PAPER BOY – Short Film

PAPER BOY – Short Film

Paper drops Bicycle falls on ground Snatches letter from letterbox Mans voice: “Oi what are ya doin” Letterbox slams shut Music plays Paper drops on lawn Eerie music plays Bicycle drops on road Envelopes scrapes letter box Opens envelope Removes cash from envelope Places cash back in envelope Playful music starts Paper drops on front lawn Creepy music plays Places hand in envelope Removes cash from envelope Electronic music plays Girl kicks stand Door closes Twists jar open Scrunches cash inside Places jar on table Upbeat music plays Throws paper on lawn Girl rustling tools Grabbing door handle Opening jar Scrunching cash in jar Placing jar on table Upbeat music plays Boy throws paper Paper lands on front lawn Hits paper Paper lands on lawn Swings paper under arm Paper lands on lawn Footsteps Car drives past Opens front door Fingers tapping Picks up jar Turns on lamp Suspense music plays Drums play Birds chirping Grabs paper from front basket Bird chirping throws paper Suspenseful music begins Places bike on side Birds singing Music climaxes Places cash in envelope Door slams Hopeful music begins Bounce music begins Birds chirping Bounce music begins

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  1. They got rid of the paper boy a while ago because child labor and endengerment or something and now a 38 year old man in a gray van drops off the paper.

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  3. The story was about giving, when you give something to someone, youl influence them to a path of giving to others also, Because what you give to others, it will be given back to you even more

  4. Best short film i have ever seen👍👌It is too good and everyone ought to see this one

  5. it's not a story..
    it's a message.. something like "give more to get more"
    the house owner's mindset was same as the paperboy's and does the same what he was doing, I mean 'giving' ..but not shown in the screen.

  6. The owner of the house want to share his money with everyone so he gave the boy money for the bike . The boy know it at the end , so he do it :)) i think that's the story :))

  7. Please.I don't understand this video.please anyone help me to understand this.What is the message of this video.Why the sister hugged him?Why he engaged 50 ruppes on every newspaper?I am tottally confused.

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  9. strange and disgusting and also unrealistic… this boy got money,…. one by one. He deposited them for buying bike and at last he gave all the money with each paper.. really bogus

  10. So, basically, it’s about socialism. He earned the money but redistributes it to people who didn’t. Not a good message.

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    It's just a 40 sec… just see this..pls

  12. Somebody would have seen quickly all the papers had money attached and it got stolen. Yeah I know the message, don't be selfish and share…but the customer wanted him to have the money. I am surprised he never had the desire to knock on the door to say thank you or leave a thank you note.

  13. God has been so good to me today please pray for those unsaved and less fortunate people who dont know christ died and rose again for our sins 💗🙌🙌

  14. The only thing that I DIDN'T understand was …. who the heck was giving him money and why all of a sudden…

  15. At first I thought it was a horror movie, like the owner of the house who uses money to buy his life or something like that… Yeah, and watching towards the end of the movie is a bit disappointing… The movie is not very attractive to me 😐

  16. Thumbs up if you thought this had something to do with the show Atlanta and now you can't help but feel a bit disappointed.

  17. Commercials are not short films.

    Be they a commercial for a product,a service, a physical location, a belief system, or a cult.

    Go away.

  18. The guy giving him the money seemed to be his employer because it was his only income. The employer gave him an extra-large payment because he heard of bad news which was probably the passing of a relative or something, explains why the girl hugged him when he got home. Even with the extra money, he decided to give it all back out because he didn't really need it anymore. I guess he was saving for some kind of treatment for the person that passed and he no longer needed it. I mean, he had more than enough for a new bike in there.

  19. As a former paper boy, all I can say is that the saying of What Goes Around Comes Around is not always about negative things in life! Thanks to the people who, from concept to execution, were involved in this powerful film

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