Paa 2009 Hindi 720p HD

Paa 2009 Hindi 720p HD

Welcome to King Edward Thank you Thank you Mr. Amol.. ..for taking the time
to be with us Not at all Sir..
it’s my pleasure Congratulations on
completing 50 years Thank you very much Come Wait here This year we have introduced
the ‘Vision of India’ competition The eyes of the world are on India It is India’s time The eyes of the world are on India We wanted to See the
vision our kidS have for India Right.. you told me on the phone.
I am actually dying to see it Is this it?
– Yes. “Beautiful pearls.” Wow! To save on your time.. ..our faculty has
selected the five.. ..most interesting pieces
– No, I’d like to see them all “Beautiful pearls.
Tomorrow’s scenery.” “Listen through the eyes.” “Listen to the tune of tomorrow.
Choose tomorrow.” “The world is beautiful.” “Beautiful pearls.” “Tomorrow’s scenery.” “Listen to the tune of tomorrow.
Choose tomorrow.” “The world is beautiful.” “Beautiful pearls.” “Tomorrow’s scenery.” “Beautiful pearls.
Tomorrow’s scenery.” Students.. welcome to the
‘Vision of India’ award ceremony I could give the award
myself I am the Principal Who is bigger than me? But no.. To make an award worthy.. is important
to receive it from.. ..somebody who excels
in that fieId A cricket trophy should
be received from Tendulkar SimiIarly, the ‘Vision of India’
trophy should be received from.. MP Mr. Amol Atre I welcome One of our youngest,
brightest.. ..and coolest
visionaries of India MP Amol Arte Thank you. Hi.. I want to join your school Sir.. can I get admission here? I know you are full.. ..but I spot a vacant seat You guys are so lucky.. be studying in this schooI You have topped the State Board
exams for the last seven years Your under 15
cricket team has not let.. ..anyone win for the
last five years Your teachers stand
while you sit I’m reaIly jealous..
I want to join Not just to stay ahead.. ..but to think ahead
like all of you My Vision pales in comparison
to your vision of India Such deep thoughts Today You are alI winners But.. particular entry
in this competition.. ..made me think that
this schooI is very lucky Lucky.. have such a thinker. A white globe This is his India Confused? At a very early age
We are all taught.. This is my house, that is yours This is my city, that is yours.. My state, your state.. My country, your country.. Mine versus your’s is
the world’s biggest problem This student has wiped it all out Thinking of the whole
worId as your own country.. ..and taking care of it What a thought! I wish we could
aIl think like this What a world we could make Who made this? Auro! Auro.. Auro.. Auro
– Come. Auro.. Auro.. Auro.. Auro..
– Auro! Auro.. Auro.. Hi Auro.. Auro.. It’s a very rare condition Have you heard of Progeria? Auro is just a 12 year old boy Because of this condition he looks
like he is 60 or 70 years old A very intelIigent,
creative 12 year old Unfortunately with this
very very rare disease Doctor. Congratulations, it’s a boy! Thank you, doctor. – A perfectly
heaIthy baby. – Thank you very much. Just taste a little bit.. hey! Mom
– lt is very tasty. Get up. Hi mom Look Vidya, he refuses
to eat his khichdi.. says it’s a sick
person’s food, boring food Wants spicy food! Get another bowl mom..
I’ll eat too Stop it mom, stop. See
– What’s this? I’m the Visionary of India Means? I stoIe a globe from the staff-room painted it white there was no other colour and there was no marker
to draw a map So I felt it like that, went
to the loo and Won the 1st prize So it was a fluke? No
– No? No fluke
– Then? There was a little thought..
somewhere.. Who gave you the prize? Some MP.. something, somebody Somebody, something.. Very good! Let’s eat
khichdi and ceIebrate Mom.. Mom.. this is so bland.. it’s boring.. I want chilIies Auro you know.. will start panting in 2 mins..
have an oxygen mask in 3 mins ..4 injections in 4 mins.. here.. here.. hare.. hare Ok ok.. ok. But I want chillies Look I’m eating too Very nice
– Eat.. eat.. you are a doctor of course you will
like hospital food There are no chillies
in the house. Then get some pickle Its in the fridge I have seen it. Auro just a tiny bit ok? First you bring What’s wrong? Why aren’t you eating? You
said you like this stuff Finish it Auro! It’s for your own good Auro I was asking for your own good You are allowed spicy food, right? Then why this unnecessary sacrifice all the time for me? Shall I eat it?
– No? Want? Good night Good night mom 12 year old boy or
an 70 year old man? Even the media was
looking for the ansWer.. This startling sight at King
Edward school in Lucknow.. suffering from progeria.. ..whose age four times more
than a normal child.. ..shocked one and all including..
MP Amol arte AmoI. Vidya. “Where I turned by coincidence.” “Where I was bound with
someone by coincidence.” “Why am I restIess every moment?” “Why was I bound?
Why was I restless?” “Why was l bound and became
restIess by coincidence?” “Where I turned by coincidence.” “Where I was bound with
someone by coincidence.” “I just walked freely
by coincidence.” “Whichever alley l turned,
I met him by coincidence.” “I just walked freely
by coincidence.” “Whichever alley l turned,
I met him by coincidence.” “Why was l bound and became
restIess by coincidence?” “Where I turned by coincidence.” “Why did I become restless every
moment? Why did l become restIess?” “Why did I meet him,
why was l happy.” “Why did I meet and got
bind with him by coincidence?” “Where I turned by coincidence.” “Why was I bound?
Why was I restless?” “Why was I bound and
became restless by coincidence?” “Where I turned by coincidence.” “Where I was bound with
someone by coincidence.” Vidya.. l can’t ya After finishing Political
science I have to do my MBA I mean we have talked about this I want to join politics l
want to work with my dad I want to learn from his 22
years of politicaI experience I want to change the
way our country thinks I want to change the systems I want to prove to the world
that ‘PoIitics’ is not a bad word This family.. marriage.. kids I don’t understand
these concepts at all Also.. think about yourseIf Don’t you want to
finish your studies? Don’t you want to be a doctor? For this.. ..don’t ruin your career Anyway.. We are just getting excited.. Let’s just calm down We’ll find a good doctor It wilI be fine..
nobody will know It wilI all be fine. You know what Amol? I’m sure you will be
a big politician I promise to never
be in your way. Bye. Oh great. She’s walking away.
Vidya can we just talk about this? Talk? I will talk.. one last time just for your peace of mind just to let you know that this problem is
not a problem anymore Vidya.. Let me find good doctor..
then We will talk So.. Do you want this child or not? Mom, aren’t you upset with me? Do you want this child or not? It’s not that simple mom.. I have to be practical I have 3 more years of study.. then the practice Do you want this child or not? An unwed mother.. in this society? Want this child or not? Mom.. it’s impossible
to talk to you Vidya.. – How will
I raise a child by myself? You Were two years old
when your father passed away.. I was alI alone.. You at least have me.. Do you want this child or not? YES.. YES.. Hello..
– Amol.. – Vidya.. Your probIem has been solved. Bye. Vidya, wait.. I want to see you I will see you Amol.. when you become a big politician.. I will see you on TV Vidya, wait.. “Yes l was happy
again by coincidence.” “I was bound together
again by coincidence.” “I was happy every moment.
Every moment I was happy.” “Yes, I was bound
together again every moment.” “Yes, I am very happy
by coincidence.” “Yes l was happy
again by coincidence.” “I was bound together
again by coincidence.” Yes? Progeria! Have you heard about it? Yeah.. vaguely There are many kinds of Progeria.. But generally speaking it is an
extremely rare genetic defect.. ..that causes acceIerated ageing The child ages five to six
times faster than normal This is an eight year old boy.. Looks like 50 or 60.. He is 11, looks like 60 or 70.. This one is 9.. There are only 40 to 50 such
cases registered in the worId.. Mentally, these kids are
Iike normal children.. ..that’s the good news But as they grow,
so do their problems.. Cardiovascular,
kidney and eyesight problems.. loss, skin decay.. In most cases, these kids
don’t live beyond 13-14 years.. And there is no cure Vidya..
– Auro has Progeria? Mum..
– Bum.. That’s Mum.. And this is Bum.. Bum.. Bum.. Bum.. “I met someone with a
good nature by coincidence.” “A Iittle by little he
grew up with coincidence.” Hello.. Hi.. Your son?
– Yeah Watch it!
– What’s wrong with him? It’s a chromosome glitch.. Every human being has
a genetic code.. It is a combination of
A C G T chromosomes.. ..and every human body has
three biIlion such codes.. If.. because of some genetic
mutation a T repIaces a C.. It’s called AURO! Lucky boy, right? Ok.. bye “I met someone with a
good nature by coincidence.” “A Iittle by little he
grew up with coincidence.” “I was happy every moment.
Every moment I was happy.” “I was bound together
again every moment.” “He met me I was happy and
was back to live life again.” “He was happy and I was happy too.
We both walked together.” “Yes l was happy
again by coincidence.” “I was happy again by coincidence.” What happened? India lost again? Auro shook hands
with his father today Pass the ball.. Pass the ball to him.. Oh no.. Pass the ball to.. Hi Auro Ok bye.. Auro.. Who is this bloody fooI
who discovered algebra? X=(2.57 + 6) x 3.. Y=(7.76
– 4) x 6.. X+Y=What? So complicated man.. Why can’t it simply be
(2.57+6) x3+ (7.76-4)x6 What is the need for X and Y? What’s your name? Vishnu What’s my name? Auro
– Why so compIicated? Why can’t I simpIy be 4 eyes.. ..2 ears, 1 nose, 1 mouth,
2 hands, 2 legs.. 1 stomach, 1 pancreas, 1 heart,
1 brain, zero hair? And why can’t you be 4 eyes, 2 ears,
1 nose, 1 mouth, 2 hands, 2 legs.. 1 stomach, 1 pancreas, 1 heart,
zero brain, 100 thousand hair? What is the need for
Vishnu and Auro? Auro! Auro! Auro!
– Move back. Please. What is going on? Please he is just a littIe boy.. Please you have to stop this.. it is absolutely not done..
i am sorry.. This is not done. Auro, everyone is here to meet you. They have come to film you.. ..looks like the MP’s visit
has let your secret to out. You were with him on TV last night.. The secret has been revealed, Auro. You’ve become world famous man! l also saw He was so
cute on TV yesterday Oh no The principal has called for you Auro come But what have I done? Nothing.. Come have a seat Hi sir Vidya, i.. I am reaIly sorry Vidya.. We shouldn’t have invited the MP If the MP hadn’t come the
media wouldn’t have followed Sir please don’t apologise This school has done
a lot for Auro.. I will take him home.. Please. – He is a bit afraid
But I am sure he will be ok Come.
– Mom.. How will we go? We will duck Escaped! MP.. bloody donkey! Cool.
– Monkey. Donkey. Stupid. I wiIl drop you to
school from tomorrow, ok? No! No mother comes to
school after kindergarten I won’t get out of the car.. I’ll just come three
steps inside the gate. Promise.
– Bloody basket! MP is a bloody basket! Visionary of India I will find him and beat him. Auro go change Enough.. Pizza? How will you escape from Google.. ..MP Amol? Got him.. ..Donkey! I hate.. you!
– Auro, no! lt’s bad manners to
read other people’s mail Bum.. Hey Bum! What?
– Give her some pizza See.. there’s nobody! They are aIl scared of me Now you run away too Hey mom, go now Go, go Raju bhai.. go quickly X=6.2
– 2.2 No filming today? Y=7.3
– 3.3 X squared + Y squared=what? Vishnu Vishnu.. are you okay? Please give him some water Easy, easy. Calm down. Calm down. Auro.. X square + Y square=what? Making fun of Vishnu’s cough? Auro, Auro Auro.. – Give his bag. Auro, Auro CalI the doctor, call the doctor
– No. – Easy. Easy. Relax. Relax. Easy. Easy. You ok? Better. 32 Good afternoon sir Auro there’s a call for you No. I’m ok Tell mom.. It’s not your mom
– It’s not? Hello Hello?
– Auro.. Amol here Auro l read your e-mail.. I know that you’re very angry..’ve have been
harassed because of me I am very sorry for that Auro This morning I got the high
court to issue a restraining order Now nobody will trouble you Neither the media nor.. ..anyone else can approach you.. ..without your permission.. They cannot come near
your home or your school It’s the best I can do
under the circumstances I hope you understand Hello? Auro, hello? Hi
– Hi, listen I am sorry again Is there anything
else I can do for you? You want something else? Auro? HelIo? Can you hear me? I want to see the
President’s house Ok We are down here Hey! Speak with respect I know the MP Have you seen the
President’s house? First look behind you Hi dad
– Hi Ok bye Just a second Mr. MP PIease give me two
minutes PIease have a seat Dad I am getting late
for a meeting You don’t have two minutes
for a retired politician.. will you make time
for the entire nation? Sit, sit – Dad, I have a meeting
with the housing redevelopers Will you be able to
manage the redevelopment? Meaning? WiIl Jaikrit allow you to do it? Dad, what am I doing? I’m taking away an over-populated
disease infested slum.. ..and replacing it with cIean.. ..buildings for the
same people to live in Handing over the
remaining land to redevelopers How much have the
builders bribed you? Jaikrit wilI ask you Dad I don’t have the time
to go to the toilet.. Jaikrit is shit! I don’t have time
to think about him lf you don’t think of
siit how wiIl you stay fit? Ok Can I go now? Long live Amol Arte! Stop stop.. that’s enough.. please Why are you already
cheering so hard? We have just won the election. Let me prove myself first or.. next elections you
will be curse me as hard Ok.. let’s work What? Alright.. I’ll call you back He is ACP Rao Has been suspended on
charges of corruption Wants to meet you I have told him that
nothing can be.. ..done it’s a state
home ministry issue. Call him in.
– lt’s a very complicated case.. ..a messy affair It’s best if you stay away What mess? Either he is corrupt or not If not then we must help him And if he is.. then we must definitely help him I’ll explain He must have paid a bribe
of 55 lakhs to become an ACP His salary is merely 30,000.. How will he recover
all that money? If he isn’t corrupt I would like to bow down to him It’s we who push
them towards corruption And then call such people corrupt The biggest disease of
this nation is corruption By killing the patient.. ..the disease doesn’t die Get him inside Yes, sir. One minute. How are you? Greetings No thank you
– Please come WelI done Sagar! Great mall Thanks for coming Amol My pIeasure The parking lot is a
bit small, isn’t it? Don’t the scissors work? Perhaps it’s gone blunt
cutting down the parking lot I will fix it Amol Sir Why sir? I’m younger than you Bum Hey Bum Where are you going? Pammi aunty’s son’s wedding Wedding last week..
Wedding this week That was Sheela
aunty’s sister’s wedding And next week? Your wedding No! I can’t go round and
round and round and round.. Makes me dizzy Why do people go
round and round the fire? It’s not round and round..’s the seven sacred circles.. A vow for each circle That man and woman make
to each other Only then do they
become husband and wife Did you do that?
– What? Bum behind a Bum! Brat! What’s wrong? Potty potty I need to do potty Tell me quickly Has mom done it?
– What? Round and round Tell me fast She too feels dizzy like you.. that’s why she hasn’t done it Oh siit! Look like only you have taken the
‘Wake up India’ slogan seriously The people of India have mailed
you their queries and gone to bed Shall I do the same? Shoot! Mr. Viren calIed again today Dad.. ..I’ve already told you.. ..not interested. He has a beautiful daughter Still not interested! Okay. AmoI Are you gay? Dude. Too bored to type come on webcam Hey What’s up? What are you doing? President’s house.. when? Next week I am going to Delhi
– So? President’s house.. when? WiIl you come with me next week? Exact date please.. ..I have to plan Ok.. most probably the 10th Exact date please.. I am very busy! Ok ok 11th fixed How dose ‘most probably 10th’
change to ’11th fixed’ so fast? It happens I am a busy
man have to work things out 11th fixed Will
anybody else join you? What’s going on? Is anyone troubling you
at the hospital tell me Am talking to the MP Will you go to the
President’s house with me? No? Mom doesn’t want to come If I ask Vishnu, I
will have to ask Abhilesh. If I call Abhilesh,
Tarun will be upset.. If I tell Tarun then
Vipul will punch me I will go alone And with you My 2 bodyguards How old are you? Me? 34.. why? I’m 12 I don’t have a singIe bodyguard Now you have 3 Me and my 2 bodyguards Ok I’m sIeepy now I will sIeep Alright.. sleep well We’ll meet on the 11th Make all preparations Go now
– Bye. Its high time you had a baby It would take care of
aIl these complications You are 33.. why are you thinking? But Doctor.. ..a baby is a huge responsibility
and we are not ready yet We are both so busy You may not be abIe to
have a baby later on We could adopt later There are so many kids in the world Why give birth to one more? It’s your decision finally But it’s important to
understand the female body If you don’t have a baby now.. ..complications wilI
keep on increasing Abnormal periods,
hormonal imbalances, fibroids.. ..signals from your body
that it’s time you had a baby What you’re doing is not natural Don’t worry.. ..having a baby changes
your life for the better I’m talking from my own experience I want to be a dancer man You are mad! Why you want to? Everyone learns Algebra, Geometry There should be some
difference between you and me There is a difference I am going to the President’s house You’re not I thought I was your best friend l thought I’d go first
and check if it’s safe So many attacks these days I don’t want to lose you.
You are my best friend What if something happens to you? If it happens, it happens At least you will be safe Don’t go Auro No Vishnu I wilI give my life but
won’t put yours in danger You have to become a great dancer Fooled him. Mr. Amol Why are you so
anxious to do good work? You think that I’m
making money out of this? Mr. Jaikrit.. father has lots
of money want some? Mr. Amol.. Forgive me for doubting you I forgot that you
contested the eIections.. ..because you wanted
to serve the people It just that I have never Seen.. ..anyone fight so hard
to serve someone else I will serve.. (boom) No
l will.. (boom! boom!) Only I will.. (boom! boom! boom!) Who fights so hard to
be a social servant? You are rare Mr. Amol very rare WelI.. thank you Some tea? No thanks I love the tea at the slum I’ll have. It there Goodbye Yes, sir. Cancel all my appointments
for the next ten days – Sir? I want to visit all the
famiIies in Ambedkar colony But there are over a
thousand families there So? Hello. Hello.
– Hello MP. Hello MP. Hello, sir.
– Hello. Eight people live in this room? There were two more
kids passed away How do you live here? There is a running
gutter outside the house There are bound to be diseases I want to give you more
bigger and better house We’ll have a building right here with a playground
for kids, clean water You won’t have to
steal electricity anymore God bless you Please don’t Please sign here What are you writing on your hand? Something very important Won’t this important
stuff get washed away? I won’t wash this
hand Eating with this.. ..and washing bum also with this Going in 4 days.. coming? Where are you going? President’s house in 4 days Without a ticket? I will go by a private plane you got a problem? Hey Bum What? You got a credit card? Hey Bum How many times have l told you
not to call me Bum in public Bum, Bum, Bum! Everyone has a bum! Why are you disturbing God? Shut up! Hello-Where are you both? Nobody is answering
the phone at home Shopping for Delhi..
from past two hours. ..preparing to go to the
President’s house with the MP How, when.. nobody knows Don’t you think we
should tell him everything? Ya Bum How’s this? Then I definitely want this Hello, sir.
– Hello, sir. – Hello. Hello, sir. Please don’t sign anything They will drive you away You will lose your
land to the builders Where wiIl you go then? This land is not your’s..
It beIongs to the government You are living here illegally.. Even though you are wrong.. ..the government is still
giving you free housing right here Don’t you want it? 2 more days What are you staring at? I will shave you off! Enough of talk Now let’s get into action Mother, be careful!
The lights have gone off! The lights are gone! Be careful! How come there is no eIectricity? The power went off suddenly But there’s power in
aIl the surrounding areas its shining.. It’s not gone,
it has been cut off Today electricity, tomorrow water,
and the day after a bull-dozer Who will you go to? It’s all the government’s doing Try to understand. MP is scaring you
by calling this an ilIegal colony.. And he won’t stop at this What can we do sir? We are helpless We are not helpless Father, the media peopIe are here. Where wiIl we go? The government is
trying to intimidate us We’ve been living here
from 20 years. They have cut off the
electricity to force us out Are you stupid? Without knowing the facts.
You are trying to make news You have no ethics A politician reacting us ethics! Don’t the people have a
right to question you? Take it easy ok?
– Are you trying to bully us now? Targeting the media to
cover up your own mistakes You say we create trouble to boost
our ratings we are irresponsible You call us corrupt to
cover your own corruption AmoI sir.. this won’t work anymore Get out
– The truth will come out – Get out! Print whatever you want Sir, don’t fight with
the media.. they dangerous Can a rich politician ever
understand the plight of the poor? The issue is not whether people
are living in the slums illegalIy.. ..the real issue is that millions of
people are homeless in our country If they had a pIace to stay why
would they occupy land illegally Common sense.. Something our politicians
just don’t seem to have! Sir, the media can say
anything and get away with it The government has
woken up after 20 years.. ..if they don’t wake up and
say that this land is ours.. will the people know that
they are living there ilIegally? Sir, it doesn’t take much to create
doubts abouts about a politician Redevelopment,
corruption, politician.. many times will we
hear these words together? The public thinks by voting for a.. man’s son,
corruption will decrease.. ..he’s already rich! But the pubIic forgets That young politicians too
want to stand on their own feet Down down Amol Arte! Bye.. Bye Auro
– Bye. Bye..
– Bye.. Bye Vishnu..
– Bye Auro.. – Take Care Bye.
– Take Care Take Care
– Bye.. Auro Come on, run!
– Run, Auro! Auro! Auro.. Hey! I said good bye to everyone Why! I’m going, that’s why
– Where? Iraq! Hey One day to go Did you taIk to the MP? Is he sending you a private plane? Aren’t you a non vegetarian? Eat her up! Is the flight on time? I have spoken to the high command Ready for the home Ministry meeting?
– Yes Sir. Do we have permission of
the I&B Ministry? – Yes, sir. Advertisement AmoI.. Come on quick.. Going to Delhi? To explain to the home minister? The media wiIl have
one more news item MP AmoI flies to Delhi on public
expense to cover his crime.. Practice yoga.. Breathe in, breathe Out,
stay calm.. Backing down doesn’t
mean you have lost.. To get ahead, you have to
learn to take a step back.. Win the media over What are you doing
tomorrow evening? The usual.. Watch soaps on Star TV Tomorrow, watch the
national network I’ll clean your nose.
I’ll slap you. He’s all ready to go to Delhi.. Vidya, tell him everything.. ..I can’t take this anymore Has he asked you anything? Vidya I’m ready Where are you going?
– Delhi We didn’t fix an exact time.. He can come anytime Auro.. You are not going to Delhi.. Did you get a message? Mail? What Auro? Come on change your clothes,
go to school How can I go to school? Did I get a message we
are not going to Delhi? Send a mail then.. Or call.. AtIeast find out Auro No.. Wrong.. It wilI spoil my image Watch Amol Arte’s
corruption scandal exposed Forget the tea! Get me the phone.
Get me the phone. Live and exclusive on National
network.. the phone.. quickIy Phone! He is here.. He is here..
He is here.. He is here. Do you get the national network Didn’t I tell you he was corrupt He is so handsome,
how can he be corrupt? When he was 8,he’d help
his mother in the kitchen.. Getting him into
politics was my biggest mistake He is a terrorist in
the garb of a politician He will finish politics Get me the first flight
out to Delhi Go! – Yes, sir. Just a moment, sir.
– Go! We’ll do something, sir. AmoI! Ok I’ll be there. You go Emergency in hospital? Go Due to heavy fog in Delhi, we are
diverting this flight to Jaipur Please enjoy live coverage of your
favourite channeI only on Kingfisher He’s still not come out? Auro.. come.. there’s
Jackie Chan film on TV Come, it’s starting now,
Auro. Quickly. Come come. Come out quickly Auro Come on Iets watch this Come out quickly. You are going to miss this, Auro. Come quick.
Come on, let’s watch this. “Salutations to love.” Good Evening l.. Amol Arte weIcome you to this
special bulletin on national network The morning papers have set the nation abuzz All chores done.. ..everyone is glued to the TV.. ..eager to see how bad
our politicians are. Today In front of my countrymen I want to confess my sins Since the National
network has the widest reach And I want to reach out to as many
people as possible to tell the truth I have chosen the national network.. Sir, we are on. What? Ok You will have to wait
A Iittle bit longer.. ..because a strange
incident has taken place Lots of homeless people.. ..have taken over
a celebrity’s house. Our correspondent Raj
Pratap is at the Defence Colony Get out of my house, – Sir,
who are these people. – get away.. I will kill you buggers.. Sir, listen to me.
– Get out Get out. Where wilI we go in
this winter we will die Let us stay here
– Die on the streets This is MY house.. my property Raj can you hear me?
What’s going on there? Amol, many homeless people
have illegalIy entered the house.. ..of Sarang Desai, the owner
of a leading news channel.. It’s a mob invasion! Raj, just take it easy It’s shocking what’s happening
over there where’s the police? I am calIing the
Commissioner of Police In the meanwhile tell them.. Sarang Desai has always spoken for.. ..the poor and homeless He is on their side,
he is their friend! Switch. ‘The real issue is millions of
people are homeless in our country’ If they had a place to stay..
why would they occupy land illegaIly Common sense.. Something our politicians
just don’t seem to have! Switch.
– The poIice will be there shortly Just control the people
there Raj one moment please.. What! A similar incident in the
famous reporter Dasgupta’s house This is Arvind Naik senior
reporter with the national network We don’t know how this happened sir the building security
guards had disappeared While Mr. Dasgupta.. ..was snoring after having his
usual half a bottle of scotch Looks like people have
taken his words seriously If they don’t wake up and
say that this land is ours.. will the people know that
they are living there ilIegally? He’s still sleeping sir Sir, we are on.
– Ok right Another attack, third Iocation.. another plush home
taken over by the poor Is this the start of a
socialist revolution? Get out!
– What are you doing? You are in media.. How can you
attack another media person? If this was your own house.. How does an ordinary reporter
Iike you afford such a house? I know which
minister’s Asse you’re licking How dare you accuse me? You can accuse peopIe.. l can’t? The pubIic thinks by
voting for a rich man’s son.. ..corruption will decrease.. But the pubIic forgets That young politicians too
want to stand on their own feet. Amol Arte
– Down! Down! Please don’t worry Mr. Pranav Special security forces
should be there any moment I just wanted to
confess to my Sins ..but what happened today could be very
dangerous for the country Rich or poor When somebody forcibly takes
away what belongs to another He has to be stopped or the nation wilI sink! Today some people occupied the
houses of some media persons The government stopped this But when people
occupied government property The same media people
stopped the government It’s me who sent these people to
the houses of the media persons Because l thought They will understand
the problems of others.. ..Only if they suffer themselves Although I have taken
care of their Security Arrest me For endangering the
life and property.. ..of 3 media citizens
of this country But first arrest them.. ..arrest these media persons.. ..for endangering the reputation of
a political citizen of this country A mike, a camera, a satellite.. And a miIlion viewers Is that power? A soldier and a
terrorist both carry guns Both have power.. ..the difference is one is
responsible, the other is not Spiderman is my favourite
film There is a line in it.. ..With great power
comes great responsibility! More power means
more responsibilities This doesn’t apply
to politicians alone it’s true for aIl of us Specially the media Because today they are
more powerful than Spiderman Jai Hind! Long live Amol Arte!
Long live Amol Arte! The President’s house What is the date today?
– 11th Oh God. Such liars.. these MP’s Promised to take me to
the President’s house Pass.
– Pass the ball. Hey Auro! Auro! What happened? You
said 3 days back so soon? Met the President? Saw the whole house
orjust a few rooms? Did you click snaps?
– Photography is not allowed there I had taken a camera Spoke to the President. Did
he give you something to eat? I ate at the Taj
– Went to Agra first? No Taj Palace hotel I was a VIP there Tell us the whole story Auro
– Oh God Auro, you went away that
day I had a gift for you Come on Auro tell us.
– Auro I sent a peon where were you? MP AmoI called for you He is very sorry.. ..because he
couldn’t take you to Delhi.. He will call you later ok. Auro, but you said.. Forget it we will aIl go
in the summer holidays Let’s go now. Auro.. I’ve made some yummy food Hurry up or I will eat it Auro? Auro! Auro! What’s wrong dear? Principal Sir Amol Arte Auro.. He left early? Did you give him my
message that I am sorry Give me his residence number please Hello! – Hello this is Amol
Arte can I speak to Auro please? Oh! HeIlo! yes.. Just a minute
– Thank you. Auro.. Auro? Auro.. Auro it’s the MP’s call Auro.. Open quickly Hello.. Sorry I think he is sleeping It’s ok. I will call back later Auro! Auro Come out fast Look what I have got for you Auro Alright Bum and l will play Mom like this I am getting it. Getting it. You’re getting it.. wow! He’s coming I’m hungry Very nice This one.. this one Like this.. The left one.. I can do it.
– Not like this! Playing plays station at this age! Auro you’ve got mail I’m busy.. you look Reading other
people’s mail is bad manners Somebody had taught me Oh mom Mom! Yes! Tell him everything Tell him, tell him
What do I tell him? Why are you so worried? Did he ask you anything? l am worried because
he has not asked anything Why would he? We told him everything
when he was 7.. ..didn’t we? He understood so simply
what we struggled to expIain.. ..he understood right? That his father
didn’t want him to be born Then why would he ask? What am l hiding? Name The name Oh no!
– Useless fielder. 8 runs to win Fielding, hurry up. He’s gone and injured himself. fitness problem! Oh! She’s back! Auro.. Auro don’t Have you gone crazy? Come back. Come on? Come on, Auro. Hi
– Hi Try it. Try it. Auro, throw to Arush.
– Throw to Arush. Yes! We won! Auro, come back now. One wicket to go! Try hard. Auro! Throw! Auro! Auro! Throw the ball!
– Throw! Yeah! Auro! Auro! Auro? Thank God he is not serious! Auro is 12, isn’t he? He’s wilI soon be 13 Have you seen his reports? Every part of his body is.. weak as an 80 year old’s We can’t say what wiIl happen next He could be fine for a while but you never know l don’t think he
should continue school now No doc.. He loves school I could never stop him
from going to school Happy Birthday Auro! Thank you mom Auro I have gift for you It’s a very old gift Go exchange it for a new one Auro please see Mom.. Come come.. Why do you want to disturb me? Thank you What it is? This is that liar What is this monkey doing with you? This monkey is your dad Does he know about me? He wanted to kill me, right? No Auro.. If you had listened to him,
I wouldn’t be here.. Same thing.. Mom, why haven’t you
told him about me? Because I didn’t
want to be a hiccup.. Auro, everyone has dreams.. but a hiccup can break the dreams. Don’t confuse me now.
What is this hiccup? Who is this hiccup? We! We are the hiccups! Imagine.. you would be ‘hic’ Auro.. I would be ‘hic’ Vidya.. Why didn’t you give me
this gift, all these years? Because I didn’t want to
share you.. with anyone And now you want to? Stupid you are a big boy now You have to decide if
you want to be shared.. I don’t even want
him to know who you are But.. why suddenly now? Aah! You’re not sure if’ll
celebrate my next birthday, right? Shut up Auro.. What do I do with this gift? If you want to be a
hiccup in his life or not You decide.. What do you want? I need to meet 300 more families, Unless we get everybody’s permission
we will not start work here Please don’t embarrass us Do as you please sir..
Lets see who wiIl stop you. LONG LIVE AMOL ARTE! Should I make something Vidya. No maa. Just wanted to say hi.. Ok mom..
– Bye You will be ok? Yeah.. bye Let’s go Raju bhai.. Yes, pal.
– What a goaI. Hi.
– What a goaI! Hey Auro.. How are you man? CooI man.. cool.. Where’s Vishnu?
– Vishnu? He’s behind the tree.. His father is with the principal.. Why? What did he do? Nothing.. ..that’s why they called his dad.. Did nothing in history.. Nothing in algebra.. Nothing in physics.. Nothing at all.. Vishnu.. Vishnu.. Hi Auro.. Has my dad left? You call him Dad? I have to man.. Sometimes I doubt it though.. I’m so cool..
and he’s such a stuck up.. total opposite.. I have my doubts.. but there
are photos of the wedding and of me in his arms,
when I was born.. I have to call him Dad,
he has proof! You have proof? You know that I know, don’t you? Yes.. I know that
you know everything. Hey Bum.. do you have proof? What proof? O ho.. I forgot, ma didn’t
go round and round.. How silly of me.
Silly I am, isn’t it? Hey.. it’s for you.. Hello.. What happened? I’m thinking of suicide Auro.. What kind of a life is this? I’m a creative guy..
aIgebra, history are of no use.. But who can reason with this man.. He lets out his office
frustrations on me.. Two men can never live
under the same roof.. You are very lucky you
just have a mother.. I wish.. Hey.. do the two of
you look the same? Yes. He’s given me such a rotten face..
he should apologize to me everyday.. Instead, he is harassing me.. Vishnu, tell me properly.. What else do the two
of you have in common? We both get angry..
he takes it out on me, but I can’t take it out on him.. We both eat very noisily. He tells me it’s bad
manners but I can’t tell him.. He is a lefty, so I am.. He beats me from his left hand,
I take it on my left cheek.. Besides both of us want my end.. He wants murder, I, suicide.. Do you want any more information? Auro. Research, for a science project.. Do you want help? A baby’s not being delivered..
how can you help? Good night. Hurry up.. hurry up.. Auro.
– Oh ho ho.. – I’ll eat this. Vidya, eat something? No ma, I’m not eating.. Hello.. ..this is Amol Arte..
can I speak to Auro pIease Oh, yes, just a minute Auro, Call for you.. Yeah.. hello.. Auro want to go to Delhi? I’m going to school now I will pick you up from
school at 1.. the fIight is at 3. Let me speak to your parents. I’m not free. Ok, bye.. No wait Mom..
– What? Can I go to Delhi from school? I won’t be a hiccup.. chill Who will pack your bags? Wow.. Ok.. CooI.. see you.. Wait at the side.. I have bunked school.. Nobody knows I’m going to Delhi.. Last time l looked like a fooI.. This time I don’t
want to take the risk.. Such a small car. Minus one. MP Sir will meet you on the plane.. He has sent this car for you.. No.. I will go in this car.. Miser! A big miser! What are you doing? Hello Hi Sorry.. Bad stomach. Car was on time? When are we coming back? Let’s go there first. I have packed onIy for two days. Don’t worry. Me too.. He thinks like me.. pIus 1 Put your seat belt on..
Iift your hands.. Excuse me..
I have my own room, right? President’s house.. when? Tomorrow morning.. Dinner? Something spicy? Don’t you have a bad stomach? Eat khichdi. Are you fond of khichdi? No, l hate it.. just
want to finish fast Why don’t you order
something else.. Don’t they eat? Who? The bodyguards? They do eat.. why? How will they eat, like this? No. like this, normaIly. What if somebody
shoots you while they eat. I will die.. Then these bodyguards
are totally useless.. Hire them.. feed them..
then get shot and die Not good. What do your mom and dad do? Produce kids
– Meaning? My mom is a.. Gynecologist Gynecologist..
– And your dad? I don’t know What do you mean you don’t know? I don’t know means no clue.. What do you mean no clue? No clue means.. I don’t know. You don’t know what your dad does? Something something.. He dreams.. Here water.. I’ll be ok.. He sounds like a creative man..
I have a doubt Did you make that white
globe or did your dad? I made it I don’t cheat, But he was the only
one who understood it. I’d like to meet him. Anytime.. can I make a phone call? Sure here.. Thank you Hi mom..
– Hi Auro.. I’m at the Taj PaIace.
– You ok? I’m having khichdi.
– Ok, ok. Oh.. Are you with a patient?
That’s why “ok ok”? Say hi to Bum.
– I will.. Ok. good night. You didn’t say “hi dad”? HI dad! There, I said it! Wow.. Such a big house for one person? So many sIum dwelIers
could make their homes here! Oh, you know about that. Yes.. I know everything.. Wait, wait, The gate is closed? No, we have to enter
through the other gate.. Turn around.. Go back to the hotel
– What? – Go back to the hoteI Are you joking? Back to the hoteI.. What is this Auro? People are waiting for us I have got all the permissions.. It’s embarrassing.. E.. M.. B.. A..
what is the spelling? Back to the hoteI.. Go fast. Have you eaten?
– Yes sir. What? Biryani.. Chicken?
– No, lamb. Aren’t you sleepy? A little bit,
but we have to go now. Where? Airport, boss’s orders. Check if l am
carrying a gun. Check me. Your boss is going to be finished. Is the stuff getting
into or out of the bag? Have you packed yet? The flight is at 4.. I had packed for 2 days,
it’s not even been a day.. So what do you want me to do? Chill Hundred and eight times.. Gayatri something say, You will be really chilled out.. Bum says it everyday. Bum? Bum is my grand mom. Why bum? Because she’s got a big bum. I’m angry AURO.. didn’t you
want to see the President’s house! I made a lot of arrangements.. Why you doing this?
– Nice bum. Why are you troubling me?
– Same to same. Why did you suddenIy decide.. ..not to see the President’s house? Its upsetting Auro.. I’m angry. I am aIso angry. You? Oh, revenge time? For the last time? Not for the previous time..
for the previous to previous time Because I got the
media to your schooI? No sorry.. sorry.. for the previous
to previous to previous time.. And what did I do?
– Think lmpossible.. I have
not made any mistake You have – Fine..
why don’t you tell me then.. What was the mistake? Sir, the car is ready.. You go in it.. I’m staying for another day. Well, I am waiting
Auro what was the mistake? Come out with me Alone..
without bodyguards.. I will tell you. Where?
– Underground.. Hey MP Amol Arte.. When last?
– When last, what? When did you last get
out without bodyguards? I don’t remember. Eat Okra.. improves the memory. I hate Okra I can see that.. my mom loves Okra She remembers everything Ok Now will you tell me
what my mistake was? What’s the hurry? Are you so scared
without bodyguards? It’s not about being
scared Auro lt’s just foolish There are crazy people out
there I could get shot.. I am on the hit list You are on MTV hitlist? You should learn karate You know Jackie Chan? He can catch a bulIet in
mid air and chuck it out Auro It’s dangerous Tell me quickly Does the bodyguard go
to the loo with you? Imagine a waterproof fly bomb Coming through the drains at full speed coming through the drain
pipe through the shit pipe towards the hotel You are on the hotel
potty reading a newspaper Flybomb.. Whoosh.. It’s coming, It’s coming.. flybomb.. newspaper.. you.. Flybomb.. Whoosh.. bomb comes from below..
target.. MP’s bum.. The MP’s bum blasts! What can your bodyguards do? Hey, Chill I’m not so dumb.. Iook there Hi! I won’t let you die after alI.. you are my.. “Don’t be a hiccup.” After all you are my MP! That’s fine Will you tell me
what my mistake was.. ..and ..why you didn’t enter
the President’s house? Two questions? I will answer only one l didn’t enter the
President’s house because.. ..because
– Because? Because l wanted to the loo badly
and I couldn’t controI myself You’re mad “Don’t be a hiccup.” “Don’t become memory and get
lost in the lane of dreams.” “Don’t be a hiccup.” “Don’t become memory and get
lost in the lane of dreams.” “Hiccup come and go.” “This is the law of nature.” “This is hiccup and grief.
Don’t get lost in the crowd.” “Don’t be a hiccup.” Where do you work? In the parliament What happens in the Parliament? Lots of talk For this.. how much are you paid? Very little How do you have so much money? I don’t have money Then how are you so rich? I am not rich.. my father is You take money from him? No
– Neither do I “Hiccup.” “The thing you know,
don’t teIl it to anyone.” “The real fun is
in hiding a secret.” “Hiccup. Whatever you
have to say, tell it.” “There’s nothing to hide now.” “Hiccup.” Nice
– What? What you’re wearing! Thanks Why do you always wear white? How else will people
Know I’m a politician? Politician have to wear white? Not necessarily It’s like a sign of purity No no When someone dies
people wear white to mourn.. But that’s different Auro No no Politicians wear white to mourn.. ..because the country’s dying! “Don’t become a hiccup.” “Don’t become memory and get
lost in the lane of dreams.” “Don’t be a hiccup.” “Don’t become memory and get
lost in the lane of dreams.” Hey stop the car What are you doing.. get out Get out! Poor fellow.. ..he was doing potty Peacefully You just lost a vote Why poor fellow No bloody civic sense This is the problem
with this country Government has made public
toiIets everywhere, but no.. ..Its only fun in the open Where does all potty in
the public toilets go? In to the sewage.. Where does the sewage go? Into the river or the sea All the potty goes into the sea? The sea has fish.. the fish eat
the potty.. we all eat the fish.. his potty in your stomach.. your potty in his.. and my
potty in both your stomachs.. Thank God I don’t eat fish No, it’s not like that.. All the potty is
processed in the sewage plant.. No. It’s better to do
potty on the street.. at least a smalI plant
will grow there He was doing a good
job of planting trees You chased him away You should have been
the potty minister “Don’t become memory and get
lost in the lane of dreams.” “Don’t be a hiccup.” “Don’t become memory and get
lost in the lane of dreams.” Hey your room..
– “Don’t be a hiccup.” “Don’t become memory and get
lost in the lane of dreams.” “Hiccup.” I’m stilI waiting Tell me!
– What? My previous to
previous to previous mistake. Oh no.. what do I say? I don’t remember He’s stubborn.. so am I. So plus 1 He gets scared.. I don’t. So minus 1 We both wear glasses. Plus 1 Doesn’t eat okra. Minus 1 Nice guy, I am also nice. Plus 1 Total.. Ok.. Not bad! Hey where are you going?
I will drop you Nobody drops me So? So.. so Go to sleep Did you take your
medicines on time? No I was giving it You didn’t have any chillies right? No, I fed chillies To whom? Women! They want to know everything Ask them how much they
will pay to make me talk! I can die in peace now My son is normal now!
He’s enjoying a cup of tea! Have you given your resignation? Just had a beautiful day in Delhi You really have to meet to Auro You should meet him You too should meet
Mr. Viren’s daughter It’s high time.. How Iong will you escort
other people’s kids around? Wow! You are amazing! You don’t give up! When wiIl you
understand a father’s stress! How can you go to
President’s house and not see it? How dare you abuse me! You abused me and not I. Stop, stop it.. Stop.. what happened? Mam.. he’s abusing me! Why did you push me, you bastard? You are abusing me again?
– Stop stop Enough. Stop this nonsense.. bad words or l will
take you both to the principal.. Say sorry..
– Sorry.. C’mon now, let’s go, go away Bastard is hardly a bad word!
It’s in the dictionary! My dad also caIls me a bastard He must be calling out of love Yes out of Iove! If he says it again I wilI
also tell him lovingly.. ..if I am a bastard you’re
not my mother’s husband! And therefore not my dad! So you’ve no right to scold me! Auro! What’s wrong Auro? Auro! Auro.. Auro! HelIo.
– Hello. Please, come. Congratulations.
– Please, come. Please eat before you leave
– No Khichdi! Just a minute! Hello..
– HelIo, is Auro there? May I know who is speaking please? AmoI Arte Is everything ok? Sir..
– Sir, this way He’s still unconscious..
pulse is very low.. and his lungs are failing!
He is in a serious state! This way.. Wait here Come in, sir. Why did you Iie to me? I didn’t lie C’mon Vidya you told
me you had an abortion. I never said I had an abortion I said your problem had been solved Did you ever face a
problem because of us? Did we ever interfere in your life? We didn’t and we won’t Go work for the country You’re free as always.. go Wait a minute He is my bloody son too! Just by lending me your bIoody sperm
doesn’t make him your bIoody son You don’t become a father
just by producing a chiId. AmoI.. Has Amol left? He didn’t come home last night Didn’t come at night. Ok go Where is Amol? This way Sir.. sir..
– Where’s Amol. – Come, sire. AmoI! This is a hospital..
not the parliament! Wait outside.. I’m coming. What is this nonsense? Dad, I have a son! AmoI, are you mad? How can this be your son?
Bloody nonsense! Remember why you
didn’t want to get married? You wanted to stay
focused on your goals! Now straight away you have a son! You wilI lose complete
focus because of this mess And this matter gets out do
you know what will happen? Dad, you care so much about me? AmoI.. What’s wrong with you? You’re my son! I will kill anyone who
tries to destroy you Thank you dad! Auro is my son I will kill anyone who
tries to destroy him The previous to
previous to previous mistake! Breaking News! MP AmoI Arte.. ..who isn’t married yet.. ..has a 13 year old son! While he was at Cambridge.. ..he had an affair
with a girl called Vidya.. ..and their love
child is 13 yr old Auro Dude.. I’m your dad! Bastard.. What? Bastard! Yes, I am
– No, not you I am.. bastard You didn’t do that round and
round thing with mom right? I am sorry Auro Its like a circus out there Just can’t take this anymore Vidya, I’m sorry Look let’s just put the past
behind us let’s start again I don’t need to start again Things are getting out of hand now The media won’t let you get away They are taking revenge You have just one way out..
call the media.. Say it’s a lie.. a conspiracy And say that you are just
heIping that ‘oId’ kid out of pity AmoI You’re right I will have to tell them “I wish I’d used a condom” So many men have had this thought I did too.. 14 years ago.. ..when Vidya told me.. ..that she was pregnant And like every scared boyfriend.. ..I asked her to abort the child She aborted.. ..not the child She aborted me And today.. ..after 14 years, fate has
reunited me with my son, Auro Auro A.. U.. R.. O I’m so gIad that I didn’t
have a condom with me that day Today I’m very fortunate.. be a part of
this reality show.. ..and in front of
a million viewers.. ..ask this question.. Vidya WiIl you marry me? Please.. Please, forgive me. Mom He is saying Sorry “Why are you quiet?” “There are tears in the eyes.” “There is smiIe
missing from your lips.” “Why are you angry?” “Tell me are you children?” “Why are you quiet?” “Why are you quiet?”
– Mom “Why are you quiet?”
– We are not the hiccups anymore Hic I have been waiting
for this day for years.. ..Hoping you would come and.. I wish l knew.. What do I do? How do I make Vidya understand? Raising a child alone
hardens a woman heart And when it melts,
it’s only for her child. I..
– Auro So that’s my boy? No, that’s your boy.. I am his boy.. Auro.. means? Auro Aurobindo.. No, Auro! Auro.. A=1.. U+R+O.. Yes.. see it’s a
very lucky name, Auro.. There’s very little time left No my dear boy You have a lot of time left.. You have to get out of
the hospital quickly.. We will do a lot of things together You have to go
shopping with your grandpa.. We will go to America.. And see Disneyworld Ok? You have a lot of time, a Iot.. I meant the visiting hours.. Your time is over Bye, Auro. Goodbye. Hey Bum Bum You Stay here tonight Visiting hours are over Ask everyone to leave..
I want to sleep Go. – Ask everyone to
leave – Get some rest. Come on Raju bhai.. Raju bhai.. We need to
drop him to his house first. Why? Where else do you go at night? Wherever you take me.. Raju bhai lets go home first.. ..then you can take
sir where he wants to go What are you thinking? What must be going on? Where? In Uzbekistan.. Both left from here together,
didn’t they? Who knows where they went.. Shall I ask your King Kong? No He speaks only Chinese You won’t understand Tell me What must be happening? Slowly slowly.. ..something might happen I hate slow motion Raju bhai Didn’t you go home? What do you want, Amol? Toothbrush.. ToweI please.. “Where did the turn
come by coincidence?” “Why didn’t it come and
meet my way by coincidence?” “Why didn’t it come and
meet me at that moment?” “Why did it turn and
didn’t meet my way?” “Why didn’t it turn and
meet my way by coincidence?” “Where did the turn
come by coincidence?” “Why didn’t it come and
meet my way by coincidence?” Vidya.. Just leave Amol.. Just leave us alone, pIease Anything happened? Auro.. Enough, enough, this is too much! What? Shake hands now..
– Auro.. Calm down Stop fighting, shake hand now.. Nobody’s fighting. Auro.. Auro..
– Don’t make me angry.. Shake hand now
– Auro Chill.. It’s ok. It’s not ok!
– lts’ okay. – Auro! Auro calm down! Auro..
– Auro! Shake hand now..
You shake hand now.. Auro.. Auro.. calm down!
– No.. No.. – Auro.. Auro.. Calm down! Auro.. Excuse me. Check the pulse. He’s had a stroke! Check his eyes. Keep the ventilation ready. Hi aunty. Auro. Hi. I didn’t get her. Hi Auro.. This is for you.. Show.. it’s beautiful.. Show it to him.. She is saying sorry. Auro, stop it Auro.. Yes, I made a mistake.. but it
was my first day in school.. And you suddenly
appeared in front of me. Yes I screamed out in fear.. Yes, I hurt you.. I tried to say sorry so many times Do you know how much you hurt me? Auro understand, the one
who hurts suffers more.. ..than the one who is hurt.. Come. Come. Bye Auro.. Bye auro.. Shake. What? Shake.. hands.. Shake Shake hand Shake.. hands? Look.. shaking hands! What? Round round Round Round.. round? Mom Dad “My life belongs to you, my Paa.” “Now my mother
belongs to you, my Paa.” “Paa, she’s like queen of Jhansi.” “Paa, she’s a real coward.” “Paa, she drives
away others’ fear.” “But in reaI,
she is a little scared.” “When she sleeps at night.” “She doesn’t turn off
the lights. FuIl light on.” “When she sees a ghost in the movie,
she closes her eyes.” “Paa, I am happy
as you are with her.” “My life belongs to you, my Paa.” “Now my mother
belongs to you, my Paa.” “Paa, she Iooks a little
disturbed when you see her.” “Paa, but in real my
mother is very courageous.” “Paa, she is
obstinate and very haughty.” “She melts seeing you go away.” “She starts shouting.
Nod your head.” “Make her feel that
she’s always right.” “Paa, I am happy
as you are with her.” “My life belongs to you, my Paa.” “Now my mother
belongs to you, my Paa.”

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