Oscars 2017 Review – Mistake aka Best Picture Fail, Suicide Squad

Oscars 2017 Review – Mistake aka Best Picture Fail, Suicide Squad

So yeah, last night, at The Academy Awards La La Land got totally…Carrie’d.

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  1. Viewer Question: Hi Grace!!! Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them won the first Oscar in the Harry Potter series for Best Costume Design. How does this bode for the rest of the Fantastic Beasts' sequels? Will this make the sequels an Oscar competitor in categories such as Visual Effects, Production Design, etc. BTW huge fan of your channel. Look forward to every single video and can't wait to see what you bring us in the future. Thanks!

  2. Hi Grace!
    I agree with you about it being the fault of everyone involved with the Oscar accident. Everyone played a part in making it chaotic.
    Also, the Oscars are more enjoyable when the wins are spread throughout the various nominees…
    Banner incident = Left Shark dancing? Haaha Glad you caught that too! XD

  3. But also I don't get why this is seen as so bad. It was exciting and moonlight deserved it. In part because it is 'real'. A lot of the other movies, to me, just came off as more of the same Oscar bait. I think for creative risk and execution it set itself apart and seeing it swoop in for the win was awesome, even though I feel awful for that producer from la la land

  4. I thought Zootopia was a great film and it did deserve the Oscar….but I'm still upset that Kubo and the Two Strings didn't win.

  5. Always, well mostly, love your thoughts Grace. The end seemed borderline purposeful. I'm no film critic, I mostly like blockbusters or mind twisters. Moana was the first Disney movie I took my niece & nephew to, so I was a little disappointed they lost even though I hadn't seen the others. And, yes, the girl who sang that song did phenomenal. Anyway, my 2 cents. I'm excited for Logan. Blessings. 🙏

  6. Oscars are a joke. The fact that they decide to give "Best Picture" award to a meh movie just because it's "progressive" or part of an agenda is best proof of that.

  7. Faye dunnaway was looking very hot in white! I would love to be her date that night! poor Warren Betty he didn't know he did a apologize like he did! But I believe moonlight should have not one! But it's the Oprah agenda the guy who brought out this film Barry Jenkins is Oprah's boy!

  8. I was happy MOONLIGHT was the actual winner for best picture. It really does deserve the win. It is an excellent film.

  9. Zootopia in my opinion was Not a better film than Molana Zootopia was a average seen it before cop movie with animals Molana was a true to heart movie

  10. The cast of La La Land is fine, they got a million other awards and high critical and popular acclaim. I don't see why ppl are making a big deal, everyone involved was gracious and forgiving of the mistake and supportive of Moonlight

  11. because this hasn't happened why can't they have a duel winner for best picture. the symbology of unity would be epic.

  12. I was gobsmacked when the blunder happened and I watch the Oscars every year!!! I actually reallyed enjoyed the Oscars alot this year so much dancing and laughing. I was happy Suicide Squad won cause they did amazing work with the hair and make up and loved that Zootopia won cause its good for a disney movie to win without it being with a princess even though i loved the movie i like that first time winners won the acting awards {although i was also rooting for Natalie Portman lol} but enjoy it this year despite the blunder lol

  13. I watched Moana because of Grace. I cannot accept that City of Stars won over How Far I'll Go. Zootopia's winning, I think I can live with that, but Grace, you broke my heart when you said City of Stars deserve to win. Cheesy and boring music is now a trend for an Oscar???? No motivational or emotional aspects.

  14. lol wtf is grace talking about regarding Streets demeanor being one of a lesson learned. She made her point known. She was very chill throughout the Oscars cus tons of others were already standing up against the hateful Trump and friends group and she already made her point clear.

  15. Warren isn't to blame, it's not his job to fix the mistake it's the producers job to make sure no mistakes happen and to fix it when they do happen. The Oscars had a minute or more to get the mistake solved and they didn't; producer of La-la Land had to fix it.

  16. What are you talking about, Grace? Meryl Streep merely commented on a detail that represents a major social problem found not just in the US but anywhere in the world. Why are you saying she should be "more sensitive"? If the big kid in the schoolyard starts bullying your kid, wouldn't you want to know about it? She showed her support of a journalist because she wanted to underline the importance of a free world including freedom of the press. I think she did it because she understands her responsibility as a social activist which I think everybody in the limelight has whether they want it or not. I'm sure you feel a certain responsibility for what you communicate through your videos to everybody, do you not? You're a member of the press. Wouldn't you say it's important to protect our culture of debate? Can we afford to be subtle about such things, especially now? I don't think so.

  17. tbh suicide squad did not deserve that Oscar win what so ever,as much as I Love Jared Leto that crap film deserved nothing,not even the nomination,everyonther nominee has better make up and hair,and regardless of what category it was for you know that movie is going to keep advertising that oscar

  18. ♥♥♥♥♥ La La Land and Moonlight ♥♥♥♥♥
    Why can't we just enjoy both films? Too many hate going around on the internet against both films from both sides~~~

  19. I care more about the emotions the Academy Awards evoke in others than the academy Awards themselves. Anyway I don't really know which movies won, I didn't see any of them anyway, and I also don't really care to take an effort to find out which won or was nominated.

  20. I'm on team Moonlight. I've read the original moonlight story and I was very happy to see its adaptation in film. Lala land I saw it and I'm like you Grace I didn't like it!

    Trump should've tweeted back!
    It was so much fun getting your live tweets at the Oscars. Grace you made it so much more fun this year! Hopefully next year you could do this again with #Dolby.

  21. Frankly people should watch both then make up their minds. A terrible mistake, but they happen it's over. Judge each film for their entertainment value. Make an honest judgement by watching both. There are more horrific problems out in the world that need attention and solving more so, than people hating on which movie wins an Oscar. Frankly, most movies I enjoy have never gotten a nomination but they were entertaining for me. That's what it's about, entertainment to make you forget your real life problems for awhile.

  22. I think the reason a lot of people turned on Jennifer Lawrence and Anne hathaway was because they seemed to be in every movie and it became too much, I've also heard a lot of people start to feel that way about Emma too

  23. I think Warren B turned to Faye for help, and instead, she being caught up in the moment, thought he wanted her to read the card. So she did without really looking. He definitely knew something wasn't right and wasn't able to think quickly enough on his feet to save it. 😂😂😂😂

  24. It was a set up . Jimmy is the one that wanted a Steve Harvey moment and there was obvious back and forth as to how they would do it and if they even should. It was a terrible idea and inadvertently created a more uncomfortable situation than Steve Harvey's moment.

  25. Jajajajaja the joke is on the critic's…….suicide squad the worst of the worst an Oscar winner's…..

  26. TBH, both Movies Deserved to win Best Picture! I think they should have called it a tied, but that was one of biggest blunders and mistakes ever!

  27. Happy that Suicide Squad and Fantastic Beasts won! And it wasn't Warren and Faye's fault, it was the production's fault!

  28. Ummm Meryl Streep did the right thing with her speech and I hope she will do more of it! You just mad because you are for Trump….

  29. moonlight did not deserve to win ,oscars jut gave them the award to "correct" last year lack of "black" diversity , Moonlight is nowhere close to La La Land

  30. La La Land was good, a pleasant movie I liked it and I think this year's Oscars were too obvious because of last year's boicot and this year there were to many great film to be considered! Also Suicide Squad deserved the recognition thanks to its awesome work on MakeUp and Haistyling they did a great job with the characters, I think it was a punch in the face to marvel coz any of its movies had won an Oscar so far and DC did it not once but twice.

  31. La la land was a nice movie, I did not LOVE it but I liked it a lot. It makes you feel happy, but Moonlight was very good too..

  32. Team La La Land as an actor there has never been a best picture winner that truly defines what an actor feels like.

  33. Grace! I'm so surprised that you haven't reviewed 'Moonlight'! Have been waiting on your thoughts for months. Girl 'Fifty Shades Darker' but no 'Moonlight', I can't take this!!!

  34. Grace thank you for your spot on insight for a fair and diverse Hollywood. Team Moonlight for the journey made by even more poignant but because it was both a true story and the creators travelled from the stage to the dream and the producers of La La Land showed stepped up to do the right thing where Price Waterhouse and Warren Beatty didn't 🙂keep the faith Grace the good guys won😉😉

  35. I'm on team La La Land, i think Moonlight for the same reason that people wanted Moana to win, idea over execution doesn't make any sense for me.

  36. BooHoo a bunch of white people crying because a lame Hollywood circle jerk musical about how a white guy is the saviour of jazz didnt win.

    and grace fuck off with your Trump loving ass

  37. the biggest mistake for the night was giving casey Affleck best actor over Denzel Washington…..and second mistake is giving best supporting actor to marshaling Ali from moonlight (the dude was like 15min in the film and I still font know what happen or where his character went in the movie)

  38. Moonlight was a good movie but overrated. Yes it was beautifully shot, acting was superb, the story of a man told in 3 phases of his life was very well done and it did not feel Hollywoodish, it seemed more like a European film. However there were better movies than Moonlight such as Hacksaw Ridge and Arrival. Moonlight will not be remembered in a few years and it will not stand the test of time. It will be easily forgotten like The Hurt Locker, Crash, Shakespeare in Love and many others. Many times it's the movies that didn't win that get immersed in the classic movies category. For example from 1998, how many people remember the awarded best movie of the year called Shakespeare in Love? Now from that same year, how many remember Saving Private Ryan? I'm sure the answer is Saving Private Ryan. Look at 1990 when Dances with Wolves won as best movie of the year but the most talked about movie of the ones nominated that year was Goodfellas and it still is. So please people, don't fall into this Moonlight hype.

  39. Meryl Streep does not give a crap about Donald Trump so I can 100% say on her behalf, that she doesn't feel the backlash or even care about it.

  40. That baldy wasn't gracious at all. He looked and sounded pissed! Jimmy Kimmel and Warren Beaty were about to announce the mistake and present the award to Moonlight but he snatched the card from Warren and went on from there. Like, dude. Calm down.

  41. It was quite a moment :/, and the best make up thing was totally unfair, I will think the same every time my make up get smeared every day… LOL, I used to be so excited about the Oscars years ago, living in Spain I would stay up all night :/ sigh

  42. I agree that you shouldn't attack someone for not liking something. I personally liked La La Land and I really don't like people complaining about oh movies need to be more real and show how everything really is because when I go to a movie I want to be sent into THAT movies world taken away into some place else I like a stability but not that it has to be our world because to me that takes away from the movie and with La La Land I felt like it wasn't being like this is LA now go run away come here. It was telling a story of what some people do and a possible outcome. Now would I mind a story showing the true struggle of giving up everything to move to LA and begin an acting career I would feel like that would be a great drama but I could tell from the trailer that that wasn't it. Now I do feel like, Grace, that in fact you're so…stubborn is a nice way to put it, that it has to represent something takes away from you enjoying a movie. This isn't the first time you've done it you did it to Finding Dory with the truck driving on the wrong side of the road. I really do believe that it limits you and blinds you to a story that is trying to be portrayed. No sane person watches La La Land and goes "wow that's how LA is! Better start packing." Thats not what people do but taking a light hearted thing and trying to drag it down for not representing something it shouldn't have to because this isn't trying to improve society it's trying to entertain. I personally didn't like moonlight I was bored and I felt like it fell in a stereotype of it's own. But I feel neither deserved to win. But the fact that moonlight showed a "true" film and not a "persona" of one does not and should not justify the win. I personally love dramas hidden figures but I love a fantasy as well. I don't think a Hollywood more touch with reality is better for everyone, I think it limits creativity I think it gives people that you need to be thinking of how reality is what it is and not trying to deceive people don't be a fool about it, to escape to leave reality, which reality is it sucks sometimes. Is that why you want people to see the world? A glass empty and not a glass waiting to be filled.

  43. I feel like Meryl Streep was in the right place. (Not saying you have to agree with what she feels but the fact she stood up for what she feels) She should feel proud she's in the public eye and what does she do she stands up for what you believed in and theres no excuse for what Trump did, whether you agree or not. As a public figure you have a choice and she was a great role model she stood up for what she believed in and took her time to say "oh you shouldn't have oh wait I'm amazing." No she used it to be something to make something of herself to leave that impact and she did . And isn't Trump supporters the one saying the Society is too sensitive these days mhmmm sensing a little hypocrisy.☕️🐸

  44. I loved both Moana and Zootopia but I preferred Moana and I gave two shits about city of stars or what ever it was called that's my opinion but I never say anything should win just for diversity that's when there's a problem

  45. I believe they should've stopped before or after they have gone off stage, not while they were on stage making a speech. it was like Kanye West and Taylor Swift again. Tainting both groups, a hugh disaster, but I did love when Kimmel said I blame Steve Harvey.

  46. Fantastic Beasts winning the costume Oscar was a joke the costumes looked like boring rentals from Berman's and Nathan's.

  47. emma stone shouldnt have been even nominated imho just hams it up the same way in everything and sadly for a third time with gosling

  48. I liked both La La Land and Moonlight. I can't remember seeing a modern original Musical that was so wonderfully done like La La Land. Often I'm for the underdog but this time I was for La La Land. I think after the big win at the Golden Globes the backlash begun building very fast. And Oscar voting was very late this year, that definitely played a role here. My favorite movie from last year was Carol, it didn't even got a nomination for best picture so I'm very used to the idea that my favorite movie is not the favorite of the academy. The Oscars spread the love between three good movies and that's ok. Jimmy was a great host, he should host next year with Matt Damon.

  49. Well Grace, I thought Jimmie Kimmel bringing the people off the street and down the front row to meet everybody was funny and did work for him as he is always spontaneous like that and funny. Take Care.

  50. Hey Grace Do you think Denzel saw shade the the fences clip the we feed you we shelter you but we don't have to love you. He seemed to me he was hurt by the clip.

  51. Team hacksaw ridge. A truly heartfelt film with a great message that violence doesn't always have to be the way. You can touch people with compassion even if they are what some might say are your enemies. I think that is a message that the world needs to hear right now when everyone is so divided. I also believe that if trump had tweeted it still would have caused a stir so I don't think it would have made a difference in healing any relations between the two sides. Some People hate him so much at this point that he could say exactly what people want to hear and it still wouldn't be enough.

  52. Thank you Grace! La La land was not that great! It was good in some aspects, like Emma Stone performance. However to a degree even she wasn't the best in her caliber.

  53. I feel sorry for "La La Land." It doesn't matter. A mistake was made at the Oscars. "Moonlight" won for Best Picture.

  54. 99% of the fault goes to Price/Waterhouse,, but for Warren to look at an envelope that said Best Supporting Actress Emma Stone, La La Land, and not say something is wrong he gets the other 1%…….

  55. I'm watching this on november and my god, how current is what you said about Hollywood's measuring stick.

  56. I still CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT believe that you never reviewed Moonlight. I am still SO disappointed in you, for that.

  57. I enjoyed the video!! I have some great videos on my page as well. If you get the chance check them out #89

  58. Hard to believe I didn't comment last year on this video! Moonlight won over the provisional ballot and La La haters ranking La La Land 9th, whereas Moonlight had some #1 placements and 2 & 3's more likely. The 9th places brought down La La Land's average as any student knows a F grade can kill your average. Mike drop.

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