One Fine Night 1 || Hindi Short Film 2017 || Directed By Vishal Srivastava

One Fine Night 1 || Hindi Short Film 2017 || Directed By Vishal Srivastava

You Called? Mona? Right yes, please come in. Why are you in such a hurry? How long would it take, a couple of hours
or the whole night? Whole night. Raja always creates such a mess. I’ll charge more for the whole night. How much? 20000/- Alright Mister, pay first. I’ll pay. No, pay first. Hmmmm here, keep it all. Now? What should I do? Anything Meaning You are experienced, you say what should we
do. What should I do to you? Come here we’ll love like mads. I am a prostitute, not your wife that you’ll
love. Why can’t anyone love you? Why would anyone? you are a nice girl, pretty beautiful anyone would like to love you. I am nobody’s sister, friend or daughter to
be loved by, I am just a prostitute. Sorry Shikha. Mona Sorry I should have not said it. So, you want me to remove my clothes or you’ll
do it. Drink? Meaning? I am going to have a whiskey, you want something? What? You are going to drink now, but you.. Just be the prostitute you are, don’t try
to be my wife. Who’s Shikha? hmm? Shikha? Wife? You are married? Your wife is a real beauty? you call her Shikha? No Then? Wife
Hmm, your wife’s beautiful? Why do you ask? Just like that. Are you jealous? She’ll be the one to get jealous, knowing about me. How long have you been doing this? Six years. were you also sold off in your childhood
or you were found in some garbage which led you to here? Where? In this profession. Ohh… No So, what is your story? Who’s story do you know? I mean like in movies, everyone has the some story. No, I do not have any story. Sir, what would happen if your wife comes to know about us? I don’t know. Why? will she not feel bad about you being with
me? Have you ever been married? What does ever means? I am married. And this is what you do? Are you going to do anything or not? Have you ever been on a trip to any place? Are we going to wander off now? No, I was just. Well I have been. i went on a school trip once, though, leave it. Say it. We all went to the city science center, all of us, from the school. All who? Ohh, you are inquiring about my friends. We were a groyp of five – me, Anita, Renu,
Vikas and Manoj. We were such a menace. On that day, I was pretty sure that Manoj
would propose me. He ate one and a half paratha out of my tiffin and forced me to eat at least half. I was extremely conscious, because i didn’t want to look fat. after having the water I handed him the bottle and he drank from it. I was so happy. Sooo Happ y Suddenly Manoj came to me and said, “Shikha.. I love you. Shikha is my wife, you are Mona…MONA We had a relationship of four years but he was not settled enough. so my parents.. I am sorry.. I am Sorry Shikha Hmm Thank you for being Mona. You are superb. So what would you be tomorrow, Dolly or Baby Doll? Mona.. Ohh sorry… Sikha Are..Why are you Laughing?

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  1. Two hurt persons love beyond sex or physical attraction. Love needs understanding but sex is momentary devoid of any emotions. Sex without love is bitchy.

  2. story has a suspense but it is aimless ….you are doing insult of wife with new style so i request to create for new ideas !

  3. Performance look like natural and camera, editing perfect. Every one very good. God bless you.

  4. They r not husband and wife….story teaches that not to judge someone by their first impression without knowing their past….

  5. One fine Night part-3
    Plz share if you really like it.

  6. One fine Night part-3
    Plz share if you really like it.

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