Panchavarnathatha Movie Comedy | Part 3 | Jayaram | Kunchako Boban | Dharmajan Bolgatty | Anusree

– Hello!
– What happened? It went away. – He took away all the pets.
– Good. To where? Has Jumbo circus started
home delivery? If 2 or 3 small animals stay in a corner of
this house, nobody has any problem, right? Now you pay for it.
A person who knows politics! I’ll kick you! – Maruthu!
– Tell me, sir! From today onwards we are
going to stay in this house. – Is it good?
– Yes. Is he a Tamilian? Inspite of giving so much problem have you
not understood that he is a Malayali? Inspite of so many people coming to
the house you didn’t give even a
single glass of water- What is your plan? Chechi! Do you remember the
one in the back side of that vehicle? “5 coloured parrot.” Where is my phone? – Where is my phone?
– I’ll go away somewhere. – My phone.
– MLA sir is very angry. When you are given a place to stay, is it
right to come with creatures like this? Don’t be afraid. They are harmless ones.
You won’t have any problem. If you give me some water,
I’ll wash it off. This is nothing. Master has got
many other animals with him. Cleaning with hand.
A clean person, isn’t it? Is that cow dung scooper
your master? – Yes. This man is down to earth. – Horse wastage is a good fertilizer.
– Take it away. The plants will grow well. My Italian mylanji is gone. Hold this. Udayettan said that he’ll bring the
elephant tomorrow. If it comes before afternoon, we can take photo with
the elephant. If it comes we can update in FB
saying rocking with elephant. But you come when Kalesh
Ettan is not there. In that case “Positive thinkers”
will come there. Else this week Kalesh
Ettan is going to Delhi. – You can come that time.
– To Delhi? He thinks he is the Prime Minister. Did you fight with
Kalesh Ettan end? There is no fight. He is just acting. He keeps saying that he’ll kick. But he won’t kick. Her chatting! – I’ll grind chilli and smear on the eyes.
– Was Kalesh Ettan there? Did my boss build a huge house, huh? The food for donkey is ready. Eat…eat… – Take it.
– Put the zip. Put the zip. I have put it. What business do you do
with these donkeys? It is for importing and exporting
in Shabarimalai After the arrival of tractor there is
not much business now. Then what will you do? – We can sell milk.
– Shall I tell one thing? 1 litre of donkey milk
costs Rs 6000. – What is your name?
– Chitra. – I don’t sing.
– But I didn’t ask you. That day didn’t you know that it
was toddy when you drank? No. I haven’t drunk before this. Not much intelligence is
needed to know that. This is a thing which doesn’t
have any brain. The donkey. In front of that you keep one glass of alcohol
and one glass of water. Do you know which
one the donkey will drink? Water. It’ll drink only water. That is why it is called
as donkey. Don’t you know that you are doing
all this in an MLA’s house? It is because that you don’t have sense
that you are an MLA. What? Being your livelihood I thought
you must get along somehow. Do you think you can do anything? I gave you a little bit space.
This is a place where humans live. What are you glaring at? It is not fearing that her video
is in your hand. It is my decency. I was considerate that you must
not wander around with animals. Move away. Don’t be afraid, sir. They are ones who gave you vote.
They’ll remain with you. This sacrament was brought by
that fellow. Do you want it? There is no rescue, Aiyappa! You can go. Can Gee Varghese send a
video from this to someone? Present days children
are highly intelligent. We can’t say anything. What video is that? Somebody left the tap of
the pipe open. The one on the side. The water in the tank
got emptied fully. It is to know who did that. – Did you drink, Chechi?
– I swear I didn’t. What is this? You don’t have to
tell how busy you are. It is very bad that you didn’t attend the
first holy communion. I got ready to come here. It was then that I got a phone
call saying Umega Group of Companies
system has got failed. How can I remain without going? You tell this, brother-in-law. Can this be copied to the phone? It is possible. But it is not an easy thing. It has to be converted to video
format and then compressed. But you can’t say that it
can’t be done. – You have become fat.
– Go inside. It was not I who stole. Stole? The one who left the tap open, took
away the mug and bucket there. You tell this, brother-in-law. Technically no chance. Tell the truth. Who taught you all this fraud things? I didn’t want that uncle
to leave from here. – So I said like that.
– His uncle! Okay. Udayetta, look after
the matters here. Gee Varghese saint hasn’t
send such a video. He… Drive the vehicle
to the house fast. – What is this crowd here?
– You be brave. I’m not scared. I have heard that in Uthrakand a
candidate was beaten by public. Let us see. After knowing what
it is I’ll get down. – Hey!
– What is it? I didn’t know that MLA made him stay
in his own house for such a big cause. It is because of our Kalesh sir’s
sacrificing nature that beverage came up
in our native. Each and every vote
is for Kalesh! Each and every
vote is for Kalesh! The dog business man is a big fraud. Not black.
Full white. That is why it is said
that he is intelligent. He has got the amount credited
to an orphanage account. Don’t I know that it
is to avoid tax? Each and every vote is for Kalesh!
Each and every vote is for Kalesh! It is how many times that you are
cleaning the floor? This is a real nuisance. Don’t say like that, Chechi! I don’t want a policy. – Was it you who bought this?
– Yah! – That is my house.
– Are you selling it? I’ll hit you.
Go away. You tell and then go. Horse wastage and dog wastage was
better than this. – Chetta! – Can you give me some cold water?
– I’ll give you water! From worse the matter
has become worst. It is government institution. To whom can you complain against that? By making women stand on queue
saying as residential area can we arrange for a protest? If it had been a bar,
we could have made a try. – But now this is…
– Hey! You take comfort thinking that it is
a Maveli store. You can say like that. Once election is announced can
beverage be started? A powerful man called Eppachan
has bought this building. He finished the paper
work one day before the announcement of the election by 5pm. Didn’t the MLA know? Kalesh is not the MLA
of the ruling party. Just because father
died he became MLA. – What about the matter for which I came?
– Listen, Abraham sir! From last Atham to Uthradam,
in the 9 days time 470 crores value of alcohol
was consumed by our state. We ourself have supplied
alcohol in many processions. Yes. Till now no party has won
in the next election by incurring the curse
of prohibiting alcohol. Sir, did you understand clearly
what I told? I’ll explain in a simple manner. This empty glass
“A” is sir. Below you there of them. B, C, D. Only if these 3 work,
you’ll get the benefit. Do you have any problem if every month
you get 1 lakh in hand? Vikarama, how much depth must be
there for our panchayat’s well? – 14 feet.
– I’m saying it is 18 feet. No need for argument. 14 feet. Balan Chetta, how much depth must
be there for our panchayat’s well? It must be 15, 16, 17 feet deep. – Two tea.
– I’ll give. – Chathutti must be knowing.
– Chathutti hasn’t even seen it. One argument.
Chathutti! How much depth must be there for
our panchayat’s well? It must be 19-20 feet. – Will it be that much?
– Give me 2 dosas also. I’ll give in a minute. The Chechi there in that house… I heard that you have her video.
Will you show it to me? It is not a video of that type. – Hello!
– Uncle, it is me, Gee Varghese. Tell me.
What is the matter? When will you come here? One day you come here to see me. Daddy won’t agree. Hence forth when you
tell, father will agree. What is this? Are you jumping wall? Why can’t he wake up? Is it in tea shop that anyone will sleep? He is Elamakkarai Thambi Chettan’s son. He is a good youngster. Now he is 24 hours in intoxication.
Hey! Is injection ready? The toilet is on the other side. – Chetta!
– What is it? That plane is travelling
in what distance? – That is 30,000 feet.
– 35,000 feet. – Come on.
– 30,000. feet – Go man.
– Let them come to a conclusion. If we wait for a conclusion in their
matter, our matter will come to an end. You don’t see there. – They have started fight.
– They’ll come to an end. This Delhi trip was not
there earlier in the plan. Delhi was there. I didn’t tell Udayettan. From 6am to 6pm there is Hartal. That is why I told you to come early. We could have informed the police. Police need not know about this trip. Not for the sake of sir. It is for a protection when we
are returning. Yes. If somebody asks,
you tell my name. – Who’ll stop MLA’s vehicle.
– Ofcourse. They have stopped. We’ll protest! We’ll protest! It is the other guy’s vehicle.
Don’t allow at any cost. We’ll protest till death. Our dear Vikraman was…! Stabbed and made to fall
by a cruel man! – Vehicle can’t go this way.
– It is MLA’s vehicle. Whether it is MLA or
Minister, you go back. There is no value. – Our dear Vikraman was…!
– Our dear Vikraman was…! Stabbed and made to fall
by a cruel man! – “We won’t spare him.
– We won’t spare him. Allow me to speak. This murder took place due to the
personal enmity of two people. For that don’t make the public suffer. You don’t come wearing coat in the
morning and take class. Your party is also conducting
many hartal At that time if we come with the car? Do you have car? I don’t have time to argue. I need to reach the airport. We would have allowed you
to go anywhere else. But we’ll never allow you to go
to airport. – Why? Our Vikraman Chettan became a
martyr in the name of honour. – Brother… brother… dear brother!
– Brother… brother… dear brother! For sure we’ll get justice! – What happened?
– The matter worked. – Whose idea is this?
– His idea. Tell master not to make this a habit. Else I’ll lose my job. – Go away. – Go back.
– I would have attacked back. But I need to take
mother to the hospital. Are you scared to travel on top
of this, sir? If I had any fear, would I have
allowed you in my house? The hartal people were put to shame. It was a great help that I came, right? By all means. Sir, this place belongs to a rich man called Asif Ali. Yusif Ali.
– Is it? I made a mistake. Stop! Stop! Should I tell the horse or him? – Stop!
– What is it? Where are you going with this? There was a sword fight in
our native. So there is a hartal there.
Local hartal! You can’t park a horse here. Don’t waste time. I’ll miss
my flight. No vehicle without number plate
can enter this area. It is just not possible. Sir, shall we go to Delhi with this? No need. Why are you giving money? – Doesn’t he need to lift this?
– No. Without lifting this the horse
will jump this. Do you want to see?
– No need. Take this and open the barrier. Here. Open it. You could have done
this first itself. Just to break the leg. See how it lifted. – Isn’t it a mistake to give bribe?
– It is a mistake to take. I’m coming to airport for the first time. I’m coming to airport
first time in an horse. Isn’t it nice for the piles,
who fly aero plane? It is not piles.
It is pilot. It has stopped I’ll get down. Thank you! We’ll meet
day after tomorrow. By God’s grace! There is sacred thread
and cross with you. Actually you belong to which religion? For me everything is one. Which is this shuttle
lying on ground? Now we are love 2. – Love too?
– Not that. We are losing. Is it so? You move.
I’ll hit a sixer. – Hit.
– Shall I tell you one thing? It is the horse which has got
the biggest eye on earth. – Who told you?
– That… I know that. – Wait.
– Give it to me. I want to take a selfie with camel. Last week my husband sent me
a selfie with lion. I must give him a shock. Did the man, who took photo
with lion call you after that? He is adventurous. That he… Oh God! Let me call him. Chechi, pass that shuttle. – What is the matter?
– Shall I tell you a truth? Wherever I go there
will be a luck. Now it is double happiness, right? What happened? Mother and she have gone to the
hospital to confirm. – Didn’t you go?
– No. Mother has had this one time. To me it is not like that. I have a small tension of that. – What happened?
– Confirm. It is chicken box. She must not eat anything tangy. I told you. Mother has had once.
So there is nothing wrong. Good! Her selfie act will reduce. You move that side. As it is contagious we can’t
even give shake hand. Hay, chicken box!
Very good. In Tamil Nadu they call
this as Amma game. Once this comes there will be
utmost faith in God. James Thomas from enforcement. I need to search the house. Warrant. Both the auspicious people
stand on that side. Sir, please! Pillai! One important matter.
Disconnect the land phone here. – What is it, sir?
– Disconnect the land phone here. Yes, sir! Sir, one on the side of the
table of the bedroom. One is on the backside of the fridge. I’ll remain under the cot. Pillai, this is not a game. It is raid. Search.
He is playing game. Inspite of being a big VIP,
he is a jockey. Search there. Dear, if you are not feeling well,
you go and lie down. No need. See there.
Search fully. Why there is tension? Some of my things are inside. Will police take away all that? Who is biting my ear? Take it out.
Take it away. Are you sitting here? He is harmless. Do you want to give a kiss? Will anyone keep wild lizard
at home? This is a colourful hen. – This
is a present. Take it away. Sorry, sir!
It was a wrong information. There is no black money. What happened? Sir, we have searched
the whole house. Then? There is no land
phone in this house. You must be appreciated. It is not just like that you didn’t
get promotion. Come on. Come. It was a big blow. Why are you silent, sir? Is this a question to be asked to
a man who has taken a heavy blow? Shall we go for an appeal
saying that a cheating, has been done in such a manner that
to whomever the voting is done it is getting added
in Kalesh’s account? Sir didn’t compete for a music
competition in a youth festival. After getting defeated for 11 times
in varied elections Abraham Lincoln became
American President. But that was not such
a stinking defeat. These fireworks were bought
for the election. To fire when we win. Now what will we do? Shall we sell this in half rate to
Kalesh’s party members? Get lost! You rascals! Let us close the
door and lock from inside. – Is Kalesh sir at place?
– No. He has gone for a party meeting. With this you give 6-7 cotton shawl. For what cause? Next week for all those who have crossed
85 years in the constituency, there is a function of
MLA felicitating them. World Old Age Day! Is the world coming to an end?
Has the date been fixed? – It is “World Old Age Day”.
– Thank God! – How is this?
– This will suit you very well. – What about this?
– This will suit you superbly. Super. – Hey, come here.
– What for? Come. – Which is best in this?
– Super. Go man! You tell. What is the price? Let it anything.
I’m the one who is going to pay. Which is the best one in this? Isn’t this a thing
that is worn on top? Yah! In that case… You wear this and wear
that on top of this. Go…go… Are you standing here?
You come here. You wear this and wear
that on top of this. Tell which you like the most in this. I’m not going to give opinion. In that case shall we select? Finally don’t say that
you don’t like it. It is for you. Where will I go wearing all this? That we’ll see. Give 20% discount and
our special gift to them. Now also it is the old glass, isn’t it?
No need. He’ll say like that.
You give it to me. We’ll give it to scrape dealer. Venu, close the door quickly.
Else the cooling will go. He won’t listen on saying. I’ll be coming there
to meet Kalesh sir. For the matter of the foundation
of the shop. Hasn’t foundation been put
to this shop till now? Not to this shop. For the new showroom.
It is a good profit. No problem. You pay
Rs 50,000 3 times. Hey! Is that enough? – Hey!
– You update the KYC. There will be a delay if
it is transferred to NRI account. Indian economy is totally broken. What is the matter? Last time when I had come on holiday, He made me deposit 2 lakhs in the name
of investment benefit. Now saying that there
is Tsunami in Japan and earthquake, there is
only 1500 balance left. Why are you wasting
money here and there? If you have belief, only if
you have belief, you can become the partner in
my next shop. I don’t have belief.
That is the reason. I won’t want any business with Malayali. In that case you’ll rot in Gulf. Chanting! I must get passengers. What is this? It is like the main door of the temple
has been opened. This is my first ride, sir. You must bless me. It is few days since I came. I’ll go.
The minute I land they start. It is my first ride. Pray for me. Even if you don’t drive, I’ll pray. Let the next box come. – Just apply the “tika”.
– “Tika”. Apply sandalwood paste also. Usually when they arrive from Dubai
the box will be heavy. Now it is heavy
when he is returning. Was there wheel to it? After reaching there, you
don’t forget his job matter. That I’ll arrange. You arrange for his passport. If you keep talking,
you’ll miss the flight. – Come.
– We are coming. It is about you that we were talking. Take the time to clear
out all these pets. After that you must leave. Hey! Would I have to go to prison for
smuggling sandalwood? It is my first drive, sir. – Shall I leave?
– Okay. Okay, bye! – God! There shouldn’t be any obstacle.
– Let us go. Wait. This is first ride. I’ll keep 2 lemons
as a sign of auspiciousness. – You will be blessed.
– Now you can start. We are not going to temple.
We have to go to the airport. – “This is my first ride.
– “Devotional song” “Devotional song!” Large size lemon. I didn’t get small lime. – Oh God!
– His ultimate driving! “Devotional Song!”

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