Paddington Teaser TRAILER 1 (2014) – Sally Hawkins, Hugh Bonneville Movie HD

Paddington Teaser TRAILER 1 (2014) – Sally Hawkins, Hugh Bonneville Movie HD

Hello, I just need to add something to my home insurance policy. Well, what it is, we have a guest for the night Eh, a bear and I just needed some extra cover for any.. Yes, a bear. Grizzly? Not particularly. Mind you, I haven’t seen him in the mornings. Oh no…

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  1. Yeah you adopt a nice polite bear but when it comes to starving Muslim immigrants you all ignore them. You all sicken me, especially Paddington, he was designed to live in the wild!

  2. The legendary Micheal Bond made a cameo apperance in this movie! He voiced as Paddington from the 80s Cartoon!

  3. DAAAAMN is anyone else watching this now and can't believe this was 2014 !!!! it only feels like about at least Jan of 2016

  4. Will you all please shut up the hate,I know you cherish your childhood and classics and I do too,but nostalgia isn't always a GOOD thing,as it keeps us enjoying the new stuff,you're acting like those elders who blab about "back in my day" crap,jeez this generation I swear

  5. While this movie wasn't that good, it was certainly nowhere near as bad as Chipmunks or Smurfs. It had charm and had some very funny writing and gags in some parts.

    Sure, it wasn't very Paddington-ish, but it could have been a million times worse than what we got.

    Live action movies based on children's characters do have potential to be decent. They're just ruined with unecesarry pop culture references, topped off with immature writing that dumb them down for brain dead adults to laugh at with their clueless 4 year olds.

    They don't challenge people or give them any valuable thoughts to think about in the future. They just pander to modern trends. They're pretty much just junk food for your mind.

  6. Am I the only one here because I want to see how their animation is going to possibly be for the warrior cats movie? No? ok. Well its great and Im even more excited now.

  7. It’s funny and sad because he
    Went in the jail the bears
    Are cute🙏😂🎭🎽🛍🎟🏆🎨🚴🏻‍♀️😃😀😄😆

  8. This is strange how this movie has alot of hate on YouTube, and alot of positive on Rotten Tomatoes. Personally, I like this movie. Even if there is that stupid kids flick and gross humor trend, at least they didn't focus it in the whole movie. And finally, this live action/animation trend finally received a good movie award since Transformers (2007).

  9. Do not judge the movie by this trailer. This movie and the sequel are Fantastic movies, with heart, humor, and great acting. I recommend this movie. But you can criticize the trailer since the marketing was so bad. But why did they make it look so bad?

  10. You didn’t watch it because you were afraid that it was going to ruin your childhood. Guess what, it didn’t. If anything, it improved your childhood.

  11. Good teenager movie about the hard life 😀 but I like that animation-movie, I watched it using boxxy software. Nice free app on my android phone.

  12. Wow, this segment is filled with ignorant, probably non-British people actually comparing THIS to the horrid and vulgar thing that was Ted??? Honestly??

  13. Even though I never lived in London, I used to go there all the time and this brings back so many memories, especially reading the Paddington bear books. This is so nostalgic

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