Onward Official Teaser Trailer

Onward Official Teaser Trailer

Morning! GNOME:
Hey, get back to work! IAN LIGHTFOOT:
Hey Mom! Stop it! Ick!
Blazey, down! Sorry I didn’t get a
chance to walk her. Oh, bad dragon,
back to your lair! ♪♪ BARLEY LIGHTFOOT:
Come dear brother, our destiny awaits! Ok! I’m comin’,
I’m comin’. I see you’ve brought
sustenance for our adventure! Nope, it’s garbage
for the trash can… and you left the lid off! Aaah, shoo!
Get outta here! Shoo! Get!
Ugh, gross! Ugh, unicorns. ♪♪ BARLEY LIGHTFOOT:
We are going on a grand and
glorious quest. IAN LIGHTFOOT:
It’s not a quest, it’s just a really fast
and strange errand. BARLEY LIGHTFOOT:
It’s totally a quest.

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  1. This looks really interesting, i kinda wish they just let holland speak in his normal accent. Anything fantasy is ruined by an american accent… just doesnt fit

  2. How come nobody ever talks about the "gnome gag" in these comments? That scene in this teaser trailer is sooo funny!

  3. The storyline looks interesting but im kinda turned off that they chose to ditch their classic Pixar art style for the ne mainstream style . This looks like a dreamworks movie. But I’ll still give it a shot! I’m sure it’s great.

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