One Way Out (Post-apocalyptic film)

One Way Out (Post-apocalyptic film)

This is American Air Force One, we are now approaching the forest. Let’s get moving, we have to get to the chopper! Sir, there are ten more coming! Handle them quickly, but get back soon! They’re over there! Be accurate! Let’s go! The chopper will be here in two minutes! Come on, sir! They’re nearly here! Alright, but we have to finish as much as we can. Oh shoot! Come on, man! Let’s go! The chopper’s here! Let’s go! Alright, now let’s see if we can find something useful. I found a fresh supply of water! Alright, that’s good. Keep looking. RADIO SPEAKER: …only a small amount of survivors on the eastern border of the U.S. John! Come up and listen to this quick! RADIO SPEAKER: …New York to California, and I speak with complete urgency to all survivors. What is it? RADIO SPEAKER: But I repeat, there will be one more flight from New York to California. The plane will be found near the western border of Manhattan, and will evacuate in five hours from now. Remember this is the last chance… Alright, we have to get to that plane. This is exactly where we need to go while we have this package with us. Do you still have it? Of course I do, but we only have five hours, so we need to go now. Alright, let’s go. Alright, Mark, take this. Here’s your gunpowder. Alright, these are three shots. Make them count. Okay, lets go. How much time do we have? We have about four hours left. Okay. What’s in the package? I don’t know what it is, but I haven’t seen anything like it before. My father never told me what it was, but he just told me to be prepared. Prepared for what? It was his setup for what would happen if war came to us. JOHN: He took this very seriously, because he was in the military and he knew this time would come soon. He told me to take two things as my top priority. A gun to protect myself with, and this package. He told me, whatever it was, it would save the world. Are you sure about that? I would always trust my father. Okay, we got to pick up the pace. We got to get to that plane before it leaves. We wouldn’t be able to last in New York for one or two days. Alright, let’s move faster. Wow, this place looks horrible. I couldn’t agree more. Nice architecture, though. Nice art, period. Wait, stop! Did you hear that? Yeah. I’ll check it out, alright? Stay here, don’t move. Keep your eyes peeled. Damn. We got scavengers, man. Alright, just stay quiet. SCAVENGER: Look around! We’re not leaving anyone alive! Are they close? I don’t know, I can’t see any of them. SCAVENGER: Hey! You guys think we could just take a break? SCAVENGER: No! Keep looking! What was that? It came from over there! (scavengers muttering in distance) SCAVENGER: I don’t know, but I know I heard something over here. There they are! Stop them! Well, I guess we’re gonna have to do this the hard way. I’ll shoot first, then you go on the other side and make your shot, but you only have three shots. I know. I’ll make them count. Okay, good, but be precise. Okay! Let’s look for them! Split up! This way. Over there! Damn! One shot left! What’s in here? What’s in here?! I guess it look’s like I’m just gonna have to kill another one. Put this on your wound! Hurry up! Screw this, we’re never gonna catch that plane, man. No, no! We need to catch the plane! What do you mean, “No”? You’re bleeding out, man! Look, do you want to save the world, or not? You know what, you’re right. My father would’ve wanted this. Alright, let’s move. Right. Mark, just face it, man. We’re not gonna make it to this plane. I’m hurt, and you’re already bleeding out. It’s too late. There’s no way we’re gonna make it. Mark. Mark. What? I think I found something, man. JOHN: I don’t know who’s car this is. MARK: Got it? Yeah, I got it. Let’s go. Alright, man. Let’s go. You alright? Yeah, I’ll live. Let’s hit it. Come on, come on, come on. I got it. I got it. We can’t make it to California with this one car. Well, this is our one way out.

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  1. I could sit here and tell you how mediocre the acting was and how bad the fake rifle looked and how insane it was how you broke into and started that PT Cruiser. I could. But I won't. Because it all worked! I really enjoyed watching this. Great job guys. You did an amazing job with what you had to work with. Applause and cheers!

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