Patel S.I.R (2019) New Action Hindi Dubbed Movie | Jagapati Babu, Padma Priya, Kabir Duhan Singh

Patel S.I.R (2019) New Action Hindi Dubbed Movie | Jagapati Babu, Padma Priya, Kabir Duhan Singh

‘I have fallen in love with I Love.’ ‘Heart says ‘Wow’!’ We are fortunate to have the largest youth
population in the world. More than 65 percent
of the population fall under 35 years of age. We have the largest youth power. Did you hear that? More than 50 percent
of the youth is ready. To increase our business we will
have to offer them a new taste. The liquor available in
the market is not enough. We have to give them
something better. Something like synthetic drugs. Hey partner! Our profits will be on
the rise but our customer will die in double-quick time. Don’t worry. This country has a large population. And the population
just keeps growing. Nice! I’ll look after
the whole network. Partner, I’ll supply the
drugs even to the places where the polio vaccination
is not available. We already have Punjab
under our control. We will have to work
harder in other states. Hey brother! We shall make the whole youth
of India addicted to our drugs. Anyone who tries the synthetic
drug that I have invented will forever be addicted to it. Cheers!
– Cheers! Good. Look at this. They are willing to
support our business. Police, politicians and big shots. That’s a great plan. It will be exciting to
have you in Hyderabad. It will be great fun. Nobody can stop us.
– Yeah. Ravi.
– I have received the mail. These guys are making
a dangerous business plan. Synthetic drugs! The whole country will be ruined. No! We must stop this at all costs.
– I have found their criminal records. I am coming there right now.
– No! If we can hold it for two days
we can bust their whole network. And we can get hold of
the other drug mafias. Yes! Mistake! Shiva! Great mistake. Oh no! But if we know them,
we can finish them. But our secret enemies
are a main threat. They can bring us death. Oh, my God!
No matter what business we’re in killing seems to be inevitable. Now what bothers me is who brought him in. It has to be Powder Pandu. We must teach him
a lesson this time. We have a business that
we run in the dark and any creature
exposing it to the light must be crushed away. Anyone who is not fit to be in
this business, deserves this treatment. Got it. This time the rascal will die.
– Where will we find Ravi? Trace him. Okay, Boss. Hello.
– Good morning, sir. Tell me, Raghu. You want to join politics but
there are some elimination plans… What did you say?
– I mean you may require to
eliminate a few things. Good! I must say, Ravi is very intelligent. He has done great investigation.
The pen-drive is with me. The media is demanding it. Are you handing it over? No! I have no interest in TRP. Okay, how much do you want? Your business lays golden eggs. You can give me one
of those golden eggs, I will also make some money. 10 crores.
– I don’t want 10 crores. Instead, give me 50 lakh, in dollars. Okay! Okay Ravi, we have sealed the deal. I will give you 10 percent. Stop the car. Our journey is over.
– Hello! Be it this journey or life’s journey,
never quit in between or you shall meet an accident. I know that very well, sir. Bye. Let him go. Lala, I was told that Shiva handles
the gambling business in Goa. He also handles the money laundering. He also said that he likes the Powder. I thought he will be useful
for your business. That is why I recommended him
but he has put me in trouble. You take the stuff from me and never even paid once. Did I ever ask for money? I didn’t. Then how could you do that?
– That is why I see you as my God. If you don’t know
how to run a business then you should learn
the criminal ways. If I did the same mistake then it means neither
I am good at business nor crime. Bring the bag. Patel, what is this place?
Where are we? Surprise!
– What kind of surprise? Should I tell you or
you want to see it? No, I want to see it.
– Good girl. There is something here
that you will like find in five minutes. Is that fine?
– Okay. What do you want, sir? I will see for myself. Why are you doing this to me? I am like your father. Why do you want to
turn me into a Mummy? When you used to be a kid
running with torn pants I gave you drugs and
got you into this business. Is this how you are going
to repay my favor? Favor. Favor returned. Hey! You are now going to
turn into a Mummy. I will use your body
for my business. You think nobody’s watching. God is watching over everyone. Boss.
– Spare me, Lala. We have a party. Why are you here? You want to kill someone. Tell me, what the matter is. Revenge! Revenge? At this age. Tell me his name. I have seen him somewhere. He’s a very young kid. You want revenge from him? He used to be a kid. Now he’s become a monster. So give me his recent picture. Him?
He’s not a monster, he’s a devil. It is difficult to kill this devil. Hey! Look at this monster. Look at this. How will I kill myself? How will I kill myself, you old man? Call me ‘Sir’. Oh! Sir. Calling Sir. Calling Sir.
– Calling Sir. Calling Sir.
– Sir! Sir!
– Sir! A contract to kill myself? Now tell me how is it possible?
– Call me ‘Sir’! Oh God! God is here! Patel. Patel. I am right here, child. I know where we are. I won!
– Very good. This is very similar to my violin.
Can I have it? Yes, you can. Thank you, Patel. Patel. I am right here. Come. I am so happy. Thank you so much. Wow! Wow! You wanted to kill me for no reason. I had warned you,
God is watching over everyone. He came here and took your life. No, I won’t go. No!
– Please, one last time. No, Patel! Not for you, please come for my sake. I am unwell.
– How do you expect to be fit? You don’t take appointments and
to top it you have a drinking habit. When I am upset
I drink in small amounts. No, he drinks a lot. Patel sir, you have a big heart
but it’s running very weak. Please make him understand, doctor. Since I am a kid he doesn’t listen to me. If you stay healthy
you can help her stay healthy. Don’t miss the next appointment.
– Sure. Thank you. Yamini, please come down. Come. So far all the results are good. Next month we can operate on her. She will surely be able to see better. Thank you, doctor. Yamini, you are going
to see very soon. Are you happy? Yes, I am happy. Hello.
– Boss, someone has killed Lala. Fresh mangoes for sale! Everyone will get.
Rs. 25,000 for you. Catch it! Company workers Rs. 50,000.
Catch it! Corporator 1 lakh! Catch it! Now all the activists. Come on. Catch it! Yes, I’m giving him the call.
Just a minute. Move away. Sir, there’s a call for you.
– Catch it! Chandu, you are not getting
this month’s salary. I will give you mangoes instead.
– Stop selling mangoes. You have a call from Dubai. From Dubai?
– Yes. Oh God! I control the public
but he controls me. Sir!
– Move away. Hello, Boss. Someone finished Lala
and his whole camp. Who is trying to mess
with a power like us? Whoever it is this is not a small deal. Understood, Boss. I will talk to D.G.P.
I will sort this out. No. Listen. Before killing that murderer you must tell me all his details. And in this task except our men no outsider should be involved. And remember one thing. Whatever be the reason and whoever killed him this should not be
disclosed anywhere. If there’s even a minor mistake then I will have to come there. Boss, you don’t need to come here.
Recently, I have met a policeman, He’s more evil than us, he’s more corrupt than us…
– Hey! Boss, I was just trying to say
he’s more corrupt than us but he demands more money. Take your own time but don’t waste my time. ‘Take your own time
but don’t waste my time.’ This man is full of nonsense. Idiot!
– Vishnu sir, a word for the working class members.
– Let them be. Move away. Chandu.
– Yes, sir. Come here. Don’t look there. I’ve already been in trouble
because of your wrong actions. Greeting, ma’am. You closed our case so here’s
a gift from the Prime Minister. Okay. Ask him to be careful. Just so I can meet you again I wish to make a mistake again. Hey! Ma’am, please spare him.
I apologize on his behalf. When you come to meet me keep your heads down. If you try to act smart with me I’ll blow your head off. Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. The renovation of the house is done. Painting work is over but furniture
work is yet to be completed. Give me whatever you think
is the right amount. Sir, who are we waiting for?
Is boss coming? Boss is enjoying in Los Angeles. Then let’s go inside, we’ll at least
get to drink a cup of tea. We have a newly appointed officer. She has ordered not to
allow anyone inside. That means, you hold no authority.
Am I right, sir? When I get an opportunity,
I’ll show you what I am capable of. Sir, I think it’s ma’am. Salutation, ma’am.
I’m CI Shekar Chand. Where are the dead bodies. This way, ma’am.
– Salutation, ma’am. He’s dead but I still see
the fear in his eyes. Looks like they were
attacked by a gang. It is a wild attack. Looks like they were
attacked by an animal. How many of them? They are about thirteen people. Unlucky number. Looks like some Tiger has waged
an attack after a long time. Intentional murders. Someone is missing. The murderer seems to
be a professional killer. Clear the drugs.
– Yes, ma’am. My dear darling, congratulations. You didn’t tell me
but your colleague did. What happened, darling? You have always loved me so much, I am scared if you
might stop loving me. We will never stop loving each other. Hey, what’s this, my love? This is exactly how our
house in Hyderabad will be. After six months, my house
will be filled with happiness. No! Please! No! No! Leave me! No! Leave me! Please! “A frame of wood,
a horse on the frame.” “When the hammer struck
on the horse’s tail.” You said it’s an enquiry. You know it’s summer
after winter, don’t you? Yes, I do. We start the investigation
after enquiry. And how will it start? You are yet to interrogate me and how can you use them
without an enquiry? We will use them if you
don’t speak the truth. Why’d I hide the truth? Would you still use them if
I speak the truth, will you? If you tell lies even this will be used. Should I tell you what I know or
should I tell you what you want to know? That’s unfair. And I won’t tolerate it. You’ll be a dead meat
if you don’t speak the truth. This is what even he said, sir.
– Who? Lala, sir.
– What did he say? He said he will kill me.
– Then why are you still alive? Because he got killed, sir. Who killed him? God killed him, ma’am. Don’t try to act smart.
Speak the truth. I swear by myself,
he was killed by God. He will speak the truth
if he’s thrashed. Hey, speak the truth.
Do you understand? Excuse me, ma’am. Ma’am, whatever I said is the truth. He saved me from Lala
so he is God to me and he killed Lala
so he is angel of death for him. That’s all I know, I am innocent.
– He is not innocent, ma’am. I think he should be tortured.
– Are you ready? He has spoken the truth,
leave him, he is innocent. Go. But, ma’am…
– Thank you, ma’am. Ma’am, why did you let him go? We will have to follow
the devotee to get to God, he will definitely take
a wrong step someday and he will be caught. Patel, you’re taking risk. You’re putting the king at stake
just for one step. Checkmate. Hey, such tight protection just to
take one step? That’s not done. I give up rather than
playing with you. I rather survive after losing than
dying attaining victory over you. I am quitting. Tell me something.
What did the doctor say? I will be fine if I go
on a holiday to Goa. Goa? But why? For treatment. Sir, you have opened a trust
for us despite of being a NRI. You’re really great, doctor.
– No, sir. Soldiers like you who sacrifice
life for country are great. I couldn’t join army, I don’t want to lose the opportunity
to serve you. – Well-done, sir. Thank you. Dr. Patel, there’s a call for you. Hello. Alright. I am coming. What happened? Nothing. Just five minute.
I have to go to the casino. Casino? Now? You showed respect to me
until I was winning you are now threatening
to throw me out after I lost. I will give away huge
amount of tips after I win. No, give the money and leave. What did you say? You know
who I am, don’t you? – He knows. You’re a stupid gambler. Wow! Patel! My friend, it’s been so
long since I met you. What’s going on? Queen! I was winning but
lost towards the end. This game is for experts,
one must know how to play it. How much?
– 5 lakh. Allow me to play for the last time. Play later, my wife is waiting is
waiting at the conference, hurry up. For the last ten years,
Dr. Vallabh and I worked as cardiologists in the U.S. When we came up with
the idea about the trust your support has been very
encouraging for both of us. Wait right here. Actually, he is right person
to talk about the trust. Dr. Vallabh.
– I’ll continue from here. Sorry. Sorry for the delay. Once again welcome everybody. We must always keep our
precious moments in mind. Life, friendship most
importantly our country. Bharathi Trust is for the soldier who sacrifices his life,
his friends, even his family. To initiate this cause I am donating 5 crore rupees. Thank you. But it’s not a loss for me, I will benefit through this instead. I want to carry out
a big responsibility therefore, I am going to
settle in India. Congratulations.
– Thank you. Thanks for your cooperation, sir. We will keep in touch.
– Thanks. Get them from that table. I didn’t know a woman
would look this beautiful. Don’t turn around else I will die. Then die. How could she say that casually? That’s alright, unlucky. Who is unlucky? She or you? That’s why they say you must get
married at the right age. – Stop it. I turned 30 just recently. You’ve been saying that
for the last ten years. Vallabh, be quiet. Vishwas, are you serious? Do you want to get married?
– Oh, my God! Okay, I will help you. Thanks. Darn it. Yes, ma’am.
– Hi. – Hi. Did you like our event? Oh, you’re the one who organized it?
– Yes, ma’am. You know that friend of mine,
actually he is… Nimmi! Nimmi! Nimmi! Cheers! What happened? You’re upset because
I got close to Nimmi? Hey! Are you feeling jealous? I was just pulling your leg. No matter who I am surrounded by but you’re my world. I love you. You’re saying this after a long time. You’re saying this after a long time.
– Are you really angry? You will drop the juice. Stop it. Powder Pandu, you were present at the scene
during Lala’s murder. Tell me. Who killed Lala?
– You held me hostage to know that? If you were in hurry, you could’ve got me ticket and
I would’ve come to Goa myself. I am not in a hurry. I will kill you. Tell me. Who killed Lala? God killed him. You wouldn’t speak
up so easily, isn’t it? Robert!
– Listen Monty, don’t harm me. God comes for my rescue
every time people tried to harm me. Where is he? Call him, I will finish
both of you together. Robert! Hey! Where is he? Hey! Robert! Where are you? What happened? Who are you? Boss, answer the phone. Hello. Tell me, Monty.
– Hello, Boss… Who are you? Why do you want to kill me?
– Monty. What do you want? Tell me.
– You very well what I want. Patel, hurry up, I am getting bored. Let’s play together today. Let’s play together. Patel, where are we going? We’re going home. My God’s name is Patel? God. Monty, are you dead? You didn’t pay heed to me. You were destined to confront God, you are a dead meat now. Did he really know about it? ‘You very well what I want.’ Lala. Monty. Darn it. Who’s calling at odd hour? My God. The call is from Dubai. Boss, good morning. Sorry. Good night, Boss. It’s a bad night. What happened?
– Someone killed Monty in Goa. Someone killed Monty? Who killed him? Idiot, why would
I call you if I knew? I got it. Boss, don’t stress. I will send my officer to Goa
and trace the killer and then call you. Boss, he is killing our men
one after the other. My God. I hope it’s not me next. Boss, you be careful.
– You idiot. He should be killed first. Inspector, where are you? He is after my life because
he loaned me money. Hello, sir. What happened?
Do you have fever? If Id fever I would’ve
called the doctor. Why would I call you? Monty has been murdered in Goa. Monty? You mean, DR’s partner?
– Yes. He killed the infamous
gangster of Goa so easily. The case is getting complicated, sir. You have to increase the payment. I will give you any amount of money, go to Goa immediately
and arrest him else he will kill me. You take rest, I will take care.
– Okay. Oh, my God. Never seek help from a
bad man to become rich. Even you’re a bad man. Be careful. Patel, do you think
the flower is beautiful? Yes. Hold my hand. Come. When will we go home? Are you alright, my child? What happened, Patel? I am so sorry. Are you okay? Let’s go. Hello! Patel from Hyderabad. That’s amazing. The sniffer dog is in
the beach house. He was Monty’s friend. Where is the mark of Monty’s
dead body? – Over there, ma’am. Quick. It’s surprising that nobody
learnt about the murder. Ma’am, we found this file. The file also says about the killer and not just the victim. And it will be very useful
for our investigation. Where are you, Khanna? Did you get through?
– I am trying, sir. Call Robert!
– I am trying, sir. Quick. Hello.
– Hello. I am calling from Dubai. Collect all the details
and call me back. Quick. Hey! Call Hyderabad! Quick! Call Hyderabad!
– Okay, sir. I have to try this on someone. What happened?
Why did you summon us urgently? Shall I tell you a secret? By the spraying this, the strength in you will come out. Shall I try?
– No! Shall I try it on you?
– No! I will try it on you.
– No! Sir, it’s Robert calling. Robert?
– Yes, sir. Boss, call for you. Hey bro! Khanna.
– Good news. Say it fast.
– No. I found it. A new drug, Brother. It’s yet to be named. Suggest me a name.
– To heck with the drug and listen to me first. He also killed Monty. Monty had called me
before he got killed. I am sending you the call recording, if I am not wrong, then you’re the next target. Monty must told him
about your whereabouts. Find him and kill him. Call me after you kill him. You got it?
– I got it. ‘You very well what I want.’ I’ll take care. Pandu, why is everyone
targeting you? I am very scared. I was lucky twice, what’s the guarantee that you will
survive the third attack as well? Patel Sir has not
given me his address. What to do? How would God have address? God is where I am. Patel is his God. Listen.
– Sir. I have an idea. What’s the idea?
– We have hatch a good plan. Let’s go.
– Okay, sir. “O God.” “God, come for my sake.” “Please come.”
– It’s been a while since I’ve come. Who are you?
– I am Patel, your God. You…
– What’s your prayer. How can you be my God?
My God is Patel. He’s a tall and a strong man. He’s just like a hero. Not every man can
become God with getup. You’re nothing but a stupid fellow.
– Pandu. – What happened? How dare you disrespect
the police officer! You ruined my plan.
– He’s a police officer? Here you go! He made us unconscious, sir. God, isn’t there a place
on earth for me to hide? ‘First law, killer Monty was a killer
as well as enemy.’ ‘It’s the same person who
killed the entire gang.’ ‘Second, who are the killers,
that means, killer target, DR Gang.’ ‘Murders are very brutal.’ ‘Looks like the killer has suffered
a great loss because of the gang.’ ‘Vengeance, revenge.’ ‘I have to find him.’ ‘Who are you?’ If the voice matches, you will receive gift. Pay attention. I will play it just once. ‘You know what I want.’ ‘You know what I want.’
– What? ‘You know what I want.’
– Say it loudly. ‘You know what I want.’ Almost there. But I doubt. Now your turn. Tell me. ‘You know what I want.’
– Say it. You know what I want. No! Please don’t kill me! I made a mistake. Brother told me Lala is dead and so is Monty. And it’s now my turn. I will die! I will die only if someone kills me! Who will kill me? You’re a dead man. You’re a dead. But why? Some old revenge?
– Fresh. The wound is still fresh.
– Fresh? But I don’t remember your face. You trapped me by tracking and you did it in my place. You made a mistake. But you will repent. I am going to hurt you one more time. I am going to kill you. I hate your guts but I like your voice. Who are you?
– Call me ‘Sir’. Hey! Kill him! Hey! Stop! No! Stop! He can’t cause any harm to us now. Let’s see who strong he is. He seems to be a romantic person. Do you want girl? Feel free to say. Get him a girl. Kill him! He shouldn’t get away! Call your brother. Video call. Robert.
– DR. Who are you?
– You don’t know who I am but you know what I want. What do you want? I want to kill all of you. Not everyone is fortunate
to see the loved ones dying but you can see your brother die.
Take a look. Patel. I am right here. Good morning, Patel. Very good morning. Why have we come here, Patel? To ward off the evil on you. What evil eye are you talking about? It’s warding off the negative forces. You will be operated today, the operation will be successful
if we ward off the evil eye. Love you, Patel.
– Love you too. Let go of my brother! No! ‘Renowned businessman
DR’s younger brother and his employees died in a mishap
that took place in a factory this morning in the
outskirts of the city.’ ‘The reason for the
mishap is still unknown.’ Are you nervous?
– Why would I be nervous? I will be able to see you
after the surgery. You will be able to see the
entire world not just me. The entire world? Take her. ‘The reason for the
mishap is still unknown.’ ‘Khanna’s brother DR will
arrive at Hyderabad shortly.’ Rao. If they need something,
please provide it to them. Where are you going? I have a task to complete before
Yamini regains her vision. ‘The incident has
spread terror in the city.’ ‘The reason for the
mishap is still unknown.’ Move back!
– Stop! You can’t go further! Ma’am! Is it an accident of murder?
– Wait. What do you think? How’d we find out
unless you don’t tell us? Then how’d I find out
without investigation? Some say the warehouse belongs to DR. The police is trying to
keep everything a secret but several questions are being
raised regarding the mishap. ‘He’s playing a game but what is that?’ ‘Is this a game or something else?’ Ma’am.
– What? The man who killed Lala and
his men has been indentified, he’s a 60 years old man. What did you say? 60 years old man?
– Yes, ma’am. His name is Patel. ’60 years’ old man.’ ‘Patel, Hyderabad to Goa.’ One last enemy is left. ‘His death is nearing.’ ‘Before Yamini regains her vision, the one who threatens
her should die.’ ‘I don’t care even if I
have lay my life for it.’ Hail India!
– Hail India! God, what do I do? Why did you leave me alone?
God, what do I do? How was my acting? Sir, it is very good. God, what do I do?
– Ma’am? Give the phone to minister? You left me alone.
– Sir. It is madam’s call. Ma’am, tell me.
– Sir, where is DR? Where is DR? His flight will land here
in some time. What is the matter? I know who the killer is. Did you arrest him?
– No, sir. But his next target is DR. Tell him to return soon. What are you saying?
DR is not a kid. If he comes here,
he will be killed, sir. Okay. Is he a great don? I am sending you the picture,
you have a look. He is 60 years old. 60 year old man? Will he kill DR? Are you out of your mind? Sir, he’s not old, he death. He has already killed 30 people. He is ready for everything. Don’t take him lightly.
You alert DR, I’ll go to the airport. He looks young. She said he was 60 years old. I’ll do this, I’ll send this to DR. Chandu.
– Yes, sir. I am unable to send this. He’s in the flight.
He would’ve turned off his phone. Is that so?
– Yes. How will I inform DR? Idiot, answer the phone. Did you land? Listen to me,
board the flight again and return. He’s a 60 year old man,
he killed Lala and Monty. He even killed your brother.
He is coming to kill you. Listen to me and return.
We’ll deal with him later. I will kill you myself. Come with me or I’ll kill you right away. Patel Sir, game is over. I won’t spare him.
– DR, this is a public place. Patel? Come on, let’s move. Dad. ‘Dad, my interest in medical.’ ‘I want to become a doctor.’ ‘I can’t be anything else, dad.’ ‘Please try to understand me, dad.’ ‘What are you talking, Vallabh!’ ‘Your grandpa was rewarded
with the gallantry award.’ ‘My grandpa was rewarded
with the gallantry award.’ ‘There’s a list of martyrs
in our family.’ ‘You are the son of Subhash Patel who was standing in front in the
Kargil war and killed the enemies.’ ‘I default you’re a soldier.
Sign the papers!’ ‘Son, do as you father says.
– Mom…’ ‘Please.’ ‘Dad, let me go,
I will make my own world.’ ‘Your world?’ ‘This is your world.’ ‘Do as I say! It’s an order!’ ‘No, sir.’ ‘What?’ ‘What did you say?’ ‘Go!’ ‘You go to your world.’ ‘Get out!’ ‘Get out from my world!’ ‘Out!’ ‘For how long will you be stubborn?’ ‘It’s been a decade.’ ‘Your son is staying away from you
only after you told him to.’ ‘He has not chosen a wrong path.’ ‘He worked hard, studied,
and became a doctor.’ ‘He went to foreign and practiced.
He’s become famous.’ ‘All this happened because of your discipline.’ ‘What did you do?’ ‘You created such a situation that a son is sending his wedding
card to his parents.’ ‘At least respect your
son’s feelings.’ ‘If he doesn’t care about my feelings,
why should I care about his?’ ‘Don’t do.’ ‘Don’t do that.’ ‘You make him understand.’ ‘Whatever he says is a command for me.’ ‘Bharathi.’ ‘Thanks.’ ‘I’ve lived for my country
all my life, and you lived only for me.’ ‘The stars and medals that I have on
the uniform is because of you.’ ‘I did as you said.’ ‘But I didn’t agree with one thing and lost my son.’ ‘I will lose my favorite uniform too.’ ‘Bharathi, only you will be with me all my life.’ ‘Thanks.’ ‘Bharathi?’ ‘Bharathi?’ ‘Bharathi?’ ‘What happened?’ Will he come? He has left,
he may reach anytime now. Will he stay here after he comes? How are you, son? You don’t leave your dad. No. Mom. Dad. You wanted to say something. You’re leaving after
the rites are conducted, right? What do I do? Dad doesn’t wish to see my face. Mom is no more. What will I do staying here?
– You can do a lot. You just have to understand. Vallabh, your mother couldn’t
go against your father. She couldn’t explain it to you. Whatever she couldn’t tell you, she wrote it on this paper
when she was alive. Be wise. ‘Son Vallabh, a mother introduces the new born baby to his father.’ ‘I think I didn’t introduce
you nicely.’ ‘So, to introduce yourself to
your father again, I will leave this world.
– Come on, start.’ ‘1, 2, 3.’ ‘There wouldn’t be any father
in this world who wouldn’t love his children.’ ‘You give it to him.
– There’s a surprise for you.’ ‘Your father is the same,
he doesn’t know to express love.’ ‘The love you got from me, ‘is because of your father.
– Happy birthday. – Thank you.’ ‘Even after you went away,
he loves you very much.’ ‘Vallabh, you didn’t see his love.’ ‘Hello, mom? – I would talk to you
and he would listen to you.’ ‘When he got your wedding invitation,
his love turned into anger.’ ‘Except for you didn’t join army,
he loves you very much.’ ‘You went far away from home.’ ‘My death is the only way.’ ‘Son, will you stay with him?’ ‘After reading this letter,
there are tears in your eyes, understand that you love
your father very much.’ Vallabh, what happened? Are you missing your mother? I remember what dad said. I lost my father, but I don’t want to lose my dad.
– Hey, Vallabh. Control yourself. Raji, can we stay here?
– Settle here? Yes. Raji, thank you. Thank you. Please come. Why did you stop there? This isn’t a border. This house belongs to you.
Don’t act nervous here. Hey! Due to some work they need to
stay in India for four days. It’s not good if they stay in a hotel.
That’s why I called them. Why are you standing here?
Get in and freshen up. It must have been a tiring journey,
– Come on, let’s go, My sister was waiting for years
to see this day. Oh no! I forgot to give them
hot water. Hey, listen, I am coming there. Dad, where is your room? That one. Oh, this one. Violin!
– That’s mine. You don’t even know how to play.
– Leave it. Don’t do that,
– Mom. Rao! Rao! Patel. Ask the kids to get ready quickly. I have booked a cab for the airport. Dad, what are these holes? This? Your grandpa was hit by bullets
in a war against the enemies. Didn’t he die? You should not speak like that.
– Hey! What do you think of my father? He received a medal of honor. Wow, great! Dad, I want this. This is only for soldiers.
– Even I want to become a soldier. Who will you fight as a soldier? I will fight Yamini, and then
I will get this medal and that violin too.
– I won’t give it to you. Wait, Yamini. Sorry.
– Hey! Don’t touch it.
I will take care of it. You are not hurt, right? Sorry dad , please forgive me.
– Please be careful okay. Don’t make mischief. Sorry, dad. Please don’t worry and attend
the medal conference. We are leaving the kids with here, I hope they don’t trouble him. They are too mischievous.
– That’s what we need. Only then we’ll be successful. By the time you return, Patel will turn into a kid
and the kids will turn into elders. Thank you, uncle.
– Don’t worry. Have a safe journey. Everything is going according to the plan. What happened?
Why are you giving me that look? This was not on purpose. This was not my plan. They had some work in India
and that’s why they stayed. The kids, where would they go? Since they are your grandchildren
it is obvious that they stay here. Since they are your blood
I invited them here. If you want me out of here,
I shall leave. – What? I am out of here.
– What is wrong with him? We are getting bored.
– We want to play. So, go out and play. Rock, paper, scissors. Rock, paper, scissors. 1 point. You count the scores. Rock, paper, scissors. Rock, paper, scissors. 2 points,
– Come on again. Rock, paper, scissors. Do you know how to play this game? No, I don’t know. What do you know? Chess. I can play chess. So, let’s play. I will not play,
but you can go ahead. Rock, paper, scissors. Chessboard!
– Chessboard! Me first!
– No, I’ll go first. I’ll play first.
– Stop! Patel, who goes first? What? Tell us, which one moves first? White. Gosh! She is calling me by my name. She’s just a young kid.
She called out my name. Yeah.
– Yes! Yes! Yeah! Yes! Yes! How did it move here? I don’t know, but I win. You can ask Patel if you want. Patel, she is cheating.
– Don’t tell me. She is cheating, Patel. Who is the winner here, Patel? She wins. I win! I win! What happened to him?
Why is he sitting alone? He doesn’t talk to anyone
when he is angry. Now what? Apologize. Then do it. Why should I do it? You gave the wrong decision. You signaled at me to give the wrong decision. I am just a small girl. I can do anything to win, but you are a wise old man, then why did you give
the wrong decision? Go and apologize. I won’t. Go and apologize. Go! You tiny little girl, trying to command me. Sorry. Sorry. Come on, let’s have food. I apologized. But he still seems angry. Patel, don’t you know
how to apologize? How else to apologize? Sit. Sit down. Sorry. You say it like that. Come on. Sorry. Me too sorry, Patel. Me too sorry, Patel. “I wish to give you the all the
love in the world.” “There will be happiness
if you are with me.” “I will become shade
if you’re feeling the sun.” Mom, are we leaving now? ‘Won’t Patel come along?’ ‘He’s your grandpa, don’t call
him by his name.’ ‘Mom, he likes when we
call him by his name.’ ‘Let’s take Patel along.’ ‘Your dad has gone to
call your grandpa.’ ‘Come on, let’s leave.
Don’t be mischievous.’ Dad, you didn’t go out anywhere
after mother’s death. I brought up my children
as you wished. When mom was dying,
I saw in her eyes that our worlds are not different.
Dad, forgive me. That I walked away saying, ‘No sir’. I’m calling you again by saying,
‘Please sir’. Come to our world. Please. Hey, stop! Come, this way. If you’re with me, you’ll get caught. The truth won’t be exposed. So, you take this bag and leave. Hurry up. There’s no time.
– I can’t leave you alone. Please, try to understand.
You leave! There he is. Come on! Children, are you enjoying
with your grandpa? Patel enjoyed with us. Dad, Patel is our good friend.
Will he come to our house? He will surely come.
– Vallabh! One moment, I will check. What happened to him? What happened to him?
– One moment. We have to take him to the hospital
immediately. Come on, pick him up. You go to the back seat.
Pick him up. Carefully. You’ll be alright. Don’t worry.
Keep breathing. Doctor, it is an emergency.
– Stop. What happened? It is an emergency. Please treat the case immediately. This looks like an
attempt to murder case. This is a police case. Lodge a complaint first
and then we’ll admit him. Doctor, he is losing consciousness,
he needs you. I know what I have to do,
but there are some rules. His life is more important
than your rules. Sir, stop.
– Hey, Mister. What the hell are you doing?
I am talking to you. I will lodge a complaint
against you in the police. A police complaint? Vallabh, tell me. Listen, I’m having a problem
in Pragarti Hospital. Please talk to the doctor. Hello? Hello doctor. I’m ACP Vishwas
from the crime branch. – Tell me. It’s alright. You’ll be okay. Sir, save me. Please save me.
– You’re not supposed to… It’s a big drug mafia. The evidence related to that is in
the pen drive. – Excuse me, sir. I’m sorry, we’ll take care of it. Okay. – Boys, take him to the
operation theater, fast. Mr. Vallabh? Yes? – I am CA Shekhar.
Vishwas sent me here. He’s on the way.
Are you alright? – I am okay. How is he? He’s fine and out of danger.
He’s getting operated. I think it is a murder attempt. This is very important,
hand it over to Vishwas. Okay, sure. You relax. I will go and speak to the doctor. Thank you. Okay.
– It’s just a formality. Raji.
– ‘Yes.’ Did you reach home?
– ‘Yes.’ Hope the children
didn’t get scared. ‘Not at all.’ ‘How is he feeling now?’
– He is out of danger. But you will be in danger. I’ll call you back. You can get into trouble if you
pick someone from the way. You are with me. Will you do my duty too? Have you ever done duty? Sometimes. I am doing it now.
– I see. Doctor, how is the patient? I am sorry, he’s no more. What? He died because of your over action.
– What are you saying? Yes, the injection you gave him
was of overdose, so, he died. Doctor, do you know who he is? He’s international reputed doctor.
– There’s something fishy. He was not in a situation to die. He’s taken bribe from someone. I won’t spare him.
– Vallabh, listen to me. Please. This is a police case.
You don’t have a license. I will handle it. Listen to me,
please come with me. – Okay. I’m going as you are telling me. I will attend the postmortem. I will not spare anyone. I’ll not spare the one who are involved
in it. Got it? – I’ll handle it. I will be back.
– You leave, please. Patel, come here. You have to play with us,
Rock, Papers, Scissors. What are you thinking? You’ve been living for the country
till today. People who live for you are here. Forgiving and loving is same. Go, try it at least once. Try forgiving him. You’ll learn to love. Try to love them, you’ll learn to forgive. This is the reality. A solider not only sacrifices his life for the country,
but his family too. Bharathiya trust, to initiate this cause, I’m donating 5 crore rupees. Soldiers like you who sacrifice their
lives for country are great. I couldn’t join army, I don’t want to lose the opportunity
to serve you. Hello? He… It is me. Your dad speaking. Dad! I am coming home. Raji! Bharat, grandpa is coming home. Yamini! Patel is coming to our house!
Yes! Bharat, I will win. I won’t let
you win. – Yamini, this way. I will welcome Patel. Come on, Yamini.
– Bharat. Don’t be mischievous.
Go inside and play. Go. Hey! Bharat, where are you?
– Come on. Bharat, don’t cheat.
– Yamini, come on, catch me. Please, don’t tell her.
– Okay. – Bharat where are you? Bharat, don’t trouble me.
Please, where are you? – Come on. Bharat! Bharat. Bharat, did you go out? If you don’t cheat,
I will win. Bharat. Where are you? You can’t escape.
I will find you. Bharat! No cheating. Everybody, let’s welcome Patel Sir. Who are you? Doctor, I need your help. Help? An accident has taken place and you have to save him.
– You can call an ambulance. You’re a doctor. You saved my man who came
under your car. But I can’t save your child who has come under my car. Because I am not a doctor. Vallabh, what’s happening here? Hey! Who are they? How did they come in?
– Who are you? Who are you? Get out! What the hell is happening here? Raji, don’t worry. It’s okay.
I’ll handle the situation. – Vallabh. What is all this?
– Don’t worry, I am there. I’ll handle it. Nothing will happen.
– What kind of a doctor is your husband? His son met with an accident and still he is not treating him. Bharat! Bharat! Bharat! Bharat! Bharat!
– Bharat! Bharat! Raji, clean the table. Bharat!
– Bharat! Get first-aid.
– I’ll get the kit. Wait. Hyderabad has changed a lot. I think you’re coming here
after many days. After a decade. Are you married? Sir, I have two sons. I have only one son. Do you have grandchildren? Yes, sir. One. I have two. Okay.
– They are very mischievous. They call me by my name. They play with me a lot.
– I see. Bharat, you’ll be alright now. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you. Bharat, take it easy. Keep breathing.
Just hold on for a minute. What are you doing?
– Doctor! – Vallabh! What do you want? Pen drive. Which pen drive?
– Doctor, is your memory weak? The pen drive that the
journalist gave you. I handed over the pen drive
to the police. Had you given it to them,
we would’ve got it by now. You’re running out of time, doctor. Get the pen drive. Okay, you need the pen drive, right?
I will get it. Raji, don’t worry. I will come back. Do you meet your family members? Sir, we all stay together. This is my violin. Have you ever hugged your son? Many times, sir. I feel good. I feel really happy. Bharat, stop it. No, stop it, Bharat! No! Didn’t your son come to the
airport to pick you up? I didn’t tell him
when I was visiting him. He’s a famous doctor.
He must be saving someone’s life. Give me the injection, please. Give me the injection. Raji! A savior is born in a murderer’s house. Sir?
– Huh? I am from Army. Oh, you’re from Army.
– Yes. I understood. You would’ve forgotten to love
busy in battle. Country is important,
but there’s fun at home. It is good. Many people hesitate to hug. Sir, there’s love hidden in it. Two hearts meet. Anyway, you’re going home. Sir, try hugging your son once. You’ll know. Stop it, give it to me. I will teach you how to play it. Play it like this. Where did you go? Bharat? Come on, play. Bharat. Mom? Bharat? Dad? Dad? Go, hide. Son? What has happened? My son. Bharat. Vallabh! What has happened? What has happened? Yamini? Yamini. Yamini. Hey! She has lost her eyesight
because of impact of the blast. You don’t worry, we will recover. Are you Mr. Patel? The postmortem report says, the incident happened because
of the gas cylinder blast. Sir, we’re very sorry.
Please sign on it. Dad. Mom! No! No! Dear. My child, I’m here. Look at me.
– Mom, dad, Bharat. Your grandpa is here.
– No. No, he won’t come.
Patel, they killed him. They killed him. They killed him. They killed him. What did you say? He killed dad and everyone. He killed them? Let go of them. Don’t kill them. No.
– Dear, calm down. “A frame of wood,
a horse on the frame.” “When the hammer struck
on the horse’s tail.” My husband worked as journalist. He had collected some evidence
against them. Sir, this would be of use to you. I just want to get justice. What is the matter?
– Revenge. It’s difficult to kill him. He suffered a stroke
because of heavy stress. We’ll keep him under
observation for two days. ‘Yeah!’ ‘No, dad. Please stay here.
– We have to go.’ ‘Come on, let’s go.’ ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors.’ ‘Yeah, okay.’ ‘Yeah!’ Patel, mom, dad, brother, you mean everything to me now. If I lose you, what will happen to me? Please. Don’t leave me alone, Patel. We never thought we’d
lose your younger brother. Sir, let it be.
You’re safe. He has to die. I will kill him myself. Kill him.
Inspector, please come. Sir, she’s the investigation officer. Hello, sir. – She is investigating
this case. I’ve called this madam here
especially for this case. Sir, these files were kept near the
dead bodies to confuse you. Sir, nobody has seen these files
except for the both of us. Yes sir, had the media got their hands
on these files, they would publicize it. His career would’ve ruined. Sir, don’t get so angry. There’s no one to handle
your business. What’s left? Everything got ruined
because of your foolishness. Did you hire her to work or for something else? Hey, look here and talk.
– Sir, what have you done? Sir..
– Hey, DR! What did you say? What did you say? Every woman who works for money is a trull for me. Talk with respect. You’ve fixed the rate. Why should I respect you?
You bloody. My rate is fixed that is the
reason you’re alive, got it? You!
– Sir. Sir!
– Go away! Sir, stop. Ma’am, please stop.
Greetings, sir. Leave me.
– Officer! If you take money to do your duty,
your image will be tarnished. You’re relieved off this case,
you may go. Ma’am, listen to me. Such things are common in politics
and police department. Listen to me,
forget whatever happened. You come with me. Come on. Sir, he is ACP, you can tell him
your problem. He’ll handle it. I’m going to Dubai,
I’ll call you from there. Okay? Even I’m coming with you. Shekhar.
– Sir. First thing, if your brother was killed
in your place, then you’ll be trapped
in the drugs case. Because everyone knows
about that place. Second thing, if you give statement that someone
kidnapped your brother and killed him, you can get saved from this case. Choice is yours. Sir, do you need anything?
– I need your phone. Okay, sir. Hello, Mr. Devraj? Who is speaking? Sir, I am a beggar
who is in trouble. How did you get my number? Sir, I found a pen drive. I got your number in it. What is it? Are you in your senses? What pen drive?
– Sir, I don’t understand. According to me, the matter in the pen drive
costs 50 crores. – No. Money doesn’t mean anything to me. But, how should I believe a stranger? Okay. Do you want proof? You do this, keep the cash ready, I will send you a clip on Whatsapp. He wants to see the clip. ‘Nice.’ ‘It’s my duty to deliver drugs to the place
where they don’t even allow polio drops.’ I can live at least for 10 days
disguising as a compounder. DR will finish the death rituals
of his brother and leave for Dubai.
I will be safe then. What is this police officer
doing here? If she gets my hands on me,
she’ll thrash me to pulp. Why there is no security
near the hospital? Send four constables here. Powder Pandu is not safe
in this clean world. This ambulance is safe. Yes, this is the right place. Ma’am! They kidnapped the patient and taking
him in the ambulance! Stop it! Patel! Patel! I think they won’t spare me. Lord, there’s no place in the world
for me to hide. Sir, I made a mistake.
– Tell me where it is. Lord, where have I reached? Lord? I lost my brother because
of your mistake. DR sir, I don’t know anything. I’m not the reason for your brother’s
death. – Where’s the pen drive? Sir, it is around my neck.
Please take it. I didn’t know about you. I have got cheated once. Check it. Sir, let me go.
I gave you the pen drive. No! I am dead! I am safe. Hey? – Wasn’t he talking to me? Pandu, you’ll become powder. Yes, I am turning. Come here. Pandu sir, how are you? I met you after a long time. There’s no difference between
earlier and present. You have the same greed
on your face. Sir, you’ve become very strong. Please, let me go, DR. You didn’t let me prosper. You brought me to the same
place again. – Oh, God! Lord? Lord! DR, what is wrong with you
and your gang? Why are you running after death? Do you know, I explained to Lala. He didn’t heed my advice, so he died.
I even explained it to Monty. Even he didn’t heed my advice,
so he died. I wanted to explain to your brother,
but he died before I met him. So, I’m telling for your betterment,
listen to me. Patel. Patel Sir! Eve you… – You wait and see
how I kill you. – Please, sir. Don’t harm him. Please, sir. Don’t kill him.
– Oh, blind baby. It was you, right?
Let’s play a game. Okay? You didn’t see your parents die. You didn’t even see the people
who killed your parents. Don’t do this sin. But today you’ll see your grandpa dying. “A frame of wood,
a horse on the frame.” “When the hammer struck
on the horse’s tail.” “The horse ran with its tail high.” Patel. DR, didn’t I explain it to you that God can’t see an innocent
being hurt? I lived my life as a soldier, when I thought of becoming a father, few people crossed the border and made me a criminal. I had to fight. You do your duty. A murderer should go to jail, but a soldier who won the battle
should go home. Sir, you leave. ‘I killed my enemy.’ ‘My son’s life will
rest in peace now.’ Uncle, what happened with you
was not good. You did a right thing
by killing them. I am great soldier, but a bad father. Darn it. I couldn’t express my love. He returned to me
as I was alone. After seeing him and his children,
I learnt how a father should be like. My son, I miss you. I miss you. I miss you, my son. He was my life.
– Uncle. He was my good friend. He meant everything to me. Then why did you kill him? I? I… Why will I kill him? Why did you kill my son? Why did you kill my son? Why did you do so? Answer me! Uncle… Call me sir!
– Sir. Sir. You have to die because
of the poison I gave you to drink or tell me the truth and
save your life from this antidote? Sir? They kill him. I just misused the opportunity. I got greedy for the money they gave
me and proved it as an accident to close the case. Please, sir. Please. Sir, give that to me. Please, sir. Please, give that to me. Sir. I am not a snake to kill you
with poison in a battle. I am a soldier. Old hag. He messed with me. Sir… Patel sir! What did you ask me? You want to know the truth, right? No one killed your son. I killed your son, sir. He was a patriot like you. ‘Hello doctor, this is DR’s case.’ ‘The journalist shouldn’t live.’ ‘I’ll not spare the one who are
involved in it. Got it?’ ‘He won’t spare him,
DR will be in trouble.’ ‘If DR is in trouble,
I’ll be in trouble too.’ ‘Who is he?
– His name is Vallabh.’ ‘What? Did you kill him?
He was a NRI. – ‘ACP, how much do you want?’ ‘You’re still alive.’ ‘I’ll get 5 crores for murdering you
and will go on world tour.’ I had to cancel it because of you. You fell in my arms in the airport,
but it was a public place. I tried to kill you in the hospital, but TR came there. You killed him, but I incurred
a loss of 5 crores. Darn it! I always get defeated in the end,
but not this time. Dear, come here. Only your grandpa was left, even he will die today. I had hit a jackpot. Everything got over
because of you two. Come to your grandpa. I’ll kill you with your grandpa. “You, the ruler of our minds,
our nation, to you our humble salutations!” “The name rouses the hearts of
Punjab, Sind, Gujarat and Maratha, of the Dravid
and Orissa and Bengal.” “It echoes in the hills of the
Vindhyas and Himalayas, mingles in the music of the
Yamuna and Ganga.” And is chanted by the waves
of the Indian Sea.” “They pray for thy blessings
and sing thy praise.” “The salvation of all people
is in thy hand.” “The Almighty’s name, the anthem
says, swells and animates this land.” “You, the ruler of our minds,
our nation, to you our humble salutations!” “Victory! Victory! Victory!” “Victory! Victory! Victory!” Hail India! Grandpa Patel.
– No, dear. You call me Patel,
I like it. – Okay. Patel, shall we play a game? Don’t you want to go to school? How can I go?
You can’t live without me. They won’t allow you
inside the school. We’ll enjoy the holidays, right?
– Yes.

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