Paulo & Miguel 03 The Controversial Picture (EN.ES.FR) Trailer

Paulo & Miguel 03 The Controversial Picture (EN.ES.FR) Trailer

THE CONTROVERSIAL PICTURE Would you take me for a flight in your jet? It can be when you wish. I say it can be tonight! Hey! What you’re doing? Why did you take that picture? Delete it! Erase that photo now! Let it be, Miguel! Calm down! Delete that picture otherwise you’ll be in trouble! Everyone, calm down! Everything’s ok. He has to delete that picture! Everybody talks about you this morning. – What? Why? I don’t get it. Ok, I’ll explain it to you. Let me see… This one, this one is perfect. Take a look! According to the social media, my friend… you’re the new boyfriend of Tina Castelo: The sensasional girl from reality shows in Portugal! Ah? You told me you were not with Ricardo. But you are! That’s why he’s being so ridiculous! Mr. Fernando, everything’s under control. We’ll solve this later! – There’s nothing to solve! It’s not my fault, Fernando. It’s her fault! Don’t you think you’re old enough to behave well? Now you’re playing daddy? Don’t you have 2 sons to take care of? It looks like I have 3! But one of them is old enough to be responsible for what he’s doing. Come on, Fernando. I don’t want to argue with you. – Someone has to have this conversation with you! Do you know what you were doing? – But you saw it. It was Ricardo who came to me because of the girl! You must learn to be calm and control yourself! Some people like commitments, Paulo. Yes, and you’re one of them. I know, Leo. – I need to be stable too. I don’t wanna spend my life in hotel rooms with you. Don’t you understand that? It’s not a crime for us to be together. What if I disappear from your life? Would you miss me or not? Yes, I would miss you. But life would go on. They say time heals everything. Let’s have a drink! Let’s forget this. – But you need to be far away from Tina. Don’t worry. I won’t come even close. Friends? Friends. Can you explain to me what are you doing at my door, sleeping in Ricardo’s car? Aren’t you grown enough to do this kind of things? Am I not grown enough for you to act as my dad? I wouldn’t act as your dad if you didn’t make this kind of things at my door, where I live with my wife and kids. Don’t worry. I’ll be out for a few days, I have some flights to make and when I come back I’ll find a place to stay. Well, the only thing I can do for you is to let you stay over tonight. Tomorrow we go to the aerodrome together and then you’ll decide about your life, ok? Thank you, Paulinho! Thank you! You’re the best! I really need to get some sleep. You don’t know how my last night was, I couldn’t sleep at all. And if Jaques knows I’m not sleeping enough hours, I’ll be fired. And then… Bye bye, cabin crew girls… – That’s all you can think off! Can I talk to you? You know I don’t want you to come here! We’ll talk later! What are you doing, man? – You have to listen to me, Paulo! I was invited to work in London. I need to know if I accept it or if I stay. Yes, yes, we’ll speak later, Leo. Now I can’t! Why can’t it be now? Who is that guy? I’ll let you to think better. To think better? There’s nothing to think! There’s nothing else to think! Accept it once and for all! Get out of here! Disappear from my life! Out! Here is the dryer. Thank’s – You’re welcome. Take it! If I didn’t know you, I would be concerned about that gaze of yours. Well, just hurry up!

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