. – Hey, wait a minute. You look familiar. (Web chuckling) You’re running for mayor, right? – That’s right, that’s right. – Okay, okay. – Right, right, right. And I hope I get your vote. (ominous music) – Hey, you got my vote anytime. – Okay. – Against that crooked man
that’s in office right now. – All right, all right. – Do you mind? Can I get your autograph? – Sure. Let me go get a pen. (eerie music) (ominous music) – Wow. Thank you. I appreciate this. – Yeah, no problem. – Well, it’s getting late. I should be going. – Okay. – Good luck on the race. – Yeah. Hey, thank you. Together, we can
make difference. Remember that. – Okay. – Okay. All right. (menacing music) (dramatic music) (birds chirping) – He’s dead. Money is there. It’s time for me to go. – That’s what’s up. Let’s be clear on
just one thing. I’m done, man. No more for me. – You’ll be broke in a year. You are a killer. It’s inside of you. Don’t stop overnight. – Look, yes it does. And I know you’re
not gonna stop. Or somebody might stop you. – If so, you’ll die trying. Other than that, I’ll see you around, family man. – I doubt that you will. (dramatic music) (somber piano music)

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