Out of Range – Animation Short Film 2019 – GOBELINS

Out of Range – Animation Short Film 2019 – GOBELINS

Don’t worry, I’m near,
I’ll be there in twenty. – Do you have the contract?
– Of course. – It’s here.
– Is it signed? -Of course it’s signed!
You trust me or not!? – It’s not a matter of trust, it’s…
– Wait a minute, there’s a problem. – Shit!
– If your car is broken, you’ll be late. -Don’t worry,
I’m gonna rent another one. – Or I give it to Jean-Mi.
– No don’t, it’s my case, not Jean-Mi’s. – I’ll arrive.
– Hurry! Go to the right. Seriously? In the forest? Well, OK… Giving him my case… My case! What is he thinking! For crying out loud… Bloody beasts! You have arrived. What the… Are you kidding me!? Where’s the freaking city? Fucking GPS! Hello boss? We’ve been waiting for you! There is a slight setback… Shut up! I can’t hear anyting! – Are you talking to me?
– No, I wasn’t talking to you. Huh… Hello? Oh, come on! Please! Please! Shit! And the last one…

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  1. i absolutely adore the art style in this, the backgrounds are really well done. it’s all very storybook-esque. the scene with the water was done especially well. i love it 😀 💕

  2. I love how the raindrops ended up falling on the camera, distorting the drawings making everything feel even more surreal and confusing in that one scene!

  3. Feels like a studio Ghibli thing right after she wakes up she has this relaxation mode and even the eyes began to change like it was a sense of rush and then when her eyes were different it was refreshed and the art began to take it's time which was pretty interesting in the sight of it all

  4. Sue B.(24) a local lawyer was found dead today, a week after being pronounced missing by her worried family. The cause of death is suspected to be hypothermia.

  5. Did she die ? I just confused. Anyway what a great animation😍 i just wondering where and how did they do that animation.

  6. Thank you for including an English subtitle option. I like being able to watch the shorts in French while still being able to understand the dialog.

  7. I think that she didn't died. There is something happening a lot in france recently, which is burn out and this woman seems to have fallen in it. The ocean symbolises her, drowning into her work and loosing herself, panicking etc. Then she stops listening to what opresses her (wich is her job and her boss) and she finds peace in herself, symbolised by nature. Work is sometimes too oppressing and can be destroying. I think that this is the meaning of this video. Sorry if I made any mistake on my english I'm french 😊

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