Parasite: Why You Should Watch It (2019 Film) (No Spoilers)

Parasite: Why You Should Watch It (2019 Film) (No Spoilers)

You should watch Parasite cause it’s well
written. The film stars a group of smart poor people
trolling the shit out of dumb rich people and I think it’s entertaining as hell. I could be a bit biased though cause one of
the hooligans has the same undefeatable life strategy as I do. It’s from the director of SnowPiercer so you know it’s gonna be be weird. And it has the same mischievous energy as a Christian movie I reviewed last year, the motive. Only negative is that it’s not on any streaming
services so you will have to play some Sea of Thieves to get your hands on it. Or meet Chris Stuckman under the Queensborough bridge. Like and subscribe for more romantic American
content and I’ll see you on the next one.

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  1. Everywhere I turn I see him
    Everywhere I go I smell him
    In every dimension
    On every planet
    All people fear his name
    They whisper it on the wind

  2. Its a movie without an eng dub, right?
    Somehow watching movies without understanding the actors is weird to me even tho i mostly watch anime with subs

  3. I saw parasite 2 months ago and its a damn good movie. I love this director! The main actor is really dope. PS. I hated midsommar

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