Paterson Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Adam Driver Movie

Paterson Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Adam Driver Movie

Morning Donnie. Everything OK No not really, my kid needs braces on her teeth, my car needs a transmission job, my wife wants me to take her to Florida but I’m behind on the mortgage payments My uncle called from India and he needs money for my nieces wedding and I’ve got this strange rash on my back How ’bout you ? I’m ok. Ready to roll Paterson ? Yep. When you’re a child you learn there are three dimensions Height, width and depth. Like a shoe box. Then later you hear there’s a fourth dimension. Time. Your poetry is really good. And some day you might let the world read it. You are a great poet. Hey yo! that’s an English bulldog right ? Dog like that get dogjacked my G. Well give you something to look forward to then I guess. You drive a bus right ? Your name really Paterson ? My real name is Paterson. Well that’s kind of crazy right ? Working on a poem for you. A love poem ? Yeah, I guess if it’s for you it’s a love poem. I had a beautiful dream. We have twins. Twins All your poems are still in that one notebook. Your secret notebook. I go through trillions of molecules that move aside to make way for me. While on both sides trillions more stay where they are. This is Paterson Bus 23, I have a situation. Damn thing could have exploded into a fireball. I could be realizing my dream to be a country singer. Nashville here I come. Look out Nashville. Do you think there are any other Erica’s in Paterson ? You mean besides us ? Not Likely. Without love what reason is there for anything ? Well, he’s not going to do anything crazy ? Everything he does is crazy. Nobody move ! aha what ? Who are you playing ? Myself.

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  1. Okay so 2 films with the same kind of genre. Paterson and Manchester By The Sea. While both are very slow, one may enjoy Paterson and find MBTS very boring just like I did. Have a nice day.

  2. I think ending should be better,if he published his book and he became rich (you know the letter box it should full by readers comments and cheques.) and his wife feels owner of bakery ….

  3. I kept thinking that at the end of every scene he was gonna commit suicide. This movie was just a study in Manic Depression..He was. depressed and she was manic..

  4. I was very impressed by this movie. At first glace Paterson is a repressed and isolated individual, but as you get to know him you understand he is a man deeply in love and with a magical connection to the universe.

    The actress who plays his wife is perfect in the role and stunning. She makes him completely believable.

    The move does require a high degree of attention and patience, but its well worth it.

  5. I wish James and Oliver Phelps got a cameo in this when twins were mentioned. I wish they would appear on every movie or tv show when twins are to be shown!

  6. Sooo is the whole movie about how ironic it is that he has the same name of the city he works in, or does anything actually happen?

  7. I live in the town right next to Paterson, so it is literally under 2 miles from my home. I drive through the city everyday on my way to school. They always taught me in school growing up to stay out of Paterson. It is a drug and crime infested city is what they would tell us. While that is true for some parts of the city, not all of Paterson is as bad as it sounds. This movie put a new spin on a city that I’ve known my whole life to stay away from. This movie is unrealistic however in the sense that there are too many white people. I would say more than half of the cities population are African American. It’s probably my only critique with the film

  8. I'm curious if there's a chance those mentions of Kylo Ren and jokes about Star Wars or Adam Driver playing a driver would ever stop appearing under this trailer.
    "Paterson" is a perfect film to watch when feeling stuck and in need for a transition to some different perception of the world.

  9. After seeing the film before this trailer, which the film is phenomenal by the way, it's kind of hilarious to see the trailer give away 90% of the most "exciting or funny" parts of the film, but it's a 2 hour experience worth taking despite the fact that the trailer gives away a lot of its key points of charm

  10. I used to like Jim Jarmusch, but I don't know about his new stuff. It seems pretentious somehow. The vampire movie was terrible in that way, and this one is just okay I suppose. The girlfriend is a rip-off of the french girlfriend in Pulp Fiction. And most everything else is too perfect in its imperfection – and not in a good way, for me at least. His old movies are great though.

  11. Adam: So what you do before this?
    Co worker: Drove taxi's for 10 years. You?
    Adam: Ruled the First Order.
    Co Worker: wow, what happened?
    Adam: Got beat up by a girl.

  12. First time I saw this film I thought, "Oh, geeze, what has somebody done now." But it stayed with me, somehow, and I ended up re-watching months later. Fell in love with this film. The movie itself is a poem. Lovely lovely lovely.

  13. i wanted to throw up all through watching this movie. i ultimately couldn't finish it. if you want a movie to put you to sleep at night if you're having trouble sleeping, this is the cure.

  14. Fantastic movie, Adam Driver gives a beautiful performance. He really did learn to drive a bus so he could focus more on the acting in those scenes and make it more realistic.

  15. this looks really good! i think adam is a great actor, playing kylo he showed a very different side to this paterson dude

  16. I know how it feels to lost all of your self-esteem when something very important about your identity is lost.

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  18. Spoiler 🚨I haven't viewed the entire film yet but this Selma Hayek, in a coma performance, is getting really BORING!

  19. 🚨spoiler, is this a friggin advertisement device to proclaim how great Jersey is because New York sh*ts on you forever? Lol, These falls made famous by the Sopranos, that's all that matters. It's sounding like a AAA welcome vacation destination.

  20. I am making a great presumption here, Mr. Driver is from Paterson and doesn't like the Soprano portrayal of his fine city. But if you have to explain how great your city is, it probably ain't. No disrespect. I lived 30 years in LA, now 30 years in Las Vegas. No explanation required. btw, I liked the movie very much……San Diego?! Well pardon me all over the place.😃

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