OpenLP Tutorial: Preview and Live Panels

OpenLP Tutorial: Preview and Live Panels

Hello again, this is Tyler Martin, worship leader at Sunny Place Church of God. Welcome to the third video in the tutorial series on the open-source lyrics presenting program called Open LP. I hope the last two videos have been helpful for you and I hope you’re starting to become a little bit more familiar with this program. In the first video we took a look at all five of these panels and a brief overview of the interface of OpenLP. In the second video we took a look at the library panel and looked at each of these six tabs and how to add songs and bibles and images. Today we’re going to take a closer look at the preview and live panels. It might not be very beneficial for all of you to have both a preview panel and a live panel so to change what you see you can click this view button and get rid of the preview panel or you can add the preview panel and same with the Live Panel. Personally I prefer the layout without the preview panel. If you’re putting together a service as the service was actually happening the preview panel could be very helpful for you however all of our services are pre-made and the preview panel adds a bit of redundancy and just takes up space. If you’re creating a service and you want to see what a particular song looks like you can click on it once and it goes to this preview panel. You can see that there’s only one slide in the song, and it’s verse one. You can double-click and it will go right to the live panel. Alternatively you can click on a song and it automatically goes to the preview panel. If it didn’t, you can click on this button right here to preview the selected song. Also you can click on this button right here to send the song to the live panel. By default you have to click these buttons in order to send something to the preview panel or to the live panel, but you can change your settings to where a simple single-click will send it to the preview panel and a double- click will send it to the live panel. In order to do that, click on OpenLP and then preferences. Now i’m using OpenLP on a Mac, so to get to the Preferences or the settings it might look a little bit different if you’re on Windows computer. Now click on the Advanced tab. You can see this box that says “double-click to send items straight to live” and “preview items when clicked in media manager.” Again, by default these two boxes are unchecked. You can come here and check them if you think this would be more helpful for you. I think it makes things quite a bit quicker, and if you’re in the middle of the service and the worship leader decides to sing a completely different song than what was originally planned, then you can real quick find the song and double-click to send it live. Here’s the song that we added in the last video, “Blessed Be Your Name.” You can see that I’ve clicked it once and, because i have the setting set the way I do, it is now in the preview panel. If i’m working from the preview panel and not from the live panel I can click this button here to send it live, and now you can’t see because the live panel is not here, but this song has been sent directly to the projector screen. If I take a look at it and I like the way it looks I can click this button right here, this little cross, which will add it to my service manager which we’ll get into in a future video. Or if I don’t like the way it looks I can click here to edit the song right from the preview menu. It takes me back to this box where i can edit individual versus, I can edit all the verses tog ether or I can change the author, the theme, copyright, etc. Now I’ve brought the live panel back and you can see the buttons down here look a little bit different. You can see that “Blessed Be Your Name” is now live, that means that it’s up on the projector. The whole church can see it. Again, we haven’t talked about scenes yet–that will be the next video–but i’m going to go ahead and change the item theme to a blue burst just so we can understand these individual buttons better. These green arrow is just cycle through each slide within the song to move forward or backward. Alternatively, you can use the the up and down arrow keys or you can just click on whichever verse is being sung at that moment. Now these three buttons change the way to slide looks. If you click this first button it will go to a completely blank screen. The second button displays only the background. Okay, you can click it again to unselect it and show the words again. And this button shows the desktop so you can’t see it right now but the projector is showing the desktop of the computer. If you unclick that there’s no way to get the projector to show anything but the OpenLP. if you exit out of the current presentation it will just show the OpenLP logo. To fix that, if you need to show a PowerPoint presentation or a video outside of OpenLP, if you click this button it will free up the desktop to be able to show other things besides OpenLP on the projector. Now I’m going to throw up our custom slides that we created in the last video, these fake announcement for a hypothetical church. This button right here creates a timer. You can change the the amount of time by clicking here. Let’s say we want this slide to cycle through every 20 seconds. Now if we click this button, in 20 seconds this slide will change from “church workday” to “pastor appreciation Sunday.” That way if you wanted your announcements to cycle through while people were walking into the church or walking out of the church this is a good way of doing that. You can see that it’s been 20 seconds and the slide just changed to “pastor appreciation Sunday.” Now there are two ways that this can happen and if you click on this little arrow it will show you both ways. You can either play the slides in a loop, which means once it gets to the bottom it will kick back up to the top. So after “men’s prayer breakfast,” 20 seconds later, “church work day” will show up again. Or you can select the option to play slides to the end. Once “men’s prayer breakfast” shows up it will not cycle back to the beginning. This is a helpful way of setting up your slides to go in a loop. You can have a collection of welcome slides at the beginning or your announcements to cycle through at the end. And that’s all that I have for this video. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to comment down below. Next time we’ll take a look at the theme manager down here and learn how to create new themes and edit existing themes, because this is kind of an ugly slide. We’ll fix that in the next video. Thanks for watching! God bless.

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  1. hello , thank you for this free software . It is very beautiful !
    i do however have just little remarks like (maybe the software is already liek this and i just don't know it or have set it ) :
    1- i would be great if the bible reference is displayed on top of the verse on the live screen.
    2- pressing the enter button maybe 2-3 times right after finding the song or chosen bible verse so that it appears automatically both on the preview screen and live screen so that i don't have to move the mouse ..
    3- i don't know if it is the case only for me but when i click something from the chosen bar to preview or preview to go live , it isn't quick to appear
    4- it would be nice to have the option to edit the song background in the editing song tab so that every time it is chosen , it has its pre-set background .
    5- If there was a way in the editing section to edit the position of the whole text . The whole text can be placed in a rectangle that can be shape to the desired shape in order to make it smaller , bigger , wider and narrow & move it left , right , up , down . that would be really nice.

    I don't know if all of those suggestions are already in the software and i just don't know about it so sorry for that in advance .. Otherwise, Your software is well done and clean . And again , thank you very much for all that you have done and also thank you for your time .

    May God bless you abundantly !
    Have a great day !

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