Pandiya Naadu Full Movie HD | Vishal, Lakshmi Menon, Soori

Pandiya Naadu Full Movie HD | Vishal, Lakshmi Menon, Soori

‘As far as Madurai city goes
Loganathan is a real bigwig’ ‘We can’t do business
without a pay-off to him’ ‘His deputies are
Simmakal Ravi’ ‘And Sivappu Raja’ ‘Suffering from cancer he was
hospitalized for 2 months’ ‘He passed away
this morning’ ‘To slip into his shoes, his deputies
Ravi and Raja are at loggerheads’ “Building a fortress
like black ants do…” “…we have no clue
the place you went to” Hey you old women!
Stop wailing… stop Our bro didn’t die
a premature death He lived life royally Instead of sending him off
with happiness… …you’re singing
a lament song for him Praise the dead old man
and make our friend happy Why is no one singing? Jackson, start Me, no… no
I only English Go ahead ‘Every night in my dreams
I see you… I feel you’ Stop… stop We don’t want
a lament song in English Sing with joy
Happy… happily! Jackson, won’t you
sing a Tamil song? “Hey there…!
He lived like a tiger” “Razor sharp at handling a knife
On the last leg of his life” “As generous as daylight
always in the spotlight” “Man who gave coins of gold
is now gone stone cold” Kottu (fusion drum) has come
Shall we side-line them? “He lived like royalty” “For the poor and potpourri
he served like a banana tree” “Father of philanthropy” “To save a virgin’s chastity
offered his ‘dhoti’ with alacrity” Huhmm! Don’t we know why!
Good-for-nothing guy Thavil (folk-drum) move aside
Thappu (hand drum) come this side Try to accompany me “He served the deprived daily” “Cat in a flood he saved
Gave a roof over its head” “Handed ample to people
till his palms turned purple” “Land owner of a 1000 acre
6 feet is his permanent share” “Avatar of affection
Love’s vocation” “To Adisesha the king of snakes
he fed milk to uncoil his mistakes” “No moaning, no misery” “He asked us to be
cheery and make merry” Sit… be seated I heard there’s a difference
of opinion between you 2 Don’t filght
Stay united Whatever Loganathan brother
did when he was alive, I’ll do Let everything be
the same as before I’ll deal with everything Hey uncs!
Don’t make us laugh What do you know? How can you doubt
my capabilities? I’m here only because of
my respect for the departed soul I’ve worked for him for
15 years, not just a few! Uncs, not only you Any scumbag who wants
to step into bro’s shoes… …l’ll go for his adam’s apple Hey! Who are you addressing so
arrogantly? You ungrateful dog! Hey aunt! Not a good sign
Your tongue is wagging Don’t be taken in
by your wife’s words I’ll do a wholesale chopping! I’m all-in-all here
from now on Whoever has faith, follow me Let’s go Raja, did you hear
his arrogant speech? It doesn’t affect me Raja, you stood up, right? You are my commander
At least you understood me He seems one hell of
a sharpshooter! Brute!! Uncs, with whatever money left
try to survive on porridge Get lost! Stop… stop – What’s your name?
– Balamurugan – Yours?
– Venkat – Your brother’s name?
– Raja – What’s your name?
– Sivakumar Yours? Uhh… Ganesan, sir
But I’m called ‘doubt’ Your brother’s name? Nagaraj Where does he work? Assistant director of mines What did… why… why
did you hit me? Wh-at… wh-at
wrong did I do? Why are you
stammering now? He starts stammering, if he
gets even slightly flustered Basically from childhood
he has been stammering I feel sorry for you But your elder brother
didn’t feel sorry for me! Does he think
he is a big shot? I’m earning a living with 4 lorries
carrying load to and from the quarry Just because some
jackass complained… …he seized all the lorries! I thought he wanted a tip-off
and went to meet him with money He threatened
to tell the police Very dangerous fellow I have a doubt If his bro did that to you,
why hit him? His brother is an officer If I lay my finger on him… …he’ll put me behind bars
for attempted murder! That’s why
I hit him instead Warn your brother… go now Let’s go Where are you off to? Othakadai Drop me first
in my house I’ll be back
Wait here You must be the only chap in this
world to drop a man who hit you! You’ve shot up
like a palm tree Instead of bruising him
you got beaten up! He was holding
such a huge knife! What if he had
shoved it right into me? As if my height can prevent
a knife being plunged into me? Why are you scared to death
my dear bro-in-law? Sis-in-law, only a few inches
between fear and armor! Actually when he slapped me
I felt the pain but I didn’t show it If I hit him back, he will come
with a few men and retaliate If I hit those few men the next day
he will come with an army of men Can I combat an army? – I can’t
– What logic! My skull will break,
shop may get damaged I’ll be living in the court
and police station! I can’t pay back the loan borrowed
for the shop and we’ll be forced to sell Then we may have
to sell this house Our tenants will ask
for their advance back Instead of renting our house
we’ll be living in a rented place! Do we need to be
reduced to that state? Now all problems solved
with just 1 solid slap! He slapped me then
Now it doesn’t pain We should always be
apprehensive of our future What are you
trying to say? Maaaa- Your son is saying his moustache
isn’t muddy though he fell down! Selvi, chop plenty of green chillies
and serve him a spicy omelet Let him eat it Why are you teasing
my uncle, grandpa? He’ll come home with
the world cup one day! You’ll all be
zapped then Baby? Isn’t this laying it
a little too thick? You can, dear uncs You think so? Thank you for your faith in me
and your presence here Please wait for a week Business will resume just like
it did when Logu bro was alive I’m here for you
Be brave and optimistic Ravi, you have to ensure
this factory runs properly Stay here Whatever help,
Ramu will oblige How many times I’ve told you
not to change Pogo channel? I went yesterday to the bride’s house
and I’m happy with this alliance She looks good I’ll get back to you
after talking to my son Listen, my eldest son! Did your little brother
take a look at the girl’s photo? Oh yes! Does he like her? Girl is okay but I need to
know more about her character I’ve spoken to her She’s pretty, well educated
and earns a fat salary Compatible
on all counts Only thing is, her complexion
is a little on the higher scale! If she’s so pretty
you get married to her Hold your tongue! I can’t marry a girl
just because she’s pretty! It’s a lifelong bond
of more than 4 decades We should both
like each other I must talk to her
for 1 or 2 days And only then decide
about my marriage First you’ll say
you need to talk And you’ll want to date Then you’ll want
to sleep together What’s wrong with that? My father hasn’t slept
with my mother even once! Her snores have
pushed us to the terrace If only he had slept with her
just once, before they got married… …will we be
‘care of terrace’?! I wasn’t aware
of this all these days We rubbed salt on to
our own wounds! Let me somehow
wriggle out of this Nothing, dear
I pulled a fast one Oh mother!
Are you also here? Truth spilled out
in flow of words! I’ll deal with you, when you
come home for dinner! Maaa… don’t poison the rice! Okay, baby Uncs, ask what’s the time Tilme…? Ask me the time What’s the time? ‘Hickory dickory dock
Both hands don’t talk’ ‘They are shivering in sick bay
Why ask me the time anyway?’ Byeeee! This needs to
be serviced, sir There’s no display,
number… nothing How long have you been
using this same phone? – 13 years!
– Wow! Very good Very few men even take
care of their wives this long! Dude, see if this
can be repaired It’s a mobile phone only
No doubt about that! Raja, I need to send granite
worth 2 billion abroad I came to you
instead of Ravi I’ll handle it Raja, you belong
to our community We’ll do anything for you Be brave He’s a moron, Raja His brain doesn’t
match his body! No… don’t, Ravi Hello… Raj Shekar? How much? They’ve gone
82 feet deep I’ll take the length, breadth
and send it to the office Do that quickly They’ve given approval
only up to 60 feet You are digging deeper
as you please My boss will be
here in a while Yes, brother! You said your office employee
Murugan wanted a phone I’ll be in my office in an hour I’ll see you then New phone Charge for 6 hours
and then use it I’ll take leave I’m leaving, brother 1 minute I’ve spoken to
the lawyer’s daughter She says she will
meet you on Sunday You meet her and then we can
decide if you want to take it forward Hi…! Uncs, you can say okay
only after I okay her! Okay? Have you been
waiting for long? No, only an hour Okay Hi, sweety What’s your name? Pooja Excuse me, can I
take your order now? What shall we order? Uh… huh…? What is he eating? Looks yummy Uh… hu- We’ll have cold coffee? – Okay
– 2 cold coffee Okay ma’am
Anything else? 1 vanilla ice cream Vanilla is boring
We’ll have strawberry 2 cold coffee
1 strawberry ice cream Make it fast Sure, ma’am You are so pretty I’m sure many would
have proposed to you 27 total But I loved only 2 My 1st love
was in school Dinesh, smart
Top ranker First we were friends Then one day
he proposed to me But in 12th grade
we had an ego clash I decided against him Final year of college
was Karthik If he starts talking
time will just fly We’ve roamed a lot
But we didn’t cross our limit Then status and caste
came in between us So I spoke to him upfront
and avoided the match – What about you?
– Nothing of that sort Don’t pull the wool
over my eyes As if you wouldn’t
have dated a single girl? Seriously! Tell me the truth Actually, there was
a girl in my life also Uncs…!! But it wasn’t love, baby! We were close friends,
spent a lot of time together We used to
eat together I used to walk her home everyday My friends used to tease me
and branded us as lovers I wanted to propose to her But she changed her class That means? When we got promoted from 6th to 7th grade… …she got shifted
to another section You call this a love story
and built up a flash back! – Your order please
– Place it here I asked for cold coffee Why did you change my order? No, ma’am You asked for
normal coffee What nonsense! I ordered for cold coffee How dare you
change my order? – Sorry, ma’am, I-
– Call the manager I need to talk to him Order cancelled! Irritating! Can’t reject her because
she cancelled an order, baby That’s not the only reason! 4 points What? 1- she walked in late
Did she apologize? That’s true! 2nd, she asked you
what you want and said… …’shall we try cold coffee’
and ordered it herself I asked for vanilla, no?
She ordered strawberry for me 4th point? In both the break-up cases
she was the 1 who ditched them How are you so sure she won’t
cut you also off after marriage? Hey! You thought upto
divorce in the 1st meeting, huh? Soooper, baby! But my doubt is, how did
you find all this out? Only a girl will know
another girl’s heart! Wonder what’s so great
about a girl’s heart! In our business the chap lagging behind
has never spared the one who went ahead In our business the chap lagging behind
has never spared the one who went ahead Life is priority Unnecessarily both of you don’t fight
and create a new rival in between I don’t want the 2 of you fighting
like this, why don’t you share? As if I want
to die fighting?! Ask him to accept first
And then I’ll think about it Our livelihood
is by itself wrong At least perform the wrong
in the right manner! You handle shopping complex
export and real estate Raja can take care of granites,
transport and building flyovers Do you know the turnover
in granites per month? It is 15 years
since you retired You have no idea Let’s not do this
tear and share In 2 days time, either Raja
or I will be the sole survivor Ravi, all those who wanted to
become bigwigs in the shortcut way… …disappeared in
a very short span This doesn’t
feel right to me Let me leave To kill Ravi in an ‘encounter’… …you want me to transfer
the commissioner! It can be done, but it’s not
a cake walk like you think Even if it is
my department… …decision rests only
with the chief minister If you do this favor for me
I’ll return the favor manifold! What kind of favor, Raja? In the uprising
you schemed 4 years ago… …you’re under the wrong impression
the secretary’s family died Then? His sons Ramesh
and Pandi are alive Are you serious? They are waiting to kill you You don’t believe me? Call your co-bro-in-law
in Coonoor now Yes, tell me Are Ramesh and Pandi alive? Yes, that’s a- Are Ramesh
and Pandi alive? Yes, they are, but- Why didn’t you tell me
this beforehand? You’ve just now
become a minister Why burden you
with all this…? Give some stupid reason! Pain in the wrong place! Chill, bro I know where they are If you can comply
with my wishes…? See you, bro Off to work? Yes, aunty – Your kid has left for school
– She leaves by 7:00 a.m. It’s a month since you moved in
I am yet to meet your child I’ll bring her this evening I’ll come home
only at 10:00 p.m. – See you, aunty
– Is your mother in? Rent?
1 minute Maaa…? Upstairs aunty
is here to pay the rent Please go in and sit ‘Doubt’…!
What’s up? Green shirt, coolers, new shoes! Ma, bless me Have you been
trapped by some girl? Who? You know a girl
used to keep talking… …about life insurance
policy to me Over the phone she’s now
set as my life partner! Did you meet her? No, dude Have you at least
seen her photo? I avoided it, to preserve
the surprise element I intend meeting her
face to face today What if she is ‘quite contrary’
to what you imagine her to be?! Bomb of the year! Why… why?
Negative nitwit Son of the green-eyed monster! Dude, be practical What if she is a dumbo and
you’re forced to marry her?! What will you do then? Why are you stirring
the duck pond?! I’m cautioning you not to drown
in the deep end of the duck pond What do you
want me to do now? We’ll go and take a look
You remain incognito Let’s take a call
after we see her What is her dress code? White dress and
brown handbag Find out
if he has come He must be on the way
Why disturb him now? What concern even before
you express your love? That’s her!
Isn’t she sooooper? What do we do now? Ask the one who stirred up
the duck pond! What to do? Hey! You wasted wastrel! You are scrutinizing as if
you intend pouncing on her! I am thinking Come around He’s calling me Talk Are you here? Yes… what about you? I’m inside
But a small change I’m not wearing a green shirt
My mother washed it by mistake I’m in a white shirt
with blue stripes But same pant – No problem
– Thanks Where are you now? Kamali… hi How are you? It’s me
Ganesh Oh!! She’s my friend, Ramya They are my friends I’m glad we met
at the temple for the 1st- My name is Sivakumar – I’m already committed
– Okay, right I never thought
you’d be so fair Neither did I think
you’d be so dark! How long have you
been dating each other? 7 years – Which number is he?
– Hello! First love First time I’ve met a girl who is in
love with the same chap for 7 years! I’m stunned! I shouldn’t have trusted you – Listen to me
– Fraud! Let’s go What happened? Believing love should be true
I told her about changing my shirt Who asked him
to blabber all this? All thanks to you Kamali… Kamali
1 minute Sorry, like an idiot I did
what my friend advised So if I was some dumbass
you’d have ditched me, no? – But I accepted, no?
– No reasons, please You and I aren’t
friends anymore Girish, where are you going? Girish is stepping
out of the line, miss Girish…? “Hey! You, my friend, Marudhu
Divulge which village she belongs to” “Moves like a temple chariot, watch
Down Melamasi street, what a catch” “Hey! You, my bro, Marudhu
Tell which town she belongs to” “Sways like a temple chariot, see
Down Melamasi street, divinely” “For a girl, perfect 24-carat
this heart has fallen flat” “For her pearl-like teeth gleaming
full life forsaken and floundering” “Hey! You, my bro, Marudhu
Tell which town she belongs to” “Swings like a temple chariot, watch
Down Melamasi street, holds no patch” “Age of innocence, sanctity of mind
Though sari-clad, a naughty child” “My life languishes
like your waist diminishes” “My love magnifies
like money multiplies” “She glides like a cloud petite
Is she Goddess Meenakshi’s parakeet?” “She looks like lightning’s baby
My mother’s daughter-in-law to be?!” “Hey! You, partner, Marudhu
Cite which city she belongs to” “Moves like a temple chariot, follow
Down Melamasi street with a halo” “Glory to Goddess Mahalakshmi
Giver of gifts, riches in plenty” “Fair and merciful angel inspects
Temptation flies, body forgets” “Mothering instincts at 18 gather
You’re Mother Teresa’s granddaughter” “Desire that flames seeing any girl
dear, with you didn’t flare or unfurl” “Divine idol clad in a wisp of fabric
I didn’t want to be cupid-centric” “Hey! You, my friend, Marudhu
Divulge which village she belongs to” “Sails like a temple chariot, see
Down Melamasi street, sublimely” “For a girl, perfect 24-carat
this heart has fallen flat” “For her pearl-like teeth gleaming
full life forsaken and fluttering” “Some stranger, random lassie
strides ahead kidnapping me” “lgnited her eyes so explosive
she burns me alive effusive” What happened, dude? I tried my best
to convince her I didn’t succeed All because of this fatso Hey ‘doubt’
You did me a huge favor! What? Let’s catch up
with a ‘cutting’! Please My mind went drooling
to a different ‘cutting’! I wouldn’t have stepped in
if I had known it was hair cutting! Don’t smile Excuse me, miss I… I am… actually My name is S… Si 1-2-3-4-5-6-cool… cool Si… Sivakumar You don’t know me
But I know you Can I talk to you
for 2 minutes? Miss…? Didn’t I tell you a ‘bad boy’
followed you in the temple? That’s him Good chubby boy! I saw you at
the temple, that’s right But I am not a bad boy I want to talk to you
for 2 minutes, miss Sit I didn’t expect you
to agree so easily! Whoever calls
will you come readily?! Hello…?! So… so… sorry! Words spilled out
though I wanted to put… …a speed-breaker
on my tongue! My father has retired
from the electricity board My brother is anAD My mother- Hello, what’s all this for? Come straight
to the matter Okay, straight
to the point What I want to say is- See, how cute
these kids are Why shouldn’t we
have such cute kids? I mean after marriage Fine… but I must
ask my husband! Hus… husband? – Toe-ring?
– Hey… hey! Wedding chain? You don’t show any
sign of being married! Even you don’t have any
evidence of being married! Don’t mock at me Look who’s talking! I was happy
teaching my students And you call me
for a silly chitchat…! I’m serious
about marrying you I’ve never broached this
subject with anyone! Oh really! Sorry, I’m not interested Hello, excuse me If you don’t mind… …can you drop me
at my place… please? Who gets such a chance to
drop even before a pick-up! Thanks Shall I pick you up in the spot
where I drop you today? I’ll take an auto No… no, I’ll just drop you Please sit Stop here Thanks That’s okay The 1st time I saw you… …I thought of
our wedding night! So… so… sorry I meant, wedding Please understand
My words might be wrong- Ooops, I brought you
to my area by mistake! I’ll drop you
at your place But you gave me directions! Hello! It’s a month since
we moved in as your tenant! I spoke to you and
asked you to drop me… …knowing you are
my house owner’s son Within your area, you are
the best behaved boy! You step out and paint
the town red, huh? I’ll enlighten your mother! Let’s keep it
between ourselves Don’t tell her Hey! Key is on the ledge
I’ll buy vegetables and be back Aunty, who is this girl? Baby… she has just
got back from school! Baby back from school?
I don’t understand She finished her course
in teacher’s training And has joined
the school here When you kept calling her ‘baby’
I thought she was a little kid I never thought
she’d be your ‘baby’! Actually, you look
like a kid too! You butter me up too much Really, aunty How do you know? As if I’m lying! What, dude? 5000?
Too low That’s no problem Malar, call for you Coming, ma You tell me, dude You could have
called me last night Hello…? I got a call
from this number I didn’t make any call How will I know
your number then? I’m calling you only
because you called me! – Is that so?
– It’s okay – Give the phone to your husband
– I’m not yet married Your father? He is- Has he gone up? Hello! My father works abroad That’s okay Call any boy
who is at home Basically I don’t talk to girls What do you want, sir? You didn’t call me for sure? No It’s okay, cool
No problem, bye She believed me Let me call again I’m basically a good boy This is common for me Hello… who? ‘Missed’ call party, miss Miss…?! Tell me I got a message
from this number Message? – Now?
– Of course I didn’t send anything Are you playing
the fool with me? Did any of my friends
ask you to pull my legs?! You are talking to me
without even knowing who I am! Hello… I know
who you are You know? House owner’s son Siva, right? – He… hu!
– What, sir Is your signal weak? Si… si… si!!! Signal… got cut What bad timing! Is she just guessing? Let’s maintain our story Dude, that 5000 bucks
if you can give it to me… – Weak signal
– Hello mister! I’ll come in and talk
Hello… hello…!? – Wake up
– Come It feels like we’re entering
a government hospital ward 1-2-3-4… 9-10… ready? – Sleep… sleep
– That’s later Dai! – What’s the book for?
– Morning, bro Boy from the next street! Get up! Get up!! What are you doing here? – I came-
– I’ll hit you! Why are you sitting
happily on our terrace? No, bro… l’ve been
chatting up Kavitha That’s why I came Look at this! Did you think we’d forgive you
if you are so frank? Out! You’re not letting your own
neighbor come here But the boy from another area
is busy doing his job there That side
Go… go… go – Where?
– In that corner Oh my! They’re even cooking
and living as a family! – You take care of that
– I told you so! – Just because of no current
– They’ve turned this into a park And where’s our babe…? Hey… hey!
Who are you? Don’t you recognize me? I’ll punch you!
I know you! Who’s he? Bro! What is your bro busy
doing inside those shrubs? If you call him your bro,
I’ll split your mouth into two! Show me your face
Where are you from? – Goripalayam
– 13 kms away? – When did you come?
– It’s been half an hour It’s only been 5 minutes
since the current went off Hand… take your
hands off her Get up! – Run… run
– Aiyo… brother! I’ll set the cops on you To upload you must press this
Then you have to share- Go to sleep, dear No, mother – Why?
– You sleep 120 papers to correct
and it’s the first month You can wake up
and do all that I can’t finish all that
in the morning It doesn’t matter how long
it takes, I’ll wait for the current Correct the papers
and then sleep You never listen
Do what you want Aha! She’s touched
my heart to the core Hello?
Yes, it’s me, dude No, just a small obligation There is no current
in our area alone Can you use your power
and get power for us quickly? That’s also simple
Just like Facebook Wha… what? They are 2 different departments?
Then for what joy… …do you flatter yourself
as a police commissioner? I don’t know all that
Just ensure we get current soon You asked me to cut it Now why make me out
to be the ‘commissioner’?! – If you ask me to switch it on, I will
– Thinks he is a bigwig police man Why such emotion, dude? It’s not that… aha… electricity! Mother! Current is back
Get up and go sleep inside 500 rupees has
a brilliance of its own! Hello? Yeah, tell me, Pangu 1 second The current’s back
Get up and go in – I’ll kill you!
– So how are you? I’m good Apparently the new commissioner
in the city is a friend of yours? – Who told you that?
– I saw it on Facebook Fa-facebook? Son, I was the one
who posted it on Facebook I’ll call you later If our boy and the commissioner
have a link we must be proud, no? Your granddaughter is busy
dating the boy next door And you’re poking your nose
into our affairs, updating Facebook! You wanted to share it
in Facebook and tear him to pieces? – Are you a Simbu fan?
– Get lost – Good Morning, sir
– Come, sit down – This is Sivappu Raja
– Good day, sir We transferred you to
this city only for his sake – Be in his good books
– Definitely, sir Sivappu, you transferred
the commissioner, that’s fine But you tried to kill me
using him… right? You found out? I told you
we’d do it together But you acted too
big for your boots Because the commissioner and
minister are in your clutches… …you’re talking
with such temerity I’ll kill you in
just 3 more days What?
3 days? Let’s see if you last the night Sivappu, turn around
for a second Where? Good day, sir I need to talk to you
for 2 minutes How dare you! Who do you think you are? You kill my chap and come
here to compromise with me? Your phone is ringing Tell me, co-bro-in-law Ramesh and Pandi have been
killed by a gang in Mettupalayam – Really?
– Yes – Who did it?
– I did it, sir I killed them for you, sir Let me come
straight to the point You gave 20% commission
when Logu bro was around Now, you’ll be splitting
your profits in half 50% If you ask for 50% in profits
without even investing… …how can we part with it? Only those who give 50%
can do business in Madurai From now on, no registration
above Rs 100000 can happen… …without my knowledge I’ll see you, bro You are out of the house at
7:00 sharp, what’s the matter? Love matter Love?
Who is the girl? It hasn’t set yet
I’ll let you know Brother! Tell me who
and I’ll set it for you Brother, you’ve decided
to start match-fixing also?! Yes Okay The teacher upstairs What? Up- Dai! Why do you need
to go to so much trouble? Won’t she come
as soon as you call? There she is!
Try your luck!! Let’s see
if your magic works Good morning, miss Sir, you can only speak
if you put coins inside I know! What are you saying? Yes, mother
He’s disturbing me I have my exams
on top of it all Why didn’t you
tell me this before? Where are you taking me? Come in, aunty Upstairs aunty is here – Why is she here?
– Come… come – Sit down
– Oh no! Hope she hasn’t squealed! Why are you standing?
Please sit down Is your husband
not at home? He’s gone out
Tell me… what is it? It’s nothing It’s just that a boy is troubling
my daughter at the bus stop – I don’t know whom to tell-
– Thank God! Mu husband is not in town
So if your boys just go ask the- Uh… aunty? In the bus stand? I’ll deal with this, ma
You go inside Bro-in-law… you? Sister-in-law, I won’t get
into a scuffle like last time I’ll ask the boys
to deal with it Dai- Maaa! I can smell something
burning in the kitchen, please go! – No need
– Go, maaa! Please Baby… did you tell the boy
who’s troubling you… …you live with me? Whaaaat? As in… l’m house owner
and she is my tenant! No, I didn’t That’s the reason
for this problem Aunty, ask her to point out
the troublemaker to me I’ll take care of the rest Malar, take ‘bro’ and
show him who the boy- Why, aunty?
It was all smooth sailing! What’s wrong, bro? No… you’re referring
to me as her ‘big bro’! And you’re calling me ‘little bro’
Relationship seems mixed up Very true, take ‘uncle’ along
and show him the boy ‘Bro’ was better
Me and my big mouth! – What, bro?
– Nothing, aunty Baby… wait ‘Uncle’ will get ready Baby, wait here
I’ll bring your bag Aunty, sit down Tell me, dude Partner… small problem There! That checked shirt Him? Okay
You go ahead When I call
you’re not picking up When I text you,
you don’t reply You know how much
this uncle loves you – Has the bus gone?
– It hasn’t come yet Hello! All that I spoke
was for your ears! I’m talking to you!
Why don’t you look at me? Dude… dude… dude What? No, just that
if you go in front… …you look cool and
I look like a fool to my girl If you don’t mind,
can I walk ahead? – Do I have a choice?
– Thank you Why this build up? Don’t feel bad I look dark
Even I’ve started using- Hello? Brother?
Is your name Rajesh? No… Balu Your name is fine
But your character isn’t Character is most
important for a human being Animals have brawn
and beauty but no brain Sweets look swell to eat
but give hell to your teeth Teacher?
Come this side If we don’t concentrate
when we are driving… …we’ll cause an accident and
other people will drive us mad You’ll faint if you see
the way he’s fighting Aren’t you going? I… l… shouldn’t go I can’t fight tactfully
I’ll hit too hard sometimes 2-3 deaths will be confirmed Then they’ll call you
to the police station Is that necessary? Brother… you sold
your story to me! Every girl you see
can’t end up your wife It’s not right
You got it? You don’t know
about my character She left long ago Where did she go? He’s made her sit
in the tailor’s shop Why didn’t you
tell me this earlier? How many
dialogs I wasted?! Simple, bro Stop tailing
Malar teacher She doesn’t like it All this is about
the teacher, huh? You don’t tell me Let her Then if she tells you
she doesn’t like you… …will you leave her alone? How? So what?
I’m still in love with her You shouldn’t torture
someone who doesn’t like you! Partner… move, let me
get some air to breathe! If I talk like this,
you won’t learn Look at this!
Partner is ready to fist-fight This is a fist that
watches the fun That is the hand that
knocks you down You keep playing, dude
Brother, one tea Dude! Get up and go Forget it, sir
These kids like to show off Dude…! Hit him, dude! Why did you
tear your shirt? Which shirt won’t tear in
the middle of a fight, dude? Dai, show me your hand Oh no…! ‘This year he bags the award
for the best actor’ Baby, the fight
is over… come out Baby… it might take
4 months for boys to walk 7 months to be
on their mark And 9 months
to run the marathon Don’t laugh at my words rhyming
I’ve hit him with the right timing That chap won’t
torture you anymore Tell your ‘uncle’
anything from now on – I’ll take care
– Thanks Will you also stop following me
and torturing me… please? Sooooper! “Dude from Othakadai, town in Madurai
a lass he lassoed with his left eye” “She ran as fast as a gazelle
He turned mad, mental, maniacal” “You win, you catch your pair
If you lose, beard, beware!” “This is love’s seal
Dude, no big deal!” “Marry, if on a rising graph
Mess up, modify your half” “This is love’s bonus
Why make a ruckus?” “If you win, wedding bells will ring
Slip… from ceiling you’ll be hanging” “If victorious, wedding bells will ring
Slide and you hang from the ceiling” “Youth from Othakadai, town in Madurai
a woman he wooed with a wink of an eye” “She ran like the wind, in fact faster
He ended up a wacko, mad as a hatter” “With a wink spreads the net
Blindfolded, pain in the neck” “Entry of 1 link
Exit of kith and kin” “This is love’s appeal
Not such a big deal!” “On a phone charging spree
it cleans up all cash and salary” “For 5 minutes of want and need
a lifetime of misery guaranteed” “If you win, wedding bells will ring
Lose… from ceiling you’ll be hanging” “If victorious, wedding bells will ring
Fall and you hang from the ceiling” “Guy from Othakadai, in Madurai
a girl he greeted with a glint in his eye” “She ran, fast as fear pulsing in the vein
He became bonkers, absolutely insane” Dude… dude, stop
For one second Hello? – I’m Malar speaking
– Yes… tell me No, you spoke
about marriage, right? Yes! Can we… after July? “Beau from Othakadai, Madurai
A baby I beckoned with my blue-eye” “My proposal this girl declined
Now I made her change her mind” “Wiln, happiness heightened
You lose, get enlightened” “This is love, my pal precious
Without it, life is monotonous” “Strike a tiger, even a rat could
Worm too can spread its hood” “This is love, my friend dear
if not, life is blue, blurred and blear” “Even a string can be a flower very pretty
Beer too can become buttermilk, you see” “Even a string can be a flower very pretty
Beer too can become buttermilk, you see” Thank God for small mercies! Thank God for small mercies! Stop the car What happened? He fell down
right from top His skull is broken Simmakal Ravi’s quarry Permission has been
granted only for 60 ft But they are
digging much deeper Every 2nd day
4 men are dying Aiyo… who will
take care of us now? They bribe and hush it up, sir I ask this question to test
how good a person is What? Answer my question frankly Midnight, 3 people are
standing in a bus stop A beautiful girl, a friend
who saved your life And a grandma
in need of medical aid You can only take
1 person on your bike Whom will you choose? A beautiful girl,
a forever friend And a grandma
in need of medical aid I’ll give my bike
to my friend And ask him to admit
the grandma in a hospital I’ll spend the whole night in
the bus stop with my life partner Wow! How’s that?! Basically I’m brilliant, dear Don’t you think
you’re going overboard?! Isn’t that Sethu? I don’t know what to do Yes, it is Who is that girl? Don’t cry Amudha Sethu loved her but her folks
forced her to marry someone else Ammu, call if there is
any hassle at night Don’t be scared How are you, Amudha? I’m fine, Siva Uh… hu… see you What’s the problem? ‘Barani is my neighbor’ ‘His mom was bedridden’ ‘So I visited her often since
she needed to be injected’ Don’t worry
You’ll be fine ‘I never knew then
he was in love with me’ ‘I got married and
his mother passed away’ Hi Barani
How can I help you? ‘One day he came
to my hospital’ I don’t know if this is
the right time to tell you I wanted to express this
before my mother passed away But you got married Amudha, just come away with me I want you Do you know what will happen
if my husband gets to hear this? ‘He came often and
pestered me at work’ I’ll deal with it ‘He behaved badly’ ‘I couldn’t bear his torture’ I’m really being patient Get out Amudha, don’t get scared Don’t hurt my husband Listen to me! Either you should step
out of this house Or I should step in here I’ll give you 3 days time
to make up your mind I have no idea
how to tackle this If something like that happens
you can see me as a corpse! Only if we make him limbless
he will know another man’s pain! Hey! Don’t ta… talk
like an id… id… idiot! He’ll finish you His job is to kill people Let’s not get involved Don’t blabber
like a fool If I was her husband and
she had such a problem… …would I have
ditched her? Numbskull! I loved her
for 7 years! She says she will die You want me to feel good
seeing her dead?! You say he knows you If you hit him, the problem
won’t be solved just like that Simmakal Ravi will
come after you Try to understand Only if he knows
who hit him! Look here, work hazard is such
you win some you lose some Don’t magnify all this… go – Nandhu…?
– No, bro Haven’t I complied whenever
you asked me to do something? Did I object to any tender in
whosoever name you specified? Daily 4-5 men are dying Please don’t compel me
in this matter alone We have 150 buses plying Daily some people die
in some accident or the other What can we do about that? Can we stop driving? – Rules will exist
– I understand… please Stumbling block! For his sake,
give Rs 200000… …as compensation
to the dead man’s family Bro, I’m discussing life and
you’re distributing money Think of the dead man’s family His wife and childre- I also have a family Can I thrive
on their grief? I won’t take this up
any further and complain But shut down
your quarry please What audacity! Don’t… no… don’t hit Whom are you
trying to oppose? Ask him to get out Come… don’t aggravate
this issue, step out, sir Go… leave, sir Yes, ma Your wife is pregnant
Doctor just confirmed it Do I feel glad we’ll soon get
a new member to our family? Or sad that my son got
beaten up by some scum bag? I don’t know But it’s times like this, we lose
focus without our knowledge You shouldn’t miss
the ‘you’ in yourself Think deeply Do what you think is right ‘Headlines for the day’ ‘NK Granites in Melur, Madurai district…’ ‘…has allegedly quarried granite
disregarding govt. regulations’ ‘Based on reports from Mr Nagaraj
Assistant director, mines and minerals’ ‘…the office has been
sealed this evening’ ‘Mr Nagaraj further added…’ ‘…many lives have been lost due to
callous disregard of safety measures’ This officer has
to die tomorrow This is just been
telecast as news – It’s too early for us to-
– He has to die! See you tomorrow He is here Do you think I didn’t know
you were following me? Dai! Run… run for your life Run this way Dude, let me run ahead This side… aiyaiyo! Sethu…! Sethu…! Amudha is mine! Come fast Quick Bro…? Lie down Who did this? Amudha has shifted to
Trichy with her family You better be in hiding for
a while too, just to be safe Paramakudi
Ramanathapuram – Get in
– Take care See you See you Find out who Sethu is Okay, boss Bus is crossing Nathai road
I’ll call when job’s done Our chap is now
carrying out your order Call that officer Hello, sir? – Hello, officer?
– Yes, sir Do you know why
I called you now? You’re just about to die You should know
the reason, right? What a deafening sound! Check if he’s still alive! What are you saying? Aiyo! My son…! Maaaa…! What happened? Your brother has left us How could you leave us? Brother…! Hello! We are
still at the hospital I’ll call you back Sir, medical officer
wants to meet you Come Watch your step Sign here This report says your son was
driving under alcoholic influence – Does he drink?
– What are you saying? Sir, my son does not drink Tell me which son drinks
with his father’s knowledge? Just sign, will you? I know my son very well
He does not drink, sir Don’t argue, sign and take
your son’s postmortem report Here Das, something is not right Didn’t they shut down
the quarry yesterday? Today my son is dead My son’s boss Ravi
is up to some mischief Another postmortem
should be done You are right
We did it What will you do? What your son did
was unpardonable Do you know the loss
he incurred for us? Just shut up, sign the papers
and get lost, or else…!!! Hey! You killed
my son, didn’t you? I will not sign
No, I won’t I’ll take you to court Whaaat?
You’ll go to court, huh? Where should he sign? Here Okay, this is
your signature Now it will take you 10 years
to prove legally this is forged After that you can file
a case for your son Get lost Things will not work here You won’t ever prosper in life You won’t ever prosper
after killing my son I will not leave you I will see you in court ‘Today is Pooja’s birthday’ ‘Hey! Chocolate’ ‘No… no!’ ‘She already
has a bad tooth’ ‘Run… run!’ Why only 2 measures of rice?
Take another half We are only 4 of us now
This will be enough, ma Selvi! Sir? Drink some water Who is Nagaraj here? What’s the matter? Registered post for him Give it to me This is from the Govt office
I can give it only to him He is my son He passed away
4 days ago Aiyo! Sorry, sir
You can sign Buses, travels, quarry
are run under a false name If I publish
this as news… …he’ll just turn the case
against us and give us hell Since his death is recorded
officially as an accident… …we can’t print this news Forget it, sir Forget it, huh? How can I? Only when I’m a corpse It’s a 35 year bond It’s like just yesterday he was
handed to me as a newborn baby That joyous moment is
still within my heart, sir I feel like killing him
My rage is so intense But I don’t have
the physical strength Sir, let not what happened
to my son happen to others Do something about
this please, I beg you Hey! What are you staring at? I intend killing Ravi My brother’s death
was not an accident Murder! – They killed him?
– Murder? How do you know? ‘I won’t spare
any of you’ ‘I’ll take you to court’ ‘Aiyo! You killed my son’ ‘I won’t leave them’ ‘They killed my son’ Don’t decide
in anger, dude You advised Sethu You know they are
heartless brutes Don’t jump in and lose
your grip on life like Sethu He’s stuck in some
strange town like an orphan Why buy trouble?
No dude, don’t do it If I ha… hadn’t known
my… br… bro was killed… …it wouldn’t have mattered But after knowing the truth
how ca… can I si… sit quiet? My family is shattered What wrong did that unborn
ba… ba… baby do to deserve this? That child will be
fatherless lifelong I will kill him Don’t yell Go ahead
Kill him But kill him incognito It doesn’t matter
how long it takes But don’t leave him “In utter frenzy a tiger targeted
a fox, abiding its time, awaited” “When will hand lunge
When will knife plunge?” “Cheetah is on the prowl” “To avenge ‘tooth for a tooth
eye for an eye’ is now the truth” “The beast within will howl” “Ganges and Cauvery waters can’t compete
Only blood can quench his thirst complete” “As long as dignity is supreme
vengeance is not a pipe dream” “Wilthin a man’s heart
in the atrium part…” “…catnaps the king of the jungle” “Revenge quotient rising higher
red eyes ablaze with fire…” “…the lion will maul and mangle” “For the right place it pauses
For the apt time to strike its paws” “It will crouch restlessly quiet” “Eastern sky’s horizon
why turned a vivid vermillion?” “Due to the blood-bath at night” Why are you
fixing it into that? This is a transmitter
like a camera All out going calls from this phone
will be received in this phone also If you somehow sell this
to Nandakumar… …we can listen in to
all his conversations Ravi’s program are
planned by Nandakumar Hey! Who are you? Bro, Nandakumar
asked for a phone Greetings, brother Did you ask
for a phone? Of course not He didn’t ask
I just brought it Brother! You are my God
The bravest among the brave Bless me, please Who is this chap? After being blessed by
Goddess Meenakshi… …I need yours now, bro I’ve opened a small scale
mobile shop at Pondy Bazar In Madurai district, any business
won’t take off without your blessing This is just a small gift
from a loving ‘brother’ You must accept it All are imported sets Please gift them
to your boys I seek your support always Brother- Okay, go now Whether prepaid, post-paid
or top up, I’ll do the needful Let me take leave now Aiyaiyo! Nandhu bro? In my joy of seeing God
I forgot the priest!! An expensive mobile
specially for you, bro Place it in your pocket
And me in your mind Okay?
Shall I go? I’ll top it up
just in case I’ll take leave, bro Here take this Did you give it to him? All done By now he’ll be using it Tell me, sir Minister will be travelling to Coonoor
for his father’s death anniversary It’ll be good if Ravi sir
can accompany him Okay, sir
When is this? Monday after next Okay, I’ll inform him “As long as dignity is supreme
revenge is not a pipe dream” “Wilthin a man’s heart
in the crater part…” “…catnaps the king of the jungle” “Revenge quotient rising higher
red eyes ablaze with fire…” “…the lion will maul and mangle” “For the right place it pauses
For the apt time to strike its paws” “Restlessly will crouch quiet” “Eastern sky’s horizon
why changed a vivid vermillion?” “Due to the blood-bath at night” What are you doing here
at this unearthly hour, my friend? I just thought
of something What? I’ve heard there are
people who kill for money Do you know anyone? Is this the time you choose
to ask me this question?! Do you know… or not? You need to spend
a lot of money That’s alright Jambulingam whom we’ll meet
now is a big shot in Tuticorin As influential as
Ravi in Madurai Come In which room is
MrJambulingam staying? They want to see you Greetings, brother Sit down This is what happened Won’t you explain clearly about me
before you bring them over here? Take them away Come with me, please What Simmakal Ravi
can do, is child’s play to him If it had been anyone else
he’d have obliged immediately But since both belong
to the same profession… …he won’t step into his space Look, who is here This is your father’s
younger brother! His nose is carbon copy
of my brother’s! Such strong grip! Look! Our baby
has come home ‘Central prison
Palayamkottai’ I’ll take care of
the legal aspect Will you do it or not? I’ll do it for you These are the documents
of the house I own This is the house Sister, they’ve come
to meet uncle He’s inside
You can go in Kali, Rs 2500000 is in this box
500000 less than what we agreed I’ll pay up as soon as
the deed is done I have the full amount here How? I got my son’s settlement
after his demise, I added that Oh! Okay, give it I enquired about the party He’s the biggest bigshot
in Madurai it seems If I do this,
I’ll be traced So I’ll get it done
through new kids But I’ll do it
prim and proper Kali, it’s better if you handle it You’ve entrusted me, right I’ll fulfill your need Phone’s ringing sentimentally
in your favor, go ahead, talk Hello, it’s me Have you reached
the wedding place? That’s where I am now Our youngest son and our tenant
Malar are in love it seems – Selvi told me
– All for the good I’ll be back soon Not buying spinach? Making spicy dry fish curry Oh! Then I’ll send you a cup
Let me taste your curry Don’t go overboard – Tell me what
– Look up a little What… tell me quickly Go inside and
you’ll find out Easier to fix hall if we fix
the wedding date soon This is our son-in-law to be Good evening, son I’m Malar’s father I’ve seen your photo Let me freshen up Ma…! Your plus is your color, son What’s the hurry now? Auspicious happening is believed
to be good after a tragic event We know what to do They have no clue
about my predicament! Talk to your father alone later How can I tell him… …let me kill a man
and then get married?! Malar will be upset
if I turn this down now I’m in a dilemma Coonoor
Trichy temple festival Golden regal theater In this 1 year that
I’ve followed him… …these are the only
3 places I can kill him Temple festival will have
excess security, that’s too risky In the theater, he’ll go to the loo
only 10 minutes after interval… …and his men will be
hanging around in the corridor Coonoor, where the minister
visits annually for… …his father’s death anniversary
Ravi accompanies him for security At 6:00 a.m. Ravi’s men will go with
the minister to the graveyard That seems the ideal time
when Ravi joins them later Hey! Move your vehicle Get off the way, I say! Who is that? Bharani, on our way to the church
we’ve been cornered by some thugs Catch him Who sent you? Tell me Come on,
spill the beans I will
I will tell you A man from Chinnapatti
He paid us to kill you Hey! Go away Don’t crowd around We never met the man
who paid us to kill you Muthu, find out who
the khaki shirt chap is – How many of you?
– 10 only Who? – No one else
– Tell me the truth Where is he?
I can’t see anyone Please spare my life Spare you when you
set out to kill me?! Open your mouth What are you
feeding him? He doesn’t eat properly
Makes a mess, that’s why Enough
I don’t want Latha, you eat Uncle, I think
there’s trouble The boys’ mobiles
are all switched off Call Raja, ask him
to bring the car Send the women home Uncle, some new chaps
have surrounded us The chap on the right
wearing a white shirt, huh? Sitting along with his family With a sandalwood paste
dot on his forehead Bro, white shirt Are you Kalidas
from Chinnapatti? Who are you? Madurai Simmakal Ravi Dad, uncle is calling you I’ll talk to him later Who is that old man? I don’t know him I was following
the lawyer’s instructions Where does the lawyer live? How many times
will I keep calling you? Why is your mobile
switched off? Boys who went to Coonoor
to kill Ravi got caught That’s why I escaped
to my home town I will myself
call you later, okay? What about the money
we gave him…? You can talk later Come quickly, dear
Priest is waiting Greetings Can I read it out? In the Tami year Vijaya, 15th day
of Tamil month Aani, Wednesday… …we announce the wedding of …Malarvizhi, daughter of
Chidambaram and Sivakami …and Sivakumar, youngest son of
Kalyanasundaram and Amudha Hello? Is that you, Mr Kalidas? Yes, who is this? I came to see you about Ravi
along with the advocate, remember? Do you know how long
I’ve been hunting for you? And your lawyer friend
has switched off his mobile You do know the Coonoor
attempt failed, don’t you? Yes I do, but
can’t you once again…? What?!
Once again? Today my bail ends Tomorrow after I surrender in court
I have no idea when I’ll be out again You just come and
collect your money Where and how… do
I collect the money? Come and collect it at 8:00 p.m.
in Mattuthavani bus stand Tell me, Bharani Remember those chaps
who tried to kill our boss? Tonight he’ll be in the bus stand
at Mattuthavani to collect his money We’ll catch him for sure Tchah! What is it? Remember I told you a gang
tried to kill Ravi at Coonoor? They are planning to kill the guy
who paid them to do the job But he’s unaware of it Stop here I must save him somehow How can we? Isn’t he also
someone like me? I fee- Go, see who it is Malar? I want to speak to Siva Please leave us
alone for a bit We have important work I too have something
important to discuss – Work
– Go, please – You don’t under-
– Just go – We have to deliver-
– Get lost, man I’m like an elder brother to you! We are engaged That’s why you get
at least this respect – Once the marriage is-
– Enough! I got the message That lass just
latched me out! Let her have her fun! Why did you
ask him to go out? Then what, dear?
You never spend time with me It was okay
till we got engaged But now it’s like being
legally half-wife Half wife? What do you want now? Nothing For students not to be
terrified of their annual exams… …we rehearse with monthly,
quarterly and half yearly tests Doesn’t the same hold
good for our marriage? Before marriage what? When I think of
our wedding night No! When I think
of our marriage- As… li… slight fe… fear Don’t make fun of me
Clear out now Don’t spoil my mood Do you understand… or don’t you? I understand only too well, baby Lots of days left
to get into action Now go “Five… 5… 5, give me a high 5
Ebony-dude, tease me, electrify” “Defy, crucify to satisfy
Make an unholy mess, mortify” “Chase away shyness, scarify
Get jammed to my heart, jellify” “Clamp me with kisses of candy
Take me high… gratify” “Caress me, rag me, argufy
Coffee-dude, come on, intensify” “Defy, crucify to gratify
Unholy mess make and mortify” “Drive away demureness, unify
Fasten yourself to my heart, fortify” “Hook me with your kisses of honey
Take me high… saccharify” “My fiance whom I adore
He owns a mobile store” “Express your love, magnify
Tell… it will multiply, amplify” “Wilthout love, how can you be
Phone without sim, impossibility” “Even if I revivify,
why do you minify?” “Touch me, like a touch screen
I stood before you, silken satin” “Qualify my desire to quantify” “My wants I listed to ratify
Not 1 wish did I falsify” “You should nullify
my fears, gratify me, glorify” “Tease me, please me, diversify
Onyx-man, make me liquefy” “Comply, to screw up, crucify!” “To Panchayat clarify
Surrounding villages identify” “Fact and fiction verify” “Case’s verdict I speechify
You say it’s faulty and testify” “As headman you re-specify” “Wilth your stammer
you glued me to your armor” “You take me totally
My love you certify” “Wilth your gooseberry eyes
on this lily bud you apprise” “You invade me to aurify
Beautify and beatify” “Five… 5… 5, give me a high 5
Ebony-dude, tease me, electrify” “Defy, crucify to satisfy
Make an unholy mess, mortify” “Chase away shyness, scarify
Get jammed to my heart, jellify” “Clamp me with kisses of candy
Take me high… gratify” Bro, their men are
all around, be careful Is it that old man? Sir?
I’m here Sir?
I’m here My father?!
Why is he here? That’s him Hey come on, guys Stop Are you trying to
escape from us? Hit him Grab him Search properly Look… there he is Father! Father… father Look there Come this way You wait here Nothing to worry His blood pressure shot up
That’s why he has fainted He’ll be okay
in half an hour Are you related to him? He is- I have no clue
who he is, sir He was lying unconscious
in the market place I found this mobile in his pocket
Please inform his family – Call his family
– Okay, doctor Why did you lie? Let no one know I admitted
my father in the hospital Why is your father
sleuthing around at his age? We won’t be able to
understand his pain Look at the way he hired men to
kill Ravi, I like him even more now You were unconscious
in the market it seems Some workers brought you here Nothing to worry He has to be under observation for
24 hours, tomorrow he’ll be discharged – Siva…?
– He’ll be here now Okay we’ll let you know
as soon as we get back home Who is it? Some random number It’s me
They killed Kalidas Did you watch
the news on TV? I’ll come out and talk It’s God’s grace
I’m alive today What are you saying? I was in that same spot
They could’ve easily killed me Did anyone see you there? Yes, one of those thugs saw me Who asked you
to go there? What else can I do? Sit at home and eat
to my heart’s content? If I’m at home, I’m hassled
by my eldest son’s memories I’ve lost all my hard earned money Is there a way to
punish my son’s killer? We thought there was
only 1 old man Now another guy
comes to his rescue So they both planned
and met at the bus stop By this time they will be hunting
for my father and his accomplice Why did the rescuer
mask his face? Either he didn’t
want us to identify him Or he must be
known to us Before he gets to my father,
I must finish him off If he has paid 3 million to hire a killer
he isn’t part of a regular gang Please wait here Public… just 1 among
the ordinary citizens Someone who wants me dead Get me a list of
general public we killed For Lord Siva’s festival, Ravi
visits this temple in mid March We’ll close his chapter there Ravi circumambulates
the sanctum like this We’ll haul him up through
this underground passage This tunnel ends 5 km away at Nagamala If we go through this tunnel
we reach Nagamala in half hour But it takes 90 minutes by road When we bring him this way
wait here with the car ahead of time Okay, dude Apart from gangsters
we’ve hauled 11 people from public Among them are Tasildar,
Govt. Doctor Thanikachalam Ramaiya Complex owner’s son Auto driver Venkatesh, your friend Ramesh,
auditor Shanmugam, VRT Hotel Ashok Meenambika College Chellamuthu
Fruit Shop Ganeshan We have dealt directly
with all these people Accident victims are
Granite Officer Nagarajan MLA Muthu and
Sub Inspector Murugan That’s all Someone from this list
is the culprit I don’t care how
you deal with this I want all the men-folk
of these families here Minister’s secretary
is on the line He wants to know
if you’ll meet him tonight What’s it about? He did not specify We’ll meet Boss has agreed Ask him to come as usual
to Golden Regal theatre… …for the late night show Minister will also be there Okay, sir Enquiry at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow
Be at the commissioner’s office Commissioner’s office? – Why?
– I don’t know We got a call from
the commissioner himself Be there tomorrow morning You have another son, right? Bring him also Let’s go Who must we inform next? Auto driver in
Brindavan colony Tell me, sir As per your list, I have
informed all the families By 10 tomorrow they will be
at the Commissioner’s office Okay, I’ll inform the boss He has informed
everyone in our list Everyone will be at
the commissioner’s office Did you call me? – Where are you now?
– At the theatre Didn’t I warn you?
Are you off your head? Why take risks at the theatre after
our fool proof plan in the temple? Who knows what will
happen tomorrow Every minute I delay
I’m scared they’ll kill my father So? I’ll try, if not it will
be at the temple Look here, as long as
they don’t know your face… …you can follow them freely I’ll call you later Who is in there? – Who is it?
– Answer me! Hey! Open the door Will you open or not? What are you doing? I’m in the loo! Go I’ve seen this guy
somewhere before Hey! Stop there What’s your name? Sivakumar From where? K. K. Nagar Where in K. K. Nagar? Ganapathy street What’s going on there? – Nothing to worry
– Why did you slap me? There is no Ganapathy street in K. K. Nagar I’m also from K. K. Nagar
How dare you lie to me? I did not lie If you want
you can ch… check Muthu, didn’t I have my doubts
about a guy in Coonoor? Doesn’t he resemble him? You’ve mistaken me
for someone else, bro How dare you walk away
when I’m questioning you? Let go
of my shirt Let go of my shirt, please Hey! He has
come to kill me Kill him – Stop
– Catch him Don’t let him escape Follow him He’s entering our area He has run into V.O.C. Nagar Our area, he can’t
dream of escaping I’ll get him before you
in half an hour Amudha, don’t be stubborn Tell me – Where are you?
– At home Bro, there’s a guy running
into Balaji street, grab him Our street? Catch him Don’t allow him
to get away Amudha?! Amudha, why are you here?
Why are they chasing you? They killed Sethu After you made Sethu board
the bus, police caught him They handed him over to Ravi Bharani, we’ve kept him barely alive
for you to come and finish him off I’m coming, bro He has to be killed
in front of that girl – Where is Amudha?
– In Trichy Go bring her here Please let him go Bharani, please
Let him go Don’t hurt him, Bharani Bharani, I beg you Listen to me, please Bharani, spare him – Leave him, don’t hurt
– Kill, man! He was tortured right in front
of my eyes and then killed Brother!
They are here Siva! Bharani has come Quick… let’s go They are coming to get us Get up
Let’s go away Quickly You go away from here Go They are here Siva…! Let’s go Stop Nandu, call the commissioner Hey! Who are you, man? How are we connected? If I tell you who I am
I have to kill you Think back on the number of
people you’ve killed in your lifetime Let me represent them
to take your life in return I am leaving you alive here So that you can
watch yourself die I won’t spare you
when I get out of here Someone… save me please! Hello, police station ‘Headlines today’ ‘Deceased body of Simakkal Ravi,
business man missing for past 20 days…’ ‘…has been found 15 kms from
Nagamala in a well in decomposed state’ ‘An anonymous caller
informed the police’ ‘Police retrieved the body with
the help of the fire department’ ‘Body has been sent for
postmortem to Madurai’ ‘Simakkal Ravi was a renowned
business man dealing in…’ ‘…transport, real estate,
construction and granite’ ‘Earlier his men were
found dead mysteriously’ ‘Discovery of Ravi’s body has created
a stir and caused great agitation’ ‘The police have been alerted to
avoid further untoward incidents’ ‘The police are trying to find out
if Ravi’s death was politically motivated…’ ‘…or for personal revenge’ ‘Following this efforts are underway
to find the culprits by Madurai police-‘ Didn’t you borrow 300000
from your friend? No, I did not Who gave you
so much money? I’ll explain it to my father Father
1 minute What? Come inside I took Rs 300000 for
the wedding from this The rest of it is here What’s this secret between father and
son, you’re keeping me in the dark?! It is natural for father and son
to share secrets… l’m leaving Son, come here Don’t cry, baby What is it, father? – What is happening?
– Even I don’t know What’s all this? I’m so proud of you! Why are you
letting the baby cry? What secret are you
both whispering? It is natural for father and son to
share secrets… let me carry him My prince! Don’t cry We should be very
happy from now on

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