Pandhayangal | Tamil Short Film | English Subtitles

Pandhayangal | Tamil Short Film | English Subtitles

BETS I am leaving Sir wait for some time, they will come You said they will come by 9:00, now its 9:45 I can’t wait anymore Sir,I will try calling him now Mobile is Switched off or not reachable Auto is not starting Again! Bro, I am leaving and will see you in the evening okay Time is up we can reach sir I said i will come by 9:00 but the time is 9:50 now it’s close by, we can reach soon sir We don’t know whether they will be present there Sir, Definetely they will be present but i am gonna get thrashed for sure Hey, How can he thrash you infront of us? Sir, He is not what you think I would have made 5000 rupees for the time i waited for them But you cheated me Sir,You dont want to waste Time and Money Let’s wait till 10:00 If they fail to come i will give you 5000 rupees If they do come,you have to give me only 3000 rupees. Deal? Deal Sir,Go straight and take Left You go, I am not coming, If i come he will beat me I have seen many meetings like this,come nothing will happen If something happens like what you said, I will cut my ear You don’t have to cut your ear,let’s have a bet for 2000 rupees Okay, 2000 rupees bet It’s 10:00 now Come sir Hereafter, Don’t come to this place Get Lost you misjudged and hit him, it’s late because of me One minute Okay Take out the money Have it How much did you bet? 500 rupees, you? I told you to bet 1000 My target was clever, so i made a bet of only 300 Total 800, 200 to Auto driver, 300 to you and 300 to me. Okay

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