Parents must be the role model to their children | Kannada Short film | #mohanclazarus

Parents must be the role model to their children | Kannada Short film | #mohanclazarus

Careful. Come. Slowly. Sit down. My darling! Cute baby! You are my best friend. You are the only best friend for me here. So cute… What did you eat today? Really? I too ate the same thing. See, you are red, I’m also red. Same, same pinch! Here, coffee. Boy’s family will come at 4PM. Tell Hema to be ready. Okay. You should also be neat. If you don’t dress-up nicely, I will slap you. Understand? Okay. One minute. Will you bring fruits when you come? I like you so much. Yesterday one marriage broker came here, know? Today boy’s people are coming here to see you. Be ready. Hey cutie pie. Till now, I have dodged 3 families who came here. But, now I have to dodge this family also. Can you give me an idea? Won’t you tell me? Go. Waste. You too won’t tell me. What will I do now? Go. Hello. Hello. Uncle! Speak loudly please. Who is speaking? Me, uncle. I… Uncle, I’m Hema. You are coming to see me today? That girl is speaking, uncle. Oh, I see. What is the matter? Tell me. Sorry, uncle. I don’t like this marriage, uncle. Okay, bye. Hello Uncle! Uncle! Oh, God! Gone, everything is gone. If dad knows what will happen? Oh, God! I could not tell anything. Gone. Now what will I do? What have you done? Do you want to spoil my respect? Why are you keeping quiet? What did she do now? What should she do now? She rang up to boy’s dad and said, “She doesn’t like this alliance”. Why are you not interested? Do you love any other boy? Or have you planned to run away with someone? No, no. She will not do such things. Why are you supporting here? I’d slap you, she will be alright. Don’t slap mummy. I will tell. What are you going to say? Tell me now itself. I will not marry at all. I will stay like this throughout my life. Hereafter if you compel me like this, I will commit suicide and die. Hema! Why are you talking like this? What is happened to you? I’m scared, mummy. Hema. I’m scared, mummy. Hema. Mummy, I’m scared. Hema. I’m… I’m scared mummy. I’m scared. I’m scared, mummy. I’m scared. I’m scared, mummy. Cool, Hema. Cool. Don’t be tensed like this. Tell me frankly. Why are you so scared to marry? You also should have a family. No, madam. I have been seeing the life of my parents from small. My dad has never spoken to my mummy lovingly even a single day. Always my dad used to beat my mummy. Seeing that atmosphere, a sort of fear has come into my mind. If my family life also happened to be the same way, even I will have to suffer throughout my life the same way, madam. I don’t want to marry at all, madam. You should not say like that. Are you not praying regularly? God will give you a very good family life. You should have faith, okay? Say ‘Yes’, dear. Doctor is calling you. Sir, please listen to me what I have to say. Fault is at your side. If only you change yourself, you can change her mind. Madam, please tell us what is our mistake. We will correct it. Sir, are you leading a family life which pleases God? Tell me, sir. There is no love. No peace of mind. No happiness at all. You both are always fighting. Devil has been guiding you all these years. Am I right or wrong? By seeing your deadly life, your daughter is very much afraid. Look, sir. She is scared whether she will also get a family life like yours. That is why she hates to get married. First of all, you should change your family life and show her. Share God’s love between both of you. When your daughter sees that, she will definitely change her mind. Do you understand what I say? I understand, madam. Mistake is on our side. Hereafter we will be affectionate forever. Just a minute. Tell this to your daughter directly. Hema… Dad… Hema… Hereafter I will be very much affectionate to your mummy. There will be always happiness and peace in our house. Now, that you have promised Hema. Your daughter is ready for marriage. My beloved friends, I am greeting all of few in the name of Jesus Christ. This is “Your Miracle Time”. Today I am going to pray for your whole family. Just check whether there is unity in the family. See that your children are also with you to watch this. I am going to pray for everyone in the family. Throughout this week, May the good Lord protect And bless you and your children. I am going to pray for you all today. Your business, your income, your job, in all these, God will bless you and lead to you well. Your family should be happy and be blessed. Only for this, we are preparing this program specially every week and presenting to you. Not only that, for you and your family who are watching this program, we are praying in our Jesus Redeems prayer group. Family means husband, wife and children. Children while studying, they have some problems in studies. We are praying for that. Jesus is giving victory to them and leading them. But when they complete their studies and are preparing themselves for a family life, marriage arrangement is a very big issue. It is a very big duty of the parents to arrange the marriage of their children. In every family it seems to be a very big burden for the parents. They should get a proper alliance. Should get a suitable boy for their daughter. Their children should get a blessed family life. Whether you have a son or have a daughter. It is a big burden for the parents. Because we love our children. We want our children to have a good family life. God is ready to give you that kind of an alliance. So we must pray for that issue. For our children and for their future. Also for them to have a blessed family life. We must pray very genuinely. When the children become mature, you should pray for them with your family. After they complete education, you should tell your children that they should pray. God should bring a good life partner for them. They should have a blessed family life. You should encourage your children to pray daily. During their studies, don’t disturb them. After they finish their studies, you must tell them and encourage them to pray regularly. Some children are saying, they don’t want to get married. There are lots of problems in the marriage. Parents are facing problems in children’s marriage. Some children suddenly love somebody and makes an issue. We may not like that relationship. Some of them may not know anything about Jesus Christ. Like this parents are facing a lot of problems. Hence we must pray for them before itself. Before such things happen in their life. When your children reach that teenage stage, parents should increase your prayer life and pray along regularly with your children. You must sow good things in their mind. What are the temptations that comes during that age and how the children of God should live. All these should be taught by the parents to their children. This is not at all wrong. Many people feel shy for this and say, “How can we tell them all these things?”. Olden days were like that, but it is not like that now. In this modern world, children are facing very big problems. So we must teach them about this very deeply. But above all these things. Parents, the way you live in front of your children, that is very much important. In the Bible, there is a verse, that is, Colossians 3:14. And over all these virtues, put on love which binds them all together in perfect unity. To bind a family on love, husband and wife, both of them should be filled with Godly love. Love is bigger than everything. Loving one another. Love has the forgiving nature. Love has patience and love forgives everyone. In 1 Corinthians 13th chapter we can read, The nature of love. If we have real love, we will trust one another and forgive one another. There will not be anger, fights, no such problems will come in the family. For that, the parents, that is husband and wife should live a very affectionate life in front of your children. Only that can sow love in your children’s mind also. If you fight each other, argue and grumble always, that will affect your children’s mind very badly. That feeling will continue throughout their life of your children. That will affect the future very badly. Many people do not think about that. They never think about that. Children are seeing it. Their life will be affected. We are making a wrong impact. Many people do not think about it. Without having a mind to change your nature and behavior, some people are justifying this nature, “I will be like this only. You are doing this, so I will be like this”. Like this, some parents are justifying themselves. You shouldn’t be like that. Maybe you are a husband or a wife, you should behave with the love of Jesus. Anger, grudge, fights, trying to beat. Her husband who beats his wife can never be called a good husband to her. That is a big mistake. That is a big sin. In olden days, it was like this and like that. Why should you repeat the same mistake? Bible does not permit you for that. Beating a wife is always mean. Some husband say they are believers and they love Jesus. But they have a habit of beating their wife. As a habit. What is this? That is not a good habit. That is a mistake. You should realize that. You should repent. Wife is not for you to beat always. Be supportive to each other. Sometimes there will be some anger or grudge. There may be some arguments, because of difference of opinion. There maybe arguments. That is common in everybody’s family. But if you raise your hand on your wife, it is a sin. An animal sort of a behavior. You should leave that habit and should repent now itself. Even if it’s a wife or a husband, raising hand on husband, or raising hand on wife it’s a big mistake. It’s a sin. Leave that. Repent and submit yourself. Family should be built on love. There maybe some flaws on the wife or some flaws on the husband. You should set it right by your love. You should win over that thing with your love. Your children should see you both loving each other. Then they will feel for it. We also should have a family life like this. During their teenage they will feel so. Instead when your children are grown and they are in their teenage, still if you fight with each other, your children will see that, this will be our fate, if we marry. We will have to undergo all these things. So we should not marry. They will hate marriage totally. I have seen some children who were affected like that. This drama was not a cooked up story. There are many children who are affected like that. They are saying the same thing. Please, parents, you should be a good witness in front of your children. In everything be an example for your children. In praying, your children should see you kneeling down and praying. Your children should see you praying early in the morning. Your children should see you reading the Bible. Then they will have a respect on you. “My parents are praying. They are reading the Bible. Even I should pray like that. Even I should read the Bible”. They will have a thirst for that in mind. You are the example for your children. So, in everything, love, humbleness, happiness, Prayer, reading the Bible, going to the church, Respecting the servants of God. If you talk ill about the servants of God, your children will also talk like that. They will learn only that. They will follow your ways. Through you, they will be affected till the next generation. So in front of your children, what should you speak, what you should not speak, please be very careful in those things. Not only that, your children should see you both living a very affectionate family life. Whatever obstacles that come in between that, forgive each other, forget and leave it. You submit yourself to be happy, God will give you His grace for that. So today you submit yourself, “God, our children are important, their future is important. Our next generation, Next generation should be a witness for You”. For that we must live a witness life. We must live as an example before them. We must live a holy life before them. Ask God to give you such a life. Then you will have peace and happiness in your family. God will prepare a good life for your children. I am going to pray for that. For your children who are studying to get the blessings of God. For children who finished their studies to get a good job. For those to get a good life partner, I am going to pray, God will fulfill all your needs. We will pray now. Shall we pray as a family? Kneel down and pray that God should lead you, His hands should be with you. He should protect you and bless you. Let us all pray together. Let us pray now. Father, I am praying along with the children of this family, Father. You are a God who blesses the families. You are the God who loves the family. I thank You for Your love towards this family, Father. You know all about the problems and pressures of this family. Their lack of peace should be removed. Their selfish behavior should be removed. Husband and wife should have an understanding. They should be able to understand each other. They should be able to forgive each other. They should gain good behavior and love each other, Father. Fill them with love, Father. Let them be filled with love and let them live a life of witness to You in front of their children and in their prayer, reading the Bible, faith and their pure life and honesty. Please give grace to the parents to be witness to their children. Give the grace to each and every parents for that. We are blessing their children and praying now. Give good brain and wisdom to the children, who are studying and bless them. Let them get higher marks, oh Father. For the children who are preparing for the government exam, please give them special wisdom and give them victory. And please bless them and give them grace. You should give them the ability for that now itself, oh Father. Protect your children so that they do not have any sickness or the attack of the devils. Father, open up a new door for the children to get a good job. Give them a blessed job and bless them. Father, bring a suitable life partner for them at the right time. Give them a blessed life, Father. Show them a good life partner according to your choice, Father. I pray in the name of Jesus so that they will have a blessed life, oh Father. Right now, oh God, let there be a Godly peace in this family permanently. God bless the prayer time of these children always. Bless their business, bless their income. Bless the children who are studying. Father, please protect these children and this family. Protect this family from the wicked deeds of the evil spirits and from the spirits of jealousy. Give everything they are longing for and bless them. Increase their income and give them happiness. Bless them to be healthy forever And no illness should attack them any time. I am blessing this family in the name of Jesus. Whatever need they have now, please meet that need for right now itself. Let them get human assistance. As per the word that, “I will get help from the Lord who made heaven and earth”, Send Your help and make them happy. I thank You for blessing them. God, I thank You for giving them Godly peace and blessing them to have eternal peace. Thank You. Thank You. I pray in the name of Jesus, Father. Amen. Amen. My beloved friends, God has heard our prayer and has blessed your family. Throughout this week, His grace will protect you. Even next week at the same day in the same way, I will be praying for your family. But you should not stop having family prayer daily. Daily you should sit with your children and sing a couple of songs. It will take only 15 minutes. Within 15 minutes, you can have a family prayer. You can do that. Each day one person should pray. Give your children an opportunity to pray. Teach them also. Let your children also pray. As a family you should continue to pray. We will pray here for those families who pray daily. That is why God has given us a “Family Blessing Plan”. If you have not yet joined in that plan, become a member now. There is no fees or donation for that. It is free. If you pray as a family, we will also be praying for you. That’s all. So we can pray together. Let God’s hands be with you and bless you. Amen.

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