ONEUS, ㅋㅋ DANCE(KK DANCE)  Full Version [THE SHOW 191008]

ONEUS, ㅋㅋ DANCE(KK DANCE) Full Version [THE SHOW 191008]

Translated by @sunstar0110 & @seohoXyoungjo
Timed by @seohoXyoungjo KK Dance’s 15th Star Stage Geniuses ONEUS
Back to showcase the beauty of Korea (handwritten by ONEUS)
We’ll start with KK dance now! One, two, three Cue Cut Dance Rules
on Cue: Go~ show the choreography
on Cut: Stop~ and do the mission When all missions are completed, everyone will be
given an ending gift on The Show performance ONEUS Lets Go, woo! The moon looks great today~
The Show likes ONEUS Play the music, ONEUS is here Cut! Already a stop? “Dance Genius Hwanwoong”
Oh thank you, Do a cover of a recent girl group dance Execute the dance cover properly
using the given props The members are more shocked
than the actual one involved ㅎㅎ Mission item: Tooty tooter (They’re already tired)
Do it quickly!Look at our Woongie’s cutenessSecond item: Fairy Wings (Ah its not over yet)KH: A fairy is flying! SH: Waaa it’s a fairy~The difference between an excited fairy and the members suffering.aviDance cover mission: Success!
Hurry up and run back! It was fun just watching KK dancePlease look at Youngjo’s visuals…
A nation has already been built.. with you as King.. Before Cutie Xion becomes shadowed, cutThe future’s make up fairy, Xion Spin around 10 times then put on lipstick
(time limit: 1 minute) (has long forgotten his mission) Xion-ah, we believe in you LD: We’re in a relaxed position so its fine XN: Its no fun since the hyungs are in a comfortable positionIt’s okay, Xion is going to show slapstick comedy now ~Maknae Doongdoongie’s time to work~ All done! (10 counts complete) Go over there!! (Xion going in a different direction) Up front! Why are you so excited for no reason? Run over there You have to go upfront– I’m so dizzy
– Hurry up
This guy is originally a clumsy one(You have to succeed)Prettily (ma ma ma ma) Did he succeed within 1 minute? (He succeeds to put on lipstick perfectly) Not sure if he put it on correctly though With a fashionable lipstick color and clearer beauty, cue! King Lee Do who invented his cool self Just seeing that face makes us excited Just as everyone starts to get pumped up, cut! Is this for real??? Handsome Lee Do – play the recorder while wearing a gat (Traditional korean hat) With his nose?? This is gonna be fun What’s the airplane song?
(Kim Lee Do 23 / Early childhood Ed – doesn’t know the famous airplane song) (the reality is hard to swallow) Can I do that with my nose? You can do it You’re the king after all (team killer 1) Will that big thing fit in his nostril? The mission is not to fit the recorder inside his nostril Playing the recorder using your nose was not taught in early childhood Ed Do a deer, Re a drop How do you not know Do Re Mi?!!?
(finishes familiarizing himself with Do Re Mi) I’m gonna start Will he be okay? ONEUS’s handsome Lee Do What is this sad tune…? (team killer 2) Is he playing it with his nose???! (team killer 3) Why is he so bad at this? He fights a sad battle against the team killers Is he playing it with his nose?? Yeah, he is Its been 3 minutes since ‘cut’
ONEUS has forgotten the pain as they are focused on the instrument A valuable success with meticulous listeners! common effect of the KK Nillilliya~ KK Dance is awesome ulsoo ulsoo~ Stage Geniuses, US~ you will be saved in The Show’s memory Guess its okay to slow down cut now~ Ah I’m so nervous! I knew it!!
(the sad hunch was not wrong… cut!) ONEUS Teamwork Test – eat the snack dangling onto a cone hat in relay Members must each eat the snack of the member beside them without touching it (time limit: 120 seconds) ONEUS will now begin the snack eating contest Ready, go (starting from Keonhee) Eat up~ An active president* and a scared chick
(because Keonhee has the same name as a CEO of a famous company in Korea) Eat up Ah that hurts His lips are too small, he can’t eat it Come on, come on… what the heck ;;; Will you PLEASE move away
(the reality doesn’t go along with him) Why cant you eat it?!? Small lips Lee Do’s struggle It’s only the first one…. You got it! A violent (?) success! Wild Lee Do attacks by spinning the Sangmo The sangmo is spinning (Sangmo – korean folk arts hat) (the cone hat eventually falls) The others are nervous… Stay calm, stay calm (If Lee Do would just be calm) Eat up, eat up You can do it! (they calmy retry) Only two people have passed but already used up 60 seconds Quickly..! Got it! Nooooooooooo! He hasn’t eaten it Succeeds in biting the cracker fast! Come here, come here Squirrel Seoho waiting with his mouth open They attempt to communicate just by swinging Genius Squirrel gets it at first try That’s great! (even the feeder is amazed) An unexpected Xion thunder Not sure whether it was an accident or not The hyungs are focused on eating the cracker Try to stay still Hyung, why can’t you eat it? Restless Keonhee approaches He still can’t eat it even though it’s already on his lips!!! What the heck? Hyung…. Succeeds with much difficulty Only Keonhee left Quick He immediately catches it with his big mouth Eats both the cracker and the cone hat ㅋㅋ Did they succeed within 120 seconds?? 100 seconds! (success?) We succeeded with 128 seconds… (sadly they fail with 128 seconds!!) Great! Keep your hopes up and let’s go ONEUS~ cue! Keep fighting as you look at To Moons!! Barely had time to breathe but CUT! Already? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Members must guess the word stuck on Seoho’s body while he does acrobatics A game where they have to quickly guess the word on Seoho’s body while he does acrobatics It’s hard to do acrobatics so please look carefully and take a guess! Trust and watch Seo-crobatics I’m starting !! Skillfully stopping while doing side roll !! (Did they see it?!)
Me, me! RAVN, RAVN! Stage Geniuses ONEUS Easily succeeds ~Now on to a second question of the mission~ I’m gonna spin around so look at it carefully~! (ok ok do it) (on his back) Gunmini fool The word gets covered by his clothes…! What was that?
I couldn’t see it Gunminie… something… Gunmin is…!!! Let’s try again I’m gonna hold on to my clothes so look at it closely. Gunminie showing off a double axel Can’t see it even in slow motion…. RAVN!! (could it be…???) Guminie fool With his perfection vision Jjonyangie gets it correct! Gunmini fool… why do you like it tho ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Forgetting something is stuck on his back, let’s quickly CUE! They return to their professional self in an instant Heard ONEUS’s hobby lately is fishing…. they fish for fluttering hearts… What a catch today! Before we go to the 2nd verse…. cut! With your eyes closed, guess 6 ma la xiang guo food item I’m so jealous!!!!!
Keonhee to feed me To eat? No, you feed me Eat? Feed! Xion is jealous too He succeeds if he can guess 6 items from the ma la xiang guo He is happy just by its scent.. Yummy
Out of all the missions, their focus on this one is the best Hyung… this is not easy but you definitely know it RAVN getting a taste of the first item I know how to eat that too.. Bite it Shrimp! Okay
Correct You can’t not know this Bean sprouts! Okay! (Lee) Do watching RV’s mukbang intently Tofu? (correct!) Hyung you like this one, you can’t not know this (he knows jjonyang too well) Idk what that is even though i see it.. ㅋㅋ Woong is eating with his eyes Hyung, it’s that one Wood ear mushroom! What? (heard it but doesn’t know what it is) Mosquito? (it’s not a mosquito mushroom)
(목이 sounds almost the same 모기 – mosquito) This one’s very delicious (current score: 4/6) This is savory meat… BEEF!!! Beef is wrong! If not beef then…? LAMB!!! Barely got it correct! Sorry but can’t you feed him faster? Last of the eating time! They will succeed when they get this correct This one is popular Meat ball! Correct? Succeeded with 6 guesses! Let’s go to the 2nd verse (for real now)~ cue! Our ONEUS please don’t get tired and have some fun~ Cut! Long legged Keonhee.. take a selca with your feet making sure all members are visible How is that possible? Let’s try! I’m gonna set the timer at 10 seconds Are those socks with separate toes? // No!
(more interested in Keonhee’s socks) On stage… We already made a comeback.. Comfortable as if he takes pictures usually with his feet 10, 9, 8… Keonhee, are we in the frame?
We are, we are! How did it turn out? We’re definitely on the picture Perfect success with the feet selca! To congratulate Keonhee’s success.. cue! Let’s go to the next mission right away~ cut Double speed LIT starts now! Without mercy, double speed dance start Let’s get on the double speed rhythm Even the live version is on double speed Using twice the energy too You can stop now please They eventually run out of energy bc of the ruthless double speed Just made a comeback but how are they pulling off the double speed dance? Double speed dance, a big success It’s harder than it looks They are shaky as an after effect of double speed Even after all this, unshaken visuals We’re tired… please say cut.. Ok this is the last one… cut A special mission! A game of bowling using random kinds of balls We don’t know what you like so we prepared everything ^^ Are bowling pins supposed to be that many? Using this one too? Aren’t those socks? Each member gets one chance, they must knock down all pins to succeed Give this one to Hwanwoong hyung first
Assigning a ball to Hwanwoong who has unlucky hand first For the unlucky fairy, the ping pong ball is assigned
Hwanwoong ah, this is yours ~Assigning the better ball to the person who knows how to play~ Let’s go! I think we should start with Hwanwoong You’re all disregarding me. Lets begin the challenge starting from Woongie with his unlucky hands! A chance to get rid of the nickname ‘unlucky hands’ 6 pins! Fairy Woong escapes being the unlucky hands I’m gonna go next (Lee Do takes initiative)
Did you see it? Keonhee can’t believe what’s happening Take Doya’s potato ball!! Although he knocks down a lot of the pins, they are in a difficult situation We each have to knock one down Keonhee targeting the pin at the very end The one at the end??
Yeah Keonhee challenges with his soft sock ball Keonhee succeeds with 2 pins You at least have to knock down one each, at least one! I don’t think Youngjo hyung will be able to do it RAVN throws the actual bowling ball The ball passes in between the pins How did that happen?
(embarrassed) Next, next How will I do this? I’m using an egg Seoho challenges using the egg ball Careful, careful Seoho left with the sound of the egg breaking
embarrassed 2222 Wow that must be yummy In the end, there’s still 3… Can you please move a little bit? Will he succeed…! A pin sandwich that’s not easy to knock down Didn’t even come near Okay, for the last ball!! There’s one more ball..? Keonhee ball Even with Keonhee ball, it looks like they can’t do it.. The site of a horrible destruction.. Sadly, they failed KK dance (since earlier).. To congratulate them on the comeback, we’ll give them special treatment Special effects are coming A sudden shock in the middle of performing live It’s surely fun seeing you guys but.. Let’s end this with pretty effects~ ONEUS failed the KK dance. We can end it here Youngest bunny Xionie King of duality Doya Squirrel Seoho Stage Genius Woongie Jjonyang Pretty RAVN Positive Energy Keonhee ONEUS KK dance end! Thank you! It’s raining man~ sweatlellujah~ Translated by @sunstar0110 & @seohoXyoungjo
Thank you from THE K-POP

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    I'm really impressed with how good they are singing!! Rooting for them

  2. Really love there amazing voice's and about seoho is singing live so don't ever say that ONEUS is not singing live !!! and ofc keonhee have alot of weird idea in hid mind and even ravn push him ok ok ok

  3. Sorry Ravn but I really love you when you feel confused or show a little bit upset during a game > < Awwwwww the shy black cat boy is so cute!

  4. What did leo say in 9:30?? I’m confused is he mad at Ravn? I feel like he kinda doesn’t like ravn every time I see a video he’s always so serious with him but with the other members he laughing and smiling maybe it’s just that he’s a serious person which I get and understand but I’m just confused lol someone help me

  5. This video has been subbed! Please help approve it so everyone can see.

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    Thank you and enjoy 🙂

  6. I know there are no subs so I just have to explain this so I won't be the only one laughing.

    At the VERY end Keonhee sings "It's raining men, 담lelujah" 담=sweat so he's literally saying that ONEUS are raining men with sweat.

    We stan a whole comedian.

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