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– All right, so 2019,
“The Irishman” should win. It’s better than “Joker.” It’s better than “1917.” It’s better than “Titanic.” It’s better than “Schindler’s List.” That’s my take. Fight me on it, but
I’ve only seen one movie on this list anyway, so yeah. (laughs) – What I’m gonna say about
the 2020 Oscars this year is “Jojo Rabbit” makes me uncomfortable whenever I see the previews. I just, it’s hard for
me to laugh at Nazis. “The Irishman,” three and a half hours, give me a fucking break. “1917,” the way that
was filmed is amazing. Whether or not that should
win the Oscar, I don’t know. Okay, “Marriage Story,” like,
good movie, but gimme a break. – Yeah, this is gonna be tough. It’s a tough year. I saw “Parasite.” I loved “Parasite.” I didn’t walk out of “Parasite”
feeling the same, like, sense of awe that a lot
of other people did. I think that “Jojo Rabbit”
is the best film of the year. – I don’t need to look at this one. “Parasite.” – Ooh, this year. I’ve seen four movies on the
list, and I don’t even have to watch the rest because
my opinion is “Parasite” deserves to take both Best Film
and Best International Film. It’s one of the best
movies, like, I guess, in this entire decade that I’ve watched. There’s no beating “Parasite,”
and I really hope “Parasite” takes away all the Oscars, like, whatever they’ve been nominated
for, they deserve to win. – This year, I definitely
think “Parasite,” by far, is the best movie that was made. I’ve watched it three times. I’ll watch it another three times and then another three times after that. And then, I think a close
second is “Little Women,” which just warmed my heart. Saw it on New Year’s Day. What a way to bring in 2020. – “The Irishman” should be nominated. It will win, and if it
doesn’t win, people will riot. – For me, “Parasite,”
“Little Women,” “1917,” like, without a doubt, top three. I’d be happy if any of
those win Best Picture. – I’m gonna narrow it
down between “Parasite” and “Little Women,” so, one of those two. Let’s see! (upbeat music)

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