Open Your Mind | Malayalam Short Film with subtitles ( Manikkoth Productions)

Open Your Mind | Malayalam Short Film with subtitles ( Manikkoth Productions)

Mmm.. What happened? What are you thinking about? I .. I wish to continue my practice after marriage Cooking? In that case you must start immediately because our marriage is going to be soon. It’s not that. a clinic of my own It’s my dream! Practice? But.. we are going to the States after our marriage Yes..but.. Sister , they are asking for both of you downstairs. We’ll be right there. can’t we try at any hospitals over there? Sandhya.. am earning enough for both of us to live comfortably.. and besides, when I travel for my business purposes. there should be someone at home But Rahul.. my studies… Moreover .. if they hear your rant about wanting to work, my mother and my relatives would laugh at me. Sister, would you help me catch the balloon? Hey , as I told you Yea, I’ve liked her Now.. rest will proceed according to my mom’s wishes. Listen, shall I call you later? I was speaking to Sandhya right now. Both of you are wanted downstairs. Aunty.. here’s a joke! Seems like Sandhya wants to start a clinic in America after the wedding What is so funny, child? Sandhya says she wants to work after marriage. There is really no need. You don’t have to work for a living. You just have to go there and enjoy your life, my child. But aunty .. ..MBBS is hard earned.. You don’t have to work hard now earns enough for both of you .. and your future generations. Besides, if our relatives come to know that our daughter-in-law is working they would laugh at us. Listen Mr. Madhu.. There have been one-after-the other marriage proposals for him. Everyone is just waiting to snatch him away. but he , wasn’t interested in any of them , until he saw Sandhya’s photograph. Does she cook? Yes, she cooks well. Great! He just loves pineapple pullissery (curry). But he doesn’t manage to get it made there in America. And moreover, its not like in here servant there charges atleast 40000 rupees. From now on, it’s your responsibility to take care of him. Please have the sweets. Yes we will. How long has Rahul’s sister been married? 2 years. They are in Germany these days They’ll reach here in time for the wedding . Her wedding was a grand ceremony. The celebrations went on for 5 days. As you know, the marriage is borne by bride’s family. So, we didn’t compromise on anything. We gifted them 75 lakhs in money and a Benz car. But, we won’t be asking you any dowry for his wedding. We are sure you’ll do the needful. Isn’t it? Yes Nobody should feel that he received any less than what was given to his sister. Excuse me, I’ll be right back. Manu, will you please drop me. My car away for servicing. Oh yes, I myself am about to leave. Let’s go Hey Manu! Did you hear.. that when Phase three opens, there would be more than 5000 new job openings? I’ve been trying to untangle this knot, and along comes new one! You look quite dull , Manu! I’m tired of this job. These deadlines and over -times! There is practically no life here, other than making some money. Computers are eating away all the good days of my life. You feel so because you are idle. Weren’t you passionate about photography? I haven’t seen your camera since long. How can I click the camera, when I don’t find time from clicking the mouse! Earlier I was active in community services; I used to teach kids. Though it never earned me much money , it gave me a lot of happiness. You can’t anticipate only happiness in life. That’s true. Else I would have left this job long back. Everyone here is selfish. They lack any sincerity or commitment towards others. What meaning does it all have? There is politics even in our office. And, when we step out, they discriminate based on caste, religion and such nonsense. What’s wrong is this attitude. Are you emulating Dileep’s role in Kadhavaseshan ? This is not something we can change. This will change only if we make an effort! This attitude has to change! Hey, Manu, lookout! Manu… Manu, stop! Why can’t you turn on the indicator before taking a turn?! It’s not enough to just know how to drive, you need some civic sense too! Did I hit your car! You were over speeding and now you are blaming me? what happened? He was over speeding and blaming me. Me!? Manu! Manu! please come lets go! Oh! you have a chick in the car! No wonder, you didn’t see the auto and the people around while wooing the chick. Mind your tongue! Manu No! Stop! Please! They are techies! All of them are seen in the evenings with a girl each. If you’ve had enough of her, hand her over to me before u go! Take her! I said take her! Hey! Stop your show off here! This is a decent locality. These kind of anticswon’t be entertained here! So just leave! Girl, ask him to leave! Take your car and leave! An omelette! Why did you create such an issue there? They didn’t start the fight! Why do you care if they said something! Something? Didn’t you hear what they said!? Is this what you meant by reaction? Just understand that, this is just frustration and you just took out your frustration on them. This isn’t just frustration. As if it’s a sin for a guy and girl to stand together. And if, god forbid, they are turn out to be techies, then it automatically becomes immoral! I can’t tolerate this anymore! That’s why I said that the mentality of the society here has to change to make this place any better! I can’t just stay mute after seeing all this! So, this is how you behave? It’s you who has made this problem worse! Did it cross your mind that you had girl with you at unearthly hours? Manu, I know what your saying is right. The world deserves to hear your reaction. People need to understand how you see things through your eyes. You should try to transcend your pulse into the societies’ pulse. You can do it if you try. But it’s not like what you did today. Just think about what I just told you, and analyse it if it makes sense to you. Eat fast! You have been sitting with this for long. Off late, on TV all one hears about are news about ‘abuses’. Who wouldn’t rape these women after seeing the way they dress! These dresses don’t even cover them properly. Don’t blame it on women’s dress. If our maid comes here wearing a short skirt? would you go rape her? A 12 year old girl was raped in our locality. Did you know that? Speak softly. He can hear us! Women’s clothing it seems! You men can blame it on anything after doing your dirty works. Aunty is Gautham here? Gautham, your friends are here! What is it Malu? Look, I’ve got new crayons. And, I drew this This is me in the picture. Nice. Why do you have balloons in it ? Balloons.. I love it! I wish to fly like a balloon I will fly, because I am superman! And, I am batman. Malu , do you know what is rape? Rape? It’s a very bad thing! Girls die because of it. Girls die? Yes. My father was saying that girls are raped because they wear short dresses. Really?! ?Is my dress short? Yes, it’s a bit short Amma said some other word too. What was it.. You mean ‘peedanam’ ( abuse)? Yes! That’s the word. How do you know? I have heard that on TV. (Will Minikutty pardon Hemachandran who abused Sushama.? Wait and watch
Minimol) Grandma, what is the meaning ‘peedanam’ ( abuse)? I have told you several times not to play these serials in front of kids! What then? They said they will tell me once I grow up. That’s their cliché dialogue. Malu, how old are you? 11 Mom said girls are raped when they turn 12. Really? I turn 12 in 5 months . Shall I ask my mother? No don’t. They might scold you. I heard my dad asking my mom to talk softly so I couldn’t hear. So you might also get a scolding. But, Lakshmi, my friend from the school bus, is 14 years old. Nobody has raped her yet, of that I’m sure She would have told me if something happened. What will we do if someone comes to rape Malu ? Come, let’s go and play. You go and play. I am not coming Why, are you scared to lose to the boys? Ha! Boys are losers! No! Boys are smart! You can’t beat us if 3 of us join together! Oh! Is that so? What is he doing? What is he drawing? I know what to do. Boys are smart. We will protect you. I am superman. I am batman. I am spiderman. Give me that… What is this child? This is.. the expense my parents have incurred in putting me through MBBS. Now that I’m going to the States only to take care of Rahul, these expenses go in vain. So, please deduct this amount from whatever we are supposed to give you. But you don’t worry aunty, I will take very good care of your son. I’ll prepare pineapple pulissery (curry) for him. But, I don’t want to be paid 40000 rupees, just 25000 will be enough. What you did was just too much! That’s ok mom. I should have atleast told her this much. They shouldn’t behavelike this with any other girls! I don’t wish to join those who proclaim that Kerala is losing its power to react, Instead, I feel our responses are limited to the social media. I don’t want to join the majority who hide and react. This is my response, beyond any veil, in my way of my choice. Most of the times the society tries to hold us down, never letting us soar high. Just like a string that pulls down a hydrogen balloon which wants to free itself into the air. It is high time we break free from these unwanted strings which hinder our freedom and progress. We shouldn’t tie the future generation with strings of such orthodox thoughts and practises We should break all these ties which hold us back. ‘If the world is to reform
Each one of us should reform.’

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  1. Boys are not smarter than girls but they are stronger than girls. Girls are Queen!!! So the queen of the country should be protected by the soldiers and by the mighty King. Their duty is to protect their Queen . Which means girls are not week no men can able to suffer the bleeding every month.

  2. These 1k people giving unlikes here are those who support the societal taboos and patriarchy ,which is nothing but degrading our country. Idk how long will it take for the people to unveil these mindsets, like seriously it's time to wake up now! It's since long they've been following all these retarded systems , now it's high time for them to see that this isn't bringing anything towards a developed place , rather it's just the other way round. Wake up people wake up.

  3. It's really a great story…..all three stories have deep meanings specially the story with those kids.👏👏👏👏

  4. Aiyo. Who is talking about open your mind? Most of indian movies, short films or even drama are all about sexual harassment, love affairs, infidelity or corruption. Even thrillers are mostly about guy harrasing girls. No new thinking. I don't know, i hardly came across such guys. Most of them are very nice and decent. Only the unknown ones on the internet do all kind of nonsense because they feel no one knows them.

  5. എത്ര നല്ല video ആണെങ്കിലും എപ്പോഴും ഉണ്ടാവും unlike അടിക്കാൻ കൊറച്ച് ഉളുപ്പു കെട്ടവന്മാർ

  6. Nice concept in visualizing to this world for getting a good message to all of us… And keep their mind a chance to change in today's world….

  7. Nyan kandathilley ithanu best film…. valarinna thalaimuraikku ettra padamanu….. ithai kanduttu enakku korachu positive mind undakkinnu………

    Am from Tamilnadu….

  8. ‘Maranjirunnu saamohya prashnangalkethire pradhikarikkunna booripaksgathil oralaakaan njan illa “ethra sathyam!!

  9. Adipoli👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  10. Incredible movie! A powerful message and it's time it becomes a reality! Truly enjoyed watching it. Kudos to the team and story writer!!! 🙂 🙂

  11. I don't clearly understand what they wanted to convey us… But whatever it may be they could have done it in much better way .

  12. പത്മരാജൻ തൻറെ സിനിമകളിലൂടെ വരച്ചിട്ട ഭാവനാ ലോകവും അതിലെ കഥാപാത്രങ്ങളെയും മറികടക്കുന്ന സൃഷ്ടികൾ പിന്നീട് മലയാളത്തിൽ ഉണ്ടായിട്ടില്ലെന്ന് തന്നെ വേണം പറയാൻ

  13. Thank God, Sandhya imbued her father's mindset & not her mother's.Well in showcasing an established cine star with equal reel space (in a short film) like that of lesser known faces, the director surely broke free from an old mindset.Nicely delivered.Thank you for the social message.

  14. Nice messages, well directed, overall nice shirt film with positive vibes…. Wonderful effort to change basic attitude of people in different social issues…

  15. Waiting for the generation to come to realize Education, passioned Job are just hobbies and the so called passion has nothing to do with life. Marriage, Babies, Living with them are just life and to realize that we are just one of the breed from animals family. Everything else are created artificially for self egoism which spoils entire life !

  16. Very nicd and interesting short film. I have watched this for more than 10 times. Such a wonderful message in this. Hats off to the Director and everyone involved in this creation. Will be expecting such good short films.

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