ONWARD Official Trailer (2020) New Pixar Animation Movie HD

ONWARD Official Trailer (2020) New Pixar Animation Movie HD

Morning! Morning! Hey, get back to work! Hey Mom! Stop it! Ick! Ugh! Blazey, down! Sorry, I didn’t get a chance to walk her. Oh, bad dragon, back to your lair! Come dear brother, our destiny awaits. Ok! I’m coming.
I’m coming. I see you’ve brought sustenance for our adventure! Nope, it’s garbage for the trash can… and you left the lid off! Aaah, shoo!
Get out of here! Shoo! Get!
Ugh, gross! Ugh, unicorns. We are going on a grand and glorious quest. It’s not a quest. It’s just a really fast and strange errand. It’s totally a quest.

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  1. Those were alicorns, when they have the wings then theyre alicorns, not unicorns, ever since my little pony, that's what they've been called

  2. Why the hell do all of these male protagonists in 3D animation movies have the same fucking Jay Baruchel skinny weak-chinned hipster look? Is it so hard to create a character with a somewhat original morphology? It’s the same with those infuriating “Cool Chick” designs where they all have a black bob with a color streak, how are they throwing millions at these projects with such dismal results every single time?

  3. They should've hired Jack black for older brother I mean come on his voice would be perfect for him

  4. You know, urban fantasy used to be about putting magic into our everyday world. Now with stuff like Bright and this it feels like it's more about sucking the magic out of the fantastical world.

  5. I didn’t even notice it was Tom Holland 💀
    Also any Tom Holland fan pages that see this … there is a street in Huntington Texas called Tom Holland road . True story

  6. The sceneries looks amazing, but I’m missing the old Pixar vibe, aimed more towards adults too. WALL•E, Ratatouille,.. Loved those! Hope to see more of those soon!

  7. this is what spider-man and star lord the Avengers do on their day off from saving the universe like to agree

  8. The concept is a fail, they present the fairy thingies as humans so it'll be anticlimactic when they return to magical gay forest things at the end. Magic can't be recaptured if you demean it right from the start and make them all 'human'

  9. Weird how All I saw was a white family and so forth 🤔 (and I keep seeing this with the modern animated movies as animals/ monsters as main characters) If you understand where I'm coming from, thanks; If not, just ignore.

  10. What’s this movie about??

    ZOOTOPIA – animals living realistic lives

    ONWARD – fantasy creatures living realistic lives

  11. The two are new Disney and Pixar films for 2020: "Onward" and "Soul" but three Untitled films are missing in 2021 and 2022 to announce in D23.😉


  12. We thank pixar
    Floating Houses dogs and snipes
    And now Myths!

  13. When I first saw this trailer in theaters, it started reminding me of an anime I found two years ago, called life of a centaur, in which we have centaurs, imps, satyrs, fauns, demons, etc.

  14. So happy chris pratt is back in and doing a great job voicing and acting! since Juriassic world and guardians of the galaxy!

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