Overwatch Animated Short | “Reunion”

Overwatch Animated Short | “Reunion”

Ashe! Ashe! We got trouble. Jesse McCree. Been a while. You promised you’d write. Well Ashe… I’ve been kind of busy. We’re pretty busy ourselves. So, it’s awful convenient
you showing up today. Yeah, you’ve never been one
to shy away from a good tip. Hey! We worked hard for this score. You best move on now. All I want is that crate. Everything else is yours. This crate? Bob. Well, well. Now you got my attention. What is it? That’s none of your business. Well as I see it… now it is very much our business. It doesn’t always have to be
this way, Ashe. Apparently… it does. Come on! Don’t shoot! Bob, do something! Looks like Bob got himself
some upgrades. Smoke him out of there! Last chance, McCree. Toss out your weapon. Alright, Ashe. Here it comes. Ooh, shoot… What? What the… McCree! Sorry about that, Bob.
No hard feelings? McCree! Hey!
Untie me McCree! -Say hi to the gang for me.
-I’m talking to you! I will not be ignored! I’m going to rebuild Bob and I’m going to have him rip off
your other arm! McCree! Hey there, cowboy. Welcome back, partner. Mmm… how long have I been gone? Far too long. What happened? Well, that’s a story for another time. But I got a call. They’re getting the band back together. They want me… but really… they need you. Jessie, wait. What are you going to do? I’ve got some business to attend to. Say hi to the monkey for me. Monkey? Scientist… Whatever…

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  1. Ok, so:
    4.Soldier 76
    9.D. Va
    Who do y’all think the next short will be about?
    -Double D

  2. Have we found anything about that robot thing? Sorry if I’m kinda out of the lore. I know that Winston is trying to get OW back together but how did Mccree have that chip and who is that robot (I believe its name is Echo)?

  3. Blizzard executives "you animators can't eat until this new video is done!"
    Blizzard animators *begins to animate pie in high detail*"i'm so hungry…"

  4. Man can we just please get a short of Soldier: 76 and Reaper already!! It can start with them fighting and then go back in the past to them talking or whatever in the Swiss base and show the events of the whole things exploding cause of their battle and just go back and forth from present day to the past and show us the relationship that they had before reaper was turned and soldier faked his death. That’s the short we need🙌🏼

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