Parents React To Kids React To Funny Adult Jokes In Kids Shows

Parents React To Kids React To Funny Adult Jokes In Kids Shows

– Oh my god! They’re stoned.
Oh– (laughs) – (SpongeBob) Doubloons!
Don’t drop ’em. – (Don Jr.) That’s weird.
– (laughs) Kids are gonna have
no clue what that means. ♪ (rock intro) ♪ – (FBE) So, we brought you in today,
because recently we had your kids react to some adult jokes
that were in some kid TV shows. – Ohhh! (chuckles)
This will be interesting. – (FBE) We thought it would be
fun to show you the reactions and see what you think
of these jokes included in kids’ cartoons.
– Okay. I’m hoping most of them went over his head.
– Julia’s such an old soul. Everybody tell us that. And so,
she always catches adult jokes. Always.
– We try to pay attention as much as we can. Not all the time,
but as much as we can. – (FBE) Okay. You ready
to get into this? – (chuckles) Let’s see what we got. ♪ (playful intro) ♪ – (Flash) And I had those…
– (Don Jr.) Flash. – Yeah, he knows who Flash is.
– (Hawkgirl) That’s fast. – (Flash) Fastest man alive.
– (Hawkgirl) Which might explain why you can’t get a date.
– (Jordyn chuckles) – (Hawkgirl) Which might explain
why you can’t get a date. – (Lucas) Oh!
– (chuckles) – (Flash) Hey!
What’s that supposed to mean? – (Batman) Quiet.
– (Don Jr.) Batman! – He don’t have a clue.
– (FBE) Why do you think it’s difficult for him
to get a girlfriend because he’s so fast?
– Too fast. Goes too fast inside the relationship.
“Oh, hi. I met you. Do you wanna go marry me?”
basically is what I’m interpreting. – I’m glad she didn’t
get that joke, (laughs) ’cause that was really…
yeah, not appropriate. – (Hadley) Maybe ’cause
they don’t really like how they’re very fast.
They’re just like that, “Nah, I don’t care.
I can never catch up.” I would just say,
“Eh, I can’t catch up, so… looks like
I’m gonna ignore.” – She’s very literal. She–
yeah, everything’s very literal for her. So…
That’s funny. – (Janelle) If I had a boyfriend
that would be super fast, it would be fine,
because he likes to save people. He would like run with her–
with me in his hands and then we could go home.
– (chuckles) I love her. I mean, that’s a good fast.
– (FBE) What do you think this joke means?
– It sounds like a sexual joke to me. I mean…
– He’s a one-hitter quitter. He’s a five-minute man, you know.
That’s what I think they were trying to say, but I know kids–
it’s gonna be way over kids’ heads. – A lot of the jokes,
they’re able to kind of play it off to where it has
kind of two different meanings. They didn’t put anything in there
that’s vulgar or anything, it’s just a little slight innuendo
that can mean something else. – (Yakko) Number one sister,
dust for prints. – Oh, I love this.
– (Bowie) It’s a show. – (Tida) Animaniacs.
– Oh, these guys were classics in these little adult joke slip-ins.
– (Dot) I found Prince! – (chuckles) The kids are not gonna
know who Prince is. They’re gonna be like, “What?”
– (Yakko) No, no, no, fingerprints. – (Julia chuckles)
– (laughs) – (Yakko) No, no, no, fingerprints. – (Tida) Oh my god. (chuckles)
– Did she understand this one? – (Tida) She actually got Prince.
That’s beautiful. – (Don Jr.) I know I remember
his face from some show. Aladdin?
– Did that– is that where he got– I don’t know.
– (FBE) So, he thinks that it was like the prince from Aladdin.
– Oh yeah, yeah. It’s way over his head.
If it ain’t in their age bracket, then they’re like, “What?”
– (Lucas) The guy was singing and he said “fingerprints,”
but the girl thought he said Prince, so she went and got a prince,
but then she threw the prince out of the window, ha, ha, ha. ♪ (imitates rim shot) ♪
♪ (rim shot) ♪ – (laughs)
He thinks he got it. He wanted to be cool about it.
– Thank God there are jokes like that in, ’cause no parent
would sit in the room long enough to watch half of this stuff.
(chuckles) – (SpongeBob) 25…
– (Don Jr.) SpongeBob! – Oh, SpongeBob. Everybody knows.
Even I know SpongeBob. – (Julia) I’ve heard that there’s
a lot of jokes that adults understand in SpongeBob
and I sometimes even understand them too.
– Yeah, she does. (chuckles) – (Lucas) 27…
– Ugh, I’m not a fan of SpongeBob. – (SpongeBob) The treasure must be…
– She’s actually not even allowed to watch SpongeBob. (chuckles)
– (Gary meows) – (SpongeBob) Why no, Gary,
this isn’t the bathtub. – (Julia) The shower head
is right there. (laughs) – (SpongeBob) Look, doubloons.
– (Hadley) Soap. – (SpongeBob) Don’t drop ’em.
– (chuckles) – (SpongeBob) …doubloons.
Don’t drop ’em. – (Don Jr.) That’s weird.
– (laughs) I just gotta say, Kids are gonna have no clue
what that means. This is gonna be
way over their heads. – I don’t think many kids
would know what not to drop the soap is. (chuckles)
– (Julia) I can see how parents can relate to this.
It’s kind of hard to get ’em into the tub,
because they don’t want to. They just wanna keep playing
or doing what they were doing before. – Thank God. (laughs)
Thank God! – Wow. That’s really…
an interesting comedy. (laughs) I’ve never even really let her
watch SpongeBob that much. A lot of the writing I feel
like it is more for teens and not little kids.
– They love SpongeBob, absolutely. But I don’t explain anything.
And if they ask questions, I pretend, “Oh, I’m sorry.
I’m busy, honey. I’m doing the dishes.”
– (fish 1) Hey, look! – (Bowie) I love this show.
– (fish 2) Why don’t you try it out? – (fish 1) I can’t find
the coin slot. Here it is!
(boing) – (seahorse screeches)
(thud) – (fish 1 yells)
– Did they know what happened? – (fish 1) Here it is!
(boing) – (seahorse screeches)
– (chuckles) – (fish 1 yells)
– Maybe I need to start watching SpongeBob. (chuckles)
(loud boom) – (chuckles)
– (Bowie) Ah! He found one of his fins–
one of the seahorse’s fins… – Oh my god. That’s so cute.
Thank goodness. – (Bowie) …and had a coin
then “Poof” and then “Ahhh!” – I thought he actually got it
by his reaction, but he didn’t get it. – He just put it
in his [bleep]. (laughs) – (Don Jr. chuckles)
– Look, he don’t have a clue. – (Tida) I’m really curious
where he actually put the coin. – (laughs) She’s curious.
– (Tida) Did he put in the gills? – No.
– (Tida) Do seahorses even have gills? – (laughs)
– (Janelle) I think the joke was, “Oh, I can’t find the coin slot,” and he put it in whatever he has. – “Whatever he has.”
That’s– (chuckles) that works. – (Julia) I understand it,
but it’s disgusting. – (laughs)
– (Julia) Pretty sure he put ’em in the… back hole.
– Yeah, the back hole. – (Julia) I’m not gonna say the word,
’cause that’s disgusting. – (laughs) She’s disturbed.
– (Lucas) The seahorse got a little angry for putting it
in his butthole, so he decided that he would
kick him and he exploded. – There you go.
So a little bit older, knew exactly what area.
– Wow. Who would’ve thought that SpongeBob was a really nasty
little spongey. ♪ (upbeat dance music) ♪ – (Gary meows)
– (SpongeBob) Gary! – (laughs)
– (SpongeBob) I was just looking for the sports channel, Gary.
– (Lucas) I didn’t get it. – He doesn’t get it.
– (SpongeBob) Gary! – (laughs)
– (SpongeBob) I was just looking for the sports channel, Gary.
– (Tida) What? It was just… It was dancing.
– I love her. – (Tida) What’s wrong
with Gary seeing it? – (Jordyn) That was weird.
Why did he get scared of Gary seeing that?
– (Hadley) He was scared if Gary… – (laughs) This is just…
– (Hadley) He didn’t care about football, but he liked
that show more. – (Julia) My mom will, like,
put pause and she’s like, “All right, Jules, make this quick.
I’m watching something you shouldn’t be seeing,”
so that’s probably like what they’re referring to…
– (laughs) That’s what I do. – (Julia) …whenever
they’re doing that. In this situation,
they’ll just barge in, and you wouldn’t be expecting it,
and you’re watching something like, “What?” (laughs)
– See? Older, and she got it. – He watching something
he wasn’t supposed to be watching. (chuckles) – More for me, it’s like
the mystery murder shows and stuff
that I’m like, “Okay, yeah, she shouldn’t know about this.”
So, I’ll put it on pause. I’m like, “Come on.
Make it snappy.” – Parents are the ones
with the twisted minds, so they would get it.
So, (chuckles) the kids… I don’t think– my kid for sure
would not think anything. – (Nicole) Richard, calm down.
– (Richard) You calm down, Nicole! – (Jordyn) The Amazing World
of Gumball. – Don’t know who these guys are.
– (Lucas) Oh my god. I love this show. Okay, I do watch this cartoon.
– (Gaylord) Margaret and I used to argue like that…
sometimes up to six times a day from first thing in the morning
until last thing at night. – (laughs)
– (Gaylord) In the kitchen. In the backyard.
– (Bowie) It must be a very rude couple.
– (Gaylord) Occasionally, we’d do it in public.
– (Julia chuckles) – (Gaylord) Once,
even while we were sleeping. – (Julia laughs)
– (laughs) Wow. – (Julia) That’s a lot
of different situations. I know parents fight sometimes,
’cause… – Oh my goodness.
Thank goodness they’re focused in on the fighting.
– (Lucas) That’s bad. A little too much.
Maybe one time a day’s fine. – (laughs)
– (Tida) It could be a good memory, but it’s like, “I used
to fight with her.” It’s a love/hate relationship
basically I think. – They didn’t get that either,
which is great. – Six times a day.
I mean, they’re not arguing at all. – Most kids don’t associate things
in a sexual manner anyway, so yeah, the sexual innuendos,
I think they can get away with really easy.
– It sounds super innocent, but it has another meaning behind it,
so I’m surprised she didn’t get that. – (Darwin) Can you think
of any better way to spend our lives? – (Gumball) Dude, I can’t even think.
Is my heart still beating? – (Janelle) I think they’re sick.
– (laughs) – Oh my god! They’re stoned.
Oh– (laughs) – (Lucas snorts)
– (Bowie) He almost died. – (Tida) What happens when you become
a couch potato and you accidentally superglued your butt
to the couch. – (laughs) Did she really say that?
– They’re probably stoned out of their minds and stuff,
and they’re munchin’. You gotta watch what your kids
is watching out here. There’s some crazy stuff on TV.
– If a kid is actually getting what is happening,
that is one smart kid. – (Mabel) Oh my gosh.
– (gasps) Gravity Falls. – (Lucas gasps)
– She loves this show. – (Lucas) Gravity Falls!
– (Mabel) I thought this stuff was banned in America. – (Wendy) Your sister seems
to be going nuts for that Smile Dip. – (Mabel groans)
– (chuckles) – (Mabel) Maybe I’ve had too much.
What do you think? ♪ (upbeat music) ♪
– Oh my god. She’s… – (Julia) Oh, jeez.
She’s seeing things now. – She’s hallucinating.
– (dog) Would you like to eat my candy paws?
– (Mabel) Of course, you little angel.
– (chuckles) Okay. I get this one. – (chuckles)
– (Tida laughs) – (Dipper) Mabel,
I need your advice. We’re hanging out in a haunted…
– (Jordyn) Oh, she’s just gonna be creepy.
– (Dipper) …anything about it to any of these guys,
they’ll just think I’m a scared little kid or something! – (Mabel groans)
♪ (upbeat music) ♪ The future is in the past. – I mean, this is actually
in a cartoon. (laughs) – (Bowie) She’s on a sugar rush.
Definitely. – That’s exactly what I would’ve
told Janelle. You see what happens
when you eat too much sugar? – (Dipper) Mabel,
how many of these did you eat? – (Mabel) Eleventeen.
– (Julia chuckles) She can’t even say stuff anymore.
– (Bowie) Sugar makes you, like, gah! And then…
– (chuckles) That’s right. Good job, Bowie!
– (Tida) I don’t even have words for that.
Is it supposed to relate to drugs or something?
I don’t know anymore. – “Does that
relate to drugs?” (laughs) – That’s interesting
that she actually went there. Well, she knows a little bit more
than I know then. – I’m sure sugar does
have that crazy effect on them, ’cause sometimes I do feel like
that does that to my kid. – We’re living in a time and age
where kids know more than we think that they– you know,
that they don’t know, and sometimes it does shock us. – (FBE) When you were growing up,
do you remember if cartoons included adult-directed humor as well?
– I don’t think they did. And the reason being
is because our parents didn’t watch ’em with us.
– I don’t remember having a lot of adult humor in those Care Bear–
Care Bear taught us some attitude. – I got a butt whoopin’
from watching the Simpsons, ’cause my mom was religious.
So, I had to sneak and watch it, so I could talk about it
in school like all the other kids were talking about it.
– I did not notice it when I was a kid,
but I definitely notice it now. Jordyn’s sitting here like,
“Daddy, why are you laughing? Why are you laughing?”
I was like, “It’s just funny.” “Well, why is it funny?
Explain it to me.” Like, “I can’t.”
– Now, as an adult, I will catch them. And I’m like, “Oh my god!”
Like, I did not catch that as a kid. It’s funny to see
how your mind changes and how, you know,
when you grow up, you understand things differently.
– (FBE) Finally, after watching some of these clips
and kids’ reactions, do you think the writers
and creators of these jokes should take the adult humor
out of cartoons meant for kids or are they just harmless jokes?
– They’re harmless, and the kids have no idea,
so it makes it even– you know, an inside joke
with whoever’s watching it. – Us parents need something
when we’re watching your cartoon. We need something.
– You know, give the parents a little comedy to kind of go,
“Wow! Whoa!” They put it in there where they know
a kid’s not gonna get it, but the parent will get it.
– Obviously, they wanna engage the adults as well,
so they gotta throw in one or two of those adult jokes.
And then you engage yourself back into the cartoon
with your kid. – If they’re smart enough
to catch the joke or question it, then I’ll explain it
in my own way, but kids are gonna
hear this stuff eventually whether it’s on TV or not.
And parents can control what their kids watch
and what they don’t. – There’s a lot
that don’t do it at all, and I find the cartoons
are very dry, and it’s hard to watch them
with your kids. So, the ones that have
that little added adult humor in, I feel like it’s these special
little treasures for us. – Thanks for watching
this episode of Parents React. – Subscribe and hit the bell,
so you never miss an episode. – Thanks for watching. Bye!
– Hi, guys. Josecarlos here, producer at FBE.
Make sure to check out all our other episodes
across all generations. All the links are gonna
be down below. Thanks, guys. Bye!

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  2. I’m only 11 and low key I understand all of these, even when I was 9 I understood these. It’s quite a shock but oh my goodness these kids were so adorableee especially the youngest ones

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    I wasn't allowed to watch most of them. Only animaniacs and TAWOG

  4. Do any of the adults realize that they were children aswell while watching TV shows when they were kids. Why would any of them remember if there was any adult jokes if they did not know any adult jokes.

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    Did ya'll not watch Bugs Bunny, Aladdin, Johnny Bravo, Scooby Doo, Tex Avery, Dexter's Lab????

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