Overhyped Films That Were Never Released

Overhyped Films That Were Never Released

Hollywood runs on hype, from a project’s earliest
conception to its world premiere and beyond, the entire movie industry depends on getting
audiences as pumped as possible for their blockbuster product. In fact, there’s an entire industry within
the industry, filled with people whose jobs depend on getting the word out. Unfortunately, the folks whose job it is to
market and hype up a film aren’t always on the same page as the people tasked with actually
making a movie. Announcements are made, interviews are given,
and all of a sudden, the film just up and disappears from the studio’s release schedule. It can happen for all sorts of surprising
reasons, but regardless, all we’re left with is the disappointment of knowing we’ll never
get to see the movie we were promised. Here’s a look at some overhyped films that
quietly disappeared from the release schedule. Dark Universe The Dark Universe will probably go down in
Hollywood history as a prime example of the high risk a studio runs of being embarrassed
by overhyped films. In an attempt to mirror the Marvel Cinematic
Universe’s interwoven narratives and massive box office success, Universal Studios looked
to their own crossover-worthy characters, classic monsters like Dracula, the Wolfman,
and more. While it wouldn’t be the first time Universal
had made crossover movies, the ideas behind this new franchise seemed to borrow more from
superhero and action movies than the gothic influences of their early 1900s forebears. Universal even invested in a special “Dark
Universe” logo to introduce films that would take place in this universe. So… “What happened?” Unfortunately, despite all-star casting like
Tom Cruise in The Mummy and Johnny Depp as the the Invisible Man, the Dark Universe was
quickly derailed when The Mummy bombed at the box office. Bride of Frankenstein, which was rumored to
star Angelina Jolie in the title role, was quickly taken off of Universal’s schedule,
and, despite a massive launch announcement with a Photoshopped lineup of the stars, the
creatives behind the would-be franchise moved on to other projects. It looks like the real dark universe was ours,
all along. Divergent: Ascendant The Divergent adaptations seemed like a sure
thing. Based on the hit Young Adult novels by Veronica
Roth, the dystopian action series seemed like the natural heir to the Hunger Games hysteria
that dominated the box office. Unfortunately, while the first two films managed
to earn a respectable return on investment, they weren’t quite as bankable as the studio
might’ve hoped. Even so, Lionsgate went forward with splitting
the final film into two, like Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games before it,
and that decision turned out to be a huge mistake. Allegiant was only loosely based on the book
version of the same name, and not only were the reviews for the film scathing, but fans
failed to turn up at the ticket booth as well. As a result, the would-be final film, Ascendant,
fell apart at the seams by losing its director and cast, and then being shunted off to the
television circuit, where it’s remained in production limbo. World War Z 2 Based on the gripping bestseller by Max Brooks,
World War Z came loaded with a passionate fan-base, including some of Hollywood’s most
prestigious actors. After a bidding war against Leonardo DiCaprio’s
production group Appian Way, Brad Pitt’s company Plan B optioned and produced the film adaptation
of the apocalyptic zombie thriller. Unfortunately, things start going downhill
from there as the film became an entirely different kind of disaster movie. After the initial filming process was complete,
the flick went through a massive reshoot process that basically replaced the film’s entire
third act and made it unrecognizable to readers of Brooks’ version. Although it still went on to score a solid
half-billion dollars at the box office, the film’s ballooned production costs ate into
those profits. A sequel was still announced by Paramount
Pictures, due to the bounty of book material left to bring to the big screen. “We have so many ideas and so much information
that we think we’ve got a lot of stuff to mine from.” However, the film’s release date has continued
to be bumped back again and again to the point that it seems like director David Fincher
might never get a chance to resurrect this franchise. Terminator Genisys 2 The first Terminator: Genisys left a lot to
be desired. For instance, the movie was straight up incomplete
and basically relied on the eventual sequel to complete the narrative. Unfortunately, planning for a sequel can backfire
if the released movie underperforms, and that’s exactly what happened with Genisys. The film did have some serious star power
with Emilia Clarke and the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who made good on that promise
… “I’ll be back.” (Please Arnold, don’t.) However, the movie underperformed in the US
and fell short of its production budget by about $60 million. What was meant to be the birth of a new trilogy
turned out to be a non-starter, and the second installment was removed from Paramount’s upcoming
releases, paving the way for yet another adjustment of franchise continuity with a sequel that
would ignore everything after Judgement Day. Fantastic Four 2 Years before anyone seriously believed Marvel
Comics could spin off anything approaching a cinematic universe, the venerable publisher
fell on hard financial times and ended up selling off the film rights to some of their
most popular characters. Spider-Man landed at Sony and the Fantastic
Four and X-Men landed at Fox, and without access to those heroes, the fledgling Marvel
Studios turned to characters like Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor, which were at the
time properties that had never achieved quite as much mainstream popularity. Of course, this all ended up working out pretty
well for Marvel, and for Fox and Sony, both of whom found themselves sitting on adaptation
options that had never been more valuable. As a result, Spidey and the Fantastic Four
have both spawned multiple franchises, but while Sony has managed to hit box office paydirt
with its Spider-Man movies on more than one occasion, the Fantastic Four films have had
a rougher go of it. Fox’s first pass at the franchise made money,
but the reviews were less than kind, prompting a reboot in 2015, and that attempt fared even
worse than its predecessors, earning godawful reviews and the worst grosses of any theatrical
release in the series. Still, there’s no benefit to holding film
rights you can’t use, so Fox executives consistently reiterated that a sequel was definitely happening,
regardless of what happened with the first film. Considering that the latest release date promised
a June 2017 arrival, we can pretty safely assume that the sequel won’t be happening. The Disney-Fox merger deal might mean that
Marvel’s First Family will get another shot at a movie release sometime, although it likely
won’t be anytime soon, and it won’t be a follow-up to any past Fantastic Four film…which is
probably just as well. Sinister Six Sony didn’t just own the rights to Spider-Man;
the studio also laid claim to an assortment of other characters related to everyone’s
favorite friendly neighborhood web-slinger. In order to compete with Marvel’s growing
domination of the superhero genre, Sony announced plans in 2014 to make a Sinister Six movie,
to be directed by Drew Goddard. The film’s conceit was fairly ambitious, bringing
together six of Spidey’s most famous villains together as the titular supervillain team. Promotional materials were even created to
build fan fervor following the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Sadly, while everyone involved seemed invested
in making Sinister Six a reality, the Amazing Spider-sequel underperformed, paving the way
for a deal between Marvel and Sony that was struck just in time to reboot the character
again with Tom Holland in the role, and have Spidey make his Marvel Cinematic Universe
debut alongside Captain America and Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War. It led to all sorts of Spider-Man goodness,
but the collateral damage of the deal included Goddard’s Sinister Six. Sony hasn’t given up on Spider-spinoffs, and
although subsequent plans to continue building out the character’s shared universe have hit
some snags of their own, fans can still look forward to a big-screen solo outing for at
least one of Spider-Man’s most popular foes. Uncharted When it comes to experiences that feel like
watching an Indiana Jones movie, you’re mostly limited to getting a doctorate in archeology
or going on the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. Still, the Uncharted video game series manages
to scratch the particular itch of watching a handsome and dashing adventurer run around
giant monuments while flirting with pretty girls and almost getting killed by amoral
thieves. The series follows Nathan Drake as an artifact
hunter whose adventures in picturesque locations and grand action set pieces seemed absolutely
made for the big screen. While movie adaptations of video games tend
to be poorly received, adapting Uncharted seemed like a perfect continuation of the
pulpy adventure movies that Indiana Jones had traded in. Unfortunately, the movie ran through a series
of difficult turnovers as director after director left the project. Joe Carnahan was tapped to write the script
in 2016, but the Uncharted movie was removed from Sony’s upcoming release list only a few
months later. Still, fans don’t need to lose hope completely;
a since-deleted Instagram post by Tom Holland seemed to imply that he would be starring
in the long-awaited movie. Much like any archaeologist, fans will just
have to wait and see if what comes out of the ground is treasure…or trash. Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  1. divergent did what so many book to movies do they forget there fans are fans of the books and try to change things. the deal with marvel states they have to use the rights every so many years or marvel gets them back, this is the reason Sony made flop after flop. you did not even mention the lamb, garth brooks made an album under the name Chris Gaines as the sound track to a movie that never happened.

  2. It wasn’t a huge film, but I’ll always be upset that they never made a series out of The Mortal Instruments, the first film was good and the actors talked about a sequel but i don’t know what happened to it!

  3. You missed the ORIGINAL Rogue One movie!!! The version that was in theaters and now on video is NOT the original concept and they reshot about 80% of the movie because the original version was deemed too dark by Disney's hypocritical standards. This is why half the scenes in the original trailer ere NOT in the finished movie.

  4. A shame The Mummy killed Dark Universe. MY Dark Universe so far: Brendon Frasier's The Mummy, The Wolfman (2010), Dracula Untold, I Frankenstein. If you haven't seen the latter two, definitely do so.

  5. I am very displeased with the dark universe dying. Gender bending the mummy is the kicker, but TBH not sure why they bothered redoing the awesome Brendan Fraser movies.

  6. The title is misleading. It should be titled movies that were never made, not released. You can’t obviously release something if it hasn’t been made. It suggests that the movie was made but not released which is not the case, it’s just movies that were planned but didn’t end up being made.

  7. I don't care what anyone says, Terminator Genysis was a good movie. The complaints I've seen in different forms is that people didn't understand the plot. Well, it's on them for being too dumb to get it, or not paying enough attention.

  8. Really was looking forward to Dark Universe after seeing the new The Mummy film (hated the series that spawned in 1999 – only got good with Scorpion King), and I didn't even know it was cancelled.

    Also, Valerian's would-be sequels should be on this list.

  9. How about underhyped films that looked to be headed for sequels and now may get rebooted like Flash Gordon and The Last Star Fighter?

  10. The Mummy with Sofia Boutella as the Mummy and Tom Cruise as the hero grossed over 410 million world wide so was a box office success, if they spent to much making it I don't know estimates listed as 125 million – 195 million to make don't know if that included advertising cost, I would assume so especially at 195 million high estimate. Don't know how they got such a wide range of estimate but is what was on Wikipedia so might have limited sources of information.

  11. nathan fillion did a fan made short film on nathan drake and it was incredible. If there was ever gonna be a nathan drake movie, itd have to be with Nathan fillion.

  12. I think the spider man sinister 6 movie was already made……..into the Spider-Man game that came out. I mean didn’t Spider-Man fight 6 different villains in that game? Sometimes more than one at a time? So wouldn’t it be safe to assume that is what we got instead of a movie?

  13. Actually eragon 2 sequel was posted to be a released in 2019 but one of actress past way right now the movie might be delayed

  14. Still would have preferred a terminator genius 2 finishing the tale and introducing Matt Smith as Skynet had real potential in my eyes…. and frankly better that, than the film we got!

  15. You give the World War Z movie way too much credit. It didn't just do away with the book's third act; it did away with 90% of the whole book. What kind of zombie movie has zombies that don't eat people??? The kind that's desperate to rake in more money with a PG-13 rating, that's what kind. That thing deserved to bomb, and making a sequel to it would be a travesty.

  16. Ff4 remake was just a piece of crap it was garbage just trash and the new crappy xmen are trash and 2012 2014 spider man is trash

  17. The dark universe even from the mummy trailer you could tell would fail and some of the leading talent they had for the title roles just don't really have any range

  18. مـــيـــن🥰 يــرحب🥰 بــــي🥰 يــــضغـــط لايـــك🥰ويــــراســنـي خـــــاص واشـــترك بقنـاتـــــــي

  19. I got the Mummy on DVD and it was more inspired by Brandon Frazier version than Boris Karloff version, I didn't think the movie was that bad they might have given Tom Cruise character to much scene time and not enough to the Mummy, but I did enjoy the film, also Tom Cruise wanted to do changes according to some critics which might have upped their budget if true, they could give less control to other actors in the future to cut budget and not only is Marvel movies popular but remakes of Godzilla, King Kong, Planet of the Apes series are also popular to give them idea they could be successful in movie remakes if planned Godzilla vs King Kong is successful. They could redo Frankenstein meets the Wolfman or Frankenstein vs Dracula or was it called Dracula vs Frankenstein? Then again I think they made two versions of it so they might have used both titles.

  20. Does anyone see what the common denominator is in may of these films? Women in roles that only make sense for men. We are just tired of being forced to believe that women with broomstick wrists are roundhouse punching 250lb guys, sending them flying over backwards. It's unrealistic, and just plain stupid, and we are TIRED OF IT.

  21. Yeah, TRON 2 was probably the nr1 expected movie, but I think it's gonna happen, it'll just take a few more years before real nostalgia kicks in. Most people have already seen TRON but it wasn't a blast like Star Wars or Infinity War, it took time but now we all know what kind of movie TRON is, and a TRON 2 would most definitely have recognition compared to the first one.
    "Dredd" wasn't a blast either, but I think most of us have seen that too… So if Dredd 2 and TRON 2 came out, I'd be buying tickets right away!

  22. wait has tom holland done snl? its be cool if andrew g and tobey m showed up too lol like wait they booked you too?!

  23. Allegiant didnt do well because the 3rd book was terrible. I read it and was so disappointed. So I didn't bother even watching the 1st one at the theatre

  24. If Universal picked lesser known actors, I think they would have had a shot because then they would have actually focused a lot more on the writing and the plot, also, not blowing their budget sky high, when Iron Man 2008 came out, RDJ wasn't exactly the bankable actor he is today.

    Personally, I found The Mummy an okay film, it wasn't groundbreaking, but it was okay. I just felt that Universal was too confident in their star power alone, like what they did with CATS 2019, they threw every famous and currently relevant celebrities hoping that solves their problems.

    World War Z however was a disappointment for me because I'm a big fan of the book and Max Brooks, the movie was a good zombie movie but IT WASN'T World War Z, all the drama, all the humanity and the psychological insights in the book was all lost and replaced with action scenes that direcly conflicted to how the book's zombies actually were. Max Brooks zombie books clearly indicated that zombies were dead human bodies that had an infected brain that functioned in its most primitive state, which meant zombies were able to function as humans but SLOWER and LESS coordinated because the infection only utilized parts of the brain. It also completely turned a blind eye to the very interesting historical records that World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide told about how different cultures' burial rituals were actually directly affected by early civilizations' encounter with zombies and their dead coming back to life.

  25. I can think of one which should never have been released, Atomic Blonde. It was hilarious but I don’t think that was the intention

  26. I blame Tom Cruise for the failure of Dark Universe. He made sure he had more screen time than the main character The Mummy. Mr. Cruise is suffering from too much Science and Technology. LOL

  27. If they had actually just spring boarded off of the original Mummy for the Dark Universe, I would have gone for it. Replacing Brendan Fraser was a misstep, at least imo.

  28. The first mistake that Universal made with the dark universe was remaking the mummy with Tom Cruise as the lead. Worst decision ever.

  29. I think they should have kept dark universe. It had the potential to be great and one bad film shouldn't define a franchise.

  30. Tom Holland as Nathan Drake
    I thought it was decided that Nathan Fillion made a good Nathan Drake – they have the same name and they look alike. Also, Fillion made a fan short on Uncharted…

  31. i’ll never forgive them for ruining the divergent series, like the first movie was good n seemed more like an independent film in its style but in the following movies they drifted so much from the plot and setting of the books and i just could not enjoy them anymore ://

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