painting a picture of james charles, art theft icon (i stan)

painting a picture of james charles, art theft icon (i stan)

I wanted to name this video “How
Influencers like James Charles Are Propagating the Normalization and
Monetization of Intellectual Property Theft within the Online Community”
because it made me feel smart and powerful but I also wanted people to
click into the video, so I didn’t name it that. I went with something more on-brand
and to the point, and you know what? You clicked into it so I would say it worked. Greetings, parasocial parish. Rejoice,
for today father’s blessing you with a very wholesome fan art video. See look,
I’ve got my James Charles merch, I’ve got my handy-dandy drawing tablet, and I’m
just gonna paint a good and fun and fresh portrait of James Charles. While
ukulele stock music plays in the background. Okay, Good. I think all the James Charles stans have clicked off of the video by now. Thank Jesus. Now we can get
started for real. So I am gonna be painting in this video, but the ukulele
music isn’t gonna cut it. I’m gonna base this portrait off of a couple of
photos from his Instagram. It was actually pretty hard to find pictures of
him looking normal, because James Charles does his art on his face instead of on a canvas. I guess he can’t afford paper. But then again his main income is YouTube,
and I don’t think any of us can really afford paper. Maybe that’s why he put
five ad breaks on a 24 minute video. So James Charles’s channel is just a makeup
/ drawing / baking / singing / whatever he wants, I guess, channel. I don’t know. He has over 15 million subscribers, and that’s really all I care
about and over a billion views on his channel, which is absolutely insane.
He’s one of the most popular and influential creators on YouTube at the
moment, and that’s not . . . good. Now, last couple of times I’ve talked
about other youtubers, I got all kinds of comments accusing it of being a hate
video, and this being a channel, and me being a hate . . . youtuber. Which I didn’t
think was a thing? But that’s okay because this time I’m gonna start off by
saying some things I really really appreciate about James Charles. As you
know, he has a lot of subscribers and a lot of money . . . now let’s jump into the
criticism. One thing I want to make clear is that James Charles is not a
talentless hack. You can look at his work and see that he puts a lot of practice
into it, and it probably takes a pretty decent amount of time. Some of it I
legitimately think is really cool-looking. James Charles is a great
artist, so this video isn’t me saying that he’s not talented or that he’s a
bad youtuber or anything like that. This video is moreso gonna focus on a
handful of isolated incidents involving James Charles, and how those incidents
have affected this online internet art space community thing that we operate in.
Basically, you know that saying attributed to Pablo Picasso, “Good artists
copy, Great artists steal”? Like I said, James Charles is a great artist. You see, James has been accused multiple times of copying other people’s
looks and not giving them credit, and I’m not talking about “Oh she wore blue
eyeshadow and then he wore blue eyeshadow . . .
I’m calling the police”. I’m talking about actual recreations of concepts. Now I’m
not going to show every single time that he’s been accused of this, because not
all of them are legitimate and I don’t have context for all of them, so
I’m just going to focus on two that I have seen that have been floating around
recently. And the accounts he was copying are a lot smaller than his. One has two
million followers compared to his 15 million, and the other has only three
hundred and eighty four thousand followers. I like I’m saying “only” like
three hundred eighty four thousand isn’t a lot of followers, but you know compared
to 15 million everything is small, okay? So here’s the first one.
I mean it’s open to interpretation. Now, for this one, people were just saying
it’s an Instagram filter, and I think that’s true. This is the Instagram filter
that people were talking about, but from what I understand, the filter’s not going
to give you the exact same eyes as you see in their looks. So uhhhh . .. take that as you
will. Plus, he liked her picture on Instagram
exactly one week before posting this same look, so . . . but you know what, let’s
just drop that one. Let’s just pretend– Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.
Is this an Instagram filter? Just how much benefit of the doubt are we giving
here? And can I have some? Now, I don’t just want this entire video to be
examples of James getting inspired without credit, so again I’m leaving it
at those two, but as you can see this is not the first time he’s been accused of
that, because early 2018 he tweeted out: “I literally have credit as a blocked word
in my comments so no one can send their followers who accuse me of stealing
their unoriginal looks”. Now as a disclaimer there are some small
creators, who accuse James of being unoriginal solely because it gains them
followers, like how I’m making this video right now. But blocking the word credit
from your comment section on all your videos is . . . kind of a lot. By the way, if
you disagree with anything I’m saying in this video, make sure you include the
word “disagreement” in your comment, because I will have that blocked from my
comment section. If you can’t beat them, prevent them from speaking. Now, I know
there are some people watching this and just thinking “So he copied a couple of
looks. Who cares?” to which my reply is, who cares . . . that you don’t care? Certainly not
me. I noticed that quite a lot of people like to defend James by saying “He works
hard, He’s so hard-working, You don’t know how hard he works”. And listen, I’m no
stranger to hard work. I’ve seen it done. I literally stole that joke from Larry
the Cable Guy, but then I credited him. And it wasn’t hard. And it didn’t kill
me. Sadly. But you know who else works hard in this YouTube space? Everyone.
Literally everyone . . . except me. I can kind of just exist, and thrive naturally. But,
everyone else is working really hard to get to where they are. We appreciate that
James was working hard, but that doesn’t magically excuse him from criticism over
what he does to the art community, which is propagate the idea that we don’t
need to credit people for their hard work. Now, from what I understand, there
are lots of times he recreates looks and he does credit people. And his entire
profile isn’t just him recreating other people’s work; he has a lot of original
concepts and ideas which I think are really cool and should be respected as
art. You know, just like the looks from smaller creators that he’s copying. I
just have a feeling deep down that if somebody was copying James’s looks the
same way that he’s doing? His fans wouldn’t be so dismissive of it as they
are when it’s the other way around. Now, hypothetical time. Let’s pretend
James Charles had 150 followers instead of 15 million. Now, he’s still the same
James that we know and love . . . or that we know and some of you love. And let’s say
that despite the lower sub count, he still had the exact same quality in
videos. Which is financially impossible because if you have 150 subscribers, you
can’t really run ads so I’m not sure why or how he would be making money . . . but you
know what? Just use your imagination. Now, with all the hard work that James does,
would he be any less deserving of the respect he has as a creator just because
of a lower sub count? Of course he would. Like imagine only having 150 subs– no I’m
just kidding I’m just kidding I’m just kidding.
No, absolutely not. It’s all well and good that James has 15 million subscribers,
but that doesn’t make him any more important than any other artist, just
like it wouldn’t make him less important if he only had 150 followers, just like it wouldn’t make any creator less important than James just because they have fewer
subscribers. He may be a lot more monetarily valuable and marketable as an
influencer, but don’t conflate that with artistic value the way James seems to
have done. He’s not more important than any other online artist, just like I’m
not more impor– well, I kind of am, but our situations aren’t really comparable. Now,
probably the last thing I want to touch on is James Charles’s absolute hypocrisy
in this entire situation. Remember at the beginning when I was like “Maybe that’s
why he put five ad breaks on a 24 minute video”. Well, he got called out for
that on Twitter, which I personally don’t agree with. I would put 24 ads on a twenty four minute video personally but that’s just me. But one of his responses
to this whole situation was this tweet: “If you think I’m annoying on camera”– Aw!
He’s talking to me! “If you think I’m annoying on camera about YouTube
business and marketing, you should see me in some of the phone calls and meetings
I have. I’m totally okay with looking greedy or obnoxious if it means that traditional media may finally start to understand the value”. So you’re some sort
of Twitter martyr for digital mass media, which I wish could have been my major.
Like, instead of Mas Communication, my degree should have said “Twitter martyr for digital mass media”. Then maybe it would have been worth something. But alas.
That’s all well and good that James is fighting the good fight for smaller
creators, but am I really supposed to have faith in a person who’s
exhibiting and demonstrating behavior that is also making it difficult to
operate in this space as a smaller influencer? If someone like James can
just recreate art from smaller creators without giving them credit, and then just
block the word credit from existence, what kind of message is that really
sending to us about this space that we’re in? Definitely a stronger message
than some tweet claiming that you care. And that’s pretty much all I have to say
about that. Now, as I always say at the ends of these videos, we’re not trying to
cancel James Charles. It’s not canceling somebody to have a different opinion on
them, and in this case specifically I think it would be silly to think that
you even could cancel somebody who has 15 million subscribers. So if you need
somebody to cancel, cancel me. I assure you I deserve it, as I have a long
history of problematic tweets just waiting to be discovered.
Anyway, here’s the portrait I painted. I hope James notices me, hehe. And looks
like I’ve gotten 10 minutes of content out of this so, leave a like, tell me what
you think, and subscribe if you haven’t already. Thank you for watchign and a big
thank you to my 95 thousand subscribers. Okay bye.

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  1. one of my biggest issues with him is that people say he is a great artist but he facetunes his make up to look better

  2. I feel like we don't need to credit everything we're inspired from, especially if it's not a carbon copy and is just rather inspired. Just my opinion.

  3. He is an egomaniac, and having millions of teenage girls supporting him just makes him worst.
    Just some days ago he tried to take credit for a musical arrangement and when got caught said it wasnt his intention lmao, he knows people will always forgive him and drama keeps him relevant so its a win win situation, as long as his audice consists of naïve people

  4. When D'Angelo goes "oh, she wore blue eye shadow and then HE wore blue eyeshadow" to show an example of a drama that would be way too ridiculous to be real I-

    The beauty community drama will surprise you.

  5. I agree with this video, but I’ll also say that the looks provided for the most part were taken from already existing concepts and looks that several people have done before them. And he usually credits the looks of people he is inspired by or is recreating. This may be before he did that but I could be wrong.

  6. Agreed with the video but the snowflake look isn't a good example of him copying because that same look was done the same or similarly by 1000+ artists. It's one of the most unoriginal looks and it has been done time and time again even before that blond chick did it.

  7. Me after watching one video: lol wow, he managed to get this video to be exactly 10:00, what a clever way to emphasize the topic of the video
    Me after watching 10 videos: waiT A SECOND-

  8. Hello people I like to paint pictures with acrylic or watercolor and so on. I love this hobby very much🤗:)) If you are interested please follow me in Instagram. There I am called art_paintall☺️❤️

  9. At first I thought you were drawing his face wrong, and off in some way (I’m an artist too, so I’m always critiquing in my head lol) but then I realized: No, it’s not the drawing, it’s just that James Charles has a really effed up face 😂 like it’s weird af proportions. Lmao, but I like your art! Very unique style bro 👌

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