Oscars 2017 Review: Academy Awards Awards – Best Picture Chaos, Moonlight Upsets La La Land!

Oscars 2017 Review: Academy Awards Awards – Best Picture Chaos, Moonlight Upsets La La Land!

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  1. The 'mistake' seemed set up. when I read about it, I didn't even flinch. this has happened before, now it was just to get attention.

  2. Seriously this is a show that invites and celebrates people like Mel Gibson and Casey Affleck.. and screen junkies talks about suicide squad.

  3. Nicole Kidman's Hands I did wonder about the size of her hands, haha.
    Mel Gibson Ugh, this man is creepy…
    Suicide Squad I like this movie and I love that it is now an official Oscar winner despite its countless haters.
    Best Picture mix-up I kept saying 'What the fuck?! I wanted 'La La Land' to win but 6 Oscars is no small feat.
    Mix-up reaction of Screen Junkies News team I rewatched your reaction three times, haha. I was Dan, basically.

  4. If you're gonna criticize Kimmel for mocking people's names, then maybe you should, you know, make sure you're pronouncing all of the names correctly yourself. Auli'i is pronounced ow-lee-ee.

  5. Shout out to Jordan, that class act. Really handled that situation better than anyone on stage. He didn't bullshit, didn't blame, just said "Yo, you guys won get up here"

  6. Who got snubbed? The Handmaiden. The Handmaiden got snubbed harder than any other film in recent history.

  7. Casey Affleck is a fucking sexual predator. No wonder Denzel Washington looked like he wanted to punch his face

  8. That Warren Beatty dig was completey unnecessary. He didn't do anything wrong, he was clearly taken aback and confused by having the wrong card in front of him. Faye Dunaway is the one who threw him under the bus by leaving immediately during the chaos and stranding him on stage to explain what was both their mistake.

  9. Two people from PwC count the votes and they alone know the winners before the ceremony. Two sets of envelopes are brought to the ceremony in case something happens to the other set. These are handed to the presenters on either end of the stage. Whoever handed the envelope to the presenters for the Best Picture award screwed up by handing them the second Best Actress envelope. But if the card reads 'Emma Stone for La La Land' surely that's a red flag – I blame the presenters. Just my opinion.

  10. Viola Davis said that potential is housed in a grave yard because we cannot measure effort, we can only measure results. Therefore, if you're dead, you can't do shit,BUT you had the potential to do so. Actors celebrate life. That's what she said.

  11. I HATE the way you call these out. Yes they are funny, but its horribly wrong every time!Currently You say:The nominees are – A, B, CThe winner is – D
    Could please say either of the following:The nominees are – A, B, C, DThe winner is – D
    The runners up are – A, B, CThe winner is – D

  12. I was crushed that La La Land won, but then I got to see Moonlight take the award. What and epic Oscar this was

  13. Nothing spells classy like ripping an envelope from hands of an elderly.Real top notch class right there. I guess that's what you get with people living by the rules of their emotions, disregarding manners and professionalism.

  14. Can't believe no one's mentioned how flawless Sara Bareilles' performance was in the memoriam segment. But maybe I only noticed because I'm a huge fan of hers. She's one of the most talented woman in the music industry and an awesome person overall but she's often overlooked because she doesn't show her boobs, wear outrageous outfits or pull off shameless publicity stunts. If this was Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift it would be talked about for weeks and Sara sounds 10 times better than both of them combined.

  15. No Leonardo Cohen on the In Memorian. Hell, he did the soundtrack to McCabe and Mrs Miller! Not to mention that unmentionable infamous Hallellujah! They announce a person who is living and forget a musician credited in 249 soundtracks! 249!

  16. Bernal and Steinfeld are the same height! It would have been different if women didn't wear f**kin' heels.

  17. they are racist coz in moonlight there are a lot of black niggas but in la la land mostly all white people so what I'm saying is that he wanted la la land to win

  18. 2016 was a lame year for movies.. the accountant & deadpool were this years best movies and manchester by the see & the edge of seventeen were alright to
    but still nothing special to add to the collection

  19. 2:45 the tour bus guy is a convicted felon who got out of prison 2 days earlier. Among other things, he was serving time for attempted rape. Nice to know how tight the security was at the Oscars! And people go on and on about the Best Picture snafu being a disaster.

  20. best picture is irrelevant at this point. they give it to the most political movie now.. moonlight, spotlight, 12 years a slave.. it's kind of sad.

  21. the bias in this video is sickening. " denzel's oscar" didn't know his name was engraved in the statue.

  22. Nice way to call a woman "weird", who's only celebrating who she is, being African American, with the hair she's been born with. You bunch of racists. Nobody says its weird to have a yamulkah on. If we do, then we're anti-semitic.

  23. how did you not even mention damien chazelle when he found out his movie hadnt won. it was a supervillian's origin story

  24. No mention of in Memoriam when they used the right name (Janet Patterson) but showed a picture of the very much alive Jan Chapman?

  25. ı hated the girl said we dont care about you to Warren Beatty in your ending reaction. So disrespectful to a legend. I hope you are not all that low of a human being.

  26. Some people are so stupid. There are TWO copies. They make two copies incase something happens to one of the copies

  27. Why make a photo with a guy who got award for just sayin' "Fa*t is a bad word" and whose character offered no need for a professional actor: anyone could play.
    Also, was Jimmy given a pass for name jokes? 'Cause he's among those sying that it's Trump who's racist
    DiCaprio joke is great.
    Jordan shouldn't have given statuette to Moonlight – should have left it there.
    Other Best Picture nominee films are proof there were better films than Sunlight but which were deliberately ignored.
    Cameraman shouldn't have shown everything 'cause "true" winner didn't deserve it.
    Every truely film-loving person will always remember the day the award was stolen from true winner due to race and gay card.

  28. lol brings me back to watching this with my girl friend at her insistence. didn't think it was worth the lack of sleep before work until the end 😀

  29. Viola Davis did not say her profession was the only one that understood what it means to live a life, but she said that her profession was the only one to celebrate it. She meant that her profession is the only job that gives out awards for becoming a different person. She wasn’t trying to offend anyone, and her words are crystal clear.

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