Orange is the New Black | The Farewell Show | Netflix

Orange is the New Black | The Farewell Show | Netflix

If you could go back, ten years ago or whatever, and do it all again, would you? You kidding? It didn’t matter
what choices we made. We would have ended up
right here, on this bed, sitting next to each other
in prison. -Doomed to be together.
-Exactly. Okay, animals.
Back to your cages. In the beginning, when Netflix said, you know, “We’ll do a whole season
on the air,” we didn’t care where it was. It was just like full budget,
no pilot. We’re in. And Netflix was
this new entity. A lot of the actors
in the beginning were saying, -“We’re doing a web series.”
-Who’s gonna find it? I didn’t know
it was a real show. My mom was mad
she had to pay seven dollars. -You’re welcome, Netflix.
-Know what? You’re welcome. Know what?
Just, you’re welcome. See, that’s funny. Where we started season one, just in terms of
the prison industrial complex, it was the people
that we were looking into, and over time,
we’ve really expanded. We don’t have the answers
to how to fix the prison industrial complex, or how to solve crime
in America, whatever it is, but we want to start
the discussions. You wanna know
what prison is like? It’s hard, but I got people in there. I got nobody out here.Orangehas become this really great voice
for people, and anything that raises
awareness of any kind is so wonderful
to be a part of. Caputo!Orangehas given us platforms
that we could be more involved
in the judicial system, incarceration system,
in the immigration system. It’s evolved in a way that, I don’t know,
it speaks to the world. You go anywhere
and people stop you and just relate
to somebody in the show. I’m still trying to figure out
why it happened, why I did what I did. This show has absolutely nothing to do
with women in prison. This is a story about people
and their lives. This piece of writing
is obscene. -It’s pornographic.
-No, it’s not just sex. It’s love. It’s two people connecting… with four other people and aliens. The thing that Jenji did
from the get-go was the LGBTQ relationships
in the show. They just were treated
as love stories, like any other love story. In 2013,
there was something really groundbreaking
about Sophia. Jenji wanted to actually hire
a trans person to play a trans character,
it’s a really big deal. Now you want
some real advice? From my second mom
or my used-to-be daddy? From former man
to current man. I thought
the show was really shifting into something greater. We were talking
about real issues that were happening
in America. And it’s not only
about Black Lives Matter, but when it comes to ICE,
immigration, Jenji, she’s on it. She’s like,
“Okay, let’s talk about it.” -Oh, my God.
-Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Excuse me. Do not touch
the inmate, immigrant. Nobody does that
on television. Very Jenji Kohan, and quintessentially
Orange is the New Black.
It’s a little cold out for
a margarita, don’t you think? Who are you? My name is Alex. What do you do, Alex? I work
for an international drug cartel. -Oh, my God.
-This is… I can’t even. They put a fish tattoo
on for the audition. -I don’t remember that.
-I don’t either. I don’t remember that at all. That was Crazy Eyes
in the making, right there. What’s your name? Your last name.
We all use last names. Something wrong
with that one. Feeling some Sapphic vibes
coming off you. Nothing wrong with him. It is time to get serious, aight? Come on. -Aw, look at you.
-I also… That might… You know, with my Irishness, that might have been
a nice little spray tan. -Which I don’t do anymore.
-You’ve really embraced… the pale these days. -Never seen that.
-I’ve embraced the pale. You’re my daughter,
and I need to make sure that nothing happens to you
in here. It’s like Gloria
saying Aleida’s lines. -Yeah.
-I know, it’s weird. But it’s still Gloria. Selenis, you look so beautiful. -Yeah, gorgeous.
-I have to lose weight. Don’t my part
mean nothing to you? But I look the same,
don’t you think? Oh, exactly.
No, 100 percent the same. And the jacket is identical. Wait, this is your scene
in Caputo’s office, isn’t it? Yeah, how do you remember? I have a crazy memory. -I look great.
-Summertime. I look like
I’ve been exercising. -My skin is clear.
-Glowing. I’ll be out in a sec, I swear. I’ll wait. There best be
some hot water left. The first scene, as you see,
was a shower scene. I was nervous
I had to take off my clothes. You got them TV titties. They stand up on their own,
all perky and everything. I went to Juilliard, I went
to one of the faculty there, like, “Should I take this job? I don’t wanna start my career
like this.” -Titties out.
-Titties out. Not a good look. She was like,
“Girl, take the damn job.” How much time
they give you, Chapman? Fifteen months. Fifteen months,
that’s not so bad. I got 34. I feel like the show
opened up a conversation about women that we’re not
used to seeing on television. We find females highly
entertaining, and also– -Or characters entertaining.
-Characters, yeah. These people
fell into a category that was dismissed
and needed to be seen. I actually remember
calling my manager to tell her
I wanted no more auditions. This constant rejection
and the hope. I was a single mom. I had negative in my account. So when I see that person, it was someone who had been
in this business for 20 years, and who always got very close
and not being booked. Look, Piper’s been looking
for that chicken, and it’s not real.
It’s like a fairy tale. Jenji Kohan changed my life… because she allowed me
to play. I thank you and everything,
but… I’ve been taking care of myself
for a very long time. When you love something and get the opportunity
to do it, you know, it gives you
this sense of freedom. That audition
changed my life. I needed a job so bad. You like pussy, Piper? Or do you prefer “pipe,”
as your name suggests? I was already heartbroken
before I started. “I’m never gonna get this,
and I really want it.” That’s what
they were looking for. Yeah, for a broken person– They found one! Yeah! Often people would come in
and audition for one part, and they just weren’t
quite right, but– But we’d fall in love
with the face or with the performance. Just a great pool of talent that hadn’t been used
the way it should be. Look, this dress cost $3,800. I was watching
my bank account go like this and the number of auditions
going like this. With Uzo,
she had tried out for Janae. I didn’t think it was right, but I remember calling Jen
and saying, “She’s gonna be in the show.
I don’t know what it is yet, but tell her
she has a job on the show.” -I wrote a poem. Wanna hear?
-That’s fine. I– Before I met you, the sun was like
a yellow grape. You’re gonna
slide on back in here… No. How did I get it? That’s a sign that it doesn’t
matter what happens, if you’re right for the part,
you’re gonna get it, and she killed it. Cindy, right? -Depends.
-I have something hidden in one
of the electrical sockets. I’d be very grateful
if you could retrieve it for me. Bitch, if grateful paid the bills,
we’d all be Bill Gates. -So many amazing moments.
-Many epic moments. Many. So many. One scene that stood out… The lake
was the most beautiful. Let’s just be free for a second. Everyone has
their own moments. The one that meant the most
to me is when Cindy converts
to Judaism. That day,
it took such an effect on me, and reliving my spiritual walk
as a person, as an actor, and then as a character. It had so many layers
that carried through.Mazel tov.-I threw my pie for you.
-Yeah. I will cut you, bitch! Don’t make me cut you! Take it easy. I’m not your wife. I threw my pie for you. Lesbian request denied. Warren just informed me that you’d like
to be bunked together. Lesbian request denied. The elusive chicken. Gorgeously written,
sublimely executed scene that resonated for me
on every conceivable level. -There is no chicken.
-You’re wrong. -She saw it.
-Oh, really? It was her. I saw it in a dream. Goodbye. She came to me, already dressed in herbs, and a little top hat, black, tilted to one side, and she said, “Soon, Red,
we will be together. Soon, I will be yours.” Real chicken Kiev. -It was self-defense.
-I’m bored. What’s the plan? I am not cutting up a body. It was middle of summer. We are in this greenhouse,
chopping up a body. We had sweat
just dripping off of us, blood being squirted
up on our face. It was so much fun. What was
your memorable moment? When I made out with her
was my favorite. That is still a thing for her. -I totally forgot about that.
-Wow! No. -No.
-No. Morello in the bathtub. -Holy shit, she is crazy.
-This girl is crazy. Can I have one of those? Get the fuck out of here. Our cigarette moment. He’s gone. Fucking piece of shit. Like all of them. It’s not the worst thing
that’ll happen to that kid. One of my favorite scenes was that conversation when
I’m giving up my daughter. Just a beautiful, complicated,
fully emotional scene. This is my decision. I want you to have her. I want her to have a shot
at something normal. The moment when we were
in court with Taystee, and it just went quiet. We the jury find the defendant,
Tasha Jefferson… And we just watch her
receive the news that she’s been found guilty. She will be spending
the rest of her life in prison. That will really stay with me. -It was hard. Fuck!
-It’s okay. You didn’t want to cry,
but you did. I feel like, as a society, we disconnect ourselves
so much from our problems
and things that are going on, especially when it’s not really
directly affecting us. And I think
the beauty of the show is to show you
how much it does affect you. -Come on!
-When we lost Poussey… One of the most poignant
moments of the entire series. That’s something that still
stands out for me. In that scene,
I just remember… Dani doing that
take after take… is just remarkable. It was just real. It wasn’t… There was something
that wasn’t acting. It was pretty powerful
and very shocking, but these things happen. It was so parallel to stories like Philando Castile
or Mike Brown. Poussey’s death, I think,
changed the show. If you were to kind of sum up
the seven seasons about, like,
what are we trying to say with these characters,
through this story, it is that, yeah, life will deal you
some blows, but if you can learn
to laugh at it, then, yeah,
you can find happiness. The world ain’t all
sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean place. So you wind up in prison and everybody’s
up in your face. I don’t care
how tough you are. The world will beat you
to your knees. You lay down with dogs,
you wake up with fleas. Nobody’s gonna hit you
harder than life. Not a guard, not a gangster,
not even your wife. I’m gonna open up a booth, so you can sit and mourn
for your lost youth. I hope you enjoy
my original piece. It was a Taystee delight. Thank you,
and I bid you all a good night. This is the end, for real. We made a lot of history
with this show, but that’s always
a collaborative thing that would not have happened
if not for Jenji’s vision. -Action!
-And be careful. -Promise me, okay?
-I promise. And cut. We’ve really created
a family here, and that’s really hard to let go. And we forget that this is
a business of gypsies, and everyone moves on,
because, you know, we… We had a good group. What I’m gonna miss most
about the show… I know it’s the people. I’m gonna miss
that there’s just someone just like you
in the show, in the way
that all these characters go on all these different paths. The behind-the-scenes
silly antics that we do in the hallway,
you know, or in between takes. We all didn’t know
what this was gonna turn into, and the magic
that was created just purely off
trying to tell great stories. That, I think, is very rare
in this business. So, I’m definitely gonna miss getting to share it
with such unique spirits. I don’t really have the eloquence
that I wish I had, but I’m gonna
write you something. Most of us
had never done this before, so that growing together
experience, learning together, that will never be again. When you go through fire
with someone, you can only get burned once. This is… Like, you’ve been
with these women, through thick and thin
for seven years, and that is a long time. Everything evolves.
Nothing stays the same. So… And we all
evolved beautifully, I think. I’m so proud of this show. This has been a true gift
and an honor to work with every one of you. Thank you. Thank you. Life imitates art
and art imitates life, and in this show,
that’s exactly what it is. It was hard shooting this,
just to… Like, that’s who we are. I cry so ugly. Thank you. To the fans of the show, we feel and see you
and hear you, and your support for us
has been immense and has changed our lives
forever. You’ve been so supportive
and so wonderful and so loyal, so thank you so much. This is the worst idea ever. We wept the other day in a way that was not cute. -It was grown-up weeping.
-I think it was a little cute. This show,
because of its content, because of the people
involved, I have given myself a license
to be more and more myself, and I’m very grateful
to the fans. I’m still figuring out
how to be famous. If you weren’t watching,
we would not be here. So, thank you
for changing my life. What a ride. Jenji, thank you.
Thank you. Bye-bye. So, it comes full circle. It’s the final goodbye. I don’t think
I believe in goodbyes. Once you’ve met someone, that impression
is with you always. We’ll all be
back together again. We have a soapbox
in this show, and every year we talk
about how we want to use it. To give up that platform when it reaches such a diverse
audience is very hard. Look, we’ve been together
a really long time. Let’s try to stay
in each other’s lives because this is
a special group. Say, “Orange.” Orange!Namaste.From my heart.

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