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  1. Of course this Fox video allows comments but not todays with Chris Wallace and Buttigieg…🤔 They must think we're idiots… Fox should be in Nascar because they're turning only to the left…

  2. I'm sorry, but leave it to a dumb woman to try and spin lies (oh wait fox)..

    She's so stupid: "he says he knows him, he doesn't know he spoke with him a few times he's kinda off a groupie I think hes conveying he doesn't know him well!!" And then the next old hindu looking dude also spins..

    This is not exactly a shock?

    Fox is straight up trash..

    Dumb broad!

  3. I approve of the impeachment and I watch fox news all the time (all day), and its a huge reason why I believe the orange mutation should be removed.

  4. More than 16000 lies by POTUS. GOP Senators, do something for the great USA: get the things done, you have sworn by an oath! Save the US from this liar.

  5. So this was before Biden decided to run for president? Huh well there goes the theory that President Trump was going after his political opponent.

  6. Magas are brainwashed don't hate them… Have patience and pity on the low intelligence/gullibility of our fellow Americans

  7. It's a big win for Trump. It shows that the impeachment is a conspiracy with Yovanovitch touting his impeachment one year before it happened. And of course, she became the Dems star witness.

  8. Look at all the AstroTurf comments from fake accounts below. Hahaha! Nice try DNC! Most of us know that you pay these people. You’re not fooling anyone. All the loser democrats supporting comments from paid DNC TROLLS! 😂

  9. I thought he didn't know parnas. LOL..Now they have dinners together and discuss numerology and foreign policy. LOL…Putin couldn't have a dumber puppet. LOL…

  10. Listen up, my fellow American servants and slaves, Emperor Trump has spoken, "I can do whatever I want. I can do no wrong."

  11. Parnas is in trouble for his own misconduct & desperately grasping at anything he thinks will get him out of trouble. Trump should have fired her on day one.

  12. I’m just glad fox committed an oof and accidentally showed incriminating evidence to their brainwashed loyal viewers.

  13. If anyone knew what was good for them r should i say wanting 2 pretect their hides from Trump they better tape their conversations with him because he's known for twisting words( lying & swearing he did'nt say r do it) I c why he tweet all the time & never get his duties done because all of those lying words of his build up & beat him upside his head & he can't sleep r rest! He looks like he could steal some sleep though!!!!😥😥😥😪😢

  14. They're quick to believe the hearsay that Yovanovitch said POTUS was about to be impeached but hearsay from the whistleblower was BS even though every bit of it was corroborated by first hand witnesses that were under oath. The only BS is the unmitigated lies the reps keep rolling out.

  15. Has anyone asked why this person believed he needed to tape the President – this rubbish is just more evidence that this impeachment sham has been in the works for a long time. And the people who voted for this President are supposed to be so stupid that they will believe it —– I don't think so

  16. New Trump's Dictionary of English Language:
    I don't know him. Synonym: I don't know him well.
    Take her out. Synonym: Take her out on a date.

  17. Why do you people keep talking about left wing media? The only left wing media on TV is Free Speech TV. CNN and MSNBC are moderate news stations. How far right do you have to be to think CNN and MSNBC, who talk negative about Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren(consistently) are left stations? Left wing candidates are for European standards(FDR standards expanded).

  18. When it said and done remember what side you where on. This administration has repeatedly lied to the American public.

  19. Ok so 1:35 her argument is total BS….the guy telling POTUS this doesn't even work for the government FFS.

    It's infuriating that nobody in the Right seems to give a F that these 3 guys Trump had doing his dirty work aren't even part of the U.S government…so how the F are you going to argue Trump wasn't working to help himself personally and that this was all in the interest of the U.S?

    Republicans have hit a new low and if they were capable of shame they would be showering 5 times a day to get that shame and stench from their BS off their old withered white skin.

  20. How do these guys say theres "no evidence democrats are messing with the election"? Trump is saying this, and its very true. The fact they r trying to impeach him over nothing, is in itself election tampering! Duh

  21. Ive learned over the years never to trust the media, especially the leftist media. Their bias is so so so obvious but they won't admit it.

  22. US embassy in baghdad was bombed last night. 1/26/2020. Trump's twitter– attack on Schiff. Attack on John Bolton. Kobe Bryant RIP statement. NOTHING about the US embassy. Not one word from him. I guess it was more important to bash Schiff instead of making his voters aware of the fact that we are now in a very unsafe time in our world standings and history.

  23. Where is the proof, recordings, texts, etc that Yovanovitch said ANYTHING they are accusing her of? We take Parnas at his word when he smears the ambassador but then when he turns on the president he's 'an untrustworthy criminal'? Can't have it both ways.

  24. No wonder people who watch this crap on Fox are so stupid, how can anyone having any form of intelligence and see something and on video and come up with alternate facts.

  25. Lol, the tape has been out for more than a year and the ambassador was fired a year after President Trump said get rid of her. The president has the legal authority to fire her for whatever legal reason he chooses and he is not required by law to seek approval from Congress, the Senate, or the American people, nor is he legally mandated to justify his decision in any way unless he so chooses. No one likes what he said, but he did not break the law and it is not an impeachable offense nor is it a high crime or misdemeanor.

  26. Why give this bogus issue so much air time while the democrat controlled house and their demo partners in the Senate continue their attempted coup?

  27. Why are Fox And Friends and other opinion shows on Fox telling viewers not to watch the impeachment trial. I heard them with my own ears telling their viewers not to watch because it’s to boring and that Fox will bring you what you need to know. That’s ridiculous.
    And why are the Republicans in the Senate holding back witnesses and evidence? That makes more than just the President look guilty.
    And if any other people did that, they would be charged with obstruction of justice.

  28. So? Not against the law to know someone. And Trump has the right to fire and hire as he pleases just as Obama, Bush, Clinton and every other President has.
    Get over yourselves.


  30. So what now? Is the buffoon going to say parnas was his McDonald's delivery guy. Come to think, thatd be a pretty daunting thing keeping 2 rump trumps mouth full.

  31. So trump wanted to investigate Biden and Ukraine before Biden even considered running for president, did they just prove the president’s innocence?

  32. Trump is the biggest liar ever to occupy the Oval Office. He has consistently claimed that he doesn’t know Les Parnas, yet there is photo after photo of Trump and Parnas standing together, shaking hands, having their picture taken. What an idiot!

  33. Yeah lets blow right by the fact that Trump LIED to America AGAIN! Why does someone who is innocent and truthful, LIE SO MUCH???

  34. President Trump can't even relax and have dinner, talk over political affairs, without someone secretly trying to video him. Democrats spying on President Trump everywhere. I bet they even have videos of him going to the toilet.

  35. He was kinda a groupie ? and he talks to him about national security and ASKS him for info and takes advice from the Groupie about Ukraine ? Cause thats the conversation you have with groupies yeah. Wow. But he doesn't him eh ? And Fox slags off the other media about bias. Really ?

  36. Hello, every one. I am not American. I am from a country where we dream about democracy. I had always admire U.S.A for its democracy, independence of powers of its institutions. Now i see a president acting like a spoiled child and thinking in doing whatever he wants. He is not leading one of his companies. He is leading a country.

  37. Please quit trying to confuse the trial with facts , evidence and witnesses . Let's have a clean fair trial , where we ask Donnie if he did it and he'll say no and we aquit . That's the American way now

  38. A recording and video from an April 2018 dinner? Isn’t this long before Biden even announced he was running? Do the Democrats realize this exonerates the President? Doesn’t this prove he was looking into Ukraine while Zelenskiy was still running for President?

  39. So? Example of not impeachable " offence". Also, ambassador is obligated to work for and with the POTUS, not against him.

  40. I'm actually pretty impressed at the comments here, maybe it's just this particular video but I expected a lot more hivemind ignorance about how the tape is fake, how this doesn't prove that trump knows parnas, etc etc

  41. Not because he is the President , it's just because he is Trump , they literally was criticising Trump just because he drank water .

  42. Republicans have to face facts. Either he’s a liar or he’s incompetent. You reveal sensitive government information to someone you don’t know? Is that the conduct becoming of a president?


  44. Can someone point out what is wrong with this conversation here. Because it sounds like a normal conversation.
    Nothing Illegal. Why does the media keeps dwelling on it. ?

  45. Fox News showing evidences against Trump??? Traitors! Fake News! More dislikes than likes shows that you are lying garbage!

  46. Trump 2020 💪💪💪it's very clear very clear these people hate trump💪💪just let the American people vote🤔like I can see the hate and that is bad 🤔 that's how people get charged wrong 🤔accused wrong🤔in no court can you come half prepared 🤔in school you are taught to come prepared 🤔THE HOUSE DEMOCRATS ARE SUPPOSE SET THAT VERY EXAMPLE 🤔 NOT all this assuming 🤔he said she said 🤔that's not even aloud in gangs 🤔not aloud in your home 🤔well I assumed you was madd🤔This crazy😤Imagine you are the boss and your employees are mad🤔they just get to making things up🤔and that's how a business or person/persons get their name ,insulted disrespected wrongfully accused 🤔 wrongfully charged ECT🤔

  47. All of the commenters here seem to be missing the fact that the tape actually exhonerates Trump, since it was taken a year before biden even launched his campaign. This means Trump's investigation into Ukraine had nothing to do with the Election, as Biden was not a competitor yet.

  48. We should be Very Grateful That We Have a Seasoned President of the United States who most his life has experienced attacks by his former employees to try to Capitalize on his personal wealth. We Try to Teach Our Children the Acceptance of Loss in a Game, Without this Equilibrium Rule, Chaos will Occur. What if in Every Presidential Election, Every Game, Every Sports Event the Players Refused to accept the Outcome? Then all games would be gone, who wants to play a game where there is never an accepted winner? Right? This is why we teach our Children to Accept a Loss with Dignity. It makes them better Humans, keeps them from Obsessing and Destroying themselves over Losses. They Become a Respected and Dignified Good Game Player in Life. Democrat Leaders do not Accept Their Losses. If someone gains profits from statements made, (Main Stream Media, and Former Employees, Etc.) then their honesty needs to be extremely questioned. We now have a Few Bad Players taking the Seditious Lead of the Democrat US House of Representatives, and a Hand Full of Socialist Thinking Leaders of the Democrat Party who desire a revolution in the USA and who have created a technique where any Player that is Fired for Cause, Committed a Crime can now Make Up Stories, Publish Books with Lies and Capitalize on their Employment after they are dismissed. It's a sad day in the USA, mainly because all Employees in the USA will Learn from these kind of sore loser Socialist strategies of never conceding to a winner in any game. This technique will forever be embedded in all Game Theory. It's called the "Sore Loser Strategy" invented and tested by the Democrat Socialist Party with techniques that are very harmful to the United States of America and it's People. Remember in November, We Know What We Have Now, But We are Now Getting a Taste of What We Will Have with a Democrat Socialist Country. Search this… 5nUZekJ3pfM … see how Democrat Socialism can be used to make Billions of Your Tax Payer Dollars Just Disappear, and how Democrats do not care about it disappearing… just one Documented Example of Many. Socialism Creates Depressions. Remember in November 2020. Vote While You Can.

  49. These are the liars like Adam Schiff. They should have watched Kim Clement's prophecy about Mr. President Trump!

  50. How is this relevant to impeachment, the keep bringing up useless side commentary. This is very simple you need an element of the criminal act "High crimes and misdemeanors" is the phrase from Section 4 of Article Two of the United States Constitution. If you cant prove a criminal act and (there are no criminal references in the article of impeachment sent to the Senate). It's a political showboat with no standing and anyone with common sense can see it. I can talk to everyone about robbing a bank, I can plan to rob the bank but if I don't rob the bank it's not a crime. I can talk about an investigation with everyone, I can withhold the aide, but if no investigation took place there is no (THIS FOR THAT – QUID PRO QUO) then there is no crime. The Leader of Ukraine said there was no such communication or pressure. (This would be your victim in a trial) Your victim has said there was no crime. Your defendant said there is no crime. Why are you throwing away money for this bull when we have a homeless plaque in California.

  51. The rest are the medias are to biased. Fox has Chris Wallace and Juan Williams to keep it balanced. If the others actually have reporters for the other side on their channel give me a link to one of those videos.

  52. let him stay in for four more years, the longer he is in power the more disgraceful will be his presidency. The man is a walking time bomb, people will beg him to resign. The rest of the world will be laughing at America

  53. Why does FOX not tell the whole story? Because they are like ALL media they only support the democrats. Check them out. ALL media is sold out to corruption.

  54. Trump : “ Take her out”
    Fox News: “ he didn’t mean take her out, he meant escort her out of her position in a bipartisan way. Everyone is talking about it. It’s was a perfect escort out”

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