Overcome anxiety: Articulate your rationale, quell your doubts | Jordan Peterson

Overcome anxiety: Articulate your rationale, quell your doubts | Jordan Peterson

Okay so we have an online writing program
called “self-authoring” and that helps people construct the narrative of their life. That’s a good way of thinking about it. And so part of the narrative of your life
is what happened to you in the past that made you who you are now – good and bad. And part of what you want to do— think about
the purpose of memory. “Well the purpose of memory is to remember
the past.” It’s like “No, that’s wrong!” The purpose of memory is so that you take
from the past what you need not to do stupid things again in the future. So the purpose of memory is to learn from
the past so that you can construct the future more effectively. So now if you’ve had terrible things happen
to you in the past and you don’t understand them, what that means is that you’re insufficiently
prepared for the future. And that means you’re going to be in a constant
state of anxiety and stress. And so if you write about your past and you
do a causal analysis of the good and the bad things that happen to you, then that arms
you more effectively for operation in the present and the future. And that produces an increment in physical
health by the way. Okay, so that’s the past-authoring program. It asks you to divide your life into epochs
and to outline the emotionally significant events and to essentially do a causal analysis
of them. So it’s like you’re getting the gist of
the story of your life down. You’re articulating yourself. So the present-authoring program uses a personality
model to help you identify your faults (so that you can improve them) and your virtues
(so that you can continue to capitalize on them). It’s the simplest of the three subprograms. And the future-authoring program, which is
the one we’ve done the most research on, helps you first of all formulate a vision
for your life. So the idea is okay, imagine that you’re
charged with your own care and that you’ve determined to do a good job of it. Okay, and then it asks you specific questions
about your life. If you could have what you wanted three to
five years down the road, what would be good for you? What do you want from your friends? What do you want from your career? Are you going to educate yourself? What do you want from your family? What do you want from an intimate relationship? How are you going to handle pitfalls like
drug and alcohol use and other sorts of temptations? How are you going to take care of yourself
mentally and physically? What are you going to do with your time outside
of work that’s productive and meaningful? If you could have what you wanted and that
would be good for you, what would that look like? And then it asks you to write for 15 minutes
about what your life could be like if those conditions were met three to five years in
the future. Then it asks you to do the reverse. Take stock of your failings. Imagine they get out of hand and things aren’t
so good for you three to five years down the road. What does that look like? Okay, now you’ve established two points:
Something to strive for and something to stay the hell away from. And that’s maximally motivating, because
if you want to be motivated to do something, you can’t just be hopeful about it. You have to be hopeful about doing it and
afraid of not doing it. And that way your anxiety is behind you pushing
you forward instead of in front of you stopping you. Because like imagine you wanted to undertake
a new enterprise. You might say “Oh my god, look at all the
risks! Look at all the threat!” And that could paralyze you. But if you can say simultaneously “Yeah,
fair enough, but look where I might end up if I don’t do it.” Like “Oh! Well, that’s a whole different issue.” It’s like, “Well there’s dangers ahead
of you, but there’s dangers behind you too.” So maybe it’s worthwhile taking the risk. So anyway you want to have both your negative
and your positive emotion systems working for you. Then in the future-authoring program you take
your positive vision and you develop an implementable plan which includes philosophical justifications. So one question would be all right, break
your vision up into nine practical steps. Develop an implementation strategy. And then articulate why, if you accomplish
goal one your life would be better, your family’s life would be better, your society would function
better. Because you need deep reasons to keep you
on track, because otherwise your own doubts will undo you let alone other people’s opposition. You have to articulate your rationale so that
you can quell your doubts and move forward powerfully. And so those programs, that program in particular
has a very salutary effect on people. So we’ve given it to thousands of university
students now in business schools in particular. Thirty percent improvement in overall retention.

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  1. Anyone who thinks he is a fraud simply isn't intelligent enough to understand his message. You are blinded by hatred, only by the things others have said about him rather than what he's said himself

  2. You cannot solve problems of the mind with the mind.
    Having said that, have a good diet. In his book he mentioned having your shoulder back…I would add breathe through the nose…it automatically improves the posture and it also stops you from hyperventilating. Breathe consciously especially that breath-out.

  3. The polarization continues, in every big think video with Peterson a lot of his fans categorize his critics as far leftists, and a lot of his critics label him alt right, let's stop with the labels.

  4. First time I finished 5 min of this guy. This could have a helpful effect on a small number of people if motivated by someone different

  5. Don't agree with this. The fear of having a bad outcome is paralyzing to me. It is only the tiny hope that things may work out that keeps me going.

    EDIT: I just realized he's talking about using this method in schools, which makes me think he's using this on young kids. That makes sense. It might works for the youngins. I'm old and have been too damaged by life.

  6. Life is stress, stress gets you off you dumbfuckingfatass so you will move away from the monsters in your life. Chill with a pill or toke on your smoke but only for a minute as all Langoliers cometh to eat the moment you live in, run all for your lives as fast as you can.

  7. Basically, what he is saying is to choose between two scenarios. Your success and your failure. If the idea of your worst case scenario scares you enough it may motivate you to work towards your success. So your fear is behind you as opposed to infront of you. But i don't think this solution works unless one comes to terms with the worse case scenario not being as bad as they fear. "It's okay if i fail..i can deal with it.". So visualise what failing looks like..visualise dealing with it…and move forward knowing you will be okay. Anxiety is borne out of uncertainty..being certain you can deal with situations calms you down. Here is a story, i suffered an anxiety attack on a football field during a game. I was playing terrible to the point i wanted to disappear. I asked myself one simple question, have you done this before? The answer was yes. I had practiced for moments like these a 1000 times over. So what was different about today? Nothing. Same ball, same field of grass and so i visualized myself back on the practice field and that reminded me i possessed the ability to perform and removed the uncertainty i had in my self. ..remove uncertainty by visualising your worst case scenario and you dealing with it or remembering past success to remind yourself of your capability.

  8. The skeptic community criticizes Jordan Peterson for not taking the Bible literally enough and offering an allegorical interpretation of religion and its influence in wester art and culture. Let that hypocrisy sink in for a moment. The way channels like Generally Modified Skeptic and Rationality Rules respond to Jordan Peterson only pushes me further away from anti-theism and their contradictions. True atheist don’t advocate for their lack of religiosity. The entire skeptic community is oxymoronic.

  9. Take a sheet of paper. Draw a big cross on it. Put all the hopes and dreams on the right side. Describe life in the USSR on the left side.

  10. So many things in my past were not good that remembering them is quite painful. It takes me to a very dark place so I just don't go there.

  11. First, what he is saying is correct, but everybody is already aware, nothing astounding. Second, he keeps hinting at a program that he has, he doesn't sound that altruistic. He wants us to sign up for something

  12. The value of JP ends at psychology. His political and philosophical ideas are propped up by whatever means necessary, he's good at arguing the points but the points are easily dismantled. He's an intelligent person, but he's not the intellectual torch that will carry us through the 21st century. Only people who are solely on the JP bandwagon think this. I like JP, and I think he's very good at what he does, but he's not equally good at these other pursuits. Sam Harris interviewed him and I had my face in my hands the whole time.

  13. Please Jordan Peterson, stop advertising your online programme first thing whenever you are given a platform. It’s becoming tiresome. Big think videos are supposed to be content/idea/theme-based, as opposed to marketing/product-based.
    It was disappointing to hear your product-promotion first second into the video and then discover that this was actually the entire point of the video…. 👎🏽

  14. I think that anxiety and doubt are able to destroy everything you have ever worked on. It is just as damaging as hate, chaos, unfairness, dishonesty . . . and if not more so. It’s everywhere you look as well, it’s damaging to society.

  15. I’m scared of what’s in front of me, I’m scared of what’s behind me. I’m more anxious now than before watching this. Ahhhh!!!!! 😨😱😱😩😩😩😢😢😵

  16. What if I already do this but lack the anxiety about not doing it and therefore the motivation.
    Really wish I could be anxious enough to care about the future.

  17. The self Authoring program helped me identify seemingly insignificant, but destructive patterns of behavior I was oblivious to. Thank you, JBP!👍

  18. this writing approach presumes that there are causal, rather than happenstance or random relationships between our emotional histories and our present personalities. For some people- certain trauma can absolutely clarify their perception of their present selves- however for most people I sincerely doubt that this is the case.

  19. What a stupid idea I don't know how a guy like this could be a psychology professor, he must be living in a dreamworld or something. You can't just write down what you want you will never get what you want, most of it is impossible. Whatever you want doesn't exist and yu certainly cannot expect stuff from people like your family and friends. They do what they want and they won't give a damn about what you want they are more important as far as they are concerned and they will stop you.

  20. As much as so many warriors out there have connected their identities to BEING anxiety, I want you to know that you are more than anxiety, much more. ❤️

  21. "Purpose of memory…"
    That's some serious question begging going on. LOL.

    I'd agree if he said "some utility of memory…"
    If it had been built with a purpose by a remotely intelligent designer it wouldn't be so riddled with spandrels. 😐

    Some anxiety inducing stuff in here man. But the writing about the future and imagining the worst, that's some good advice.

  22. I was doing pretty good till a load of shit happened; Becoming deeply depressed, my parents divorcing, two young people I knew died including one through suicide and then getting robbed by a crazy guy in a park with a knife who chased me and my friends with a balaclava on. Now I'm extremely anxious and miserable… Maybe there's a way back though, with time. I've avoided drink and drugs though, so that's good and I have a decent job, just not enjoying anything really.

  23. Jordan Peterson is brain cancer. And he only eats beef so if you follow his advice, you might actually get butt cancer. Oof!

  24. Peterson is a genius. Perhaps the greatest thinker of our time in terms of getting past religion and understanding life in terms that can be tested. His philosophy might just usher in the future of how we understand eachother and ourselves.

  25. So many polarised comments on this video.

    Maybe one can ignore the messenger and just listen to the message. If it helps you, good for you. If it doesn't, it's too bad but I hope that if you're stuck in a rut you'll manage to get the help needed to get out sooner rather than later, later rather than never.


  26. 3:05 is it me or he raised his hand in The Salute way of raising hand? I get the idea that lefties will try to use that as justification to call him a radical …

  27. Peterson is very knowledgeable… but his main flaw is arrogance. He honestly believes that he has the correct “facts” to all things cognitive, and is relatively unabashed with saying “that’s wrong” all the time. Social Science is full of theoretical understandings, and the reality is that half of today’s studies will be replaced with newer ones within the next 10 years. Any good psychologist understands this, and as a result is hesitant to make bold assertions concerning the human condition.

    Not to mention that Peterson is really callous and not empathetic. I’d hate to have him as a psychologist…. he’d rather criticize me than explore my rationalizations…

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