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  1. I fear they might change her ending, which is powerful (even more of you believe the pregnancy theory). I hope they give it meaning, but stick with the story.

  2. Honestly, if Daisy's planning on starring in more period dramas, I'd love to see her be in a film about Theodora of the Eastern Roman Empire.

  3. I really like this trailer but I’m kinda surprised they didn’t use the “stars on fire” song

  4. Okay guys I’ve seen this film, and it’s really really good. It’s an independent film so y’all gotta stop holding it to the same standards as your big Hollywood productions. It’s based off the novel Ophelia, it’s not your typical hamlet story, it’s from Ophelia’s perspective so get those expectations out of your mind. Please view this film as it’s own thing because it’s actually really well made and they had a lot of challenges making this (as with any film) and it’s amazing what they pulled off. Saying this is gonna be a complete mess just because it’s not your typical Shakespeare recreation is rude at best. It is it’s own story inspired by the works of several, and so creative and inspiring. Don’t judge it based on preconceptions you have especially when you haven’t even seen the movie.

  5. K. As an English teacher in both high school and university, and having taught HAMLET about a million times, I will never understand how anyone can interpret Ophelia as a suicide. The Queen, a known liar and philanderer, picks the perfect time to announce Ophelia's nominal suicide in great detail to Laertes (Claudius has to know that Gertrude is going to have her offed. I mean, she describes a drowning in detail, but never sends her servants to help her out of the water? It's the worst murder cover up in Shakespeare, but nobody seems to see through it. OPHELIA DID NOT COMMIT SUICIDE!

  6. I'm quite impatient to see this movie as a huge Shakespeare fan, and en even huge admirator of the character of Ophelia, but… I can't really explain why, I still have this feeling in my chest telling me that I'm going to be disapointed, but also amazed. How strange…

  7. Daisy is so pretty but you would think they could do a better job with that wig or at least put some realistic extensions in her hair..that wig looks so obvious

  8. I am not a fan of british period dramas at all but this is some trailer, from the pace, music and who doesn't love Daisy Ridley, makes it look like a great dramatic thriller!! Is it any good, has anyone here seen it?🤔

  9. This movie is GREAT! Daisy Ridley was born to play these types of roles because Ophelia is strong and powerful. I totally loved this movie.

  10. I've come to tell everyone that this movie was the best almost two hours of my life. Please watch it.

  11. watched this already. at least this is better than the original story. ending is better than all adaptations i have watched

  12. The castle setting gave me Hogwarts vibes and also the soundtrack a bit. I just LOVE their care for detail and interpetation of Ophelia's perspective. The scenery… I'm speechless. I always hoped for a movie about Ophelia's story such as this piece of art, and they did it! Wow. Absolutely brilliant filming.

  13. Looks awesome! I'm a big fan of Clive Owen, I've never seen him as a bad guy. But now, he's the baddest. Should be interesting

  14. This movie is INCREDIBLE, it tells an amazing story and isn't CHEAP with today's day and age of 'female power'. The main character is SO likable and strong and she doesn't have to do it by wiping her tits out or punching people's faces in.

    But it's to be expected since it's written and directed by ACTUAL WOMEN. I loved it one of my favorite movies now. 10/10 these kinds of movies are really rare I wish there were more of them. I am going to order this movie right now to support the franchise.

  15. I don't know if it's the poor direction or just poor acting, Daisy's performance in the second half of the movie is a huge letdown. No emotional intensity changes whatsoever. The movie is OK but not amazing, and I am a huge Daisy fan from Star Wars.

  16. Does anyone know what the song is called that gets played throughout the movie? “Doth truth to be a liar” “doth that the sun not move” doth that the stars aren’t fire” “but never doubt I love” (Probably didn’t get it right but it was as close to memory as I could get)

  17. I just finished rereading Klein's Ophelia for the idk how many-eth time and it's actually becoming a movie?? YES about time!

  18. So prins Hamlet was a fictional danish prince written by Shakespeare, but the production company should have checket out that Denmark doesn't have any mountains.

  19. Utter shit! Some silly idea to give ophelia a better outcome… one should note the play is called Hamlet for a the first place. Probably the bards best play ruined by nonesensical.femenist sentiment!

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