‘Parasite’ enters Oscar weekend with high hopes

this coming Sunday the 92nd Academy
Awards will honor the best films of 2019 and eyes are on whether parasite will
become the first to South Korean film to take home not just international feature
film but even the Best Picture trophy are conn-young what tells us more change this little melody known as the Jessica
jingle from the South Korean film parasite went viral on the internet late
last year this came as prom Juno’s black comedy was scooping numerous oars at
festivals and Film Critics associations around the world including the Palme
d’Or the top prize at the Conn Film Festival her sign now enters the weekend
with the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony set for Sunday in Los Angeles the film
has been nominated in six categories Best Picture Best Director film editing
international feature film production design and original screenplay u.s.
medialis project parasite will win the international feature film Oscar after
it took home the Best Foreign Film at the Golden Globes in January but they
also say bones film could claim even more Oscars like Best Picture Best
Director and Original Screenplay The Associated Press said that by winning
the Best ensemble from the Screen Actors Guild parasite has the most important
vote in the actors who make up the largest percentage of the film Academy
that determined the winners of the Oscars Time magazine said bone has
practically become the protagonist of this award season for his roguish charm
and effortlessly quotable sound bites the New York Times said the Original
Screenplay award will go to what it described as twisty parasite movie fans
will closely be watching the ceremony to see if parasite can become not only the
first South Korean film to win an Oscar but also the first non-english language
film to win the big one Best Picture carnival Arirang news

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