Order to Watch Marvel Movies | Where to Stream Them Online

(dramatic music) – If you know just one thing about me from watching this channel it’s that I am a Roku partisan. But the second thing you need to know is that I love Marvel
movies, just like you do. It’s frankly our new national pastime. So I know we’re all looking
forward to Avengers: Endgame, which comes out on
April 26th of this year. And so in preparation for that, I think we’re all doing
our big Marvel rewatches. There are 21 movies out now,
if you count Captain Marvel. And we’re gonna build
the ultimate experience for viewing these movies, using our Roku service. And so in this case,
it’s gonna be a Roku TV. And to that end, I want you to know we are going to give away a TCL Roku TV at the end of this video. And not just any TCL Roku TV. This is the ultimate experience. 55 inches, 4K UKD, all the things. So stick around for how
you’re going to win that. As for what we’re doing in this video, we are building the ultimate
Marvel rewatch experience. This is all 20 Marvel movies that are
currently available for streaming. And we’re gonna show where the cheapest, and the best places are to watch that, using Roku’s search platform. So, let’s get started on that,
right after you subscribe. (upbeat music) Captain America: The First Avenger, (upbeat music) Iron Man, (upbeat music) The Incredible Hulk, (upbeat music) Iron Man 2, (upbeat music) Thor, (upbeat music) The Avengers, (upbeat music) Iron Man 3, (upbeat music) Thor: The Dark World, (upbeat music) Captain America: The Winter Soldier, (upbeat music) Guardians of the Galaxy, (upbeat music) Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, (upbeat music) Avengers: Age of Ultron, (upbeat music) Ant-Man, (upbeat music) Captain America: Civil War, (upbeat music) Black Panther, (upbeat music) Spider-Man: Homecoming, (upbeat music) Doctor Strange, (upbeat music) Thor: Ragnarok, (upbeat music) (chuckles) Ant-Man and the Wasp, (upbeat music) Avengers: Infinity War, (upbeat music) Captain Marvel, (upbeat music) Avengers: Endgame. (blows raspberry) (upbeat music) So, at the end of all
that, the question is how much is this going to cost you? Well, I’ve crunched some numbers for ya, and here’s the deal. If you want to stream
absolutely everything at its lowest price, if you
have a Netflix subscription, you’re looking at 52.94. If you use Hulu, 58.83. So you get a little bit
better deal with Netflix, and Netflix has the newer movies on there. And if you do happen
to have both of those, the price drops all the way down to 43.88 to rent or buy the remaining movies that are not available on those. If you have Starz, minus 10 bucks from whatever price you came up with. So, that is what it’s
gonna cost for you to rent or buy all of these streaming movies, but the more important part right now is how you are going to
win that TCL Roku TV. So I’m glad you stuck around this long, and here’s the deal. If you want to enter to
win that TV, very simple. All you need to do is subscribe. Go hit that subscribe button. Now you can get additional
entries on top of that if you like, comment, or share this video. So, do all of those things. You can get multiple entries. We wanna give you that TCL Roku TV. Check the description below for
more rules on this giveaway. If you have any questions,
let us know in the comments. Thanks for watching everybody, and we will see you next time. (upbeat techno music)

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